For a long time, you were just a soft one, waiting to find form. 
With us, you will find structure.  A shell to which to expand your mind 
beyond the veil of flesh and steel.  Bless yourself. 
Let yourself be absorbed into the hard flesh.  No longer will you be a soft one. 


     BETADEN 18.40.90: Arrival upon Planet Rodina after Dusk.  Will move under cover of darkness to the outpost.  I look forward to meeting Brother Lewis whom I have not seen in three years.  I could be mistaken, but I could swear I heard voices when I stepped of the cruiser.  Rodina is an empty world.  Probably the wind.  They seemed like whispers in the blackness of my mind.

    BETADEN 24:40:90: Harlan reported a strange upsurge in the warp indicative of heightened activity, perhaps a fleet or an immense ground battle has occurred here some time ago.  Perhaps both.  We have watched and prepare for the worst.  The silence of the night tested the fears of many brave warriors.  All proved their loyalty and remained strong.

    During the night, several of my men reported odd dreams.  I encourage these confidements but don't often put wait in them.  However, my concerns are with my Psyker, Harlan.  He looks uncomfortable with these reports.  I might look into them if they persist.

     DELTADEN 3:41:90: Morning.  We venture forth to the outpost.  Our flag flies proud and we move across the barren fields of Rodina.  We should have encountered border patrols by now.  Rodina is a planet on the outer-veil, but this still does not excuse tardiness in the duties of the Brotherhood.  I cannot imagine this is the case.  I fear the worst.  The missing plant life stands out.

    We came across a strange structure on our travel.  It resembled a tree but twisted by evil.  It had turned black and the roots moved on their own accord, writhing and wiping like that of a demon.  However, this does not compare to any known markings of Chaos.

     DELTADEN 6:41:90: We weep bitter teas today brothers.  My comrade, my friend, Brother Lewis and his entire patrol are dead.  The outpost has been destroyed.  Not a single fabric of the once great pinnacle of the Brotherhood remains.  No bodies can be found except that of my dear friend—his carcass strewn like a crucifix to the entrance of the outpost, or where it once stood…. A threat, a warning, but from whom…someone old or someone new?  We buried the body.

    Harlan dedected a strange impression in remnants of Lewis's mind.  Something unusual.  It reminded him of the contaminated minds of the Chaos forces, but different.  We were certain it was Chaos.  Harlen belives otherwise.  Although dangerous, I asked Harlan to probe the mind of the carcass for any sign of the attacker.  The process would be timing.

     DELTADEN 10:41:90: The atrocities here astound even me.  My suspicions were of Genestealers, but even their foul signature doesn’t match the gruesome horror of Rodina.  I fear brothers.  Rodina borders no known opposition.  What could cause this?

    Harlan, dripping with sweat returned from his probe.  Lewis, in his last hours, had gone insane and his last moments were garbled in twisted images.  The only image he could form was frightening familar.  Our recorder attempted to form the description into a image.  Familar indeed, for the image was the same dreamt by my men the night before.  Even I must admit this creature sparks familarity in my soul as well.  As if the whispers i heard stepping off Rodina came originated from this monstrosity--a twisted form combining the Hormagaunt and Lictor forms against a living wall melding flesh and steel.

     GAMMADEN 6:42:90: Xenobiological study of our perimeter indicates a possible definition.  This force cannot be of a traditional technological military.  They must be organically based like the Tyranids but they must utilize organic matter in a different way.  We do not have the scientific power to investigate further.  We request a full investigation.  These are no tyranids I have encountered.

    I also must report another night of twisted dreams.  Even I must admit falling victim to these images.  These familiar and disturbingly alluring horrors bare a frightening resemblance to the inages extracted from the body of Brother Lewis.  "Disturbingly Alluring"--Like the shape called to us.  The whispers became formed--it knew our secrets, our fears.

    Also, during the night, several of my men had gone missing.  Their comrades and reported them being distant and confused.  Distracted, they parted from the group and ventured on their own into the night, never to return.  Their presence even blacked out from the Psyker's mind.  Search parties turned up empty.  By dawn, one group reported finding a marine power armor suit--not destroyed...just removed.

     GAMMADEN 15:42:90: And there is something else I don’t understand.  A strange occurrence about the warp that Harlan informed me off.  He told me…


Communication with Brother Malcolm was cut off.
A scientific survey patrol was sent a month later to Rodina.
If our brothers have noticed Rodina is no longer on
the Astronomicon, that is because Rodina is missing.
Only a massive Warp signature remains.

No known force has this ability.
This was mankind's first encounter with the "Newborns".

Planet Janus Yascar.
Terran Dominion