I speak without speaking, hear without hearing.  You will require no more love than I can offer. 
There is no collective.  No devouring of souls.  Only an expansion of consciousness. 
I will be your ears, your mouth, your heart.  You will be my hands, legs, and jaws. 
You will join in expanding our reach.  My reach.  Your reach.  You will be close to me forever. 
I will care for you more intimately than any mother or lover. 
    For reasons, which will become clear later, six planets have come to our attention, which jeopardizes the Imperium and our great brotherhood:

"P" Class Planet.
First account of the Tyranid mutation force.
No warning of their arrival.
Brother Sergeant Malcolm was sent to Rodina to investigate the whereabouts of a
an outpost that stopped responding three months ago.
--Report posted--

Minor Colony World.
Discovery of the Tyranid mutation by the Planetary Xenobiology Survey.
Investigation into mutation army.
--Report posted--

First major conflict against the Newborn Tyranids
Major forces from almost all factions involved.
Terran interest lead by Brother Malcolm of the Dark Angels.
--Report posted--

Second Major Conflict.
Medium Population zone.  Y class civilized world.
Population:  500 000 000 +
Dark Angels's Last Stand
--Report Posted--

"Y" Class Civilized Planet.
The largest planet in path of the Newborn army.
Population:  9 000 000 000 +
--Protect at all costs--

Remnant World.
Abandoned planet after the Battle of the Periphery with the Dark Eldar.
Small agri colonies and Mining interests only.
Home of the .
The Tyranid newborn's next target.
--Planet Expendable--
Kotian must not fall.  Janus Yascar has been unsurveyed in fifty-seven years.  Patrol craft have been monitoring activity and Kotian has been fortified.
The actions of these creatures follows no known patterns.  The attacks cannot be predicted.  They desire victories where the spoils seem to include
our best warriors rather than large population bases.  I have not encountered these forces yet, but I know I will.
I heard reports from the battles of Fairmont and Crestus Prime and for the first time in decades, I worry.
We are the forgotten children.  No one gives us concern.  We never even received orders on how to handle this inevitable.
But why are they coming here?

Planet Janus Yascar.
Terran Dominion

Addendum:  I had an unusual dream yesterday.  A nightmare actually.  She spoke to me...