Astrolab: Medical and Scientific orbiting ports.  Not very equipped for spacecraft, they can supply emergency landings.  There are 16 currently operation.  Four more are currently missing since their inception, 150 years ago.
    Legality:  Seven

    Birdnest: The Birdnest is currently the only known type of Military mobile Base that can actually land.  It's fifty odd spindly legs move out and land very gently on virtually any surface.  The base is disk-shaped with a large communications and command cone on top.  Don't get the wrong looks nothing like flying saucer, There are too many projections and the base is not that smooth.  It is also very large.  The cone is actually a semi-sphere with a very large communications array on top.  There is also several large docking bays as well as two large vertical wing-like structures that house the enormous grav genera-tors (unique to this craft only).  There are currently ten in use.  Three crashed landing on planets and two more are missing.
    Legality:  Seven
    Cluster-Dock:  This is an expandable and portable dock that can be sent anywhere in the territory.  It does not have much physical mass figuring it is just a wire structure with a small control room.
    Legality:  Four

    Fueling Stations:  Often the covet of Rippers, Jackers, Pirates and Scavengers fueling stations are usually well pro-tected.  They consist of large spherical tanks connected to each and with large docking systems.  There are no enclosed docking ports of any kind and the only population at these stations are usually security men and / or Federated Defense personnel.  Mecktechs take care of the rest.  There are hundreds of these everywhere.
    Legality:  Six

    Skybases: There were once thousands of these large, automated service ports, now there are only several hundred. They are still fairly common to see however.  Usually having a capacity of 4 to 6 craft, Skybases were deserted except the crews of other ships, but because of the Mecktechs (automated service robots), the bases are virtually maintenance free. They are also equipped with Docking robots and service pods that can leave the base as well.
    Legality:  Three

 SpaceLanes:  A popular racing area off the Sol system.
  Legality:  Five