I will rescue you from the pain.  I will deliver you into a new existence, 
an existence unbound by muscle or bone, where your capacity is only limited to how far 
you are willing to let me into your mind.  No longer contained in the rigidity of form, 
you can be anything you want to be—as fast as you want to run, 
as big as you want to grow.  Be as deadly as you want to be.

     ALPHADEN  6:10:93:  It was an ambush!  The evil Newborn army simply awaited for the arrival of Brother Samuel and his forces.  Upon landing, the Newborns appeared.  All resources were put to simply stopping the advancement.  Captain Samuel realized that evacuating the populace was paramount.  He and his forces, upon landing, held their ground as the constantly appearing Tyranids swept across the Great Desert of Stasco.   Samuel and his men’s bravery is unmatched and even as wave after wave of the Newborn army came over the horizon, the army stood its ground.  When the landing pad and the populace around it was evacuated, the army was permitted to leave.  Only Samuel himself walked aboard the carryall, the sole survivor.Thousands of his brothers gave their lives to save millions of others.  Samuel knew, as we did, that the start of a very bloody war was upon them all.  But where are their motherships.  They are just appearing from the ground and out of the atmosphere...

    It was difficult to discuss the mission to Samuel later.  He was quiet and distant.  Hours later, he described a vision he experienced after walking aboard the Thunderhawk.  He was the only mortal to survive a fight with the Tyrant Queen.  The voices continually haunted him afterwards.  He would encounter them again.  Samuel would be our only hope to save Crestus Prime as long as he maintains his sanity.

     BETADEN  12:15:93:  The orbital force dropped upon the city of Paragon in hopes of holding off the Newborn army until the populace can be evacuated.  Samuel's Thunderhawk took command of the Paragon forces.  Paragon is not the largest city on Crestus Prime but it is the location of the largest cathedral.  All the religious archives of the planet are stored there.  As the Newborn force closed, it was imperative that the archives be saved.  However, Samuel and the Paragon forces were not prepared for the even more aggressive assault of the Tyranid forces.  Samuel stood his ground and led his forces but the overwhelming odds caught them off guard.  The Church was demolished.  The archives were lost.  We are saddened by that fact.

     The Hive commander made an appearance.  It seems to take a personal grudge against the Brother Captain.  They fought directly but Samuel stood his ground.  However, one man could not stop the deluge.  The Tyranids overran Paragon and reduced it to ashes within hours.  Only 30% of the native population managed to escape.   Samuel was picked up by a tornado and withdrew.  Once again, the only survivor.  Samuel expressed regret.  He did, however, see into the eyes of the Hive Tyrant.  He did not see hate.  He told me later he saw, of all emotions, compasion...almost caring--As if the Tyrant belives what she is doing is for the best of all mortals and she is confused when so many fight her interests.  I believe Samuel is the best authority on this new mutation, and I recommend he remain in charge of the Paragon forces until reinforcements arrive.

     DELTADEN 01:23:94:  We have received word that reinforcements from the Blood Angels and Ultramarines that landed to enforce our Oberon Marine Outpost have been destroyed.  The Oberon base was the last line of defense before the Capitol City of New Urich where Brother Samuel is fortifying his position with the local Marines and armor units.  He hoped to hold the city long enough to evacuate the populace.  Now, the fortifications must be abandoned to make sure the civilians escape.  We have received no word from the Oberon outpost.  I fear we are alone out here, brothers.

    The only reports from Oberon indicated that the Marines were illequiped and lacked proper leadership.  One Rhino, held back in the battle until the very end, tried to make a desperate ram into the Newborns, only to be stopped short be a group of Tyranid Warriors.  The Warriors promply cut the vehicle to peices.  The Newborns ran over the base quickly after.  Many men were lost.  Many more were absorbed.  A tradegy...especially since the Marines had a fortification from which to fight.  Invesitation later indicated that the group became demoralized early on be repeated visions and voices during the night.  A patrol was lost in the morning hours before the attack.

     DELTADEN 02:15:94:  It was my fear that Brother Samuel couldn’t penetrate the hills surrounding the south of the city.  He proved us wrong.  As the Newborn army approached the city from the open plains of the north, a small force tried to close in from the mountains to the south in en effort to wipe out the civilian forces.  However, Captain Samuel organized a valiant blockade-runner.  He charged through the opening with his Deathwing Terminators and the Pax Ducorp Dreadnought.  Losses were minor even though both Captain Samuel and Brother Belthore were critically wounded.  They were pulled out of the front line and only with prayer and faith did they both pull through.  The Tyranid force broke up and the civilians escaped New Urich and over the Imperian mountains.  Now, the city is devoid of civilian life.  New Urich’s pristine streets will soon be the site of the bloodiest battle yet.

     DELTADEN 05:22:34:  Never before have I seen such a massive army stand before the gates.  Brother stood alongside brother.  We witnessed battalions of Ultramarines, Dark Angels and Blood Angels barricade themselves with armor and stone against the edge of the city. Brother Samuel was not present, still recovering from his wounds before.  It seemed confident the city would remain.  We were wrong.  The Newborns kept coming and coming.  The onslaught would not let up.  Brothers lay slewn across the streets.  We were totally unprepared.  It was a slaughter.  No honor survived.  The Newborns continued, unabashed, through the city.  We must retreat.

     DELTADEN 07:34:45:  It seems apparent that the infestation is not localized to our star system.  We received word from the a neighboring system controlled by the hideous Orks.  I will not shed a tear for that battle.  The Orks, although heavily armored, were totally unprepared from the Tyranid Army.  They were brave or stupid…maybe both.  As the Newborns touched down in the ruins of a devastated city, the Orks ran into with the knives and axes brandished.  They soon realized why our noble marines never engaged the Tyranid forces in close combat.  Two Ork bikes were destroyed almost immediatly.  A Newborn invaded another vehicle, crashing it into a wall.  The great loss was when the Leman Russ Tank the Orks had stolen was crippled, forcing only half of its weapons to bare.  The Orks’ armors was disabled and the horrendous hive mind eradicated the Ork colony.  Maybe, after the Tyranid force have been eradicated, we can move across the border and appropriate this lost colony.

     DELTADEN 08:07:10:  It seems the worlds of Crestus Prime are fair game for all that would take advantage of the Chaos.  Although files on this force are sketchy at best, it seems clear that a regiment of Necron forces touched behind the Newborn enemy lines.  The assault on the Capitol stopped as the Newborns retracted to protect the Proteus.  However, it seemed clear that the Proteus kept back its elite forces as a personal guard.  The Necron’s regenerative ability is an amazing advantage but proved ineffective against the Newborn invasion.  It wasn’t long before the Newborns totally shredded the metal machines.  We only noticed the end when the Newborns continued their invasion into the Capitol.

     DELTADEN  08:28:10:  New Urich breathed a sigh as an unexpected force arrive to reinforce.  A single battalion of the Imperial Army from Catachan drove out to meet the force head on.  This battle seemed to last forever.  The Imperiam is considering evacuating Crestus Prime.  We would gather our forces and make a stand on the Y-Class world of Koatian (kOshIAn).  There are several worlds between Crestus and Koatian but are considered low risk worlds.  The only one major enough of mention is Janus Yascar.

     DELTADEN 08:30:15:  The Guardsmen escaped with the remaining populace of New Urich but not because of the Tyranids.  We detected a massive Warp signature and theorized more Newborns were arriving.  Imagine our shock when a flotilla of Chaos battlecruisers arrived to lay stake to the mineral rich Crestus Prime.  We are more then willing to let these two armies of darkness annhilate each other.  These forces, we belive are in the name of Korne, have probably been out of contact while in the Warp.  We lost many brothers to the Newborns but I admit to a perverted sense of enjoyment leaving Chaos to these killing machines.

    DELTADEN 09:02:20:  As the last of the Marine Thunderhawks take off from Crestus Prime, we watched as the Korne army faced off against their new, uneexpected foe.  The massive Chaos army rolled over the desert.  Then then mycetic spores dropped.  What followed was the biggest and bloodiest battle in the history of the planet.  The Chaos ships sent down more reinforcements.  They arrived to find no comrades on planets.  The initial landing force put up a measly thirty minute fight.  The second wave drove in on heavy armor.  Long range fire took down half the vehicles.  One Besserker Rhino was crippled and a Predator's turret was sheared right off.  Korne Besserkers, always effective on the battlefield, could not stand up at long range.  The third wave fared better and Chaos managed to find a firm foothold on planet.

    DELTADEN  09:03:30:  Outside Crestus Prime, we noticed the Tyranid Hive Battlecruisers had been hiding around the dark side of the second moon.  Upon our departure, the fleet moved in.  Apparently, they had been waiting for the Chaos arrival for some time.  It seems they were the target this time.  Perhaps this strikes are more surgical in nature, like the Newborns are seeking different genetic samples to find out which is best to be absorbed first.  I wonder how mankind faired?  This is my last report for the Dark Angels as we leave the system.  I only hope these forces of evil can be stopped.

    As for Samuel.  He has requested to take a leave of absense.  He claims the dreams have stopped....personally, I don't belive him.  I think he is tyring to stand above the rest of his men.  His forces are gone, his men all killed, I assime he will leave to rejoin the Dark Angel fleet moving by Solutia Primus...or he might dispear with the rest.  Only time will tell...

DELTADEN 09:05:02

Samuel did, in fact, return back to his brothers.  He sent me a message personally regretting the position our planet was given.
He said that the temptation was great, more than he though the could handle.  I should watch my men...and watch them close.
He told me that the last fight he had with the Tyrant, he discovered that the Queen had engaged in his forces in the last two
fight specifically because she wanted him.  These Tyranids seem to seek the greatest fighters to add to their genome...
like the great ones add to the strength of the whole species.  He told me to be careful...
and resist the voices...because they will be coming...

Planet Janus Yascar
Terran Dominion