Planet Tarturus was the nearest planet to Rodina.
The survey team sent to Rodina passed Tarturus
on the return course and found the drastic truth.
The Tyranids were the cause.

The local populace of Tarturus had reported several fights with creatures
that resembled Tyranids in looks but their actions were against all known patterns associated
with the other Hive fleets reported.

The Planetary Xenobiology Survey was expedited to Tarturus immediately.
While the PXS was on planet, the Hive fleet appeared from out of nowhere.
Their exact shapes and designs were unfamiliar.
They were as black as the void around.
The PXS and the native colony were unprepared for the assault.
  Knowing the greater need of knowledge, the PXS attempted
to puncture the blockade.
Many brave warriors gave their lives to allow
the precious information to escape.

All transmissions were being jammed.
During the escape, several genetic samples were extracted.
The massive black Hive ships overran Tarturus.
The beacon from Tarturus flicked off in a massive burst of
warp energy 47 hours later.
Tarturus was gone.

Planet Janus Yascar.
Terran Dominion.


     The force that has enveloped Rodina and now Tarturus seem to be a mutation of the basic Tyranids we have experienced.  All genetic samples and live specimens taken seem to be very young.  We have codified this Tyranid Army “Newborn.”  We remained on Tarturus for three weeks, investigating these new life forms before being forced to escape.  Report follows.


     These Tyranids seem to have the same life cycle.  We have identified Genestealers, Lictors, and Carnifexes within their genome.  Basically, they are identical.  There are the occasional short lived mutation.  They are more frequent in this species than other genomes of Tyranids we encountered.  Some of these mutations have been encountered on the battlefield.  They seem more encouraged rather than eliminated by their own kind.

     Physically unchanged, their only physical difference is their color.  These forces are totally gray / black with red stripes.  Mentally, they are more aggressive and seem to have emotional responses, although their hierarchy is still present.  Tyrants still control the armies.  We had identified one large Tyrant which appears to control this Hive Fleet.  Whether or not this is just a vessel for a larger intellect elsewhere is unclear.

     Their core (the Tyrant) seems to be more intelligent but has emotional responses.  Hate, Anger, Envy all seem to be present.  These same emotional responses are detected even in the smaller units.  It appears that these Tyranids don't employ the same Hive mentality as other breeds.  They seem to show independent thought even though still sharing the same commitments.  The battle tactics are still formed from the Tyrant.

     There is no presence of Genestealer hybrids.  These Tyranids seem to simply take organic matter and convert them directly using some form of Biomechanioid machine to create more of their own kind.  This means a totally redefinition of the Tyranid Strategy. when dealing with them.  We have seen people walking towards the rampaging army by full choice, to be guided into the mass.  We are unclear as to why but some colonists reported hearing voices in their head and encountering odd dreams.  Some must be overwhelmed by these voices--the temptation too great.  Some describe the voice as very feminine, very soft, appearing from the "dark place in their heart", giving them a purpose they thought they never had.  No one in the PXS reported these voices or dreams.

    As for the dreams, some of our Psykers extracted images from the victims.  "Victims" because soon after, most of these colonist vanished before the primary attack.  The images, alluring those who dreamt them, were disturbing in the extreme to the pyskers who witnessed them.

    One of these victims was equipped with a Pysker probe to analyze the transition from human to Newborn.  The subject was not killed as they entered.  They were either sent to a Hive ship or through a dimensional vortex where the subject was placed into some massive living machine where where all intelligence of the hive at one point runs through.  The machine then converts the subject into a Newborn.  It is unclear whether the subject has any choice in the final form he / she takes.

     The Tyranid Force seems to appear from another dimension totally unknown to our own.  Chaos was theorized but the data extracted does not match.  They appear and try to convert the entire populace.  After the Hive mind has grown large enough, the entire mind generates a massive dimensional vortex, which envelops and seals the planet's fate, taking it into the Newborn dimension.  We assume the living machine merges with the world, expanding this massive construct.  We fear how large this machine looms in their home dimension.

    We have identified human genome patters embedded in the tissue and minds of the live specimens.  Much different morphology then other Tyranids.  Our suspect is that its possible that these units inherit capabilities of their host.  Could each unit have an independent mind tapping into the human it once was?   There is a possibility that the genetic materials of the Newborns are created whole from live human, ork, or elder victims.  Our previous theory that the human loses all identity might not be entirely accurate.

    Popular theory in the PSX leads that larger creatures require several hosts, or more specific samples.  A Biovore would require two hosts.  A Zoanthrope requires two but the brains of at least three more.  All the intellect of these multiple hosts is absorbed into the unit...or possibly joined.  If the choice falls in the original host, we can see the desire to be a troop, giving complete control over your own soul, rather than joining with others to make something larger.  But obviously, this desire is present given the large population of monstrous units in the army.  One can imagine a bonded couple joining the hive and forming one complete life form with a merged intellect, two souls sharing one mind.

    Most likely the Tyrant is a cluster, where all the lines of thought converge.  She would have the knowledge of her hosts as well as the combined intellect of all her minions.  She influences them but the specimens we have seem to have their own motives of destruction with their own emotional responses.  After one month of investigation, only a Hormagaunt survived in captivity.   We believe it to have been once a Brother in the Marines.  Perhaps we have recovered a lost brother from Malcolm’s team.  It recognized banners from our armies and almost escape when it broke the code on the jail cell.  Our psykers probed the unit for hours.  Moments, they swore it talked back to them in a language they could understand, but the words were broken and confusing.

    At one moment, the lead probe faced the Tyranid across the barrier.  The Hormagaunt opened up and presented us with a view of the Organic machine where all Newborns are created.  The lead promptly broke contact and left the PXS.  He vanished soon after.  We did get the image from the lead however.  It is unclear how he became so disturbed by the transmission from the Hormagaunt.

    In battle, the Newborns are as viscous as the regular variety of Tyranids but the moment an enemy is incapacitated or is no longer considered a threat, every attempt is made to retrieve the subject alive.  It seems the dead are used mostly to construct the massive vessels and constructs and expand the ever-growing living machine.  These Tyranids feed on the dead less than other genomes.  They appear to prefer to get sustenance through eating both organic and inorganic matter they find around.  A group had been seen feeding on a Rhino after the crew had been absorbed.

    Other observations concluded that the creatures have some form of twisted social life.  They didn't just sit around, waiting for the Tyrants' orders.  One PXS officer swore he saw a group playing some physical sport.  Another site was less comical.  Some could swear a large group of these creatures were fulfilling some form of sexual satisfaction even though we are all very certain that they don't reproduce using any known animal method.

    It is a personal fear to be taken by the Newborns and forced to give up our knowledge and souls to this Hive and mutated into their kind.  If engaging this army….pray for death.  Save the last bullet.


Location of Brother Malcolm’s Squad…

Condition of Brother Malcolm’s Squad…
     Unknown…presumed absorbed…

Reason for Tyranid Mutation…

Position of Newborn Homeworld…
     Unknown...probably in an alternate dimension not unlike the realm of Chaos.

Position of Newborn Fleet…
     Unknown…possibly out of Planet Crestus Prime

Size of Newborn Fleet…

Brother Stewart Bissete,
Planetary Xenobiology Survey 

You are all special to me.  Even the quietest voice will be heard. 
The soul of one is as important as the souls of many. 
All have free audience.  You will not lose yourself. 
You will be one of a chorus, where each voice stands from a crowd. 
And everyone will hear you, including me.