Syndicates are huge corporations not overseen by the two governments.
Their headquarters are placed only in one, however.

Aerospace Hulls (Syndicate):
    AeroHulls moved to the block only three years after it was formed.  They have made few designs but often are ridiculed because their designs are unpopular.  Actually, AeroHulls makes quality, not quantity.  Their designs for the Romo revolutionized freighters but it fell upon deaf ears.  They only ship that keep them afloat is the Snark, the most popular and sought after mules around.  AeroHulls also makes private cruisers and yachts.  This is definitely a rich man's corp.  There have been stories that, at the beginning of the war, is almost economic ruin, AeroHulls picked up a very controversial contract that has yet to be confirmed.  It is rumored that they picked up and created the most devastating weapon ever made...the Tarantula.  No one at AeroHulls is willing to admit it.
    Notable Accomplishments:  Snark, Tarantula,

Alphatech Hardware:
    Alphatech is the only civilian military contractor.  It is not controlled by the Government but has no link with the multi-nationals.  It constructs few craft but it does make ground vehicles and weapons.  It designs many of the popular ship weapon designs available.  Alphatech is the largest non-Syndicate and one of the oldest corporations of all time.  The reason why they have not expanded into Syndicate status remains a mystery.
    Notable Accomplishments: Sungun, Sonic controlled weapon systems, Railcannons.

Avery Astronautics (Syndicate):
    The power this corporation has sometimes confused many.  They have a policy of not getting involved in war-contracts.  They concentrate on colony hardware.  A major scandal broke out sometime in the last cen-tury where it was discovered that schematics for major ship designs were being smuggled out to other corporate groups.  It is ru-mored that the designs for the Nova, Penatrator and Skybase were stolen from Avery.  The most lucrative lost contract was their only major military contribution, the Cutlass.  Avery has stopped making weapons of war and has concentrated completely on colony ships.  Avery has a very distinguished reputation for making the largest ships for mankind.  These include the huge Con-estogas and the monstrous Colonials.  They are also responsible for the smallest.  They constructed the popular Midget.  Avery holds the contract on the Burners, the most mass produced ship in history.  The most respected ships ever made was constructed by Avery...the Astrolab.  When the Mule project was put forward, Avery instantly put its long range Hornet on the market.  Avery, the oldest of the multi-nationals, is not the largest, but it is the most respected.  It was founded in 2075 by Richard Avery III as the first corporation to make and operate spacecraft.  It gave Nasa a runs for its money and finally bankrupted the govern-ment group in 2120.  The remains were absorbed by Avery.  The only embarrassment ever encountered by Avery in its history was the Gourmet, which Avery continually tries to forget.
    Notable Accomplishments: Hornet, Cutlass, Conestogas, Colonials, Midget, Burners, Astrolab, Penatrator, Gourmet,

Badger Engineering (Syndicate):
    Badger started, as many cliched corps did, in a basement.  It was formed to com-pete with the other two big multi-nationals, Avery and ConAer.  It left with the Bloc because many of its offices were on Bloc worlds and they also wished to leave the cornered market of the Authority.  In the Bloc, they grew fast, but quickly became outmatched by RFE and Fastcore.  AeroHulls was completely outmatched.  Badger was considered the Bloc equivalent to Avery.  They never picked up military contracts with the one exception of the Viper, a design never accepted by the Bloc.  They concentrated on civilian projects like the Skymaster and the very first mule offshoot, the Rock Gopher, which spiraled into its own lucrative business.  When the mule project went forward, Badger found new hope and instead of making one de-sign, put out two.  The Outrigger was first and is considered the ultimate towing vehicle.  Although initial sales were slim, they shot through the roof when dock assist vehicles needed a successor.  The Crab, the second design from Badger, quickly became the best-selling mules around.  The universal design was popular for all groups and many other corps have tried to duplicate its design, to no avail.  Their mules, above all others, keep Badger afloat.
    Notable Accomplishments: Outrigger, Crab, Rock Gopher, Viper, Skymaster,

Consolidated Aerospace (Syndicate):
    The most aggressive corporation has also become the largest.  ConAer was started up to compete with the fledging Avery.  They struggled but soon decided that any business was business and picked up every contract the morally controlled Avery wouldn't do.  For the first few decades, ConAer was considered somewhat of a hired gun.  it was perhaps this reason, that they received the contract to make the Deadalus.  This was a large boost that vaulted Co-nAer up with Avery.  The race was on now.  The only civilian ships they made was also the most misdirected ship ever.  ConAer stock went through the roof when the constructed the Grav Drive and Pod.  They immediately decided to see how big they could make a ship that could land.  Their purpose was to construct a ship that was the Colonial and Connestoga, put together.  It was turned into the largest, landable warship...the Birdnest.  Most are surprised that ConAer never donated a ship in the now lucra-tive Mule project.  It was their only mistake.  Since then, they still have not entered in that business.  ConAer later picked up some very lucrative military contracts including the Gunship, the Banshee and the Sentinel Majors.  Avery, several centuries ago, publicly bashed ConAer for the selfishness.  It is rumored that ConAer started the Avery scandal.  There is more bad water be-tween Avery and ConAer than there is between IBM and Mac or Pepsi and Coca-Cola.
    Notable Accomplishments: Deadalus, Anti-Gravity Systems, Birdnest, Gunship, Banshee, Sentinel Majors.

Hector Mobility:
    A once division Alphatech, it broke away on friendly terms in order for the group to sell to groups that find Alphatech too controversial.  Hector is completing with BAHAL in producing Artificial Intelligence.  However, unlike BAHAL, which has produced nothing, HM releases machines along a tradition evolutionary path.  Minor robotics at first, now they have moved onto perfecting Mecktecks (which they now Monopolize with Lancaster) as well as supercomputers.  Their big achievements have been their military accomplishments.  They are producing computer targeting systems as well and AI combat systems which may replace pilots by the next century.  They have developed the 3M technology which almost every group uses in their robotics.  They also work on military drones including the military Sentry gun and the new, very popular, Hector Combat Drone, which stands on its own as being the only mobile weapon.  As a result, Hector has stood on its own and commonly works with Aphatech on military projects.  The HCD is armed with Alphatech weapons for example.
    Notable Accomplishments:  Sentry Gun, Hector Combat Drone, 3MT technology.

 Lancaster corporation:
    This broad based, consumer product corporation.  William Lancaster wanted to make a cor-poration that would make consumer products cheaply.  As a result most of them are of poor quality.  LanCorp is on Pearl.
     Notable Accomplishments:  Mecktecks, Aircar, Swamper.

    A long defunct corporation that was the forerunner of small arms.  They specialize is personal weapons for the common user and seldom sold out to the larger contracts to make heavy weapons.  They eventually went out of business when the Syndicates started selling directly to the government their own designs.  You can still find their weapons among the outer colonies.  Militech was a corporation that went under at a time where people were naive enough to think that personal conflicts and war were a thing of the past, the peak of the “Frontier Days.”  If they were still around today, they would have cornered the market in personal weapons.  It is assumed hundreds of private groups and organizations construct their familiar designs because of their common occurrence, centuries after the last production model rolled off the assembly line.
    Notable Accomplishments: Guns, lots of ‘em.

Phyrine Biomechanics:
    The building for Phyrine is a large featureless black glass building with an old fashioned statue of the Icarus on the top.  It is stationed on Tower.  Phyrine products are used by 20 million businesses.  If a new prototype is in-vented, no matter what the cost in preparation, 20 million businesses will benefit.  They work on creating newer computer sys-tems. They are willing to take more risks than other groups.  They are the only ones who do experiments on Wetwear technology.  Phyrine is also doing works on creating an artificial life form.
    Notable Accomplishments: Star Oceana.
 Phyrine has one division:

BAHAL (Biomechanical, Artificially intelligent, High performance, Auto-systems independent,   Lifeform):
    This is the only division of Phyrine Biomechanics.  Even though BAHAL is one of the newest   buildings created on Tower (only a few years old), it is very old fashioned, almost like a converted church.    There are no titles or any form of identification at all on the complex.  Very ominous.  It is 100 stories high.  It   specializes with creating Wetwear computers and AIs.

R. Frost Engineering (Syndicate):
    RFE separated from ConAer after AeroHulls was formed.  They followed them to the Bloc, centuries later.  Their first major contract was also known to be the first great step in the advancement of man-kind.  RFE designed and mass produced the Beetle.  It was criticized ant first since many were endorsing the fast and dirty Gourmet.  The Beetle's sales dropped but RFE kept the contract. Their faith would soon be reassured.  In the meantime, they kept themselves busy to create landmark craft designs like the superfast Kobyashi and enormous military freighter, Behe-moth.  After the war, the Authority and Bloc quickly put the Beetle top the bosom.  It was heralded in the new age.  Those who stuck with the Gourmet found themselves in a minority.  Beetle sales went through the roof securing RFE in the multi-national field.
    Notable Accomplishments:  Beetle, Kobyashi, Behemoth,

Sakarov Drive Systems:
    This is a large dodecahedron complex on Earth.  Sakarov is the leader in the field of new power systems.  The Sakarov Drive (Cold Hydrogen Fusion Pulse) was Sakarov's proudest achievement.  They where the first corporation to make the Mass Driver and it is assumed that they will be the first to develop Anti-Matter.
    Notable Accomplishments: Star Oceana, Sakarov Drive, Particle Accelerators

Sandstorm Inc:
    A new group that has come out to corner the ground vehicle market.  Their first design is the multi-purpose Sandstorm that the corporation was named after.  It has quickly become a very popular alternative design to the Crawler.  They are also working on designs for Air Cars, Swampers, and City Cars.  They definitely want to squeeze on a Market previ-ously run only by Lancaster.
    Notable Accomplishments: Sandstorm

Schiller Biological:
    Schiller Biological has developed quite a controversy because its experiments in genetic engineer-ing and biological technologies.  This includes genetic mapping, species creation, modifying genetic codes, adapting and acceler-ating evolution and rumored, biological weapons.
    Notable Accomplishments: Hypercoagulin, Ascepaline Automedic.

Splinter Inc:
    This is a corporation that makes Genetic Replacements and cybernetics.  They do experiments with psy-chological conditions of cybernetics.  Splinter is slightly ahead in the field of large bionic replacements and enhancements. It is a 95 level complex with the top 15 levels shaped like a wedge with one side sloping greatly down fifteen levels on Ergo.
    Notable Accomplishments: Nuclear Pellet

    A minor mining conglomerate, Sunzec is the largest corporate specializing exclusively in mining, something virtually ever group touches on a bit.  Sunzec’s total mining bases around the Territory is still less that Avery Astronautics or ConAer, but the size is still substantial figuring that’s all they do.  They are the only group still mining in the Terran Solar sys-tem and are pioneers in the search to find usable materials on previously strip-mined worlds.  They were the first corporate to enlist Beetle but the last to prohibit Gourmets.
    Notable Accomplishments:  Mining Head

Trans-Galactic Spacelines (Syndicate):
    There once were hundred of airliners in space.  During the war, many were converted or absorbed by, military groups.  Only one was willing to pick up military contracts.  TGS acquired some many, they became the fastest growing multi-national.  They eventually absorbed all the smaller one, leaving them behind to corner the mar-ket.  TGS s too large, now, for smaller groups to compete.  TGS was the first and is now the last airliner in the territory.  They designed the now, mysterious Martian Princess and have dominated the industry with the spectacular Interstellar Queen Series.  They all sell for public use, the only charter liner, the Fatboy.  Their only recent design was released after tensions settled after the war.  That was the luxurious Skyblade, which is also one of the only spaceship designs ever released after the war concluded.  It is the pinnacle of modern spacecraft evolution.  Everything wasn't perfect though, and they took a bath when their Bee design was dropped in favor of the Burner.  They still manufactured several after the contract was dropped but cost overruns forced the project down.

    Notable Accomplishments: Fatboy, Martian Princess, Interstellar Queen, Skyblade, Bee.