(By Corporation)


     RAILGUNS were the first tackled.  Gauss weapons were uncommon and very rare because the technology was virtually lost and the production costs for them remained so high, no one was willing to recreate these small, self propelled, weapons.  Railcannons were the alternative, high powered, solution.  Each Railgun uses its own unique ammo (increasing the cost).  The surprising addition it the need for energy clips to handle the massive power requirements of the weapon.  These cells must be changed every five clips.  The other disadvantage of the railguns is their immense size…size means power…there’s your advantage.  All have rear-loading clips.
    AlphaTech Caliban: The heaviest of the railguns, the Caliban was nicknamed “Mr. Intimidation” because of its awesome size.  The shell fired is the second largest type than can be fired by any personal weapon.  Yes…it does some damage.  The immense power requirement justifies a 1d cell front load in the gun's computer core that powers the core and the firing mechanism.

    AlphaTech Shiva:  The Shiva is the pride and joy of the series.  The designers scaled down the shell and redesigned the model with a less recoil.  However, the really impressive feature is an autofire feature.  The blast flash has also been modified to be less intense.  However, all of this comes with a price.  Three C cells need to be loaded across the top of the unit.  The weapon also requires two hands to operate…actually…all railguns require that but the Shiva is the only one with two grips
    AlphaTech Gallant:  The Gallant was an experimental design to scale down the Shiva to a less intimidating version.  The second grip was removed and a new shell was constructed.  The autofire was kept, scaled down 50%.  The gun is still very clumsy with one hand but at least it is possible.  It is not a pistol by any respect.  It is still a rifle weapon…its just lighter.  Since the requirements for the system has been downsized, the Gallant requires only two C cells compared to three.
    LASERS have been around for centuries, but Alphatech decided to scale up the idea.  The new technology is called the “Remington Wave.”  Basically, it involves compressing a solid beam sporadically, sending out concussion waves along the beam.  Instead of being straight, the beam looks like a string of beads.  This increases the damage capacity but also drains the energy clip substantially.
    AlphaTech MAX:  The initial design, the Max was made to be the equivalent to the Shiva.  The energy requirements are so great, the weapon needs one D cell to power its capacitor.  However, the weapon has been known to cut through tank armor.
    AlphaTech Streak:  This was Alphatech’s solution to the standard laser pistol.  Still, running off a normal C cell, the number of charges were balanced for a more powerful beam.  The reason the beam was never increased before was simple…the capacitor was too large.  The new one was constructed and styled to be less cumbersome.

    CANNONS were simply an experiment to see how big “big” can get.  The Railgun division
experimented with scaling the shell “yet” again.  Another heavy-arms group tried to work on a design hardly touched.  Shoulder rested heavy artillery.  Both designs were constructed for heavy incursion and even to damage small spacecraft.  Pricy?  Yup…God only knows what possessed them to design such heavy weapons with no guarantee for a military commission.
    AlphaTech BOLT:  The Railgun idea was scaled up and became so heavy, it required a tripod to handle properly.  The Bolt weapon is a huge propelled device that can barrel through the heaviest of defenses.  It requires a huge E clip front-loaded to power the second largest shell around.  The bullet is the same size as the Caliban except it is propelled faster, further.  The shell, itself, is unique. Heavier, and with a depleted uranium core, the mass doesn’t drop as it is launched and it never
seems to stop as it easily passes through virtually any defense.

    AlphaTech HERK:  Carrying the heaviest shell ever conceived, the Herk’s design got larger andlarger before the barrel was the size of a man.  The weapon propels a huge round with a vector force so large, it can barrel out a minnow.  The weapon’s huge kickback and pricy cost (including the shell) makes it out of almost anyone’s range.  However, demand is amazing high for the outer colonies.

    VINTAGE weapons are old designs from two, three, and even four hundred years ago that have been re-issued for the demand of cheap defense.  These weapons are made with state-of-the-art materials to make them light and very reliable. Alphatech’s Vintage series is very popular.
    AlphaTech  .44M:  The most universal weapon constructed.  AlphaTech’s second model in their vintage series was a remake of the old .44 magnums.  No longer mass-produced, their reliability assures their presence for the next hundred years.  They are also cheap.
    AlphaTech 10mm Sub: Not known for subtlety, AlphaTech gained access the supplier of the 10 mm shell for Lancaster’s Heavy Pistol and released a fully automatic version.  Good for them.

    AlphaTech 12G Thunderclap: After the resounding success of their vintage shotgun, the released on more variant, adding a fully automatic firing mechanism and building a gun around it.  The Thunderclap extends the range or the normal 12 gauge but offers a substantial increasing firepower.  This is the most advanced, low-tech weapon available.
    AT 12Gauge:  Another of the Alphatech’s “vintage” series was a semi-automatic, 12-gauge shotgun.  The only major modification was its firing mechanism.  Although the weapon is no longer constructed, the AT12 became a hit with the Outer Colonies because of cheap maintenance.

    ALTERNATIVE DESIGNS are new designs that have recently been released.
    AT-NP1 “Pez”:  Alphatech’s brand new idea was to scale down the Nuclear Pellet Launcher to a pistol size.  The result is a small, bee-bee-sized object that is propelled faster than even railcannons.  The object does little damage but it barrels through all armor…all DR is halved…and the shell will continue onward past the target if the damage is more than half…to the object behind it…it is then halved.  The NP1 is unique from any point of view.

    Attaché-Arm:  A totally prohibited weapon, Alphatech refuses to acknowledge they make it.  It is a briefcase with a holographic cloak to hide its true purpose to X-Ray scanners.  It holds nothing but is really a 10mm sub-machine gun.  One little button, and the assembly just folds out…it folds in as quickly.  It is illegal everywhere…but no one has ever been caught with one.  No one is really sure what they look like since the outer case can easily be modified.
    Alphatech G-11 C&C: The Alphatech mass-production model, this weapon uses the uniqueclipless, caseless ammunition, square-shaped round is the entire firing mechanism.  The shell is encased inside.  Each bullet is connected to the other and the bullets feed in like a stapler.  Each bullet moves down, rotates 90 degrees and fires, the case incinerates and the remnants eject with the bullet.  This makes a totally efficient system where no clips and no cases are used or ejected.  The gun also has three firing settings.  It also has two spare holds next to the prime firing corridor thatholds 48, tripling it to 144 shells.  This marvel is the pinnacle of shell technology.  It is very hard to top this weapon. It's easy to get addicted to using this weapon.

    Alphatech AP Cannon: Alphatech constructed this weapon as a small, high-powered pistol, but the kickback was so heinous, it required a shoulder rest.  The weapon fires a huge shell a long distance but most people find the fact that the weapon is so small and so powerful intimidating.  They only made a small number of these weapons.  Some strong people have removed the stock and use it as a pistol.  This, however, gives the weapon a –6 recoil.
    Avery Pulse Laser Pistol: The precursor of the Streak, a basic laser weapon.
    Avery Pulse Laser Rifle: An enhanced laser pistol and not a successor of the Max.
    Avery Military Laser: A more accurate precursor to Alphatech’s new Max.
    Avery ABC-102:  A thin, laser beam device constructed by Avery, this weapon started first as a welder, but the potential was discovered and the range was increased ten fold.  The weapon’s high heat ratio removes ¼ of its damage in DR.  If there is not DR, then that damage is done additionally to the body in burn damage.
    Avery Personal Laserlance: Avery decided to try to shrink their popular ship weapon to man size and it resulted in this enormous laser weapon. The laserlance is a solid beam of energy that slices through practically anything, including ship hulls.  They can cut cars in half.  In fact, a critical successwhen firing with this weapon will cut its target through.  DR is halved when hitting and if the damage that goes through is higher then half the capacity of the target, the target is speared.
    Avery Beam Gun:  Basically a smaller variant of the rifle Laserlance, actually, the weapon is a total redesign.  Where the Rifle Laserlance was a small version of the Spacecraft Laserlance, the small beam gun was constructed from scratch…it operates exactly the same though.

    Badger Dart Stunner:  Badger constructed one weapon as a response to the heavy weapons that made the common user intimated.  The Dart Stunner is a small device, which hardly looks like a gun at all.  It sends out an energy blast that disrupts the nervous system.  The amazing part of the system is that it is not an electrical shock, so the blast is not entirely painful nor does it leave any harmful side effects.  Who would want that?  When hit, the target rolls HT at -5 to avoid incapacitation for 20-HT minutes.  Every 5DR offers a +2 bonus.

    Badger Pulse Auto:  The BPA is an energy weapon that condenses its energy into a circulatingsphere, similar to ball lightening and fires it out one after the other.  The fast rate of fire makes it the laser machine gun.

   ConAer Sonic Conductor:  This is the only weapon that is totally endorsed by all Space-born companies and organizations as the perfect side-arm of choice for the security detail of spacecraft… especially those older models with fragile hulls.  The SonCon is guaranteed to not damage hulls or bulkheads.  It is also totally ineffective in space environments.  This weapon transmits a pulse of high-power sound that shatters normal windows but also disrupts the nervous system.  Yes, ears bleed, but the pulse also has been known to cause temporary blindness, paralysis, convulsions, and nausea.  It causes very little permanent damage.  However, the subject must roll against his/her Health to avoid total incapacitation for 3-18 minutes.  The greatest advantage of the SonCon is that no armor of any kind will offer any defense to this weapon.  Ear protection will offer a +4 bonus only.  Helmets will offer only a +2 connection.

    Fastcore Particle Gun: A military assault weapon designed to be the TMA endorsed answer toAlphaTech’s awesome Railguns.  As a result, this weapon is not available to the public.  It is a cumbersome particle beam that fires out, what looks like, tiny stars.

    Fastcore Ramjet Cannon: The Ramjet Cannon is a unique piece of hardware with a hyper-accelerating bullet that continues to speed up as it leaves the barrel.  As a result, the damage of the weapon increases by 1d every 500 feet to its ½D range.  Then the weapons range drops according after that.  The one great advantage is range so the FRC has been commonly used as a sniper weapon.

    HECTOR MOBILITY does not exclusively make weapons but they have put out several weapon packages.  These are automated defense posts and attacking drones that contain a variety of weapons.  The popular models follow.  They can be configured however to do whatever suits the user’s fancy.  They can target heat patterns, movement, specific thermo patterns or even IC (image config) codes pre-loaded.
    Hector Sentry Gun: This fixed weapon can be targeted as above.  It uses standard 10 mm rapid fire shells.  They can also be linked.  Up to eight units can communicate and configure firing tactics on their own.  They are controlled via computer terminal run through a cellular link.  It can be fired manually there or at the source.  The ammo drum takes a full five minutes to load.  The whole unit requires two D cells to operate.
    HSG stats: PD:  2  DR:  10  Structure:  20 Movement:  nil Int:  4  Weapon skill:  15
    Weapon Type DMG SS Acc 1/2D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost@
        Sentry Gun*** Cr. 3D 12 4 200 500 50 12 1200 -- 0 120

    Hector Combat Drone: This is an enhanced version of the Sentry gun but built from scratch and armed with dual MAX cannons (Alphatech copyrighted).  The unit is amazingly smart and can be given a large variety of instructions as well as being controlled via cable or cellular link.  It has been employed as a sensor probe (weapons replaced with scanners) and as a defense perimeter machine.  However, it has been known to be a front line automated assault weapon, an aspect that has placed the unit in controversy.  Unlike the HSG, the HCD cannot be fired manually.  It can actively Dodge and can also formulate attack tactics without human guidance.  It requires two E-cells along with a third towork the weapon’s package, which can be removed (to lower cost) and replaced with stunner weapons, nets, or low-yield shell guns.  The HCD is also equipped with climbing pitons and 500 feet of rope which it allow it to lift itself or climb steep terrain.  Up to four can be linked to combine their talents.

  HCD stats: PD:  8  DR:  40  Structure:  100
    Movement:  10 Int:  8  Weapon Skill:  18
    Climbing:  18   Dodge (DEX):  10
    Weapon Type DMG SS Acc 1/2D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost@
    H. C. D. *** Imp 3dx2 13 4 1500 2000 550 16 1600/E -- 0 650


   454 “CUSSUL”:  The last revolver weapon ever designed, it was the proof that all technologies have their limit.  The Cussul was the experiment of how bad “bad” can get.  Although the Earthshaker that came out later is more powerful, its drawbacks resulted in the Cussul being thewinner in the category.  Twice the impact of a .44 Magnum “Hot Load”, the drum only holds five bullets.  The shells are too big to fit six in a cylinder.  Why bother…you only need one.

    X-1 “DECKARD”:  When the designer was asked why he would put a modified tank targetingsystem on a sidearm, his answer was simple:  “I’d want one.”  The Deckard is still known to be the most powerful single-handed pistol ever conceived.  No one is really sure when it was invented or by whom--the above quote had been past down with the gun.  Only fifteen of these weapons are known to exist, so finding the bullets for them is even harder.  Not a rocket weapon like some assumes, the
shell is an aeroformed shell that actually picks up speed as it leaves the barrel.  Some say it is due the very unique characteristics of the bullet, called the Diamond-tipped, Kinetic force bullet, or “DiKi.”   The weapon uses a combination of magnetic acceleration and standard explosive propulsion.  It also has a spinning tip.  Part of the power system of the gun is contained in each bullet.  As a result, each bullet costs about 1% of the gun.  But that same bullet can knock the trans axle off a Hummer.

    S&W 14 MM:  The Last weapon Smith & Wesson constructed before going bankrupt, the 14mm was a last attempt to corner the basic shell market.  Today, the weapon would still be a seller, but back when the laser and gyroc were hot commodities, there was just no consumer base.  Nowadays, the weapon is in high demand.  Too bad there is such a small number of them.  The automatic weapon is the only weapon today that takes the ultra rare 12+ mm bullets.  There is only a handful that do.  Although technically a basic shell, the rarity of them made them valuable.
    FF-1 “EARTHSHAKER”:  The “Big God” as it is some referred to is sometimes said as the true winner in the shell race against the Cussul. However, since the weapon only carried three shells in its drum, it was very unpopular, even though effective.  The Earthshaker holds three .60 caliber shells, which will kill pretty much anything.  Like the Cussul and 14mm, the shells are rare and, as a result, expensive.
    Knight 2 Suppressed Revolver:  This is the only other revolver still circulating around.  This is not due to its power, but of it silence.  It is the quietest weapon around.  The sound of the bullet firing is actually less than the hammer falling.  The gun is a rarity…the only revolver with a silencer.  It is also equipped with a fairly advanced targeting system.
    Mini-Maniac Gattling Cannon: No one is really sure who makes these and where but this perfect example of overblown power still has a tendency of sprouting up in places where you least expect them.  This weapon eats ammunition like a hog but it does have the fastest firing rate of any weapon.

    Lancaster Needler: A successor to the basic shell weapon, this is also no longer constructed.
However, they are very popular for a mid-range, less-lethal weapon priced well below the “laser”
line.  They are more common than Alphatech “Vintage” series.

    Lancaster Needler Rifle:  An enhanced rifle version of the basic Needler
    Lancaster Heavy Pistol: The standard 10-mm shell weapon dispersed all around the Territory.  This is one of the few weapons that Lancaster has ever put out.  A clumsy weapon, it does offer to be a reliable alternative to lasers.
    Militech Hold-Out: The smallest of all sidearms, this tiny shell weapon survived the time as a great pocket/purse gun.  All concealment’s rolls are +4.  Some variants constructed from ceramic and plastic are totally illegal, but they have cropped up.
    Militech Machine Pistol: A larger pistol with one of the smallest, repeating firing systems available, the MMP predates the Splinter Auto Pistol by at least two centuries.  The gun is smaller and is not as powerful, but it is substantially easier to use.
    Militech Electric Gun:  This weapon is the only rifle model that survived from the defunct
corporation.  It is a miniaturized electric chain gun.  This causes a fast rate of fire.  It also requires a Bcell to operate. The B cell holdout for ten clips.
    Militech Sportster:  This model succeeded the hold-out model.  The Sportster is the most popular weapon Militech ever put out.  It is slightly larger than the Hold-Out but with a more advanced firing and targeting system.  The Sportster is standard equipment to most corporate security group.  It is assumed they have the plans and construct the weapons themselves.  Most have put their names on them (Badger Sportster, ConAer Sporty) but everyone knows what it is.
    RFE Assault Cannon: The Assault Cannon is used commonly by Fedrict and the Rail Force Patrol and has been also called the Riot Gun.  The shell’s acceleration can be altered and the bullet is programmed upon entering the chamber.  It can be designed to explode before impact, causing stun (roll against Health to avoid being rendering unconscious for 3-18 minutes)  or the speed of the bullet can be altered.  The highest settings are designed to puncture engine blocks, and not recommended
used against people.  The recoil moves from 0 to –6 as the setting moves from “Stun” to 6d.

    SABO WEAPONS all carry the same shell, the “Sabo” round.  The Sabo is a caseless, armor-piercing round and the only known shell that can pierce through its target with ease.  It has the capabilities of a laser with the properties of standard bullet.  This is the cornerstone of Sabot industries.  This shell can only be used with Sabot weapons.  All Sabo weapons are automaticbecause of the high speed Sabot constructs their firing mechanisms.
    SABO-Lite:  The pistol version is the most experimental version of the Sabo series because of the very small firing system.  That makes the weapon pricy.  It has a Legality rating of 3.

    SABO-Stick:  The first production model and the most robust weapon produced in the last fiftyyears.  It is the perfect example of efficiency.  A barrel and a clip, more or less.  When Sabot industries went into mass production, they made no alteration to the simple design.  As a result, for the weapon’s power, it is amazingly cheap.
    SABO-Mate:  The heavy model requested by the Military contractors is an advanced version of thebasic Sabo-Stick.  With three barrels instead of one, the expensive firing mechanism channels the shells quickly through the machine.  Half the clip loads into the weapon before it can even fire.  The faster firing rate makes the Sabo-Mate the good heavy cousin to its light counterparts.

    Sakarov BLASTER: More like a high powered laser, the blaster condenses all of its energy into a single plasma pulse.  The advantage being that it does a wallop of damage.  The disadvantage beingthat it sucks the power of a standard C cell in no time.  Its legality rating is 2.

    Sakarov Flamer:  A Plasma weapon.  It ignites everything in its path and every adjacent hex.  Half damage carries over every subsequent round if ignited.
    Sakarov M-20 Capacitor Pistol: The Sakarov M-20 is the first Capacitor pistol.  For every roundthe capacitor is charged, the damage of the weapon increases by 1d up to 10d.  Two full charges will only fire two shots but those two shots can be devastating. At 5d, the FP becomes 5 and increases by one every round after.  The substantial kickback of the weapon at these high charge settingbalance out with the accuracy.  Accuracy is only configured after a full ten rounds of charging is done.
    Sakarov M-40 Capacitor Rifle: The M-40 is the larger, rifle variant of the Sakarov variant pistol.Its range is extended and its damage capacity increases by 2d per round.  Its FP starts at 7 at increases by 2 every round to a maximum of ten rounds of charging. The substantial kickback of the weapon at these high charge settings balance out with the accuracy.  Accuracy is only configuredafter a full ten rounds of charging is done.

    Splinter Auto Pistol: Splinter, in an effort to enter the weapons field, responded to Lancaster’sheavy Pistol with a similarly massed fully automatic version that utilizes the smaller 9mm shell.  The gun is small.  The clip is the same mass as the gun.  There is a limit on how small, small can get.

     TMA GYROCS are the leading edge of TMA’s ground forces.  They are still unavailable to the public for very good reason.  The Gyroc utilizes the weapon it is named after.  Gyroc shells are self-propelled rockets that can be reconfigured for a variety of purposes.  There are stunners, armor piercers, explosives, and long range sniper rounds.  Over the years, even more advanced Gyrocketscame out including the nuclear encased COBRA round and the AI round capable of rounding corners to kill its target.  An Army equipped with Gyrocs and money is unstoppable.  The TMA’s R&D staff have contests on who can make the best Gyroc that year.  The Cobra, AI, LATAR, SAT, and Finger slugs have been recent winners.  The designer of the Cobra slug now RUNS the department…and his identity is a deep secret since it is assumed that is he can place a Californium
charge into a rocket that small, he can do more.
    TMA  Hold-Out Gyroc :  This unit is a small, concealed version of its larger cousin.  It does not contain many rockets, but it was designed as a point-blank emergency weapon.  However, whenTMA created the Cobra round, it became an instant death machine figuring a small pistol could level a courthouse.

    TMA Heavy Gyroc Rifle:  The full production model, the Gyroslug Rifle was designed to utilize allthe capabilities of this technology, including being able to switch between three different clips in its feed.  The clip contains three shafts for three different types of ammunition of the user’s choice.
    TMA Thumper:  Another prohibited weapon, the Thumper is the current automatic grenade launcherendorsed by the TMA.  Like the expensive and popular Gyroc, the TMA R&D teams have field days trying to find new ways of re-inventing the wheel.  After the POG (Power Of God) and Drone were created, very little else mattered.
    TMA Grenade Undermount: This weapon is a simple addition to rifle systems.  It will hold one grenade of whatever type the user purchases.  The weight is added to the original gun.  The undermount can fire without the problem with switching guns.
    Unirig RDM-2 “Multi-Role” Gun:  The only weapon Unirig puts out is this double weapon.  It holds an average machine gun on top with an under Bolt gun similar to the RFE assault cannon, permanently set to medium damage.  Some have been rewired to Stun or Max.  The user can switch gun types without a single penalty to firing.