I tried to the best of my ability to keep the game streamlined and simple.  Unfortunately, GURPS inherently prevents this.  I will be open and admit I am not a huge fan of the system, but was voted out by my group when I designed the game.  Over the course of three years of roleplaying, I slowwwwly warped the game to be as close to what I want it to become.  As a result, only TWO books are required to play:  GURPS Basic Rules obviously as well as GURPS Space which couldn't be avoided.  Everything else is included below.  The first is the changes made to the "Basic" system the "Space" follows after.  Read them al very carefully because there are some hefty changes made to the system.


    --Is added to the Dodge roll.  It can be a dodge itself…being automatic, no matter what. A role of 3 or 4 is an automatic dodge.

    --Is subtracted from the damage of the weapon.  Every shot that hits removes one DR.

    --Is a skill using the base Dexterity, NOT Movement.  It is rolled for each attacking roll…not for each bullet.
    --The success plus 1 is subtracted from the attacker role.

COMBAT (95-125):

    --Moving can be done automatically with no penalty but attacks are at -1 and defenses are at +1 for every point of movement.
    --Changing Position can be done automatically with no penalty but attacks are at -2 and defenses  are at +2.
    --Readying a weapon takes one action…it can be fired without a penalty if a Quick draw skill is made.  Otherwise, it is -4.
    --Reloading takes an action…no matter what…whether one bullet or one clip.
    --Aim must be the only thing done…any other action spoils the bonus.  The first round is to prevent the -4 SS penalty.
    --Attack allows one firing of a weapon still allowing a dodge.
    --All-Out Attack can have two attacks or a +2 to hit or a +2 damage.  No dodge allowed.
    --All-Out Defense can have two defense roles per attack but no actions.
    --A Critical Success when firing an automatic weapon results in ALL shots hitting…OR all shots that hit do maximum damage.
    --Grenades and ALL weapons that are explosive do the rolled damage to the targeted hex and all subsequent hexes around it.
    --The next hex out does ¼ damage and the next Hex out past that does ¼ of that.
    --If a weapon days it is double or triple explosive range, then it does full damage to two and three hexes out and does ¼ two and three hexes past that and so forth.
    --All attacks are done simultaneously.  Unless one gets surprise on the other (or fastdraw successfully won), both teams get to fire, initiative no longer applies.
    --A weapon can moves its ROF to another target.  Every target has a –4 to hit.  The BV can be split however the shooter wishes.  The higher the ROF, the better.  A weapon with a ROF of 10 can shot ten targets, but one shot each at –4.

Bad Light:  -1 to -9 Footing:  -2 Swimming:  -6 
Strange Position:  -2 or more. Blind:  -6…Suddenly: -10 One Eye:  -2
Clothes on Fire:  -2 Crawling:  -4 Crouching:  -2
Sitting:  -2 Off-Hand Attack:  -4  Maximum Range:  -8
½ Damage Range:  -4 Defender Moving:  -1 / Mvmt. ST penalties:  -1 for each point.
Unstable Ground:  -2 Knocked Down Previously: -8 Attacker Moving:  -1 per Mvmt
Target lying prone:  -4 Target Crouching:  -2 Wounded:  -Dam of preceding turn halved
Target half exposed:  -4 Target lying behind cover:  -7 Two weapons (each hand):  -4
Severe Wounds:  Half Skills. Holding a 2-handed with 1:  -4 
Multiple firings:  First shot:-2
Every additional:  -4, -6, etc.
Target behind someone else:  -7 Target’s Shoulder’s 
exposed:  -4
Target Behind Light Cover:  -3 Target head exposed only:  -5 Bracing a weapon:  +1
Pop up attack:  -4 Unfamiliar Weapon:  -4  Targeting weapon:  -5
Ship-to-Man:  -10 Man-to-Ship:  +5
    --Natural Critical Successes (a roll of 3) does Maximum Damage OR all shots hit.
    --Critical Successes can only be countered with Critical Successes…The defender will always win.
    --Being reduced to a Health of zero results in a Health role to maintain consciousness.  Only when at a fully negative Health is the character close to Death.

    --Snapshot must be lower than the adjusted to hit number to avoid the -4 penalty.
    --Accuracy Modifier is only if one round is taken to aiming.  Every subsequent round adds +1
    --For Rate of Fire, for every point succeeded, one additional shot hits for the total ROF of the weapon.


    STARSHIPS (P78-90)

    --All ships are 2G stress rated

    --Power plants go up to Fusion plant (TL10+).
    --Antimatter (TL 11) are still being experimented on.

    --Reactionless Drives (TL 9+)
    --All ship’s G-rating is the same as their Hypertransit drive speed ( 2.1 parsecs / hour = 2.1 G rating)
    H:  Hours
    D:  Days
    W:  Weeks
    M:  Month
Distance 0.5G 1.0G 1.2G 1.4G 1.6G 1.8G  2.0G 2.2G 2.4G 2.6G 2.8G 3.0G 3.2G
0.2 AU 2.5d 31h 27.9h 25.1h 22.5h 22h 19.8h 17.8h 16h 14.4h 13h 11.7h 10.5h
0.5 AU 4d 2d 1.8d 1.6d 36h 34h 30.6h 27.5h 24.8h 22.3h 20h 18h 16.2h
1 AU 9.6d 2.8d 2.5d 2.3d 2.2d 2d 1.8d 38.8h 34.9h 31.4h 28.3h 25.5h 23h
2 AU 8.2d 4.1d 3.7d 3.5d 3.1d 2.8d 2.5d 2.4d 2.2d 1.9d 1.7d 36.7h 33h
5 AU 1.8w 6.3d 5.7d 5.2d 4.7d 4.5d 4d 3.6d 3.2d 2.9d 2.6d 2.3d 2.1d
10 AU 2.6w 9d 8.1d 7.3d 6.6d 6.3d 5.7d 5.1d 4.6d 4.1d 3.7d 3.3d 3d
50 AU 5.8w 2.9w 2.6w 2.3w  2.1w 2w 12.6d 11.3d 10.1d 9.1d 8.2d 7.4d 6.7d
100 AU 2m 1m 3.5w 3.2w 3.1w 2.9w 2.6w 2.3w 2.1w 1.9w 1.7w 10.7d 9.6d
    --A simple FTL Hyperdrive.

    --Ship weapons are x10 to anti-personnel.

    SPACE COMBAT (P 91 - 96)

    --Phase 1:    --Contest of tactics still apply.
                        --Each side roles tactics.  The winner can either shift up the damage table
                                once in an attack or down one in defense.
                        --A Critical Success does both.

    --Phase 2:    --Assign Firepower.
                           Extremely Aggressive:  +50% to effective Firepower of ship’s weapons;
                                                                    -4 to ships maneuverability or DF +2
                           Aggressive:  +25% to effective Firepower of ship’s weapons;
                                                  -2 to ships maneuverability, or DF +2
                           Per Doctrine:  No Modifiers.
                           Defensive:  -25% to effective Firepower of ship’s weapons;
                                                    +2 to ships maneuverability or DF -2
                           Extremely Defensive: -50% to effective Firepower of ship’s weapons;
                                                                    +4 to ship's maneuverability or DF -1.
    --Phase 3:    --Point Defense Gunnery.
                        --Each side can fire upon missiles fired previously.  The first shot is free,
                                additional shots suffer a consecutive -2 penalty.
    --Phase 4:    --Computing Attacks
                        --A starship piloting role is required by the defender.
                        --The attacker rolls starship gunnery
                        --Whoever succeeds the greatest wins.
                        --A defending critical success is automatic miss and the next round has a
                            +4 bonus to maneuverability.
                        --A defender critical and an attacker critical success will double effective firepower.
                        --An attacking critical failure is an automatic miss a -4 to hit next round.


Odds                                                        Die Roll, as modified
FP to DF 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
5 - 1 1/0/0 -- -- -- -- -- --
10 - 1 1/1/0 1/0/0 -- -- -- -- --
20 - 1 2/1/0 1/1/0 1/0/0 -- -- -- --
50 - 1 2/2/0  2/1/0 1/1/0 1/0/0 1/0/0 -- --
100 - 1 3/2/0 2/2/0 2/1/0 1/1/0 1/0/0 1/0/0 --
200 - 1 3/2/1 2/2/1 2/2/0 2/1/0 1/1/0  1/0/0 1/0/0
500 - 1 3/2/2 3/2/1 2/2/1 2/2/1 2/1/1 1/1/1 1/1/0
1 000 - 1 3/3/3 3/3/2 3/2/2 2/2/2 2/2/1 2/1/1 1/1/1
    --Phase 5:    --Unchanged except a roll of 17 0r 18 is a critical failure and scaled the damage
                            up one level.  Critical Failure on the heavy Damage table destroys the ship.
                        --Repair cost is calculated by rolling 1D6 x 10 000 for Light damage.
                                                                                        100 000  for Medium damage.
                                                                                        1 000 000 for Heavy damage.
    --Phase 6:     --All characters roll for Survival (Health) with the following penalties:
                                Combat Reflexes  +2
                                Vacc Suit  +2
                                ** Damage:  -5

                       Degree of Damage:   Light:  0
                                                            Medium:  -1
                                                            Heavy:  -3
                                                            More than one Heavy:      -3
                                                            Ship Size:  100 000 +     +2
                                                                             50 000 +     +1
                                                                             10 000 +     --
                                                                             5 000 +      --
                                                                             1 000 +      -1
                                                                             Under 1 000     -2
                                                                             Non-Military -2
                        --Damage sustained are as follows:
                                                                Made by 1+ or a critical success  unhurt
                                                                Made Exactly    1 hit
                                                                Missed by 1 or 2   2 hits
                                                                Missed by 3 or 4   1d +1 hits
                                                                Missed by 5 or 6   Two 1d wound
                                                                Missed by 7+ or a critical failure  Two 2d wounds

Accounting  M /H  IQ-10
Acting   M/A  IQ-5
Acrobatics  P/H  DX-6
Administration  M/A  IQ-6
Alchemy  M/VH  None
Animal Handling  M/H  IQ-6

Anthropology  M/H  IQ-6
Area Knowledge  M/E  IQ-4
 (By Specific Planet)
Archeology  M/H  IQ-6
Architeture  M/A  IQ-5
Armory  M/A  IQ-5, Weapon -6
Artist   M/H  IQ-6

Astrogation  M/A  None
Biochemistry  M/VH  Chemistry –5
Boating   P/A  DX-6
Botany   M/H  IQ-6
Brawling  P/E  None
Breath Control  M/VH  None

Camouflage  M/E  IQ-4
Charm   M/H  IQ-5
Chemistry  M/H  IQ-6
Climbing  P/A  DX-5 or St –5
     Operation M/E  IQ-4
     Programming M/H  None

Cooking   M/E  IQ-4
Criminology  M/A  IQ-4
Cryptography  M/H  IQ-6
Dancing   P/A  DX-5
Demolition / Disposal M/A  IQ-5
Detect Lies  M/H  IQ-6

Diagnosis  M/H  IQ-6
Diplomacy  M/H  IQ-6
Disguise   M/A  IQ-5
     Motorcycle P/A  IQ-5 or DX-5
     Auto  P/A  IQ-5 or DX -5
     Air Car  P/H  IQ-6 or DX -6
     Swamper P/A  IQ-5 or DX-5
     Crawler  P/A  IQ-5 or DX-5
     Sandstorm P/A  IQ-5 or DX-5
 Tank  P/A  IQ-5 or DX-5

Ecology   M/H  IQ-6
Electronics Operation
      Security / Surveillance  M/A  IQ-5
 Sensors   M/A  IQ-5
 Communications M/A  IQ-5
 Weapons  M/A  IQ-5
 Computers   (See above)
 Ship Systems  M/A  IQ-5
 Robotics  M/A  IQ-5

     Computers  M/H  None
     Weapons M/H  None
     Sublight Drives M/H  None
     Force Screen M/H  None
 FTL Drives  M/H  None
     Ship Systems M/H  None
     Automotive M/H  None
 Robotics  M/H  None

Escape   P/H  DX-6
Exoskeleton  M/A      IQ-5, DX-5, Vacc Suit-3
Fast Draw  P/E  None
Fast-Talk  M/A  IQ-5 or Acting –5
First Aid  M/E  IQ-5
Fishing   M/E  IQ-4

Forensics  M/H  Criminology -4
Forgery   M/H    IQ-6, DX-8, Artist –5
Free Fall  P/A  DX-5, HT-5
Gambling  M/A  IQ-5
Genetics   M/VH  Biochemistry-5
Geology   M/H    IQ-6, Rock Gopher-6

Hide (Conceal)  M/A  IQ-5
History   M/H  IQ-6
Interrogation  M/A  IQ-5
Judo   P/H  None
Karate   P/H  None
Knife   P/E  DX-4

Languages (PTL)  M/H  None
Law   M/H  IQ-6
Leadership  M/A  ST-5
Lip Reading  M/A  Vision-10
Linguistics  M/VH  None

Literacy (PTL)  M/H  None
Literature  M/H  IQ-6
Lockpicking  M/A  IQ-5
Mathematics  M/H  IQ-6
Meteorology  P/E  IQ-5
Musical Instrument M/H  None

Navigation  M/H  None
Nuclear Physics  M/VH  None
Parachuting  P/E  DX-4, IQ-6
Performance  M/A  IQ-5, Acting-2
Photography  M/A  IQ-5
Physician  M/H  First Aid –11, IQ-7

Physics   M/H  IQ-6
Physiology  M/VH  IQ-7
Pickpocket  P/H  DX-6
 Assault  P/A DX-6 or other Pilot skill-8
 Cruiser   P/A DX-6 or other Pilot skill-8
 Fighter  P/A DX-6 or other Pilot skill-8
 Freighter P/A DX-6 or other Pilot skill-8
 Mule/Mid Range P/A DX-6 or other Pilot skill-8

Planetology  M/H  Geology-6, IQ-5
Poetry   M/A  IQ-5
Poisons   M/H  IQ-6, Chemistry-5
Politics   M/A  IQ-5, Diplomacy-5
Prospecting  M/A    IQ-5, Geology-4,
     Rock Gopher-5
Psychology  M/H  IQ-6

Riding   P/A  DX-5
Rock Gopher  M/A  Geology –4, IQ-5
Scuba   M/A  IQ-5, Swimming-5
Sculpting  P/A  Dx-5, IQ-5
Sex Appeal  M/A  HT-3
Shadowing  M/A  IQ-6, Stealth-4

Ship Recognition  M/A  IQ-5
Sign Language  M/A  None
Singing   M/A  HT-4
Ship Building / Design M/A  IQ-5
Skiing   P/E  DX-4
Speed Load  P/E  None

Sports (By Type)  P/A  DX-5 or ST-5
Stealth   P/A  IQ-5, DX-5
Strategy   M/H  IQ-6, Tactics-6
Streetwise  M/A  IQ-5
Stock Market  M/H  IQ-6
Seduction  M/H  IQ-6, HT-4

Surgery   M/VH Physician-5, Physiology-8,
    First Aid-12
Survival (By Type)
 Winter   M/A  IQ-5
 Water  M/A  IQ-5
 Desert  M/A  IQ-5
 Space  M/A  IQ-5
 Jungle  M/A  IQ-5

Swimming  P/E  ST-5, DX-4
Tactics   M/H  IQ-6, Strategy-6
Teaching  M/A  IQ-5
Theology  M/H  IQ-6
Throwing  P/H  DX-4
Tracking  M/A  IQ-5

Traps   M/A IQ-5, DX-5, Lockpicking-3
Vacc-Suit  M/A  IQ-6
Veterinary  M/H  Medical Skill-5
Wardrobe&Style  M/A  IQ-5
 Beam  P/E  DX-4, Weapons  -6
 Slug  P/E  DX-4

Whip   P/A  None
Writing   M/A  IQ-5
Xenobiology  M/A  None



    Pull Rating:  The Pull rating (also towing rating) is subtracted from the ship's tonnage, if the number is negative, no speed adjustment is necessary.  If it is above, the percent-age of tonnage above the limit than below is subtracted of the Velocity of the Mule.  In fact a Mule can tow a lot more than its pull rating...It is just really slow.

    Cables: Cable can tow 20 000 tons.  Even though one can pull a carcass, three need to towed minimum for sta-bility. Two might be used, but one is useless.  It won't break but the ship will bounce everywhere.

    Fuel: Fuel efficiency is choppy.  The maximum range divided by the distance moved is how much is used up.  Either way, you subtract the distance traveled from the cur-rent Range left.  Fuel costs $50 per parsec.  This doesn't seem much but when you travel 5000 parsecs, you will fork out $250 000.  Fuel can be bought at every medium and larger colony, every skybase, and ever major port.  Everything else (Astrolab small colonies, etc) can supply half of what is needed.

    Fighting: Fighting while still attached is very hard. Detaching with cables takes several seconds but tractor beams can disengage immediately.  Maneuverability while attached goes as follows:  For every 20% of Pull Rating filled = -1, After that, it is ever 10% for -1.  This is added to any existing penalties or bonuses.

    Transferring: Mules as well as all other ships made within the last 200 hundred years have umbilical joints that can link to each other, transferring power, fuel, and life sup-port.  Umbilical transfers have to be done side to side. Rear transfers can only be done if the Mule has a Direct Clamping system.

    Rock Raids:  Time is of the essence.  Count all the turns required to do one, because competition could arrive at any time.  Two people drop through the tightropes and help the placement of nets (if needed) or re attaching the cables. A Gopher skill is needed to attach the ship to the ground and another for the rock.  Two more by the ground personnel is needed to make sure the rock is stable.  Piloting checks are also required