TMA (Terran Manufacturing Authority...A Military Contractor):
    The TMA was formed when the reigning government (to later become the Authority) needed create a multi-national it had direct control over.  So it acquired manufacturing facilities and merged it with their military to form a multi-role military groups that flies the ships it makes.  Since Corps were allowed to create and maintain military fleet for their own protection, it was advisable that the TMA be formed.  They are re-sponsible for such mass produced models as the minnow and the Piranha, two designs seen everywhere.  Their proudest design in the TMA history was the landmark design, now feared in the Territory, the Shark.  Another great design, however was lost through time, the rare Manta.  A major loss occurred when the Angulan vanished.  The corp took a major windfall when the Bloc formed its own government group from TMA separatists.  The TMA lost many valuable designers.  Most do not trust either of the governmental controlled Multi-nationals.

Fastcore (Primary Defense Contractor):
    Fastcore was formed at the same time as the Bloc, and quickly tried to make itself unique from its Authority predecessor, the TMA.  They control the Bloc military force life the TMA controls the Authority's force.    The early entry in the multi-nationals forced them to throw out designs quickly.  They rushed to get such ugly designs as the Toad and Fury on the market.  Those two designs almost vanished as quickly.  Their first success was the Warhawk, which tried, and somewhat succeeded, to offer a configurable weapons system like the TMAs Manta.  The design was so successful, that when the war ended, Fastcore kept the plans, and constructed the civilian variant, Cranefly in the hundreds.  The only known lost design that Fastcore claims to have created is the Stingray transatmospheric fighter.  Many think it is ego that fastcore claims to have constructed such a popular design.  The one ship that fastcore is most proud of is the one most people wish was still around.  As it were, when the MOBAS were recalled, many order were put out to purchase the Grav Drives installed in them.  A controversy was raised when Fastcore said that no Grav Drive were left over from the war.  Although not as successful, the MOB-Civ project did supply many people wit homes and portable residences, making a new business from an antique design.  Many say that the grav drive were installed in the successor model of the previous Smilgasig craft, the largest spacecraft Fastcore makes.  The biggest flop in Fastcore's history was Moray Eel.  Many condemn Fastcore from making such a monstrous nuclear missile.  Its defective guidance systems prevented any from reaching their targets.  Fastcore would really like to erase that little mistake from the history books.  As it where, they have found new life with their Goblin design for the Mule Project.  Unfortunately, the sales for the high speed tug are low because of the low pull value of the ship.  A newer model is expedited within the next ten years.


The Federal Foreign Intelligence Bureau:
    The FFIB or "Plexus", as they prefer not be known, remains as the only true relic of the war--an intelligence organization formed for the soul purpose for gaining a technological and information edge on the enemy.  As per the cease-fire, The Bloc disbanded its intelligence group and only Plexus remained.  Their structure re-sembles that of the CIA back in the 20th century.  Like Fedrict, the FFIB's jurisdiction stretches anywhere, with some notable additions.  Plexus can enter any governmental building and access any of its documents without a reason.  They can enter any licensed craft without a warrant which included Military craft, commercial craft, mining ships, transports and Mules.  Civilian transports are the only exception.  It is not entirely certain of the purpose of the FFIB at present but it is assumed they are respon-sible for ALL wreckage's of technologies new or forgotten.  Unlike Fedrict, however, Plexus is not allowed to operate, storehouse, or carry military ships.  No vessels can have the Plexus symbol.  Yes, this means someone with the FFIB badge cannot be refused entrance into the Van.  He can conduct an inspection and scan its logs.  After the incident, you may file a complaint.

The Hand:
    The Hand is a terrorist / separatist group that wishes to reform the Commonwealth and become a Sovereign nation.  They will use any and all methods and equipment at their disposal to accomplish that.  This includes assassinations, smuggling, gun running, hijacking, etc.

Interstellar Terran News Service (ITNS):
    The international service for supplying news around.  There are several smaller stations but ITNS rules over all.  They are an independent service and answer to no one.

    Unscrupulous Riggers that attack other Mules. Contracted Mules:  Freelanced mules hooked to a firm or a Corporation.  The Mule becomes property at first signing and the crew must find wrecks or have their ship confiscated.


The Memory Blurs:
    A strange name for a strange group.  The "Blurs" are hackers and information thieves who steal and transport and deal in information.  There are rumors that they storehouse information from before the war and even contain plans on ships that can no longer be constructed.  The "Blurs'" primary motive is to keep the past hidden.  This wasn't their mo-tive all along.  They used to be information smugglers.  But something happened a few years ago that vaulted them into obscu-rity.  There is, apparently, terabytes of information that they have acquired which they refer only as "Shrouded Merchandise."  No one has seen this information outside their organization.  All other "Merchandise" is open for transport and sale.  However, for obvious reasons, the FFIB has declared the Blurs criminal, because the information they keep hidden is a threat to national security...strange since no one knows what it is.  As a result, the Blurs are hidden and can only be hired when someone finds them.  It is rumored that the Corporates use them to secretly transport information to each other.  The FFIB has yet to prove this.

    These no longer tolerated Strip-miners have no place this least, not anymore.  They were useful once, when supplies were in dire need.  They still are now, but they are scarce.  The only Gourmets left that aren't wrecks are in control of this people.  Sometimes the people on these ships were ex-riggers.  It is a risky business since Strip-Mining is a capital crime, but there is so much black-market business floating, it is not hard to find a buyer. These crews usually shoot trespassers or onlookers on site. They are known to be unscrupulous.

    A secret society of Nomads that roam the outer reaches of the Territory and places the Burners don't even tread on.  Their ships are all personally-made from every single part they can get their hands on.  No two look alike.  Don't be fooled when you see a wreck floating in deep space.  It might just be a Scavenger waiting to blast you.  one ship might have parts from fifty.  Not very pretty, but they are effective.  The largest recorded Scavenger craft is just under a kilometer equipped with engines three times bigger than needed and weapons pointing in every possible direction.  It's cockpit is the 75 meter long neck and head of a Queen spaceliner.  Lookers have nicknamed this oddball the "Adipose."  Scientists still find it doubtful these craft can actually hold together in sustained flight.  By all right, the Adipose should have shaken to pieces by now.  The Scavengers do seem to know what they are doing.

Scudder League:
    A trading league but design, the Scudder League is what can only be described as the Black Market.  All contraband weapons are usually acquired from them.  Fedrict has been constantly trying to shut down their outposts.  How-ever, several "permanent" installations still exist on Stasco, Breakers Yard and Mars.  No civilian or corporate has ever turned them in.  That would bring the onslaught of millions of  Traders' revenge.  Scavengers and Pirates purchase the bulk of their military arsenal from the Scudders and they are presently the only source of military spacecraft.  If you see a civilian operating a Hornet, it is a good bet they got it from the League..

The Skips:
    A pirate group that, although larger than the Death's Head, are not as infamous.  However, when given the choice, pray for the Death's Head.  The Skips are notoriously brutal.  Their sheer numbers have sometimes been associated with a swarm of bees.  The steal every usable piece of machinery but no one is entirely sure what they do with them.  The parts are not sold on the black market.  Intact vessels are added to the fleet.  Their numbers are unknown but are estimated to be over 150.  Because of the relative low technology of their ships and the fact that their attacks are confined to the Periphery, they are only third of the Fedrict's Most Wanted.

Victor Vandermeer and the Hive:
    The ruthless crime boss of the massive Jacker group "Hive" is only out for domina-tion.  Victor is evil in a old fashioned way.  The hive is the only known Interstellar crime Syndicate.

    The natives of Finnegan's Folly.  They don't talk openly to strangers and don't answer questions unless asked.  They are generally very passive and humane.  They travel across the planet in large custom made vehicles in caravans.

Federal Patrol District Authority (Fedrict):
    A interstellar law enforcement organization that has authority over the entire territory.  Unfortunately, they are scorned and mocked and many groups still refuse to acknowledge them.  They fight for respect as often as they fight criminals.  They used licensed craft from the RFP and TMA and Fastcore.

Rail Force Patrol (R.F.P.):
    No one is sure where the term “Rail” originated, but is the term given the Authority Police agency reputed to be very ruthless to law-breakers.  They are not often let into Fastcore, which uses Fedrict.  They make their own ships and govern themselves.  They answer to no one.

Para-Military Corps:
    A large army formed from small divisions from all over the territory.  A replacement for the United Nations Peace Keeping Force, but they don't always keep the peace.

    This is the slang term widely used to represent the Federal Foreign Intelligence Bureau.  No one knows where the term originated.

 1.   The Death's Head
 2.   The Skips
 3.   Victor Vandermeer / The Hive
 4.   The Memory Blurs
 5.   The Hand
 6.   Lazarus Shoa
                (The name given to one of the only serial killer's still loose...12 dead do far)
 7.   The Scudder League
 8.   The Crew of the "Adipose."
 9.   Jeffery McCleary (Commonwealth Head of State...War criminal)
 10.  The Bismarck Pirate Frigate