Unlike previous games I designed, where the source material was fragmented and inconsistent, Ghost in the Shell maintains a singular vision. I have tried to maintain that vision. To that end, I made a choice early on the development of this game. I was to avoid trying to “fill the gap” with original material. When I created the Alien – FUZION RPG, it became necessary to filter certain parts of the setting while endorsing some personal views. This emerged from a problem with inconsistent storytelling – where too many different writers would write different interpretations of a setting, leading to numerous plot holes. Ghost in the Shell started with the vision of Masamune Shirow and continued from there. Mamoru Oshii created the two movies in one tangent while the creators of Stand Alone Complex took another. The only difference between the two is the inclusion of the Puppet Master (which occurs in the movie, but not in the series). Beyond that, the comics, the movies, and series maintain a fairly uniformed vision. However, one voice had to gain dominance. I chose the series as it occupies the most exposure currently.

As I said, I will not be adding any content myself. Certain sections will have gaps and I will make aware those gaps. There is evidence that does lead to some educated conclusions and I have added those as well. A few vehicles required names. Just to make certain, all printed facts here are backed up by references in the movies, the series, or the Manga. Because of an obvious lack of some content, I will be adding some universal ideas from Cyberpunk 2020 (non-unique weapons, cybernetics that would obviously exist). The rest come from the base D20 used to create the game. This brings up an interesting point: Why don’t I use Cyberpunk 2020. Several reasons actually. First, Cyberpunk 2020 by RTG is becoming increasingly hard to find and it has never been available as a free game. Looking through the rules of Cyberpunk, I realized I would be modifying the setting too much (totally restructuring the net and hacking for one). I realized I should just start with a clean palette.

Ghost in the Shell was serialized in Kodansha's Young magazine "Pirate Edition" every three months from 1989 to 1990. By now cyberpunk had become an everyday word, but its vision of the future remained bleak. In 1992, Mamoru Oshii created the feature film under Production IG and Manga Entertainment.

Final thanks go out to several people.
Shirow Masamune for creating the franchise.
Mamoru Oshii for giving it a voice.
Production IG for giving it a body.
Manga for importing and translating
John Pike for his in information on the SVR and Japanese Self Defense Force
Deric Bernier for creating the first 2020 conversion based on the original Manga. It allowed me to jump several steps

Chris Dias
Ghost in the Shell
Role Playing Game Designer

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