Evidence seems to point that the regular Tyranids and the Newborns seem to be rivals.  In fact, they seem to be blood enemies.  This can, perhaps be used to our advantage.  Observation seems to indicate that they would prefer to eradicate each other in favor of increased size or the expansion of their race.


Perfection.  You shall be blessed, and shall be given the honor to bless others. 
We are the pinnacle of everything.  The Almighty of all life. 
It was the plan set forth by evolution.  We will not destroy the weak. 
We will evolve them willingly, as you shall, the promise of life forever. 
Some will be frightened.  The weak and young will always be frightened of change. 
The only comfort I can offer comes from that it will all be over soon. 
The birth pains--the screams last only a moment--
followed by an eternity of a child wonder, 
seeing the universe through uncovered eyes.
The nearest world to Crestus Prime is Planet Fairmont, the site of a recent loss to the Eldar.  The Dark Angels are the closest force to Fairmont.
Their leader, Brother Captain Samuel is the best soldier and commander the brotherhood has that can reach Fairmont in time.
It is vital that he reach Fairmont and command its forces.  If me must, he should pull back to Crestus Prime, an obvious secondary target.
Crestus Prime is a core world and the largest target the Newborns have met so far.  Priorities must be to evacuate the millions on Crestus Prime.
If Prime is threatened, pulling back from Fairmont resides the only option.  Upon Samuel’s arrival, he is ordered to hold off the Newborn force.
Take whatever action is necessary .... and possible.  I see the fight from my view so far away and yet so close.  If Crestus Prime falls,
the next target would seem the Industrial world of Kotian.  Why does my instinct say they would come her?  I read the PXS report.
I realized something they did not, watching these transcripts and videos.  The Newborns want intelligence ... they seek knowledge--the strongest minds.
They are coming here...

Planet Janus Yascar

Astropath Victus Commodius
Planet Kotian,
Terran Dominion.

REPORT 876-777
EXTRACTED BY:  Arthurian Cowley, Astropath.
ARMY:  Legion of Black Templars, Brother Hamlyn commanding.

    Fairmont, already a disputed planet between several races (Terra, Dark Eldar, Necron), seemed to fall soon back into Terran Dominion hands.  However, as the quick raiding Dark Eldar and the teleporting Necrons seemed to pull back, a massive warp signature appeared in orbit.  In a great gust of evil, The battleship Jancis Jo was absorbed in the blackness, stranding the remnants of a division of Black Templar on planet.  Not requiring orbital support, the Dark Eldar and Necrons fronted a counterattack.  Brother Hamlyn ordered a pull back until reinforcements from the Dark Angels could arrive.  Although past relationships had been strained, these legions should work together for this common cause.

    However, Samuel's arrival came too late, as the Black Templars were wiped out.  The force had been withdrawing back to the main colony when the Newborns landed.  A force of Tyranid ground troops attacked the Black Templars while approaching the Spirtian Mountains.  These Tyranids are indeed viscous.  Brother Hamyln's transport was gutted early on.  Biovore Spores rained down on the troops.  Warp Blasts took care of the resident Terminators.  Broken, the force tried desperately to pull back, only to be cut off by Monstrous Carnifexes and Tyrants.  No one survived.  Samuel has only on chance, link up with Brother Andrew's Space Wolves in the Griffin Canyons.

*  *  *

REPORT 877-800
EXTRACTED BY:  Moraes Morallis, Astropath
ARMY:  Raiding patrol of Dark Eldar

--Intercepted and translated--

It obviously made the Dark Eldar patrol uneasy when they lost contact of the Black Templars they were pursuing.  They heard rumors about Tyranids but didn't take the account seriously.  As they passed over the Sirius Ocean, they noticed Newborn Gargoyles tracking their movements.  They prepared for a fight.  Ahead was the main Fairmont Colony.  Unknown to them, the colony has already been absorbed.

    They approached the beach, and were instantly attacked.  The force of six Ravagers swooped down.  One was shot down almost instantly by heavy weapons.  Another rammed the Carnifex dead center.  The Carnifex, unhurt, ripped the hovercraft to shreds and devoured the crew.  The remaining unprepared Ravager were caught in a crossfire.  One fell into the colony, the other was shot down over a group of Genestealers.  The last was plucked from the sky by a long range, well placed, Venom Cannon.

    The surviving Eldar were either forced into the water, where they were cut to pieces by the monstrous Tyranids, or they were forced in the the remnants of the colony.  One Ravager crew found themselves pinned against the flaming wreck of their vehicle, firing the last of their rounds into the approaching horde.  Those were taken alive, obviously not knowing what was in store for them.  The forces inside the colony found themselves outmatched.  One Ravager soft landed on the roof and the survivors were the only ones to make a dent in the Newborn forces.  Lictors climbed up the wall and were met by harsh resistance.  Soon, the roof forces were the only ones standing.  When the Newborns rallied around the base, the Ravager crew attempted to escape.   They never did.

*  *  *

REPORT 900-000
EXTRACTED BY:  Cronen Cronenweth, Astropath
ARMY:  Legion of Space Wolves, Brother Andrew commanding

    The great expanse of the Griffin canyons gave Brother Andrew's Space Wolves great cover as they backtracked to Samuels recently landed force.  From behind them, they detected the very confident Newborns, who didn't even bother to burrow or drop by Mycetic spores.  They ran up through the narrow canyons.  Both sides found advantage.  The Space Wolves had the Newborns in a gutter of heavy fire.  There was no place to dodge.  The Newborns, however, had cover in the rocks.  They could get close to the Wolves without much long range fire from the Marines.

    The Space Wolves stopped and decided to make a fight of it.  Scouts held one hill; Terminators held the other with heavy weapons.  The remaining marines kept the middle, preparing for a heavy crossfire.  Then a Lictor came from behind and engaged the Terminators.  With the heavy long range weapons out of commission, a maelstrom of living steel flooded around the rocks ahead.  The regular marines got too close to the canyon wall.  The Termagants, under cover from rock until the last moment, ran into range and cut half a tactical squad to pieces with short range weaponry.  A single Carnifex charged the scouts on the hill.  They fired nonstop but eventually had to pull back.  The Carnifex caught up and they were no more.

    With Terminator weaponry held at bay by a single Lictor, the remaining Nid forces flooded around the command squad and the remaining marines.  Even though the Terminators were victorious in their fight, when they bore their weapons around to face their opponents, the surviving three combatants stared in the the eyes of two dozen Tyranids.  Behind them, the Terminators could only watch as the command squad, including brother Andrew, was taken alive.

    The Terminaotors lasted another three minutes.

*  *  *

REPORT 950-002
EXTRACTED BY:  Moraes Morallis, Astropath
ARMY:  Invading Necron Force

--Intercepted and translated--

    The Necrons, which held claim on a small island south of the Colony, were oblivious to the Newborn's mycetic assault until the Tyranids had landed.  The translation of the Necrons is exceedingly difficult given the lack of field observation of the species.  What was translated includes a sudden ambush that the Necron's endured.  Their few hovercraft were shot down quickly.  What followed was a long slow process of elimination.  The Newborn's suffered very few losses.  For a long time, neither did the Necrons.  The Tyranids cut into the Necron's front line and got into close combat almost instantly.  The Necrons, inferior fighters in hand to hand, were cut to pieces quickly  by the attacking genestealers.

    But the fight was far from over.  Their powerful regenerative ability came back to save the Necrons and more than half of them stood up after the first wave of Tyranids swept through.  They fought again, only to be cut down a second time.  This process continued.  The stubborn Necrons refused to stay down, every time, taking a few more Newborns with them.  But every time they fell, fewer stood up the next time.  The battle was arduous.  But the superior fighting skills of the Genestealers won in the end.

    Since the Necrons had little to no organic makeup, the majority of their forces were simply abandoned or devored by the Newborns.

*  *  *

REPORT 999-999
EXTRACTED BY:  Victus Commodius, Astropath
ARMY:  Legion of Dark Angels, Brother Samuel Commanding.

    Finally, a counterattack.  To allow the retreating colonists and surviving marines from other chapters to make it to the evacuating cruiser from the Imperial navy, Brother Samuel's forces attacked the Newborns full bore as they left the Griffin Canyons.  Unaware of the new arrivals, the Tyranids did not have time to rally their forces.  The first two waves of Newborns were wiped out before Samuel even took a loss.  The Tyranids broke and retreated back to their Queen.  An opening formed.  The black Hive ships were closing above.

    Against orders, a force of Imperial Guardsmen rolled from the cruiser and faced the Tyranids dead centre.  A handful remained on the planet, sealing their fate, but giving vital time for the survivors to escape.  From here, the cruiser would head straight to Crestus Prime, where armies from all over were gathering.  The Tyranids attacked the remaining Guard and Dark Angels.  A single Land Raider stood up to the monsters.  It took down squads of the smaller forces until the resident Carnifex broke through and walked into the vehicle without missing a step.

    Fairmont had fallen.