Role Playing sometimes generates humorous results.  These are those results, after 15 years of role playing.  Of course, only later in life, did our little ramblings end up being funny outside of our circle of friends.  Here are the famous quotes of these games through the years.  Some are Generic Role Playing quotes from games I sat in for short periods of time.  However, many originate from the three most popular games on this website:  Alien Fuzion, Amethyst, and Pathfinder.  Amethyst, being currently played, begins at the top.  WARNING:  The following pages do contain language.

CHRIS: “Its totally useless me being inside the enemy docking bay. I can’t do enough damage.”
CONAN: “How many kills does it have?”
GM: “400.”
CONAN: “How much damage can you do in a round?”
CHRIS: “180.”
CONAN: “So only half the ship is damaged in a round. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”
CHRIS: “I can do that outside.”
CONAN: “No..outside, you still miss on a 1 and 2.”
CAM: “I can’t belive I only AUTOMATICALLY HIT.”

CAM: “Pass the three-hole punch.”
SCHUYLER: “I’ll show you a three hole punch.”
CAM: “Three new holes or three old holes?”

CAM: “Find, you stay, Nikita and I will debrief Issac.”
CHRIS: “But he’s already not wearing pants…”

SCHUYLER: “Oh Jesus, why don’t you get captured and bitch about it some more!”
MIKE: “You know what, I will!!!”

CHRIS: “He already has a scythe.”
GM: <Sigh>
CAM: “Oh that’s awful.”

GM: “You see what looks like a Glibbering Mouther that has had its skin wrapped around a humanoid skeleton. This massive beast can be seen lumbering away in another direction.”
CONAN: “I may be grasping at straws, but my instinct says we should leave it alone.”
SCHUYLER: “He may just be taking home a jug of milk for the wife.”

CONAN: “Owned! Hoisted by his own PICARD!!”

GM: “You have been called by Queen”
CONAN: “Queen…they’re still around.”
CAM: “Freddy Mercury’s back.”
CONAN: “Zombie Mercury.”

GM: “Aiden Romanov steps forward. Yes Mischa named one his children after Aiden.”
CONAN: “Must be one of the girls…”
GM: “No, HE is one of the larger men.”
SCHUYLER: “I want to wrestle him.”
CONAN: “Boy, that’s not gay.”

GM: “You bird flies back.”
MIKE: “What did you see?”
MIKE: “We can communicate.”
CONAN: “KAKAAW! What is it? KAKAAW!! Angry? KAKAAW! Aroused?”

GM: “He has the floor.”
MIKE: “I can walk on walls. He can have it.”

GM: “Well, Teryn can contact the queen.”
CAM: “She’s here?”
TERYN: “Yes, I am. I thought I was the one that was blind.”
CAM: “Holy Shit! Where’d you come from?”

GM: “Okay, you lift the monster off of Byss.”
CAM: “I’ve been freshly squeezed.”

SCHUYLER: “I’ve always wanted to be eaten by spiders…no wait, no I don’t.”

CAM: “Oh god, this is going to be just like that scene in Last Starfighter where the guys head melted away isn’t it?”

CAM: “We need a solution to rescue Issac.”
CONAN: “Nah, just let him escape on his own.”
CAM: “He’s not here so the player cannot escape.”
CONAN: “Ahh, let just assume he escapes on his own.”

CHRIS: “Are we going to be honorable?”
CONAN: “No—“
CHRIS: “…or assholes?”
CONAN: “Yes.”

GM: “We need a tactics roll…who has ranks.”
CAM: “I have six.”
CHRIS: “Eight.”
SCHUYLER: “I have nineteen in Tactics.”
CAM: “Jesus Fucking Christ.”

CAM: “Look!”
Schuyler looks at Cam
CAM: “Don’t look at the HAND! Look where I am pointing!”

SCHUYLER: “Are you addicted to rage-ahol.”

SCHUYLER: “He really sworded you pretty good.”

CONAN: “Who was he?”
CAM: “He played that pirate in Pirates of the Carribean.”
CONAN (sarcastic and deadpan): “That’s amazing…”

CONAN: “We need to go to the Yarix ship to warn them.”
CAM: “Just call them.”
CONAN: “Oh right, this is future. We have phones!”

GM: “You have a spark in your—“
CONAN: “Spork?”
GM: “Spark!”
CONAN: “Ohhhh!!!!”
CONAN: “No you have the clever blending of fork and spoon. INGENIOUS!!”
CAM: “I don’t know to stab you with my fork or gouge your eyes out with a spoon. There are so many options!”

(Chris’s Character is named Seiki)
CAM: “We need four pilots to go along with you.”
CONAN: “Fine, I’ll take three of our good friends…and Seiki….”

SCHUYLER: “Let’s split up!”
CAM: “NO, Retard!”
SCHUYLER: “We can cover more ground.”
CAM: “Are you insane! Have you not learned anything from….anything!?”
SCHUYLER: “I am just saying it would be faster.”

GM: “What are you wearing?”
SCHUYLER: “I am wearing a megabeam.”

CHRIS: “I just heard from my wife.”
CONAN: “You have a wife?”
GM: “Lay off the guy.”
CHRIS: “Yes”
CONAN: “You’re male!?”
GM: “Leave it--”
SCHUYLER: “Their Lesbians.”
GM: “Jesus, guys. Drop it and move on!!”

SCHUYLER: “Which one is more hurt?”
GM: “You can’t tell.”
SCHUYLER: “I can’t?”
GM: “Make a spot check.”
SCHUYLER: “7…Grog not know which one hurt more…”

GM: “You cleave through the Ninja like a hot knife…through Ninja.”

(After Conan’s Druid casts flame wall.)
GM: “Now you need to escape…”
CONAN: “I jump through the fire.”
CHRIS: “Why don’t you dispel it.”
CONAN: “Oh yeah.”

GM: “Teryn is here as well.”
CONAN: “I flank with her.”
CAM: “I am already flanking with her.”
CONAN: “Can I flank with her this round and you can have her next round?”
SCHUYLER: “You get sloppy seconds.”

CONAN: “Anything behind us?”
GM: “No—“
CONAN: “They’re after us.”

SCHUYLER: “I’m gonna punch him so hard, he’s gonna wish I never punched him!!”

SCHUYLER: “What a clever remark.”
CAM: “Savor the delicate flavor.”
SCHUYLER: “Roll it around my mouth.”
CONAN: “I’ll roll something around your mouth..”

CAM: “I thought you were supposed to interrogate him?”
CONAN: “If he is allowed to talk, I don’t know what to do.”
CAM: “It’s been fifteen minutes.”
CONAN: “I would be done by now if you let me hurt him!”

CHRIS: “I promise I will not touch the ancient holy relic.”
CAM: “No, yeah. I don’t believe you.”

CAM: “I ask him about the Oracle. Oh right, it’s a new day, I get my psi powers back.”
GM: “He seems to not want to talk about it.”
CAM: “…And now I don’t…”

CAM (to Schuyler): Take some of these Refugees to the doctor to look at them.”
SCHUYLER: “Okay, I take the cutest ones…”
GM: “Okay, you bring them both to the doctor. She examines them. After a while, she starts reporting…”
DOCTOR: “That’s amazing…they have the same diffraction pattern in their bones as we do meaning they were developed from Magic as well. Which means it’s highly unlikely they can contract human disease.”
SCHUYLER: “So they’re clean…I mean healthy?

Chris and Schuyler leave the gaming room. Later, Chris returns and reenters the game…
CHRIS: “Anyways…”
CAM: “You are not here!”
CHRIS: “When did I leave?”
CAM: “I told you to go?”
CHRIS: “This is what I miss when I go for a drink.”
GM: “Okay so Kazaan mutters to calm the conversation, It’s my fault for mixing politics and wine.”
CHRIS: “I agree, but his comments—“
CAM: “You’re not here!”

CAM: “I played him like two dudes on one side of an air hockey table.”

CAM: “We need to sneak by.”
CONAN: “We will go by ducts.”
SCHUYLER: “Why buy ducks? What purpose would that serve?”
CAM: “Can you try harder for comic relief!”

CAM: “I sleep with my bag.”
CONAN: “I thought that was implied.”

CONAN (To Schuyler): “You’re so stupid!”
SCHUYLER: “You’re stupid looking!”
CONAN: “God damn, does your MOM write your jokes?”
The GM starts writing the quote down…
SCHUYLER: “Don’t write that down!”

CONAN: “There are 40 houses in Kuraukou.”
GM: “60 now.”
CONAN: “Okay 60.”
GM: “Two are Reptillan.”
CONAN: “From inbreeding?”

CAM: “You are afflicted with dismay.”

Chris draws his sword.
CHRIS: “I never give up my weapon.”
CONAN: “So what’s so great about your sword?”
Foom!! The blade erupts in flames. Chris lets is burn for a moment before deactivating…
CONAN: “Okay, then…”

SCHUYLER: “Hey that was funny…”

CONAN: “You got nothing on the previous quote page.”

CAM: “Iceland is what happens when you leave a small group of human on an island for a thousand years. You have a small gene pool…and then you dump herring in it.”

GM: “Okay…critical success. Take 15 kills with no armor.”
SCHUYLER: “Holy crap…you crit my grandma!”

SCHUYLER: “Ouch…You hit me right in the pilot!”

SCHUYLER: “Three rounds up. Weapon is charged.”
CONAN: “Fire the megabeam. SURPRISE COCKFAG!!”

CAM: “I hit him in the gooch!”

CHRIS: “Don’t you have like those super rations…like Miracle food.”
GM: “He has Miracle whip…”
SCHUYLER: “Also useful for drywall paste.”

GM: “He just knocked him out”
SCHUYLER: “Who was that?”
GM: “Phillip.”
SCHUYLER: “What’s this place called?”
GM: “Phillip’s”

SCHUYLER: “I grab one guys head with one hand and another with another head and smash them together.”
CHRIS: “Flurry of blows allows you to do that.”
SCHUYLER: “You grab their heads like the coconut and you smash them all up…You grab their heads like the coconut and you smash them all up…”
GM: “I thought you were a peaceful monk.”
CONAN (imitating Schuyler): “I want peace!” <Huge clapping motions>. Yeah, I appreciate how hard you’re workin at this; <More clapping motions> “LOVE EACH OTHER NOW! Be Happy! Be Happy!”

CHRIS: “I throw my sword into the wall. Maybe that will deter them.”
GM: “Make an intimidation roll.”
CHRIS: “11”
GM: “OK, the sword passes through the wall and into the bathroom.”
CHRIS: “What?!”
CONAN: “Yeah, some help you guys are, He bought a round of drinks and he threw his sword into the washroom.”
CHRIS: “I was not aware the walls were that bad.”
CONAN: “You threw the sword into the can…OCCUPIED!!! OCCUPIED!!”

GM: “Okay…battle over. What now?”
CAM: “I gather information.”
SCHUYLER: “I gather teeth.”

SCHUYLER: “I want Orange Juice…”
GM: “Oh…Thanks…for a second I thought you said horsejuice…”

GM: “Okay the final blow of a flurry is dealt and the Hydra dies.”
CECE: “I want an autopsy.”
CONAN: “Why?”
CECE: “I want to know which one of us killed it!”
GM: “Okay…hmm…oddly enough it drowned…”

CHRIS: “Rocks float.”
CONAN: “Do they?”
CHRIS: “Very small rocks float.”
GM: “Some volcanic rocks float.”
SCHUYLER: “Fossilized dung floats…”
…no response from anyone…

CHRIS: “Be quiet for five minutes and you get to go to heaven.”
CONAN: “When does that start?”

CHRIS: “My weapon is charged up.”
CONAN: “And I am loaded.”
CHRIS: “Wouldn’t it be better if you weren’t drunk?”

<Flipping through the PHB, finds a section on getting in and out of armor>
SCHUYLER: “Hmm…Don Hastily.”
CONAN: “Who the fuck is Don Hastily?
<Long pause>
SCHUYLER: “Donning armor normally and hastily!”
CONAN: “Oh.”
GM: “You actually thought there was a guy in the Players Handbook named Don Hastily? “Who the fuck is Don Hastily?!”

SCHUYLER: “We’re not going to judge you…we just fucking hate queers.”

SCHUYLER: “You can shut the hell up…but you won’t!!”

SCHUYLER: “Come on! Daddy needs a new pair of killing that guy!”

CONAN: “They can’t be well known cause I never heard of them!”
CHRIS: “Cause you have a tiny brain!”
MIKE: “Lust like your balls!”
CONAN: “Ohhh…schnapp!!!”

CONAN: “For gods sake, take the bag of dicks out of your mouth an annunciate you mongolo!!”

CHRIS: “This will feel like peaches n’; cream bitch.”
CHRIS: “You want to live forever?!!
CONAN: “Umm…little bit.”

CHRIS (Fighter): “Fuck, I can’t roll well.”
CONAN (Healer): “Fuck you, I almost killed a man.”

Nikita: "IT’S A MECHA! By definition its not real. So I want one--"
GM: "Yeah…weilding axes..."
Nikita: "So…mecha is not real…so who cares about an axe?"
GM: "
So…we have this big super advanced culture that can build Mechs…and we put…I don’t know…lets put an Axe on it."
Nikita: "Shit yeah!"
GM: "Hm….Why not a laser. Or some other kind of gun."
Nikita: "How about a gun that fires Axes!"
GM: "That’s more dumb. You are going to make a gun…that fires axes! Wouldn’t there be an issue of ammo?"
Nikita: "Make it a big gun…"
GM: "….that fires axes…You’re the warrior from Gauntlet, you know that?"=
Nikita: "How about an energy gun that fires bolts of energy shaped like axes."
GM: "Fuck off…"
Nikita: "Why not?"
GM: "Righht…so a scientist is going to make a weapon--"
GM: "Hey Jimmy…about that gun you made. I am all about the destruction and all…but don’t you think you could have spent your time just making a laser and not a laser that fire axe shaped chunks of light."
Nikita: "Well frank there made a mecha."
GM: "No Axe."
Nikita: "Fuck no…I want two. Coming out the sides. And one in the head."
GM: "Why—"
Nikita: "Even better have a hand in the head that throws the axe. Like his head splits open and a little head pops up."
GM: "Listen to yourself. I seriously think that no part of your brain is actuall doing the talking. The Right brain goes to the left, “What are you saying?” and the left brain goes…”I dunno, I thought you were doing the talking.” “Well if you are not…and I am not…then the hell are we speaking?!”
Nikita: "--Or an axe that transforms into an even bigger axe…oh NOO…I am the axe. Someone just throws me…or my arms detatch and throw me."
GM: "Kinda an inertia issue on that one."
Nikita: "Make a bigger mech that throws me."
GM: "Then why are you in the mech…kinda useless now, aren’t you. And where we going to egt the giant mecha that throws the smaller mech shaped like an axe?"
Nikita: "I dunno…that your problem."
GM: "And if you miss…you are basically out of it."
Nikita: "Now way…cause then I just detonate the nuke."
Nikita: "I’ll pay for it."
GM: "You can’t afford it."
Nikita: "Yes I can."
GM: "It would cost so much, you would would not have enough to make a mecha with two axes…or even one...
GM: ":"...So you have an axe shaped mecha wielding two axes with a gun that fires minature axes. So…you have a mecha…with two axes…and a gun…with a 10 round warm up time….and you’re complaining I make gay designs…"

CAM (GM): "The Vardash comes down. It doesn’t really cleave the man's skull. The 60 lbs blade crushes his
CHRIS: "--Like you know know the comic Gallagher? Just picture him....getting HIT with a Vardash!"

(An army approaches the gates)
GUARD ONE: "Hey Bob. How much are you paid?"
GUARD TWO: "25 an hour. You?"
ONE: "Same…worth it?"
TWO: "Nope…"
ONE: "Agreed."

CHRIS: "I have this overpowering temptation to go to a big America city and pelt street peformers with Canadian Nickels."

MIKE: "I tell them to stop fighting."
CAM: "What do you say?"
CAM: "Make your diplomacy roll."
MIKE: "22"
CAM: "Your diplomacy roll translates your speech to say something better."

CHRIS: "Can you call for help?"
CHRIS: "I could have done that!!"

CAM: "Okay…by the end of the night, you all end up at the same place..."
CONAN: "...Prison?"

CONAN: "I never wanted to fling poop in your eyes more."

BEN: "Hey is 'Beardo' here with his 'spooge' gun?"

GREG: “Don’t take his head off now.”
BEN: “He’s a cyborg, I’ll just screw it back on.”
GREG: “Its not a lugnut.”
SHARRON: “You give him a Benectomy!”

GM: “I don’t think that’s possible.”
SHARRON: “Just break the laws…of…meat.”

GREG: “We’ll need cops to guard the exits.”
BEN: “Yeah…get some cannon fodder.”
SHARRON: “We’ll get experience for the when they die, right?”
GM: “You don’t get experience for sending others to there deaths.”

GM: “What happened to his eye?”
SHARRON: “He was hit in the eye with a pig anus.”
GM: “Pardon?!”
SHARRON: “It’s a gummy treat.”
GM: “Thank god.”
SHARRON: “Whats amazing is that he had his hand out. It just phased right through his hand.”

BEN: “We could cross nuts with tobacco…”
SHARRON: “Tobbacnuts!!”

BEN: “Go through the windows.”
GM: “Its bulletproof.”
BEN: “GO through the neihbor’s window and go through the wall.”
SHARRON: “Think about that for a second.”

GREG: “We go in stealthy.”
GM: “OK…you see the living room and kitchen. Its empty. Two doors lead to bedrooms.”
BEN: “Whats in the Fridge. Open the fridge…whats in it.”
GM: “Not much…just a few cans of cavier.”
GREG: “Oh, I eat them. I tear them open and throw the cans away.”
<Greg mouth gapes in awe>
GM: “…And Greg is stunned silent…”
GREG: “My God…why did we hire you?!”
BEN: “Hey, I have an Int 10.”
GREG: “Int 10 doesn’t mean stupid!”
BEN: “They’re obviously not here.”:
BEN: “And I checked the Fridge.”
SHARRON: “Fridge clear, Ben?”

GM: “You blow past the barriers like…”
GREG: “…like a fat man brushing past the lettuce in the buffet.”

GREG: “Its too much. He’s too powerfull You’re not ready?”
SHARRON: “Not ready? I’m ninth level…”

GREG: “Maybe she had a kid?”
GM: “I doubt it. She was dedicated to her work.”
GREG: “That didn’t mean she didn’t want to get plowed.”

GREG: “Hey…Hey…stop finger fucking my book!”

GM: “The doors name has been scratched off. Its been replaced by a single word. PAIN”
GREG: “Is there a room called HAPPY? Lets find that one.”
SHARRON: “Maybe its an acronym…Please Access In…Norway?”

GM: “Attack Ben…”
SHARRON (Technially under control by a Hack attack): “No way I attack the girl.”
GM: “Attack Ben…”
SHARRON: “No, I am attacking the plot point!!”

GREG: “You know, its actually cheaper in Africa to buy and throw away an AK-47 then there is to reload it because the weapons come with a clip. You could just toss it away.
BEN: "Just fire it until its empy and grab another.
SHARRON: “Kinda make transport difficult.”
BEN: “Fuck no, I’ll just build a robot that follows me around carrying AK-47s.”
GREG: “Listen to what you just said…you want to build a robot that carries AK-47s. Why don’t you just put…I don’t know…a laser…on this robot.”

SHARRON: “Like a religeos emperior…like…Popeltine!”
GREG: “Popeltine…sounds like a drink mix.”
SHARRON: “Drink Popeltine…so you can grow up to be a big and strong pope!”

BEN: “I point my railcannon at the driver and I scream for him to get out of the jeep.”
DRIVER: “Your railcannon is out of ammo!”
SHARRON: “Son, I want you to think real hard about what you just said.”

BEN: “My Raicannon’s name is Lucille.”
SHARRON: ”Isn’t your pistol Lucille?”
BEN: “Yeah…”
SHARRON: “You named your Railcannon after your other gun?”

GM: “How much damage do you do?”
BEN: “Sixny two.”
GM: “Sixny two?”
GREG: “Can you not pronounce anything right?”

GM: “Okay, the 10 mm Gattling cannon hits you, Ben.”
BEN: “How much?”
<GM rolls…>
GM: “56 points of damage.”
<Ben holds in shock>
GM: “Just throw that character out…then make another character and throw that one out two.”
GREG: “The damage kills you and your next character.”

<Sharron hangs the bad guy out of the helicopter.>
SHARRON: “Can you SWIM!?”
<He tosses him out, he lands on concrete.>
SHARRON: “Too bad, cause THAT AIN’T WATER!!”

GM: “What are you guys doing tomorrow.”
GREG: “Yelling Woot.”

SHARRON: “My attack bonus is 11.”
GREG: “Mine’s 2.”
SHARRON: “Well, that includes everything though.”
GREG: “…mine’s 2.”

GREG: “We get on the boat.”
SHARRON: “We have a boat?”
GREG: “What did you think we were on?”
SHARRON: “I thought we just rode Ben’s back and paddled.”

SHARRON: “Did anybody survive Brett’s team?”
GM: “Yeah, two guys.”
GREG: “Their names?”
GM: “Bob…and…um…Billy…”
GREG: “Redcoats.”
GM: “Well, Billy’s wife is expecting their second child. They are both good friends really. They have a fishing trip planned to Alberta next week. Its Bob’s birthday and it somewhat of a tradition. They are both married and hang out often. Bob is also retiring in three days. Billy has organized a retirement party they are going to throw the moment they return from this perilous mission.
GREG: “Yeah, why don’t we just hold them back and see what happens.”
SHARRON: “Great, they’ll just die of their own accord.”
GREG: “A gator kills them.”
SHARRON: “Or one gets scurvy and tries to eat the other.”
GREG: “And we have to put him down for the betterment of mankind.”
SHARRON: “Does Scurvey even make someone do that?”

SHARRON: “Meat Seeking Missiles!!”

BEN: “That’s a pretty rich Hobo.”
HOBO: “Thank You!”
BEN: “SHUT UP! That’s a pretty rich hobo.”

GREG: “Okay, there are three Wetwear computers in Japan. Ben, that’s your job to find them.”
BEN: “There are three computers?”
GREG: “Yes…”
BEN: “Where?”
GREG: “That’s your job!!”

GREG: “We need to find this Doctor. He’s hiding somewhere in the forests of Columbia.”
SHARRON: “That should be easy to find.”
GREG: “You think so?”
SHARRON: “Just look from space…he has a fucking computer…and I assume a lab full of flying monkeys.”

SHARRON: “I kick him in the junk!”
GM: “Its an android…it has no junk.”
SHARRON: “No junk?”
GM: “Well…maybe sausage, but no potatoes.”
BEN: “He’s got prizes…but no cash!”

SHARRON: “Luckily I called my contacts and they know we are coming.”
GM: “Did you?”
SHARRON: “I thought that was obvious.”
GM: “Nope…anything else?”
SHARRON: “In that case, I also poop before I leave.”

SHARRON: Ben, pump off a couple.”
BEN: “Never say pump off to me again.”

SHARRON: “How do you do a trip?”
BEN (Seriously thinking they are helpful): “Trip attack.”
GREG (Actually seriously thinking they are helpful): “Yeah, trip attack.”
SHARRON: “That is the most useless thing you have ever said.”

(Ben is asked to roll. He throws the die. It does not spin in the air and lands without jostle nor deviation. He rolls a 1)
BEN: “Wow…I think fate decided that rolled before I rolled it.”

SHARRON: “We need to be quiet and stealthy.”
BEN: “Sooo, no .50 Cal?”
SHARRON: “No .50 cal.”

BEN: “Do you want to lend me 17 000 xp?”
SHARRON: “Do you want to die in a car fire?”

SAKO: “Wait a minute, what happens to me if we fail.”
SHARRON: “You won’t feel a thing?”
SAKO: “What?!”
BEN: “He’s joking, Captain. Don’t worry. We will take you out….of the country.”

ROY: “We got a space dumper rocket that fires nuclear waste into the sun. And we have Heroion.”
GREG: “What does it mean? How do they connect?”
ROY: “I think its safe to say they are not firing Heroin into the sun!”

GREG: “So whats the deal with Sunzec. They are a mining corporation.”
BEN: “They’re digging holes?”
GREG: “That’s stupid.”
BEN: “Their digging holes to China?”
GREG: “That’s still stupid.”
BEN: “….They’re robbing banks?”

ROY: “Okay….I will deal with Sunzec. Greg, you handle Okura. Ben, you deal with the Drugs.”
BEN (long pause): “…Drugs…?”
(longer pause)
ROY: “…Yes, DRUGS!!”

GREG: “Whats his name…Ibo…”
GM (correcting): “Kawai.”
GREG: “Oh right.”
GM: “Wow, you didn’t get a single part of that right.”

ROY: “I jump behind him and….with the….you know…”
GM (correcting): “Choryform him?”
ROY: “Yeah…so that’s the word. All I have written down here is Stinky Rag.”
GM: “Oh god, he farted in this!”
GREG: “What did you eat!?”
ROY: “I probably just snatched one of the Major’s panties.”

GM: “I played Axis and Allies once…I think I got second.”
ROY: “So you lost.”
GM: “There were more than two players.”
ROY: “There are only two sides….AXIS…and ALLIES.”
GM: “Then I lost.”
ROY: “What were you playing then….Axis & Allies & Indians!”
BEN: “Axis & Allies & Indians &…uhh…UFOs.”
GREG: “Axis & Allies & the wife, the cook, and her lover.”

GREG: “Oh god is that a “Ho Ho?!”
BEN: “Whats a Ho Ho?”
ROY: “Its like a Ding-Dong.”
GM: “Ding Dong?!”
BEN: “Why have a Ding Dong when you can have King Dong”
GREG: “What?”
BEN: “It’s real.”
ROY: “They thought Ding Dong wasn’t enough, so they made King Dong.”
GM: “That is so awesome.”

GM: “What’s your contact’s name?”
BEN: “I never gave him a name.”
ROY: “And you always complain about not having any role playing!”
GM: “Just give me a Japanese name.”
BEN: “Taka…”
GM: “Full name.”
BEN: “…Sharkattacka…”
GM: “Taka Sharkattacka. No way….something better.”
BEN: “Taka….Itsinmypantsa”

ROY: “Anyone for Blizzards?”
GREG: “Yes.”
BEN: “No, I can’t. I ate.”
ROY: “Just go take a SHIT!”
BEN: “What…it doesn’t work that way. It shouldn’t work that way!”

ROY: “I play a hunch…are there any deadly viruses in here.”
BEN: “I won’t let you use hunch like that.”

ROY: “Talk to Greg…He’s got something.”
BEN: “I don’t want it.”

GM: “You enter the hosptital and find Sharron strapped in a medical chair.”
ROY: “Yesss Clarice….”

BEN: “I go in Cafetaria and get me a pie. I just fold it half and eat in whole.”
ROY: “Oh my god, you ate the plate.”
BEN: “Its all good.”
GM: “Sir, that was a hubcap.”

PSYCHIATRIST: “So you feel resentment for being abandoned?”
BEN: “My family sold me to corporation because they couldn’t pay their bills…what do you think?”
ROY: “They had a sign, “will produce children for food””
BEN: “Damned you randomly rolled profile.”

GM: “So you think you are not allowed to speak your mind. You have opinions, I am sure.”
BEN: “Whitey is keeping me down and keeping me up at the same time…”
GREG: “…I don’t get that…”

GM: “You hear screams from the cafeteria.”
ROY: “I call up Ben….Ben…what’s going on?”
ROY: “Ok, just checking…”

ROY: “Lets find out who wants us dead, then?”
GREG: “Well, the only lead I wanted to pursue was with the HLF.”
BEN: “Didn’t I kill them?”
ROY: “Yeaaaaaahhhh…”

GM: “Okay, the last guy falls.”
GREG: “I still have like 10 where I am”
BEN: “Don’t worry, I have lots of bullets.”
GM: “So do the walls.”

BEN: “Time for the great-jumping-up-the-stairathon!”

GM: “You kick the thug out the windows, he falls thirty stories. Falling….Falling…finally, he crashes through the truck he arrived in. Any poinent words to mark his defeat?”
BEN (best Schwanzegger accent): “Sub zero…now, plain zero!”\
GM: “Can you do a little better then that?”

BEN: “While you are in a body cast, I write vulgarities over you….Like “I suck cock” with an arrow to your mouth.”
ROY: “With your intelligence, you’ll spell it worng…”I like dock!” Why did you spell me with a 3?”

ROY: “I attack the new guy…no…wait. I’m still engaged to the first guy.”
BEN: “Give the guy a ring, then you can be engaged to both of them.”

ROY: “I shoot once than jerk myself back down.”
GM: “How can you do that?”
GREG: “Is that physicially possible?”

GM: “One guy dies in the explosion of the bike. The other eight walk your way.”
ROY: “Okay, this is not going according to plan.”
BEN: “Good thing, your, an assassin, eh Sharron?”
ROY: “I have no weapons! No armor! All I have is a fork from a bike as a weapon
BEN: “Hey, last week on Macgyver, he made an arc welder from a car battering, jumper cables an an antennae!”

GM: “Okay, the bike explodes!”
ROY: “Wohoo! Wait, who’s bike was that?”
GM: “Gregori’s.”

(Looking over the near dead Roy)
GREG: “Is he going to be okay?”
DOCTOR: “That depends…what did he look like BEFORE?”

GM: “Okay, the 7-foot tall officer moves towards you.”
ROY: “Oh great, our Lord humangous!”

GM: “What do you do?”
ROY: “This is Anime, right?”

BEN: “Back to the smash!”
ROY: “Paki-smash?”
BEN: “I said back to the smash!”
ROY: “Ohh…”
GREGORI: “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

GM: “Did you get the nuke?”
ROY: “Nuke?”
GM: “The Nuclear warhead. Did you get the nuclear warhead.”
ROY: “OH NUKE! I thought you said gook. We got a Korean guy in the back seat!”
GREGORI: “What?! That’s not even the right racial slur, you meathead!”

(Ben contemplates what to do with a tank attacking the group.)
BEN: “I jump on! No…wait…that’s a dumb idea…”

(A pilot looks to Roy, hanging off a piece of rebar 8 stories above the ground)
PILOT: “How did you get up there?!
ROY: “Wasn’t easy! Little help!!”

GM: “This guy was dead but he was still employed.”
GREGORI: “That’s obviously an error.”
ROY: “I want a vacation. NO…Bobs dead and he still works!!”

GM: “Did you fart?”
BEN: “No.”
GM (to Roy): “Must have been you.”
ROY: “No way, If it was me, I would have reveled in it.”
(Roy pretends to fart, then stretches his arms in victory): “YEAH!!!”

VINCENT: “Oh, My pants are sticky…and not in a good way.”

GREGORI: “He’s from England…”
ROY: “England…Japan?”
GREGORI: “How did you get this job?!”

GREGORI: “Ben was captured first.”
ROY: “They used his afro.”
BEN: “It wasn’t that bad.”
ROY: “They found you from SPACE!”

BEN: “There were two guys…identical…in two different places.”
GREGORI: “Well, he didn’t split himself in two via fission.”
ROY: “Via Fishing? Awesome, I didn’t know you could do that!”

BEN: “Maybe he has a clone? Did you check his family. Daddy cloned him maybe.”
GREGORI: “Check…who was his father?”
GM: “His father was a Geneticist.”

BEN: “I am almost at level 6…whats the difference between 5 and 6?”
GM: “Uhh….1…”

ROY: “I stand by my last statement.”
GM: “You like pie?”

ROY: “We need some kind of radar that picks up Cyborgs.”
ROY: “…I hate you with my brain.”

GM: “There’s a woman on the phone…Says her name is Gemmin.”
GREGORI: “What…guys…I’ll be back in 20 minutes.”
VINCENT: “Remember, no glove, no love!!”

GM: “Okay, you shoot the giant wolf that falls to the ground.”
GREGORI: “This is not real. It must be a fabricated reality.”
ROY: “Sure…you actually shot a homeless man. Got any wine!? BLAMM!!”

ROY: “Who are our suspects?”
GM: “Well…someone who knows the machinery, or someone with skills in Genetics.”
GREGORI: “So…someone who works here…or a Biologist.”
ROY: “Damn those Biologists!!”

BEN (announcing): “Public Security.”
GM: “Do you have ID?”
(a long pause)
BEN: “OH, wait…yes…actually I do.”
(Bean shows the ID)
GM: “Sir, that’s a stick of gum.”
BEN: “Above it…”
(Guards checks it over)
BEN: “Yeah, I forgot I am legit now.”

GREGORI: “It looks a lot like the concert Pianist, James Bannerman.”
ROY: “The Hulk?”
GM: “That’s Bruce Banner, you idiot.”
ROY (slamming fists down): “HULK PLAY PIANOOO!!!”

VINCENT: “I light up a smoke.”
GM: “There is no smoking in space.”
VINCENT: “We’ll, I’ll just have to inform you after the fact!”
GREGORI: “Do you have to smoke?”
VINCENT: “My patches need smokes!”

VINCENT: “You guys want to experience something. Eat two or three pounds of chedder before sleeping. You’ll have really fucked up dreams…but your bunghole will crust shut.”

VINCENT: “You know why women have legs…so they don’t leave trails like slugs!”

BEN: “I’m using my stun tonfa. He takes 12 points of damage and must make a DC18 fort save of fall unconious.”
GM: “Doesn’t matter, the 12 points crushes his skull.”
BEN: “Sorry!”
ROY: “We want them ALIVE!”
BEN: “I was using my stun tonfa!”
(Roy imitates Ben with a huge downward clubbing motion)
ROY: “WHAM!!” (points at the ground) “You’re stunned!!”

ROY: “I pose as a hobo. I throw up occasionally.”
GM: “Okay…you see the building. Its locked up.”
ROY: “I pick the lock. I wretch occasionally.”
GM: “Wretching will not really cover you picking a lock.”

GM: “Behind the trigger of the .50 calibar machine gun is a huge woman…I mean like six-feet in every direction. She sprays the area.”
ROY: “With flem…”
GREGORI: “I dive behind the nearest car.”
GM: “You dive behind a Skoda. You see a homeless man there…”
HOMELESS MAN: “Hey man, what’s happening?”
GREGORI: “Stay the fuck down!”
BEN: “That’s a nasty ass fat chick. Share, you bitch!!”
(After, the fat lady is arrested and taken away. Police arrive and ask the Hobo what happened)
HOMELESS MAN: “It was agents from Sara Lee and they were fucking pissed.”

ROY: “She’s got a cyborg body…she should weigh like 400 lbs!”
GM: “Motoko knows how to handle herself. She’s very agile.”
GREGORI: “Doesn’t change the fact she’s got a bit criscoe in the can.”

BEN: “How’s the view from sugar-heaven, bitch!”

ROY: “Oh my god…that’s horrid. Oh…god….oh man…do you eat your own shit!?”

GREGORI: “He sounds like Donald Duck with Tourettes.”
VINCENT: “My character is Italian…I need a good name.”
GM: “Here’s a list.”.
VINCENT (looks over the list): “That’s good…but I need more whop in it.”

BEN: “I play a cyborg who loves normal food.”
GREGORI: “What happens to it?”
BEN: “I dunno, I assume its gets compacted and I just release a little owl pellet.”
ROY: “Yeah, that’s really too much information.”

GM: “Please remove all firearms and place them in the tray.”
ROY: “Okay…three knives, a pistol.”
GREGORI: “My pistol…that’s it.”
BEN: “Pistol, ‘nother pistol, spare in my ankle holster, my 10 gauge shotgun, the stun-tonfas--”
GREGORI: “Are you retarded?!”
ROY: “That’s subtle!”
GREGORI: “You brought a shotgun!?”
BEN: “I didn’t know what to expect!”
GREGORI: “We’re going into a corporation…I mean what the fuck is wrong with you!?”

ROY: “I use my cloak to appear as one man.”
GM: “But you are one man.”

(Vincent sees a tiny MP3 player with huge foam headphones)
VINCENT: “Music player of the FUUUTURE!!!”

GM: “You enter and see lots of books…paper books. Antiques.”
BEN: “A libary.”.
GM: “Libary!?”
ROY: “Yeah, its not his fault.”

GM: “His name is Chandri.”
GREGORI: “Chandra.”
GM: “No…Chandra built the HAL 9000…this is Chandri.”
GREGORI: “Chandra was supposed to be Indian to…till he got played by the blonde white guy that owns NBC on Seinfeld.”

GM: “It’s a new laser weapon. You can even alter it to effect specific types of organic matter, like pigmentation of skin…and it won’t touch anything else.”
GREGORI: “Oh so the basterds finally came up with a racist weapon!”
ROY: “It’s a Nigger-Laser”
GREGORI: “Where all ‘dem white people!”

ROY: “I am going to check on this guy Chandri.”
GREGORI: “I think its short for Chandri Bhat.”
(Roy attempts a Gather Information roll and Fails)
ROY: “I think he Indian…”
GREGORI: “Thank you, Captain Commander.”

ROY: “I am an ex assassin. I killed a lot of people.”
GREGORI: “But you’ve lived in Japan for the past five years. Face it, you’re a coaster pussy.”

ROY: “How are you doing, Vincent?”
VINCENT: “Just feed me to the Sarlac.”

BEN: “Lets go on active radar.”
ROY: “Yeah, lets have the subtle approach…lets NOT tell everyone where we are.” (Roy then imitates the spinning motion of a radar) “Us……Us…….Us……”

GREGORI: “I hack into this thing!”
GM: “Directly…that could be dangerous! Fry your brain…”
GREGORI: “I don’t care.”
ROY (imitating Gregori in a dumb voice): “Hello…how are you! You want to come over…I bake cookies for you.”

ROY (mocks Gregori, the hacker): “Oh god man…even I thought of that.”
GREGORI: “You want to think you’re a 6 year old retarted girl for life?”

BEN: “Get its cyberbrain out…I slice into its scalp and take out its cyberbrain!”
GM: “What?”
ROY: “You have a knife?”
BEN: “Yes I do.”
GM: “Okay…you start cutting into the head of the girl/android…a tour bus comes alongside you.”
BEN: “Hey…um…”
ROY: “Cutting into its head is not going to help.”
BEN: “It might.”
GREGORI: “You’re not helping!”

GM: “What’s your contact’s name?”
ROY: “I have to change it…I noticed I already named another guy in my history the same.”
GM: “Couldn’t think of something new?”
ROY: “No…Its Jimmy Dean, Jimmy, Jim Bob!!”

GM: “Orthos was killed by Heraculs.”
GREGORI: “Heracles.”
GM: “Sorry.”
ROY: “…Heh…Testacles…”

ROY: “What do you got?”
(GM riffles through the Halloween bag)
GM: “Crunchie…Wonderbar.”
ROY: “Crunchie…I love those things. Its like eating a brillo pad!!”?

GM: “The tank is coming up behind you.”
BEN: “Can I jump on it?”
GM: “Maybe…the driver of your car can slow down a bit.”
GEGORI: “What are you doing?”
BEN: “Going to jump on the tank.”
ROY: “I can’t believe you actually thought that was a good idea!”

BEN: “Could I have some C-38?”
GM: “50 grams of C-16 destroyed a building.”
BEN: “Get a pound.”
GREGORI: “Great, now there’s a hole in the Earth.”

GM: “They all notice you and six of them fire submachine guns at you.”
ROY: “You want stealth suits, no we’re good!
GREGORI: " Why don’t you kick more ammo crates."

GM: “As you drive towards the other two characters, you notice a huge explosion where they are supposed to be.”
ROY: “What the Fuckadee?”

GM: “We just watched Serenity…”
ROY: “Malcom Reynolds trained Agro!!”
GM: “Jesus, you guys are bunch of fuckin’ geeks.”

BEN: “Can’t I just roll for my history?”
GM: “Fine…okay…childhood….roll D10”
BEN: “2.”
GM: “Your parents sold you for money.”
ROY: “Right on!”
BEN: “Mommy?”

GREGORI: “This ID is laughable.”
ROY: “Its real.”
GM: “Sir, Missionary has two S’s.”
ROY: “And…and I and an O.”
GM: “Whats a Q doing in there!?”

GM: “Okay…so your parents sold you…lets say to a company.”
BEN: “Pick one.”
GM (looking through the GITS Corporation listing): “That one…”
(Ben looks at it as well.)
BEN: “Sausage Electronics?!”
GREGORI: “Your parents sold you to a sausage factory!?”
GM: “What….Its Sagawa Electronics.”
BEN: “I am soo tired…I read Sausage Electronics. Parents sold me to be meat
Mommy and Daddy sold you the Electric Sausage Factory.”
ROY: “Electric Sausage…that’s got to be our next WOW guild name!”

VINCENT: “Holy Crap….My stat line is 18, 17, 18, 16, 17, 17!”
GM: “I saw it…that’s real.”
BEN: “How did you do that?”
VINCENT: “It’s the roll baby…got let it roll off like a waterfall.”
(Ben rolls…)
BEN: “12…”
VINCENT: “That’s not a waterfall…roll like you got a pair!”
(Ben rolls again)
BEN: “11”
VINCENT: “I said roll like a waterfall you fuck!!”
BEN (down): “Ohhh.”
VINCENT: “I make fun cause I love you.”

VINCENT: “Chewbacca was Mexican…even his name…Chewie. That bandolier he has… smokes… just packs of smokes. Watch the movie…and every time Chewie talks, just imagine the subtitle, “Want some smokes?” Rooaaarrgh—Want some smokes? Chewie, get us out of here!!! Roaaaarrgh—Want some smokes?”
GM: “Joe-Bacca.”

GREGORI: “What would you rather have? Buzz-Knucks or Buzz-Baton?”
BEN: “Fucking A, Buzz-Nuts! It works on so many levels!!”
GREGORI: “Buzz-Knucks!!!”
BEN: “Ohh…that’s less cool.”

Ben BURBS loudly
BEN: “I almost blew coke across your DVD collection.”

GM: “Ohh…Jube Jubes, can I have one please?”
MISHA: “What did you just say?”
GM: “Can I have one please?”
MISHA: “Before that…”
GM: “Fucked you in the ass that time—“
MISHA: ‘’No Jubes for you…”

GM: “Let me recant the tale.”
AIDEN: “I hope the god your not recanting anything.”
JONAS: “You mean recount.”
MISHA: “Jesus, and you’re a writer.”
GM: “I’ll check the dictionary on that one. It has different meanings”
URIEL: “Sure, in your weird own language…slurrrrrrEEEEEP <squirm> eeeeeee <pop> recant.”

GM: “Is there anything you would like to do before the final battle?”
URIEL: “Can I take Weapon Focus and drop Improved Unarmed Strike?”
GM: “No…you can’t remove a feat and add another.”
URIEL: “Its not removing a feat and adding another…its…changing a feat…”

MISHA: “They fly off into the skies like a group of birds…”
GM: “Like a flock of seagulls…”

MISHA: “Can I use my STR instead of Cha for Intimidate?”
GM: “How?”
MISHA: “I just lift stuff…I AM SOOO POWERFUL!!”
JONAS: “Oh my god, he bench pressed Jim!”
AIDEN: “Who’s Jim?”
EDWIN: “Jim could be a dragon…”
URIEL: “…Or a real fat guy.”

URIEL: “Misha is just lifting things all day… fat guys…like Jim…”
MISHA: “Then my hands would smell like mayo all day.”
URIEL: “They already do. God I hate the fucking Dutch.”

MISHA: “Seera had no character…she was "I don’t know who I am. I have memories of someone else. Who am I, What should I do"—fuuuuuuck.”
EDWIN: “Was that part of it?”
MISHA: “Kind of, and parts of the chive and onion thing you ate….fuuuuuck.”

<Edwin laughs and squirms fighting a coughing fit>
URIEL: “That’s an awesome look.”
MISHA: “Great, the BBQ Beef is coming back up. Awwww... fucking gross… It looked gross going on the way down.”

MISHA: “We’re sending out bards to preach our glory.”
AIDEN: “Yeah just like the last one.”
URIEL: “God that bard was gay.”
MISHA: “It was gay bard”
URIEL: “What was it?”
MISHA: “It was a gay bard, gay bard, gay bard.”
JONAS: “Lets start a war.”
MISHA: “What?”
JONAS: “Start a nuclear war.”
MISHA: “Where?”
JONAS: “At the gay bard, gay bard, gay bard.”

URIEL: “Great, there will be a Tarrasque there.”
JONAS: “Shit cool I want to ride it!”
AIDEN: “Can you have a Tarrasque as a mount?”
URIEL: “Ya mule…go left…okay..we’re going right…YA RIGHT…now were stopping, WOAW! And now…we’re….going left, YA LEFT!!”

GM: “He gets away…”

GM: “Everyone make spots checks.”
URIEL: “10…I look louder.”
GM: “How can you look louder?”
URIEL: “HAAAA!!!” <eyes open wide>

URIEL: “If you dance, I’ll break your legs.”
MISHA: “And your heart.”
URIEL: “The newest trash romance novel…He broke her legs…and her heart.”

URIEL: “I stay and defend Ilion…FUCK I can’t. I’m almost dead. I spring attack the fuck out of there.”
GM: “Fine, leave your dragon…”
URIEL: <Sigh> “I go back in…”
GM: “…so easy to manipulate…”

ANYSSA <handing an artifact to Aiden>: “Its meant for Misha.”
AIDEN: “Well, how do you know?”
<She picks it up>
<She hands it back….annoyed.>

GM: “THANK YOU for breaking the moment.”
URIEL: “HOLY SHIT am I not in character right now…”

URIEL: “Give us the phone!”
MISHA: “We’ll just get louder!!”
URIEL: “…regardless if you give us the phone or not!!”

URIEL: “I want to take an exalted feat!”
GM: “…but your character acts like such a nob!”
URIEL: “Fine then! You want the nob!? We’re going for the nob! You’re getting the nob!!”
MISHA: “This should make the quote’s page”

MISHA: “I don’t hate the robot anymore. The queer title has been lifted!”
JONAS: “Thanks—“

GM: “From the side of the wall, a vaginal opening appears and a operating table slides out…”
JONAS: “Did he just say vaginal?”
MISHA: “Yes.”

AIDEN: “Don’t you remember Kaid’s gun?”
URIEL: “You mean the one that never ran out of ammo?”
GM: “No, the other one, the Porto Tuning Laser?”
URIEL: “Oh…that one…that never ran out of ammo.”
AIDEN: “AND DEFINETLY did not buy clips for them from a Technomage”
GM: “Pardon my Retroactive Continuity.”
JONAS: “So he never got bullets then?”
URIEL: “No…he just…fired…bolts of Homosexuality.”

GM: “Can Misha speak elvish?”
MISHA: “Try it…”
EDWIN: “I test it. I insult him in elvish.”
GM: “He hits you anyway…”

GM: “You can’t teleport over the Atlantic, its out of range.”
AIDEN: “We stopped at Iceland…two jumps.”
GM: “Oh right.”
URIEL: <Imitating the GM—high pitched voice> “Lets set this game on Earth.” <normal voice, points at GM> “Hah! Fucked you in the ASS that time!!”

MISHA: “It’s the “I’m fucking you” spell”


AIDEN: “Ohh…Someone has an orb of deception for sale.”
<Long Pause>
AIDEN: “No…they really do—“
GM: “You see…the orb…of deception…you…see…maybe they are…lying…”
<long pause>
GM: “Screw you , its funny. Its going on the quotes page.”

EDWIN: “Why are you touching me? Lay on Hands?”
URIEL: “…Yeah…sure…”

GM: “No, every time you hit him gives him a 50% chance of teleporting randomly up to a hundred feet away.”
MISHA: “…and this is how the GM kicks you in the cock…”

GM: “The vorpal critical strikes you Uriel…you are reduced to zero hit points and are deflected 50 feet from the battle area.”
URIEL: “…What…sorry, I couldn’t hear you. You know, with the cock in your mouth.”

MISHA: “Ohh, Uriel, you’re so articulate.”
URIEL: “Does that mean I move well?”

AIDEN: “Use the Elemental attack of the Amethyst rings!”
JONAS: “Which Element?”
AIDEN: “Earth.”
URIEL: “Wind.”

MISHA: “…Is it a “stackable” bonus?!”
GM: “Oh would you stop that shit!”
URIEL: “Oh…no, then it would be an unstackable bonus…HEY. A +3 unstackable bonus would stack with a stackable bonus!”
MISHA: “…This game is so dumb.”

MISHA: “I like how this group decides where to go…Let’s go North.”
MISHA: “Lets go east…”

MISHA: “My mullet, it does notting!!”

AIDEN: “Oh, yeah, we’re up to 11 Artifacts now…”
URIEL: …and together, they form DEVASTATOR, the most powerful of all Decepticons!”

URIEL: ““He’s one of the oldest guys on the planet. I mean it…His liver is so big, it wraps around him.”

Jots down…
GM: “Okay….I’ll take off one of your 50 xp penalties for that one…
Jots down…
GM: “And back on it goes again…”
AIDEN (to Uriel): “Why?”
URIEL: “I don’t know…”

GM: “What’s your Charimsa bonus?”
MISHAL: “+2”
URIEL: “Well, he has loudness +5…so its actually +7.”

JONAS: “Okay…someone say something nice about my dick.”

MISHA: “I have a ring invisibility.”
URIEL: “Put it on…I can still see you.”
URIEL (to GM): “I don’t know where the angry guy is.”
MISHA: “Good answer…”

GM: “Touche’”
URIEL: “Oh, he speaks French, don’t fuck with this guy.”

MISHA: “My god, this note is like a choose your own adventure.”
AIDEN: “Ever read the Gary Gygax ones…did anyone actually roll dice?”
URIEL: “If you choose yes, go to Page 58….CRAP…I died. LUCKILY, I had my finger on the page!”

GM: “I strikes you for 21 points of damage.”
URIEL: “OWCH!! Okay…obviously, you wanna fight.”

URIEL: “Is it possible for me to make a knowledge roll to see if these guys have a weakness?”
GM: “What kind of knowledge roll?”
URIEL: “Religeon?”
AIDEN: “I don’t think they’re catholic.”

GM: “You should conserve your Kwan points. Don’t burn through them like you usually do.”
AIDEN: “NOT going through Kwan like a junky going through a fresh bag of crack…”

Aiden casts a spell with generates a door…through this door leads into a pan-dimensional mansion with multiple floor and plumbing…everythin…
GM: “…There are paintings of Aiden everywhere.”
AIDEN: “There certainly are not”
GM: “…And he is glistening with oil—“
AIDEN: “Fuck off”
GM: “…and there is a statue in the center.”
MISHA: “I knew it.”
AIDEN: “There is no such thing.”
GM: “There is a theme park…with rides…you must be “this” high to ride Aiden.”
JONAS: “Ewwwwww…”
AIDEN: “Go to hell.”

MISHA: “We’re still thrice fucked!!”

GM: “You’re really not supposed to do that.”
URIEL: “Not supposed to…OR should!!”

URIEL: ““We saw a Lepperchaun the other day.”
AIDEN: “Really. What was he like?”
URIEL: “Lepptastic…”
JONAS: “Lepptacular…”

GM: “You feel a tingle.”
MISHA: “Ooohhh…”
GM: “Your fiendish sensor is going off.”
MISHA: “Yeah, I’m assume its not crotch itch.”
AIDEN: “Got a fungal problem there Misha?”

MISHA: “Well, these people apparently like taking it from behind”
MISHA: “You said they had an open door policy.”
GM: “That’s not what I meant!!”

URIEL: “Ride a wooden pole FUCKTARD”

“What color are my eyes?”
"Well…white…and some black…HEY I GOT like 95% of it right!”
“I’m sorry, what were you saying? I was looking at your breasts.”
“You have eyes?”

GM: “Okay…your at 0 hit points.”
MISHA: “I heal and go back in.”
AIDEN: “You go right on doing that Misha.”
MISHA: “Come and help!”
AIDEN: “Hell, I ain’t going in there.”

AIDEN: “It’s a Very Old Blue Dragon. We can’t take that. Do you have a scroll of slay dragon?”
URIEL (looks at his list): “By slay dragon you mean CURE LIGHT WOUNDS!!!!”

GM: “It’s a poison gas trap.
URIEL <pretending to burp>: “Oh…. burrito.”

GM: “The tree roots seem to be the cause of the walls closing in.”
GM: “You have Command Plants…actually handy for a time like this?”
MISHA <whimper>: “No…I never had it…its just Misha yelling at a whole bunch of trees.”
GM: “All this time.”
MISHA <Trying not to laugh>: “I commanded them to grow and they did…I always thought I had the power.”
URIEL <Trying not to laugh>: “YOU LIED TO ME!! I TRUSTED YOU!”

MISHA: “I toss Uriel in the air.”
URIEL: “My cloak grapples you and takes you with me.”
MISHA: “OH…that’s a great idea”
URIEL: “Yeah!! We just throw each other in the air and tumble in the sky!”
MISHA: “Oh, wow. That is the shittiest idea we’ve ever had.”
AIDEN: “You’ve been reduced to weights on a Bola.”

JONAS: “He’s being a Cumquat.”
URIEL: “Heh heh…He said qaut.”

GM: “You successfully dodge the 50 tonne dragon carcass as it slams onto the ground.”
MISHA: “Shit no, I deflect!”
GM: “You can’t…50 tonnes!”
GM: “Fine it hits you…”
<laughter from group>
GM: “You take 20 points of damage…then you push up from underneath, lifting part of the body up and you walk away…slamming the carcass behind you.”
MISHA: snaps his fingers “…SOLD.”
URIEL: “Oh no way!”
GM: “No just part of it…”
URIEL: “Part of 50 tonnes…is still a fuck of a lot!”
MISHA: “Fuck no, I bench press it.”
JONAS: “Misha was going to lie and say he picked it up anyway!”

GM: “Every sword clash flicks off sparks and light.”
JONAS: “Cool.”
MISHA: “Why would they make a sword from flint?”

MISHA: “I had meatloaf…made of nuts…nut meat.”
URIEL: “A NUTLOAF…Fucking rights, I want the recipe!”

GM: “The temple chamber is very long and wide.”
<Jonas snickers>
GM: “Penalty for snickering.”
JONAS: “I was laughing at something else.”
URIEL: “Yeah, and long and wide wasn’t it?!”

GM: “Its an Illusion spell…I can’t remember what school that was.”
AIDEN: “Illusion…”
<Uriel Laughs>
URIEL: “It shouldn’t be funny but I laughed anyway…”
MISHA: “Is this how far you made it into the dungeon?”
<Raggazuba nods>
MISHA: “But there was nothing. No fights. Was the kitchen too intimidating? There might have been a roast pork—FLEEE!!!”

URIEL: “Why did you point the spell at his cock?”
JONAS: “Apparently, it was easily accessable by the mage.”

AIDEN: “I told you from the beginning. I glean from every monster I find—“
GM: “You what?”
AIDEN: “Glean.”
URIEL: “Glean…its like Manstorbate…”
AIDEN: “How do you get that?”
URIEL: “I DON’T KNOW…for you, it fits.”

MISHA: “My spells are all tit useless…Tofu is cooler than Misha!”

AIDEN: “Your assholyness transcends all known distances.”

GM: “Where you once saw Aiden, now you see a huge Stone Giant.”
URIEL: “Why is it wearing a dress?

GM: “Okay Misha, make a Wilderness Lore check instead of your spot…”
MISHA: “25…”
GM: “You succeed…”
MISHA: “Okay, what is it?”
GM: “There’s a disturbance in the forrest.”
MISHA: “Oh you did NOT just fucking say that!”

URIEL: “I need to go to Japan.”
JONAS: “Hey, I wasn’t allowed to go on MY side quest. If I can’t go to Mars, he can’t go to Japan.”
AIDEN: “Okay, you do know Japan is a hell of a lot closer than MARS!?”

MISHA: “I write my name in the ground…in the Common tongue.”
GM: “He seems to read it…then he etches in the ground. ‘Ragga’ …then ‘Zuba’.”
MISHA: “Ragga-Zuba…that’s such an awesome name!”
URIEL: “I am naming ALL of my kids that!”

JONAS: “Just go butter some toast.”
AIDEN: “Is that a gay remark?”
JONAS: “No…”
URIEL: “I want some toast…hold the bread.”

GM: “How is everyone?”
URIEL: “I’m bleeding from my ASS! Not JUST from my ass, but MOSTLY…my ASS!!”

MISHA: “I am ditching Command Plants…it’s a totally tit-useless spell.” <Points to the ground>
“You!! GROW!!! SLOOOWLY!!”

GM: “Okay…time to get ready to game, people”
MISHA: “I kill it!”
URIEL: “I kill it squared!”
JONAS: “I kill it cubed!”
AIDEN: “While they talk math, I kill it.”

MISHA: “I search for food.”
<GM rolls randomly on some tables.>
GM: “Okay…You find…wild onions…walnuts…and tobacco.”
MISHA: “All in the same oak forest? This place is awesome!”

URIEL: “I have 12 hits points left!”
URIEL: “Oh right…”

AIDEN: “I may be the last true human in existence.”
URIEL: “All I heard was <high voice> I’m a queer”
URIEL: “…I may have misquoted.”

URIEL: “We have been involved in the destruction of Sierra Madre, the massacre of Arx-Cis. We contributed to the destruction of the old Earth. Now, we just left a planet that was wiped out. You would think we would get experience for the people we killed…but noooooo…”
GM: “Apparently, its not a challenge for you…”

MISHA: “The slopey…will fight…the rice…”

MISHA: “I call resistance to your sucknob.”


MISHA: “I track!!”
GM: “Roll—“
MISHA: “Don’t bother. <points randomly> It went THAT way!"

URIEL: “You boast all these languages, Aiden, but you have not mastered the new tongue.”
AIDEN: “New?”
URIEL: “True Engrish…Misha and I invented it. It’s got 36 words. 12 are for ‘cleave’, 12 for ‘fast’. The language is based on monster levels.”

AIDEN: “Take a golem…put a huge piece of beef inside…does not make it a cow.”
URIEL: “Meat golem…what a great idea! I want one…with sausage links for arms!”

MISHA: “Can I use tumble skill and just rename it ‘wade’ instead?”

JONAS: “I scream hit it in the neck!”
MISHA: “Oh really, thanks—I FUCKING HATE YOU!”
URIEL: “Why do I get a bonus if it has no neck?”

URIEL: “You’re a great ‘hole.”
MISHA: “Bend over and I’ll show you a great hole.”

GM: “Edwin, you see familiar constellations in the sky. Make up names, they’ll be right.”
EDWIN: “Oh look…it’s the…NOB…and the…SHAFT!”
MISHA: “You guys have great names.”

URIEL: “Can you smite yourself while shaving?”

<Angel vessels having living brains as their core>
MISHA:  "So if I said the ship looked a little heavy in the back, would she get pissed?"

URIEL: “Can you smite yourself while shaving?”

TASIA: “You didn’t tell her about her father?”
MISHA: “What—‘Hey, you know I have your father’s desiccated head in my bag.”

AIDEN: “We won’t tell the difference…and we really won’t care.”

MISHA: “Your elf a-splode …”
URIEL: “Dude, that was awesome…”

GM: “Brian Cox is a great actor…”
BRIAN: “Yeah, I’ll show you some Brian Cox…”

AIDEN: “Time for Uriel to donate some words off wisdom about now.”

MISHA: “And then comes the Auron…wielding 2 axes in each hand!”
JONAS: “What?”
URIEL: “How is that possible?!”

AIDEN: “This entire church is alive.”
MISHA: “Ohh…can I pokey with it?”

GM: “Okay, the church attacks back.”
URIEL: “What about me?”
GM: “You’re after.”

GM: “It rejects you Jonas, the building regurgitates and spits you out the side, covered in some goo.”
MISHA: “Oh great, he’s covered in house cum.”

AIDEN: “Uriel is not that dumb.”
URIEL: “Yes I am! I can’t even learn expertise!”

AIDEN: “You always keep with the loosing.”

AIDEN: “I can cast Commune…it’s a unique capacity of my class. Allows me to ask my god a question…”
MISHA: “Try it…”
<Casts the spell>
AIDEN: “If we help the Saints, will it help our quest for Amethyst?”
GM <as God>: “Unclear…”
MISHA: “What?”
AIDEN (sighs): “That’s a valid response.”
URIEL: “Oh great, it’s a fucking magic 8-ball” <imitates shaking a ball> “All signs point to Tuesday—WHAT?” <imitates throwing the ball away>
MISHA: “God is such a fucking cock!”
AIDEN: “It’s a valid response.”
URIEL: “Because the GM’s a dick!”

GM: “There is an amulet of health.”
URIEL&MISHA: “Dibbs!!”
AIDEN: “Who’s wearing Amulets of Natural Armor?”
URIEL: “Fuck!”
MISHA: “Shit!”

GM: “…and there is a moose mounted on the wall.”
URIEL: “A moose?”
GM: “WHAT?!”

AIDEN: “It’s the golden rule. He who has gold…rules…”
URIEL: “Then we take the gold.”
AIDEN: “It’s a figure of speech.”

GM: “Okay the Colossal Air Elemental sucks Uriel up…it then attacks Misha…and hits! Grapple check!”
MISHA: “34”
GM: “42…you are sucked up. You take 20 points of damage.”
AIDEN: “How about some rings of freedom of movement, guys?!”
AIDEN: “I think they are after that trinket.”

<Uriel grabs a paper Aiden was trying to read, he crumples the paper and throws it to the ground. He then puts his hand over it, making a sound effect like he’s igniting the paper…>
MISHA: “Making sound effects doesn’t make paper do anything…”
URIEL: “…Thought it might…”

URIEL: “If I am going to be a Paladin again, I am not fucking choosing Pelor…he’s a fucktard…they are all fucktards. All D&D gods are gay! How much could they know?!”
AIDEN: “Kord?”
AIDEN: “You could worship a Neutral God.”
URIEL: “Not with that name. WEEEEEEEjas…”
AIDEN: “I meant true Neutral.”
URIEL: “Oh great, the god of ‘fencesitters’.”
URIEL: “GOD…He’s just a three-coiled steamer man!!”

BARKEEP: “What can I get you?”
AIDEN: “Have any Juice?”
JONAS: “…how about Cool-Aid?”
AIDEN: “No juice?”
MISHA: “Aiden gets the taste of fruit all the time…”
AIDEN: "How do you get gay from that?"

MISHA: “You can read all about it in Bill Shatner’s autobiography.”

GM: “You pull the dried skull of Thornshroud. His skin withered and dry to the touch.”
MISHA: “You can use some moisturizer buddy.”
EDWIN: “Yes, go and moisturize the head in your sack…”

URIEL: “You have wonder what he says when he walks into the forest to pull the “head” from its “sack”…to TALK to it!”
MISHA: “You don’t talk to it?”
URIEL: “Misha is talking to his bag, wonderful…”
MISHA: “I do it away from the camp.”
URIEL: “Okay then Misha. Carry on in the forest, talking to your sack.”

AIDEN: “…It was a great record back in the day.”
MISHA: “Record?”
AIDEN: “Didn’t you listen to records?”
MISHA: “No, I had money.”

AIDEN: “You could have made that save if you were a Paladin…”
URIEL: “I’m not anymore…”
MISHA: “Yeah, how’s that worked for you.”

GM: “The door is ajar.”
AIDEN: “You’re wrong. It’s a door…not a jar.”

MISHA: “Everything we have sacrificed, what have we to show for it?”
AIDEN: “Not enough blow jobs from virgins?”

URIEL: “I can’t expose my weakness…I don’t have enough paper.”

AIDEN: “You are being a huge cock, Misha.”
MISHA: “How does that change for any other day?”

MISHA: “We’re not coming back…it’s a shithole…”

AIDEN: “From now on, you don’t talk to plot points.”

AIDEN: “We need fire.”
MISHA: “Crog like fire.”
URIEL: “Fire?” |
MISHA: “What?”
AIDEN: “Fire…Make fire. You’ve been able to do it for some time. Maybe not Uriel…”
URIEL: “Ohhhh…”
MISHA: “Don’t make fun of my slope…”

GM: "I need to know the Knowledge skill you think applies here."
MISHA: "Demonic."
AIDEN: "Arcana"
URIEL: "Listen?"

<Angels are cyborgs--robots with human brains>
AIDEN: "Despite, what you might say, <Jonas the Angel> helped us today."
MISHA: "What?! Fuckbot the Swift!!"

MISHA: "So if we hear scraping that Angels fucking?"

AIDEN: "I just cast axiomatic creature. It makes me a perfect example of my species. I am without flaws, no scars, full head of hair and perfect skin."
URIEL: "Well, someone just BURST out of the closet!!"

<Misha and Uriel are about to walk into certain death...>
MISHA: "Its been fun..."
URIEL: "You're lying."
MISHA: "You're right..."


<Uriel is caught ablaze by Red Dragon breath.>

MISHA:  "You want to nerf my strength?"
GM:  "Two points...The Rune-Sieg armor does not stack with the Amethyst Bracers...You will drop from 29 to 27!!  27!!"
MISHA:  "But its my strength!!"
URIEL:   "He's bitching.  I can't belive he's bitching."

EDWIN: "I  bluff Misha."
GM:  "You're exhalted...stay good!"

GM:  "You act like you character has an Int of 4!"
URIEK:  I do not...If I did I would be like, "Ahhhgg!  Muh!!  RAAAAA!!!  <snores> Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....."

URIEL:  "Through the mind of INT 28, "I'm hungry.  I'm tired.  Girls?"

GM:  "Scream a lot and make a climb check"
URIEL;  "Fuck, I'm gay!!"

GM:  "All those that failed their FORT saves are stunned this round.  You cannot attack or do anything."
<Aiden flips through the book while the GM continues his attack, and passes Aiden by, who failed his save>
AIDEN:  "Ahaa!!  You don't lose your attack when you are stunned!"
GM:  "What?"
AIDEN:  "Says right here:  The character looses her Dexterity bonus to AC and can take no actions.  Foes gain a +2 bonus to hit stunned characters...  ...Oh."
GM:  "Swing and a miss."

GM:  Flat footed AC?
AIDEN:  His is 10, mine is 11...that's 21...and together we fight crime!"

URIEL:  "I couldn't save her"
MISHA:  "Its cinematic."
URIEL:  "Go fuck yourself in the ass."

GM:  "Nighttime...who's on watch?"
MISHA:  "I am on watch."
URIEL:  "I am also on watch."
AIDEN:  "I let you go on watch."

GM:  You search around...All you see is Ice...Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice, Fur, Ice, Ice, Ice-"
TAKSHIRO:  "--Heeeeey!"

GM:  "You're looking down upon a bow half-cocked."
URIEL:  "Huh-uh...he said 'bow'."

MISHA:  "We need an army...I will do my part...". 
URIEL:  "You...not smart ones..."
MISHA:  "Smite Me..."

GM:  "The corridor is narrow and thin..."
AIDEN:  "I can go."
MISHA:  "Its not safe..."
URIEL:  "For the first time, let his skinny ass be of some use."

GM:  "Misha returns with Uriel..."
AIDEN:  "Oooo...bring me something?!"
URIEL:  "Misha did."
<...Longer pause...>
MISHA:  "Hi..."

 Granger:  "Everyone is psychic, even Brian's prostitutes?"
GM:  "Yeah..."
Granger:  "I guess she gives him 'mind'."

 URIEL:  "Holy attention span, batman!"
AIDEN:  "I DO have a good attention span...<tap> <tap>...Knock on wood-Ohh...excuse me."

 URIEL:  "I summon celestial animals to help us escape!"
GM:  "Okay <rolls>...You get a group of fiendish squid."
AIDEN:  "Well, we're fucked..."
URIEL:  "HEY, you know how fast you can move on a lubricated squid!?"

 AIDEN:  "You light a man a fire, and he's warm for a night.  You light a man ON fire...and he's warm for the rest of his life..."

 AIDEN:  You two are big, gay, bustards!"
AIDEN:  "Okay, okay...your parents were married."

 GM:  "Why did you do it?"
<Pointing at Uriel>
MISHA:  "Its all his fault...he made me."

 AIDEN:  "I carry everything in my ass of holding."
MISHA:  "If he stores his gold there, he can keep it."

 URIEL:  "You see, getting louder DOES work."
GM:  "Hey, don't bitch, you JUST got a 50XP bonus."

 URIEL:  "I suggest giving Tim a retard bonus."

 <One horse to another>
HORSE:  "My master could beat up your master."

 GM:  "Okay...nighttime.  Who's on watch?"
AIDEN:  "We all wake up at 2nd watch and we are all wearing our armor."

 GM:  "He is not standing down.  Time for an intimidation roll."
<Marakis rolls...then addresses the NPC>
<pause.  Marakis slams his head on the table

GM:  "I think that was a failure."

GM:  "You find some Hodgeberries?"
MISHA:  "Does this mean something?"
GM:  "Nah, I rolled it."
MISHA:  "Well, I collect the randomly generated berries."

MISHA:  "I wanted a class that could properly represent where I wanted to go as a character."
URIEL:  "No, you're a big, gay, bastard who wanted more strength!"

AIDEN:  "How is everyone...OK?  Uriel?"

GM:  "Make a track check."
MISHA (rolls):  NINE!
GM:  "Okay.  You basically know nothing."
MISHA (to the group):  "Okay...we got a half plate...with a lingering knee injury he received in childhood...He has 45 copper in his pocket...and a broken mace..."
TASIA:   "Ooooooooh"

 GM:  "You detect a horrid smell."
AIDEN:  "Like Misha?"
GM:  "More like a Corpse."
AIDEN:  "Better than Misha then..."

 MISHA:  "I got a magic swoooord".

 MISHA:  "I have good ideas."
URIEL:  "You opened a fuckin' Box O'Mech!"

GM:  "Which way?"
AIDEN:  "North"
MISHA:  "West had shiney."
AIDEN:  "Ohh....West"
MISHA:  "We corrupted the Mage."

MISHA:  "We are not here to kill everything in site."

 AIDEN:  "He's divvying up the bitches."
URIEL (correcting):  "HOES..."

KAID:  "Its not my fault your attuned Elvin ears couldn't hear."
MALACHI:  "What did you say?"
MISHA:  "He called you needledick."

GM:  "Your map looks the ass of a dead donkey."

AIDEN:  "You killed it!"
MISHA:  "Sorry, I thought it was a Leprechaun."

MISHA:  "What did we just kill?"
AIDEN:  "Two White Dragons."
MISHA:  "Fuck we rule!"

 URIEL:  "We need to organize an intelligent defense...Oh...sorry...Int 10.  We throw stuff at them."
MISHA:  "We've got all the useful stuff, you fucking mage."
AIDEN:  "You know Bull Strength is dismissible."
MISHA:  "My foot in your ass isn't!"

 SMITH:  "I think I should have that."
AIDEN:  "Fine, I'll fight you for it."
SMITH:  "Do you want me to shoot you in the face?"

 AIDEN:  "I turn into Solar and fly 100 feet up."
URIEL:  "Oh great.  Gay Hulk prance."

 URIEL (upon seeing a female Cloud Giant):  "I'm Asian...and that's a HUGE bitch!"

AIDEN:  "You didn't make a deal to slay a dragon, did you?"
MISHA:  "...Maybe..."

 MISHA:  "Don't get lippy with me in my own fucking head!"

 GM:  "He starts to age rapidly.  His body degrades.  His face goes black and smells of putresance."
AIDEN:  So, he looked like a senior from Misha's village...
GM:  "Man...even I thought that was mean..."

 KAID:  "He's a Paladin...they are notoriously dumb."
URIEL:  "I have an Int of 16!"
KAID:  "Albeit times 2 than the average Paladin"
URIEL:  "I can tie my own shoes!!!"

 MALACHI:  "There's a lot of death coming-someone toss me a timbit."

 GM:  "You see a mound of dirt on the ground"
MALACHI:  "Mound?  What's that doing there?"
MISHA:  "Holy shit!  There's dirt in a dungeon!"

 GM:  "So, the mage whips out a 25 foot long python."
URIEL:  "Holy Shit."
MISHA:  "Excuse me!"
AIDEN:  "It's the staff, it can turn into a snake!"
URIEL:  "Thank Christ you clarified that."
MISHA:  "Mine's still bigger."

 AIDEN:  "You see me turn into a gigantic 16 foot tall slender green being with huge wings..."
URIEL:  "Great...Gay Hulk..."

 MISHA:  "That Saint of yours.  What's her story?"
GM-TASIA:  "I have a name!"
AIDEN:  "Why don't you ask her?"
MISHA:  "I am apprehensive about things that can't be explained."
AIDEN:  "So, he won't talk to her because he is afraid of what can't be explained yet he wants US to explain her to him, which means that he believes that she CAN be explained...does that just make him a pussy that's scared of women?"

 <Kobolds planning to get through the door>
AIDEN:  "Why doesn't the big guy just hit the door?"
AIDEN:  "Yeah, why doesn't the big guy just hit the door?"
MISHA:  "That's a good idea.  Big guy, hit the door!"
KAID:  "...You are the big guy."
MISHA:  "...Ohhhhh...

 MALACHI:  "While they are gone, I slice of some Kobold for the meal tonight."
MISHA:  "You're an asshole cause I won't know what they are and I'll eat them anyway!"

 AIDEN:  "I deploy my cloak wings and soar down."
MISHA:  "I was're not a're a fairy!"

 MALACHI:  "Please don't desecrate my latrine."

 MISHA:  "I'm so spooky, I pee dark."

 URIEL:  "Max can't get through the tunnel.  He's twenty feet tall.  The tunnel is ten feet.  That's 10 Feet of 'I don't quite fit!'"

 GM:  "You're musings perplex me..."

 MISHA:  <Imitating Kaid> "You killed my girlfriend!  I am going to run away and sing songs at you!"

 GM:  "There is a Saint Battle cruiser on the way."
URIEL:  <Opening each hand>  "Goat!  Fucked!"
KAID:  "We've taken one down before."
URIEL:  <Opening each hand>  "GOAT!  FUCKED!"

 GM:  "You guys are in the center of a huge valley with shear cliffs to either side."
URIEL:  "What directions can we go?"
GM:  "Well...definitely North.  Definitely South."
URIEL:  "No shit, fucktard."

 MISHA:  "I punch the Rogue."
MALACHI:  "I disbelieve your ass."

 URIEL:  "I only need 200 xp for 6th level.  This fight will definitely do it!"
GM:  "The Atatch criticals on you for 35 points of damage."
URIEL:  "Mother!  I'm at -8!"
MISHA:  "What's that you say?  Level 4?!"

 GM:  "The poison saps twelve temporary strength.  Your go now?"
MISHA:  "Okay...I rolled a 15 plus 8 for the level, plus 1 for the weapon, -2 cause life is gay..."

 GM:  "Okay, the creature misses you and you fall underneath its legs."
<Misha revs up his Elemental Fist attack.>
MISHA:  "That's it!  Power attack!  Fist go through, aiming right for Bang-Cock!"

 MALACHI:  "Dammit, I need a scroll of shut the fuck up!"

 URIEL:  "Kaid got a girlfriend, Malachi got a girlfriend!  I got nothing.  No magic items, no sex, nothing?"
KAID:  "What, no 12-year old boys?"

 GM:  "If Misha returns to Selkirk, the Shop Steward threatened to kick him in the nuts."
KAID:  "I'm gonna make a steel cup for Misha cause of all the times people have threatened to kick him in the cock."
MALACHI:  "Problem with that, if he is in water, he will sink crotch-first.
MISHA:  "Like I wouldn't already...I am Russian after all..."

 GM:  "Renar Alkanost enters.  He is 6000 years old and is 7 feet tall.  A regal looking Grey Elf."
MISHA:  "Well, my Gay-dar is going off."

 GM:  "You have to take orders from him (Mike) or if you are in Force Recon, from him (Rene), or Medical from him (Conan)." 
CHRIS:  "What....they have the combined IQ of my ASS!"
MISHA:  "Fine, while they talk, I am going to search for odd.  I am doing the rogues job."
MALACHI:  "And I just had a swordfight...interesting role reversal."
MISHA:  "I feel like I should smoke some weed and hide in the corner."
MALACHI:  "I feet like I have fat nuts."

 GM <to Misha>:  "You emerge from the bio-tube.  All your scars are healed.  They're gone.  You have no body hair and you now have a crew-cut."
<Misha is devastated!>
KAID:  "Does he get a bonus to Charisma?"
GM:  "Why?"
KAID:  "Cause's he's pretty now!"

PSYCHOLOGIST<GM>:  "Why do you need these scars?  Would the memory of them diminish with their removal?  Why do you need validation with self-mutilation?  You made these scars worse." 
MISHA:  "Cause they are marks of pride...and death!  Of those I lost.  My child at the hands of a fucking demon-A father slain at my feet by creatures of darkness!  My revenge in slaying the fucking beasts."
KAID:  "Wait a minute.  You have a child?!
MISHA:  "Had!"
KAID:  "They let your BREED?!"

 MISHA:  "We need a spy?"
URIEL:  "Who?"  <Pointing at Kaid> "Him?"
MISHA <serious>:  "No, I was thinking of the cat."

 MISHA:  "Why should we care about her!?"
KAID:  "Cause some of us aren't insensitive barbaric pricks!"
URIEL<singing>:  "Someone got mocked by the Baaaaard..."

 MALACHI:  "Ouch!  Burned by a big floating head!"

 KAID (threatening):  "I'll shoot you!"
URIEL:  "I'll soak it and kill you."

 TASIA (NPC):  "You attacked us first!  You're responsible.  You slaughtered my team!"
MISHA:  "Albeit...okay...granted, we killed our friends.  Okay...<with a smile> I killed your friends."

 URIEL:  "Its not gay if you're the giver."

MALACHI:  "I want to kill her!"
KAID:  "You are not stupid like Misha!"
MALACHI:  "But I want to be stupid.  This is my turn to be stupid!"
KAID:  "Elves aren't generally stupid!"
MISHA:  "Have you seen this one!"  <Pointing at Malachi>  "He drinks glue and licks rocks till he goes blind!"
URIEL:  "Wait a licked a rock?"
MALACHI:  "He told me to." <pointing at Misha>
KAID:  "So if Misha tells you to lick his scrotum, would YOU?!"

MISHA:  "I care finger 1." <middle finger up>  "I care finger 2." <middle finger up>

 MISHA:  "I remember Aiden.  He used to clean me...I fucking hated it."
KAID:  "What kind of spell was that?"
MALACHI:  "I think it was Bigby's Febreeze Hand."

 MISHA:  "I want to kill her!"
KAID:  "You're not touching her!"
MISHA <to Uriel>:  "Hey Slopey.  Wanna go halfers on a rape charge?"

 KAID:  "I'm good at talking.  You're good at hitting things."
MISHA:  "Better to hit things."
KAID:  "Luckily, I can talk faster than you can hit."
MISHA:  "Fine, I'm going to start hitting you.  You talk me out of it."

 GM <to Misha>:  "Okay, take 8, 10, 7, and 12 points of damage."
MISHA:  "Ouch!"
URIEL <Asian accent>:  "Ohhh...Hegod-moed-ow-hishooo"
      <translation:  "Ohhh...He got mowed out of his shoes.">

 MISHA:  "I do what I do best."
URIEL:  "What, fuck pigs?"
MISHA:  "I behead the Paladin."

 MISHA:  "You seem to be the only guys who have problems killing little things.  Oh look at that wee puddin'.  It's not even a whole cup!  Its a snack."

 MISHA:  "Yes, we're leaving tomorrow."
KAID:  "We have to wait one more day."
MISHA:  "Why?!"
KAID:  "Iiiiiiii'm not done!"
MISHA:  "Sooooorrrry!  It's just the fate of the fucking world on the line.  We'll just wait around for your needs!"

 KAID:  "Open your eyes, SQUINTY!"

 GM:  "You see stacks of these brown rectangular things wrapped in clear plastic."
MALACHI:  "Looks like poo."
KAID:  "I think they're rations."
MISHA:  "Chocolate rations?"
KAID:  "Maybe Chocolate."
URIEL:  "I vote for poo."
MISHA:  "Okay, we have two guesses.  Ones for Chocolate, the other's poo.  I would motion those who chose chocolate lead this group."

GM:  "Okay, the robot back hands you for twenty points of damage and you fly thirty feet, headstrong into a tree--"
MISHA:  "-I cast resist tree."

 MISHA:  "I got a Bard with Bull Strength with me in a headlock, I can't do much."
MALACHI:  "Wait, Raven can't move, she's still paralyzed.  You are going to leave her alone in the stable with Misha?"
KAID:  "Honestly, Malachi, I would be worrying about the horses' purity."

 GM:  "Eight Orcs ambush you!  You're still carrying the deer you killed."
URIEL:  "Throw it at the Orcs!"
MISHA:  "Oh deer GOD!"
<long and load groans from the group>

 <pointing at Malachi, trying to compliment him>
MISHA:  "If you leave 3 Kobolds asleep on the floor, he'll kill at least two of them."

 KAID:  "I don't like the idea of the Paladin touching me....I mean he IS a holy man."
GM:  "He's not Catholic...though he does lick his palms whenever he lays hands on you."
MALACHI:  "Ewwwwwwww...."

 URIEL:  "We are all fucked like CHICKEN!!"

 <Complete darkness>
KAID:  "I take my potion of undead control"
URIEL:  "You don't know it's undead."
GM:  "Yeah right."
KAID:  <to Uriel>  "Okay, you've got to learn when to shut up."
MISHA:  "I attack, I start slashing blindly?"
URIEL:  "I hit the dirt.  Stay out of Misha's way."
MISHA:  "Just try to find it...where is it?
KAID:  "In the darkness, RETARD!"

 GM:  "You enter the spinning tunnel, roll Fortitude..."
<Kaid and Uriel fail>
GM:  "You start vomiting from the motion"
MISHA:  <pointing at the vomit>  "You've been eating extra!"
URIEL:  <pointing at the healthy PCs>  "What are you two doing?

MALACHI:  "Laughing!"

 <Introducing a new Character:  Uriel, the Paladin>
KAID:  "Well, Uriel.  I am Kaid, this is Malachi-also known as Malachi The Wise."
MISHA:  "Also known as Malachi-The Drinker of Glue."

 MALACHI:  "You guys take Electrum?"
INKEEPER (GM):  No sir, we accept Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper, and huge bags of shit."

 KAID:  "You have anything explosive at all?
MALACHI:  "I left it in the other game right next to my Pulse Rifle."

 <For an hour, three characters battle Shadows, Elementals, and a constantly splitting Ochre Jelly.  The Shadows and Elementals were dispatched into smoke and gas, leaving no trace.  Misha sits stuck outside until a PC manages to successfully unlock the door>
GM <To Misha>:  "Okay, the door finally opens.  Malachi, Kaid, and Uriel run out.  Malachi is out. Kaid is bloodied and bruised carrying him.  Uriel battered, his strength drained.  From behind them, four small jellies about the size of Kleenex boxes pursue."
MISHA <Mouth gapes>:  "That's it!"  <Pause> "Honestly, guys, this does not look very convincing.  You couldn't take on four pudding pops?  Bill Cosby would be ashamed!"

 URIEL:  "Yes, its our loyal sidekick...puddin'."

 MALACHI:  "I have blind-fighting!  I have Darkvision!"
KAID:  "I have a torch."

 MISHA:  "I LOVE my rogue."  <To Gilran.>  "Heal him if he dies..."

 GM:  "You see a shape behind the door as the door closes..."
MALACHI:  "That fucking evil gnome...
MISHA <singing "the" tune>:  "J-E-L-L-Gnome..."

 KAID:  <Singing>  "Misha likes to fly, Misha likes to fly, Misha likes to fly, Get in the fucking boat."
MISHA:  "I love that last part."

 GM:  "A six headed Hydra steps forward."
MISHA:  "We're fucked."
MALACHI:  "Maybe its an illusion."
MISHA:  "I actively hate the GM."

 GM:  "The Hyrda rears its heads.  Malachi is standing in front at its feet."
MISHA:  "You mean my ablative meat shield?"

 KAID:  "How is this bridge?  Is it all rope?"
GM:  "No it has wooden planks overtop of a slow moving stream."
MISHA:  "I dangle the Bard over the edge and test for Trolls."

 MISHA:  "Take 22 damage HORSEBITCH!"

 MISHA:  "Heal me!"
<No response from Gilran>
MISHA:  "Heal me!"
KAID:  " get 8 back."
MISHA <to Gilran>:  "You are SOO replaced!" 

KAID:  "This is Dungeons & Dragons!  You kill a dog, gold comes out of him."

GM:  "One hell of a coin purse.  Here Spot, cough up a gold!" (imitates a dog coughing)
<Malachi fights back ice-t.  He begins to go red>
MISHA:  "We broke him again!"

 GM:  "You take the gun off the body.  The gun disintegrates in your hand instantly.  Turning into sand."
MALACHI:  "I give him a token kick in the junk!"
MISHA (smiling):  "I was just going to say that!  We've been traveling together for too long." 

GILRAN:  "Now is NOT the time to be vague.  What the fuck are those things?!"

 KAID:  "How's your healin' fealin'?"

 KAID:  "You have fireball?"
GILRAN:  "Do I look like a fucking mage?"
KAID:  "Do I look like a fucking mage?"
GILRAN:  "No, you look like a ponce."

 MISHA:  "Heal me!" <Then he imitates Gilran> "I throw a dart..."
KAID:  "I'll heal you.  I can't hit shit."
MISHA:  "You see, that's what I'm talking about!"

 <The group welcomes a new PC, a Bard named Kaid.  Kaid has something Gilran wants...>
GILRAN:  "I give you a 1000 gp to kill the Bard."
JEZZ (NPC):  Why did you guys start a fight in the tavern?!
MISHA:  "Cause it was a form of initiation.  Every member here joined through a bar fight."
JEZZ:  "But why the bard?!"
MISHA:  "Cause HE'S the only new human in the room.  HE is the new Player.  We need an excuse to get him in the group!"
GILRAN:  "Either way, I give you 1000 gp to kill the Bard..."

 MISHA:  "May I come in?"
KAID:  "I'm not letting you get close to me with those HAM HANDS!

 <The GM shows the group a photo of the giant dire bear approaching...>
MISHA:  "Mother Fucker."
KAID:  "Holy Shit."
MALACHI:  "My God!"
GILRAN:  "That it?"

KAID:  "What the deal with these purple things anyway?"
GILRAN:  "Nothing-"
MISHA:  "-Save the world."

 MALACHI:  "Why a Bard?"
MISHA (loud):  "I thought we needed a Bard to sing about my exploits 'cause I am a fucking hero!"

 KAID:  "I come from a land where pen and paper exist.  Fuck memory!"

 MISHA:  "I just saved an Elf.  If its anything like a wookie, he's mine for life."

 GM:  <pointing at Misha who just returned from the forest> "Okay, he comes back with bloody hands and a bag of raspberries."
MISHA:  "Dinner is served..."

 GM:  "Yes, the innkeeper is 'Olga.'  That big butch man is really a woman.  If you need proof, she can take off her brazier but you run the risk of dying from getting hit in the head by an errant tit."
MISHA:  "Try explaining that in Valhalla."

 Malachi awakes from being stone dead for more than an hour.  He opens his eyes...
MALACHI (first words):  "Ranger take all my stuff?"
PRIEST (GM):  Yes, he did."
MALACHI:  "Fuck..."
MISHA:  "Hey, I saved your bitch ass!"

 GM:  "She wields a scimitar."
MISHA:  "I can use that.  I wield my long sword and I also have my master craft great sword for cleaving."
MALACHI:  "Can you do anything with a rapier?"
MISHA:  "...floss?"

 MALACHI:  "Why did I volunteer to do a marathon?  I have the fortitude of cream of wheat!"

 MALACHI:  "That's some vicious venom.  I now have a strength of 8."
AIDEN:  "Now you are only as strong as you are smart..."
<Gilran shakes his head>
GILRAN:  "Man..."
GM:  "Yeah, that was just mean."

 GM:  "You enter the ruins.  You see about 70 sheep wandering through the pillars.
AIDEN:  "Great, you're knee deep in sheep."
GM:  "Oh, for fuck sakes, man!"

 GM:  "What are you going to call your team?"
GILRAN:  "How about...The Twelve?"
AIDEN:  "That's pretty good."
GM:  "There are only four of you..."
MALACHI:  "Yeah we are a couple bricks short of a load."

 GM:  "Okay, <pointing at cleric> he enters with a pair of 4gp T-Bone steaks."
GILRAN:  "I go to the kitchen...I scare the meat with the stove."

 AIDEN:  "Does Egg want any of those books I found?"
GM:  "He takes one, and gives the rest back.  He has no interest in the Hustler."
AIDEN:  "Or better yet <imitates a book with a centerfold with a 6 page foldout> ...Play-Naga"

 MISHA:  "You got some threat there: Ohh, just wait till I level!"

 GM:  "Take 18 points of damage"
MALACHI:  "I need my D6, cause I'm going to have to make up a character soon..."

 GM:  "You enter a see a big depression..."
<long pause>
GM:  "Fuck you.  You're being penalized for that one."
AIDEN:  "Hey, its bad pun week!"

 GM:  "Okay, Misha, strike the Minotaur."
MISHA:  "Critical Threat!!"  <Rolls again>  "HIT!  Critical damage!  I'm so fucking good.  36 points of damage!"
GM:  "Okay, he's hurt...and pissed.  He stomps his feat, preparing for a ram."
MISHA:  "I'm dead."
GM:  "Okay, Misha, the Minotaur rams you for 18 points of damage.."
MISHA:  "Shit, negative 4...He's mine!  Somebody help me."
GILLRAN:  "I attack the Minotaur."
MISHA:  "No...he's mine!  Heal me."
MALACHI:  "I attack the Minotaur"
MISHA:  "Fuck all of you, somebody help me!"
AIDEN:  "I strike with a Ray of Frost...2 points of damage.
GM:  "Okay, he's dead."
MISHA:  "Oh, you fucking asshole!"

GM:  "There are tones of books on the walls."
AIDEN:  "Anything interesting?"
GM:  "There are hundreds.  The smallest one is 'Famous Jewish Sports Legends'"
<Malachi, incapable of holding in his Ice-T from laughter, walks out>
GM:  "I think we broke him..."

 MALACHI:  "I'm not tugging anything.  I've learned my lesson when I drank that jug of glue."
MISHA:  "No, that's because you're stupid."

 GM:  "Before you fall from your wounds, your final strike lobs the Doppelganger's head off!"
MISHA:  "I'm sooo fucking good!"

 AIDEN:  "You smell and are covered in blood.  We AIN'T carrying you!"

MISHA:  "I'm feeling a might peckish.  I eat the elf."

MALACHI:  "If you feed the monster Gold, its happy."
MISHA:  "Sounds like a Televangelist scam."

 MISHA:  "You never showed restraint when eating shit before?"

GM:  "Why do you have a pickled cat?"
MISHA:  "How do you store YOUR animals?"

 AIDEN:  "Hey, I took out five of them!"
MISHA:  "Sleep doesn't count.  It's like kicking someone in the junk!"

 MALACHI:  "Makes you wonder why these Kobolds were here."
GM:  "These were barracks, they sleep here..."
MALACHI:  "Why didn't I just sneak attack all of them."
MISHA:  "Cause you would have missed."

 MALACHI:  "If you bless shit...does it become holy shit?"
<A long, unsatisfied groan...>
GM:  "Okay, You're being penalized for bad taste."
MALCHI:  "What?  Fuck you!"
<GM starts writing it down>
MISHA <points and laughs>:  "Ha just been fined."
MALACHI:  "It didn't sound that bad when it came out."
MISHA:  "He's trying to pull himself out."

 MALACHI:  "I shake the turds from my leg."
MISHA:  <singing>  "Someone smells worse than meeeee..."

 MISHA:  "There are two potions...drinking them's superglue.  The other's a laxative..."  <Insert bodily contorting here>  "It has nowhere to go..."

MISHA:  "Well, I killed like six.  <points to the other PCs> "You two are tied for "ass" place."

 MALACHI:  "If I'm the only able bodied one, we're fucked."

 AIDEN:  "Well, I think it's a bad idea."
MISHA:  "Hey, you're not supposed to be even talking!"
GM (to Aiden):  "Yeah, you're a mute, shut the fuck up!"
GM:  "Okay, you think you disabled the trap."
MISHA:  "The rogue goes in first..."
MALACHI:  "Is this the part where I laugh like an asshole?"

 GM:  "You can go: East, North, West."
AIDEN:  "I vote for Northwest."
MISHA <imitating the Wizard>:  "Ow, Ow, Ow..."  <Shakes his head is disbelief>  "...Fucking Wizards..."

 GM:  "Okay, you guys are tapped, a Hellhound drops from the ceiling."
MISHA:  "I draw my sword and prepare to bleed."

 GM <referring to Malachi>:  "He was wounded by Goblins, bitten by dire rats, and paralyzed by a Carrion Crawler...only to die by ingesting glue..."
MISHA <somber>:  "...And so ends the life of Malachi the Wise..."
<GM tries desperately not to laugh>
MISHA <pointing at the GM>:  "He was drinking when I said that...'
<The GM manages a successful swallow and composes himself>
GM:  " open the door..."
MISHA:  "Yes, please don't kill me."

 MISHA:  "I keep the cat in the jar."
GM:  "Do you want to open and free the kitty?
MISHA:  "No...just keep it closed."
MALACHI:  "It probably smells like fish..."
<long groan...the GM shakes his head>
MALACHI:  "Sorry guys, I have been trying to insert a pussy joke for several hours."
GM:  "...And I had to deliver him a cat in a jar!"

 <Malachi sneaks up from behind...and misses a flat footed opponent>
MALACHI:  "I hang my head in shame."
AIDEN:  "Yeah, Yeah...We're not laughing with you..."

 GM:  "You see 10 Kobolds..."
MISHA:  "I attack!"
GM:  "You are still in the alter room defecating on the shrine."
AIDEN:  "Oh great, we are all going to die cause you're pinching off a loaf!
MISHA:  "I am desecrating an evil fiendish alter."
MALACHI:  "So, what is your skill in shitting?"

 GM: <pointing to Misha>  "Okay...he FINALLY emerges...the smell is overpowering!"
MALACHI:  "What did you eat?!"
MISHA:  "Lots and lots of salty pork."

 <Malachi makes another bad roll>
MALACHI:  "I need a +1 Rapier."
AIDEN:  "You need a +1 D20"
<Long Pause, Malachi shakes his head...>
MISHA:  "Yeah, you've just been dissed."

 MISHA <referring to Raven, a two-bladed swordfighter>:  "What good is she...."  <imitating Raven>  "Ooohhh, I like to shave the centipedes!!"

 MISHA:  "Ohhh, I love the taste of teeth!"

 MISHA:  "There had better be treasure or the GM is not going to be able to leave this building..."

 MISHA:  "The DM told me I couldn't play in the brothel."

 AIDEN:  "I'm a wizard.  I'm totally useless in melee combat.  I'll get slaughtered."
MISHA:  "Its not like you're paying my wages or anything, get your ass up there."

 MISHA:  "God just gave you the shaft, deal with it..."

 GM:  "Okay you miss the goblin for the third time.  He slashes back and bangs his flail against your shins for 4 points of damage."
MISHA:  "Of No fucking way...."
<Misha strikes back and kills the Goblin in a ferocious attack>
GM:  "Okay...he's dead." 
MISHA:  "I spray his blood all over me...I just cover myself in it...then I go back."
GM:  "Okay...he joins up with you...totally covered in blood..."
MISHA:  "I spin a tale on how I killed 16 of them and how they were all around me and I fought them down..."
MALACHI:  "Yeah so what is your skill in Bullshit?"
AIDEN:  "He has a bonus cause he's Russian.

 MALACHI:  "Vodka!  Its Slavik Holy Water!!"

GM:  "Its hot now...The sun pounds from overhead.  It passes 30 degrees C...its still a good 12 hours to town..."
MICHA:  "Ohh, I'm gonna smell soooo good after today."

AIDEN:  "How's the Russian?"  <To Misha>  "You hurt?"

 AIDEN:  "There are Doppelgangers in there, so we should  maybe use some form of codeword to verify each other..."
MISHA:  "Yeah, You guys say, Don't worry Misha, I'll handle this,  and I will laugh like an asshole."

 MALACHI:  "I start smokin' some of those cool herbs he put in my wounds yesterday."
MISHA (shaking his head):  "That's the last time I heal you."

 <Donkey means ass in case you all wondered...>
MISHA:  "Simple, Buy ME a Heavy Warhorse...that leaves us with your (to Aiden) ass ...then we buy another Donkey...that leaves 85 gold to buy ME more stuff!"

MALACHI (to Aiden):  "Can we sell your ass?"
MISHA (to Aiden):  "Yes, go outside and sell your ass."

 AIDEN:  "How are we going to get the horses out of the city?  We are leaving via a manhole."
GM:  "Actually, they give you tags that allow you to pick up the horses outside." 
AIDEN:  "Yeah cause I don't think even shove Donkeys down that shaft."
MALICHI:  "I guess you could call it an ass-hole."

 GM:  "You leave your mule with the wrangler.  You see him approaching your animal with a pair of pincers...."
AIDEN:  "He better not...anyway, we leave."
GM:  " you walk away, you hear "WHUMP...AAAAAAGGGHHH"
MALACHI:  "Looks like he got an asskicking!"
MISHA:  "I thought we called a cease fire on those?!"

Finishing with another PC...
G.M.:  "
Okay, back to Maller--"
Maller:  "--I shoot the Alien!  ...ohh....sorry..."

Smythe:  "There's not much I can do against a Queen."
Maller:  "Synchronized bladder release with Private Holland?"

G.M.:  "Okay, who's in back?"
Maller:  "Hammerson and Erickson--wait....WHY?!"

OcDugal attempts the litmus test on an NPC.  In front of the group...
OcDugal:  "Lick this..."
OcDugal tries the test again...positive...BLAMM.  He shoots the PC square in the head...  Everyone sees this, including a new group of NPCs that don't know why this occured.  He approaches the first person of this new group...
OcDugal:  "Lick this..."  <Click...cocks the hammer on his gun>
NPC:  "No way in fucking hell."

G.M.:  "An alien drops from a vent!"
Maller (bored at the cliche'):  "Yeah, Yeah, Shoot it..."

The Doctor presents the other PCs with a litmus test to see if they are infected with an alien virus...
Maller:  "Go see the Doc and lick what he tells you."
OcDugal:  "Captain Smythe?"
Smythe:  "I lick pulp..."

Smythe:  "Oh My god!  I'm a clueless loser!"

OcDugal:  "When Grey died, the explosion took out the air scrubbers..."
Maller:  "She's not the one who thought it would be fun to feed the alien blood."

G.M.:  "
You hear gunfire over the radio coming from the medbay."
Maller:  "I leave a Sargeant-sized hole in the air."

<Aliens have taken over Anchorpoint...which includes a mall>
G.M.:  "The alien pushes down some of the aisles, trying to get to you.  It's still inside inside Radio Shack...Talk about pushy salesman."
Maller:  "I toss a couple grenades in as I leave...The products will be about the same quality..."

Edlund:  "Doc...Doc...Please...For the love of Christ, please don't play with mother nature."

G.M.:  The Queen can't move.  Its large and right in front of you.  It has a base DC to hit of 5."
Maller:  "I offload on it...full 60 round burst."  rolls....critical fails.  "sigh...12..."
G.M.:  "Okay...You hit it seven times...even should be ashamed of yourself."

G.M.:  "Roll against your consitution.  Tell me what you get."
G.M.:  "Thanks..."  (The GM rolls)
Maller:  What you rolling?
G.M.:  "For the NPCs..."
Maller (eyes perk up):  "Oooooooo, that's the infection roll isn't it?!"

G.M.:  "Okay, you see the alien virus taking over the blood sample at an alarming rate."
OcDugal:  "Oooooohhhh!!!"
Maller:  "You should not be happy..."

<continuing the conversation from last week on the smell of a gas that escape from an alien egg.>
Smythe:  "Well, actually, it might be important what the gas smells a scientist."
G.M.:  "Which yau aint!  Me telling you it smells like almonds doesn't fucking help you very much!"
Smythe:  "But you can tell a lot from just a smell."
G.M.:  " take a whiff and go...Hmm....this smells like an alien virus."

Smythe:  "And where is Sutton located" <flipping through sheets>
Maller:  "He's listed under his dead wife..." 
"Makes you wonder if he spends a lot of time UNDER his dead wife..."
<long pause....Maller shakes his head>
Maller:  "You are a sick man..."

GM:  "The alien egg opens up...and then...pfffft...<GM flaps his lips to imitate escaped gasses>
Smythe:  "Great, we hatched a fart."
 "I wonder what it smells like?"
GM:  "Does it fucking matter?!"

GM:  "Okay roll Intellgence...beat 15."
OcDugal :  "14..."
GM:  "Okay...Special Abilities?"
Maller (smirking):  "You have Perfect Pitch?"
"Nooo...I have Ambidexterity, High Pain Threshold..."
GM:  "Disandvantages?"
OcDugal : "Hearing Loss--"
"Hearing Loss?"
OcDugal:  "Yeah?"
GM:  "Okay...forget about the roll then."
<Maller Smiles>
Maller:  "That was a listening roll you needed to make and you failed!"

<OcDugal has been experimenting on the aliens, finally, it appears the experiment is a failure>
OcDugal :  "I am so dissaponted...I was so ready.  I so badly wanted to say, Oh my God!  What have I done?"
<Later when the experiment breaks loose and aliens escape into the population...>
<The GM prompts OcDugal...who looks confused.  The group looks at OcDugal...the GM waves a hand to prompt OcDugal again...>
OcDugal:  "
Ohhh..." <Totally deadpan>  "Ahem.  Oh my god.  What have I done?"

"You see, the word "shit" to a doctor may not mean shit...they may be meaning poly-dichloric-uephemal...Its a kind of egghead Ebonics"

 "Can we blow out the BioSpaceLab from the rest of the station?
GM:  "Not without cutting a quarter of the station off with it..."
Maller:  "So we can do it then."

OcDugal:  "The critical brothers do it again!"

Maller:  "Two graves, a small one that says RIP and a bigger one that says RHIP..."
<Totally blank looks from the GM and Smythe>
Maller:  "Rank Has Its Privileges.":

"Did your two faceless Marines just both role critical successes?"
G.M.:  "Crap, I'm gonna have to make up names for these guys now aren't I?"
G.M.:  "Okay, Privates Blake and Hammerson follow you..."
"Ah, do good, and you shall be blessed with names."

G.M.:  "And "he" enters."
<Pointing to Captain Smythe, the new PC that has just joined...>
Maller:  "Yes, time to break into character flawlessly!"

Prostitute (to Crowe):  "Your check better not bounce....or we won't..."

GM (To Maller on Shoreleave):  "So you have an idea where you are going?"
Maller:  "I assume I know where I am going...or else I am at the beach."

Maller leaves to test new weapons at the lab...
OcDugal: "You gonna bring us anything?"
 Yeah, I'll see if I can fit anything in my pockets..."
GM:  "Is that a Mark 2 Smart Gun in your pocket or are you really, really, really, really happy to see me?"

Leaving OcDugal on a cliffhanger....
G.M.:  Cut to Maller back at the weapons lab..."
 "Yes, cut to Maller.... FOOOOSSSSHHH!  Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  WHUMP!!!  Ooooooooooh!!!"

G.M.:  "Am I that predictable?"
Maller:  "No, but sometime, eventually, Crowe has to plummet..."

"Maller?  Who the fuck is Spears?"  
Maller:  "Don't ask..."
Crowe & OcDugal (Simultaneosly, same tone):  "Maller?  Who the fuck is Spears?"
Maller:  "We had an altercation."
OcDugal:  "Did you hit him?

GM (reffering to Crowe):  "He's drinking coffee..."
OcDugal:  "More like chewing..."

"You gave him gears and a shovel...of COURSE he's going to to put them together!"

Maller:  "Did you hear that ship last night?"
Crowe (moaning from his injuries):  "No, I was listening to my arteries knit back together..."

Maller:  "The one with the heightened hearing and acute eyesight falls asleep..."

GM (to Crowe):  "Okay, you have a chance for one more computer roll..."
"If you waste your last roll surfing for porn, I'm going to kill you."

Maller:  "If you stab me, I won't take it well..."

Crowe:  "I lead by example.  Look here (when injured), I GO TO THE MEDICAL BAY.  Don't get it?  Let's do it again!"
Maller:  "You're an example for us all..."

OcDugal:  "I can get you to the hospital.  Simply eat your own shit, it will get you so sick, you will puke and they will take you to the hospital..."
Crowe (dumbfounded):  "I...HATE...MY...FUCKING...Anyone want to fill in the blank?!"
OcDugal:  "Hey, its not easy to get up there...a broken ankle won't cut it..."
Crowe:  "My metal pipe is saying I am NOT going to eat SHIT!"

GM (to Crowe in regards to the prison guards that have already sent him to the hospital once):  "If they think for one second you are faking your illness, they are going to kick your ass..."
Maller:  "...S'more..."

Crowe:  "They’re out of our scanning range…so I’m sure they can tell what color our teeth are.”
Maller:  “Paranoid much?”

A female commando NPC makes an engineering roll...
GM:  “I just rolled critical success…”
Maller:  “I’m glad she’s not currently trying to kick my ass right now…”

GM:  “Roll…”
Crowe:  “12” (bad)
GM (in character)-Clarke:  “Jeez…on second thought, don’t help me.”
Crowe:  “That’s what I said, I am not very good.”

Clarke:  “Well, here's data...try not to loose it.  Maybe you should hide on your body somewhere where no one could find it...”
Crowe throws and evil stare at Clarke--the same NPC who stole the last data disc from him...
Clarke:  “Yeah, I’ll shut up”

Crowe:  “For once I am not the first one to fall…(fingers the sky)...FUCK YOU FATE!”

OcDgual:  “It’s the Uber-cadets from Alexandria”

GM:  “You have High-Pain Threshold?”
Crowe:  “No, Fuck you, I have Perfect Pitch!”

Now prisoners, Crowe falls after defeating a guard from a stitch round in the back.  Crowe falls bleeding…
Crowe:   “I’m down to negative nine.”
OcDugal (uncaring):   “How’s the guard?”

Crowe:  “Excuse me, I’m dying…”
Maller:  “We’re busy having a spat, don’t mind us?”

Lang:   "They had me sir.  I should be dead..."
Maller:  "They are sending a message."
Crowe:  "Dammit!  Next time, I want a stripper-gram!"

After Crowe fired a warning shot past her face, Elisa barely misses OcDugal firing a Plasma Cannon
Elisa:  "What the fuck are you doing?!"
OcDugal:  "...Reloading..."

On the radio with Elisa after she blew up a military vehicle she was driving...
OcDugal (Deadpan):  "That was a lame ass explosion..."

Edgington (over the radio to Crowe):
 "So who's responsible for this?"
Crowe:  "The Obladon"
Logan:  "Oblagon"
Crowe:  "Oglagon"
Logan:  "Oblagon!"
Crowe:  "Oblakan"
Logan:  "OBLAGON!"
Maller and OcDugal:  "OBLAGON!"

Maller realizes he may have to jump from an APC roof to a truck rear end at 70 mph
"Can you keep track of the truck?"
Maller :  "That's Sutton's job.  I've got to go be stupid.  Seeya."

Rawlings:  "What are we fighting for?
Zagadka:  "Nude Arcades...
Maller:  "...The right to exploit women..."

Crowe (telling a report to the other PCs):  ... That is basically it...
Maller (out of character):  "Tell us about the trash...that is the clue we need..."

OcDugal:  "Why don't we fly the dropship in to draw their fire and the Deterrant can swoop in and take out the Ion Cannon..."
Crowe:  "The Deterrent should be able to take one shot.  Plus we would just send missile.  Long range, get their attention and use that as a diversion."
Maller:  "Hey, how about we talk our way in?"

GM:  "This guy just screamed at an alien and the alien flinched..."
"Yeah it went, Aaaaghhh!!!  Crazy Irishman!!"

Crowe:  "You Marine pussies..."
Maller (to GM):
 "I test the new range on my grenade launcher..."

<Ocdugal is cocooned in an alien Hive>
"I'm being mollested..."

Crowe:  "Let me make this perfectly clear.  Not my fuckin' fault."
Maller:  "Yay, you."

OcDugal:  "Sir, here's my list of requested parts, sir!"
(Maller read it over...there is one item)
Maller:  "
What the FUCK do you need a Synthetic brain for!"

GM (to Crowe):  "What are you doing?"
Crowe (pointing to Maller):  Mansturbating in his sock drawer."
Maller:  "Shows what you know, I don't have a sock drawer."

OcDugall makes fun of the common things the PCs say...
OcDugal (to himself):  I'll rig something!  (To Maller) I know a guy!  (to Crowe) Not my fucking fault!"

Crowe:  Maller, bend over, I want to try the new rifle."
Maller:  "...As the lieutenant snaps..."

Crowe (to Maller):  
Seargeant, next time, capture an alien alive so I can test what sounds annoy them..."
(Long pause)
Another Marine:
 "Go to hell."

"By the way, I'm going to each of my men and go, psst! Are you a spy?!"

Crowe (in a letter to his sister):   "Dear sis.  Not dead yet.  Have a nice day."

Maller:  "What we got to do is get you an alien skull and blow through it so you can mimic their call..."

Maller (to Crowe):  " a are kind of GrantCorp's bitch"
OcDugal:  "You corporate whore!"
Crowe:  "Marines....Kill OcDugal..."

Crowe:  "I say kill everyone."
Maller:  "Let's try subtle.  Can you do sublte?"

Crowe:  "I broke into Weyland-Yutani HQ and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt"

Maller:  "Okay, you are going in behind a facemask..."

Crowe:  Got any antacid
OcDugal (carefully hands Crowe a vial):  "Drink this and don't jump for two hours..."

GM:  "You can pretty much have a computer do whatever ther fuck you want it to."
Crowe:  "I can throw becomes a club..."
Maller:  "Okay...but can you make it say, "Hello World..."?"

Maller (to GM reffering to an NPC):  "If I have confidence then I give him a pistol...<long pause>...When we're OFF the ship AND in COMBAT."

Edgington:  "You guys going to Hilo?  What are your intentions?"
OcDugal <smirking>:  "To date your daughter..."
Edgington:  "She's 5 years old and if you look at her strange, I'll shove an umbrella up your ass and open it..."

Crowe:  "Hmm, what?"
Maller:  "While you were staring off into space, OcDugal had an idea."

<A spacecraft is about to crash into the building the PCs are in>
GM <to Crowe>:  "Okay, make a dodge roll."
Maller <To Crowe)>:  "Hell with that!   Make a run like a scared little bitch roll "!

Edgington:  "What part of low profile don't you understand?"
Maller:  "Well, pretty much all the witnesses are dead.  The space station crashed into a planet; we nuked the Wasp (bad guy ship); the Wasp killed the other people.  About the only people who remember us are a couple of hookers."

Crowe:  "How long to repair the ship?"
Engineer:  "Which one?"
Maller:  "The one with the gapping HOLES in it!"

Crowe:  "You can't blame me for this....the two-stroke dildo...fully accept responsibility."

GM (to Maller):  " You are groggy so just talk normal and ocassionally say. uhh."
Maller:  "So no change from my regular speech patterns, then?"

Dawn (Doctor):  "I fancy myself an the way, I signed your heart..."

Crowe:  "Yeah I guess not much time has passed since this all started."
Maller:  "Oh no.  Things rapidly went to hell almost immediatly."

GM:  "Xenobiology roll?"
Dr. OcDugal:  "Twelve" (a critical failure)
GM:  "Okay, the Alien seems to be made out of peanut butter."

Westlake:  "Doc, can we avoid any surgical proceedings that include the word "Crack" and "Break"?"

Crowe (over the intercom):  "Everyone to the Mess Hall Hall for cookies and cake to celebrate the release of our crew members from quarantine except for Griffon, of course, who me be infected and die...Have a nice day!"
Maller:  "Sublte."

Dr. Ocdugal:  "I've discovered this creature's blood is an extremily powerful molecular acid..."
Maller lays on a medbay bed with major acid burns across his chest...a long pause...
Maller (with a sigh):  "That helps a lot, Doc.  Thanks..."

Maller:  "If I get killed, I don't really care what happens to anyone else."

Logan:  "After getting shot 16 times, you lose your sense of humor."

Maller:  "I'm going to stop talking tech and go shoot something." On an Ice World...
Crowe:  "I wish we had Gillie Suits."
Maller:  "They work in this enviroment?"
Crowe:  "Adapt to any background..."
GM:  "LOOK, I'm am mogul!"

Crowe and Tara are in an alien spacecraft, hanging off a cliff...
Crowe: " Tara, I want you on Motion, tell me anything that moves."
At that point, a large vehicle drives off the cliff and plumits down towards them...
Tara:  "Does that count?"
Crowe looks up...he sighs...
Crowe:  "I hate my life..."

Crowe:  “So if we do a mission on a rim-planet…would you call that a ‘rim job’?”

GM:  “You see a variety of sexual machine across the wall.”
Crowe:  “I wonder what I could do these machines…?”
GM:  “Great, a two-stroke dildo.”

Crowe:  “Did you learn anything?”
Lang:  “From my view, not so much.”
Crowe:  “About the mission?”
Lang:  “There’s a mission?”
(Lang opens the door)
Lang:  “Sir I don’t think I can do this.”
Crowe (PC):   “I leave my girl spinning around.”
Lang:  “What the hell are you two doing in there?!”

Crowe:  “How am I doing by the way?”
GM:  “What’s your Dex?”
Crowe:  “7”
GM:  “Stamina?”
Crowe:  “60”
GM:  “I think you’ve broken her…”

Maller:  “How is Terry, by the way?”
GM:  “Oh, he’s amusing himself.”
Crowe:  “Good—“
GM:  “Not that way.”

GM:  “You hear two loud thumps.”
Crowe:  “Cool.”
GM:  “Your balls don’t count…I’m talking about the door.”

Crowe (trying not to laugh):  “Don’t worry, man, go in there and have fun.  I am sure the Seargeant won’t bust your balls.”
Lang:  “I certainly hope not cause they’ll need time to recover”

Crowe:  “Is she okay?”
GM:  “Crowe, your girl is out.”

Somerville:  "What happened on Pandora?
Maller:  “It’s all Crowe’s fault.”
Crowe:  “Hey the brothel paid off…we got the information we needed.”
Rawlings:  “It just took you 6 hours to get it…”
Hudson:  “Suffice to say, shoreleave is cancelled.”

Maller (PC):  “This is the most interesting session I have ever sat in…”:
GM:  “I am going to hell for this, I am sure of it.”

Crowe:  “I’ll work on the Dropship, get the engine up to spec, lube it up.”
Lang:  “Miss the brothel, do you?”
Crowe:  “Not THAT type of lubricant!”

Crowe:  Lets put it to a vote…who would want to officially rename the cat “bait”?

Crowe (to Hudson):  “They had you in a prison camp to?
Maller:  “Yeah, they had her dressed in lavandar.  It was horrible.”

GM:  “Roll to hit.”
Crowe:  “34”
GM:  “Holy shit…okay…you hit ten times.”
Crowe:  “45.”
GM:  “okay…one guy is creamed.  You literally blow off limbs…another fires at you.  Roll to dodge…”
Crowe:  “I’m screwed…4”
GM:  “Okay…You’re hit ten times…”
Crowe:  “Nice knowing you guys!”

Six marines train their guns on the smugglers…
Maller:  “Where’s Thomas Burns?”
Smuggler:  “Umm…he’s in the mess…making soup.”
Maller:  “Oooh…Soup!”

GM:  “They have ECM and ECCM?”
Crowe:  “Do they have ECCCM or ECCCCM?”
GM:  “…Quiet you?”

<Standerd Fantasy>

Palarian:  "You bleeding?"
Indivion:  "I don't know let me check...<squirt>---yup."

Indivion:  "I laugh at you, my uneducated friend."

Leopold:  "What's your name?"
Ironbely:  "Ironbelly."
Leopold:  "Is that your full name?"
Ironbelly:  "No."
Leopold:  "What's your full...never mind, I take that back."

Indivion:  "I can't belive you didn't see that.  You are supposed to be our lookout."
Elric:  "I missed it."
Leopold:  "It was a huge friggin' bird!"
Elric:  "I didn't notice it."
Leopold:  "My HORSE noticed it!"

Ironbelly:  "I am no longer blessed.  I'm screwed."

Ironbelly:  "I bless myself."
GM:  "You're currently drowning, that won't help."
Leopold:  "Well, at least he'll go to Heaven."

Leopold:  "Did you notice that river was not brown when you jumped in?"

Indivion:  "Gnome sleep now..."

GM <to Elric>:  "Do you have Detect Evil?"
Miranden:  "I have it."
GM:  "Did I ask you?"
Mirandin:  "Well, I just--"
GM:  "Did I ask you?"
Miranden:  "No"

GM (to Elric and Miranden -- scouts>:  "Oh, my God, you notice the sun rising in the East and setting in the West."
Leopold:  "And these are supposed to be our scouts..."
Indivian:  "Where did we hire these people?!"

Indivian:  "If they could all fly, would they really need a carravan with wheels?"
Miranden:  "Well, if--"
Indivian:  "--Sh!"

Indivian:  "Left foot / right foot, repetive forward motion..."

GM <To Leopold after he rolled yet another hit>:  "Eventually, your luck WILL run out.  Brace yourself."

Indivian <stands up from the dirt>:  "Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, I am bleeding again.  <CLAP> <CLAP>  A little service here!!"  <promply falls back to the ground>

Indivian:  "Heal the Gnome.  Heal the Gnome..."
GM:  "The Gnome is hurt...and whining."

Miranden:  "We don't have the money for horses."
Leopold:  "Just acquire a couple of asses..."
Indivian:  "Ohhhh...Gnomish prostitutes..."
        <Dead Silence...>

Ironbelly:  "You want me to lay hands on you?"
Leopold:  "I would rather not be contaminated by your pagen rituals..."
Ironbelly:  "That's a no, anyone else?"

Meridan <reffering to courage>:  "That horse of yours has got bigger balls than you."
Leopold <not reffering to courage>:  "Of course, he does.  He's a fucking horse!  He's got bigger balls than everybody!"
Meridan:  "How do you know?  Have you seen them?"
Indivian:  "I have, I've been walking behind that damn thing for the past two days!"

Miranden:  "Someday, you're going to wake up and I will have cut that horse's balls off.
GM:  "I assume they're already gone.  Castration is bliss for a war horse...."
Leopold:  "I would never do that to him.  We have been together for a long time.  We have a sort of telapathic bound.  If he was castrated, every thought I would receive from him would be, 'Fuck you'."

GM:  "You need someone with Weaponsmith."
Sevarion:  I have Blacksmith."
Leopold:  "Well, if we need to make something blunt, we'll call you."
Palarian:  "I have Weaponsmith but not Blacksmith."
Leopold:  "So you can make a sword, but not a nail?"

<Generic Sci Fi>

Tobin:  "Okay...lets get some weapons..."
Dunn:  "Oh, cool, I found a crossbow!"
Tobin:  "I found a machine gun...put the crossbow down..."

Tobin:  "The bad guys have arrived...they got tanks..."
Dunn:  "How many tanks?"
Dunn:   "How many?!"
Tobin:  "--Hold on!  I'm still counting!!"

Dunn:  Okay...there is a laser sensor...step the left...forward....stop....just a step to the right...put your hands on your hips...LETS DO THE TIME WARP--"
Tobin:  "--Andy!!"
Dunn:  "Sorry..."


McKinnon:  "Its good to be stupid..."
Quace:  "You stupid?"
McKinnon:  "Yeah..."

McKinnon:  "How are you today?"
Miller:  "Oh...well--"
McKinnon:  "Shut Up..."

McKinnon:  "I'll have eggs..."
West:  "I'll have bacon and eggs..."
Bjorn:  "I'll just have bacon..."

<Generic Fantasy>

Calli:  "I worship my god, Guido."
Sommerville:  "Guido?  What?  Is your god Italian?"
Gneric:  "I didn't know there were Itaian gods in Forgotten Realms."
Sommerville:  "Badda Bing Badda Boom, FIREBALL!!"

Calli:  "I don't trust you men...I might wake up and find myself stuck in a gangster rape."
Gneric:  "Gangster?  What are we, rappers?"
Sommerville:  "Yeah, lets all have a ganster rape.  Invite Puff Daddy and Ice-T!!"

Bjorn:  "Are we there?"
McKinnon:  "DID WE STOP?!"

Bjorn:  "Don't move!  Stay still.  John, don't move!  Please stay still.   John!"  BLAMM  "Stop it!!"

Max:  "Don't bother running, we'll never make it."
Heather:  "Fine you stay here and accept that...We're running."

Max:  "It isn't important."
West:  "Can we make that decision."
Max:  "Well there is a possibility that flight from Alpha Centaur might get hijacked."

Bjorn:  "What do you have?"
McKinnon:  "Axe, you?"
Bjorn:  "Pipe...What do they have?"
McKinnon:  "Machine Guns."
Bjorn:  "Good.  Let's get 'em."

GM:  "It's the Federal Patrol."
McKinnon:  "Oh great, Space Bacon."

St.Clair:  "I could destroy you with a single thought."
Heather:  "You know, that's not exactly winning us over."


McCready:  "I'm dirt!"
Fargo:  "You're not dirt."
McCready:  "You're right.  I'm lower than dirt.  I wish I was dirt!  I look up to dirt!  Dirt laughs at me!!"

GM:  "It's like trying to talk to the fuckin Berlin Wall."

Brown:  "You want to shoot down four jumbo jets to kill four people?"
Lund:  "Its a solution, isn't it?"
Brown:  "Be Quiet."

Heather:  "The weather is here. Wish you were beautiful."

GM:  "He's the kind of guy that gives you one tic-tac."

Heather:  "The only time he opens his mouth is to change feet."

Max:  "That's what I said but you said it was unimportant!"
Brown:  "Well, what the hell do I know.  I'm an idiot."

<Two PCs run out of a building, into a cab>
Fidler:  "Quick, to the barracks!!"
Howell:  "But's that where you are?"
Fidler:  "Shit...Out of the cab!!"
    <The two PC exit the cab and run back into the building>

Dias:  "...I jumped in the cab and screamed, "Follow that cab!!" and in case you are wondering...they don't do that?"

Penner:  "...And a giganitc plot-hole opened up and swallowed us all whole."

Bradley:  "Someone should get it."
Raines:  "Why don't you get it?"
Bradley:  "Because I'm going in front."

Fidler:  "What's the big deal with masterbation …statistics show that 90% of men do it and 80% of men.  Everybody does it but no one admits it."
Dias:  "You do it?"
Fidler:  "Hell, five, six times a day!"

Brown:  "We're all human."
Bradley:  "I'm not."
Brown:  "You're not…"
Bradley:  "Just a very close facsimile of one."

<3 PCs argue>
Penner:  "Suck my Cock!"
Williams:  "Lick my Pouch!"
Dias:  "Hey...there are kids present."
Williams:  "Asshole!"
Penner:  "Dink!"

Dias:  “I'm going to church.”
Bradley:  Church?
Dias:  “Isn't that the place where they give you a cracker and a shot of wine.”
Bradley:  “A four day old trisquit and a shot of Baby duck.”
Dias:  “Sounds like a very cheap strip joint.”
Bradley:  “I hope when I die, get nailed to a tree, you'll all do the same…”
Dias:  “Yeah, you'll get a sip of coke and a Dorrito.”

Dias:  "You know, when someone says "look out", you are not supposed to ACTUALLY look."

Bradley:  "Yeah, just lock in that psychosis."

Dias:  "I have neck pains."
Brown:  "You know, they can amputate."

Bradley:  "Shit…"
Raines:  "What's that?"
Bradley:  "That's the “you are dumb” light.  Its going to take me a lot longer to figure this out."

Raines:  "Jesse, there is a purple blinking icon heading your way."

Simola:  “I nailed him with an atomic toothpick”

Dias:  “Baste us baby, were roast.”

Weston:  "Its a micro-plutonium core..."
Dias:  "So we just wrap it in cheeze wiz and create our our tiny star."

Penner:  "Hey, Bill...Howyaa doing?"
Penner:  "...Okay...I deserved that."

Howell:  "This is some amazing armor you got there...How did you make it?"
Dias:  "I don't know, Evans was trying to bake cupcakes the other day..."

Dias:  "He has an attention span of a small salad bar."

Dias:  "I killed you, Damion.  Why are you alive...besides that fact that this is the sequel?"

Dias:  "Russel, I am hanging ten stories down from the roof."
Fidler:  "Just hang there for a while, I'll get you later."

Fidler:  "She'll fuck with your mind."
Dias:  "Well, at least I get it one way."

<GM and group>
Penner:  "You guys were supposed to surrender."
Fidler:  "Bah....10 to 1 odds...We've endured worse."
        <Three hours later>
Penner:  "Okay...there is one left...what do you do...He flees--"
Dias:  "OH, he aint gettin' away!  Chase him down."
Penner:  "I think you've proved your point."
Fidler:  "Kill him!!"

Williams:  "I'm going out the way I came in…"
Dias:  "What, blind, naked and covered in your own shit?"
Wiliams:  "You know, you're really not helping."

Bradley:  "I must be totally wasted."
Raines:  "Why?"
Bradley:  "I just tried to change the TV with my cell phone…"
Raines:  "Yeah?"
Bradley:  "The strange thing is I pulled the antenae…and tried it again."

Dias:  “Grab the binder, will you?”
    <There is one binder on the shelf...a yellow one>
Raines:  “The yellow one?”
Dias:  “No…the other one…”

Dias:  “It is in the manual.”
Bradley:  “OOhh…new book smell.”

Bradley:  "Don't do that!"
Dias:  "I'm just enjoying the moment."
Bradley:  "Well, I don't get out, but I don't do that!"

Dias:  "Man, you can just smell a horrendously shitty day approaching, can't you?"

Lund:  “Don't blame me; nobody asked my opinion.”

Fidler:  “There's a disturbance in the Force.”
    <Not a Star Wars game>

Dias:  "What, that roaming ass bandit?"
Schneider:  "Don't make fun of him because he is gay."
Dias:  "I didn't know he was gay.  I was just making fun of him."

Raines:  “What are those spinning symbols?”
DeGraff:  “…Ummmm…Ever see Predator?”

Lansall:  “Put some more pig-headed asshole into that walk.”

Fidler:  "Jack...I know she is dead...but you're blocking traffic."

DeGraff:   “You know if I had to analy rape someone, I think I  would  not be the one being made fun of..”
Bradley:  “That's right, “big dog.””

Dias:  “That's smut!”
Bradley:  “Its not considered smut unless you can see their colon.”

Dias:  “Woopty-shit.”

Penner, Hour 1:  "I think we should take him out."
Penner, Hour 2:  "Guys, I want him dead...I want him on a platter."
Penner, Hour 3:  "ARRGH!! I'm going to kill him. GRRRR!! Kill!!"
Penner, Hour 4:  "AAAHH!!!  MMM!!! GRRR!!! ARRRGHH!!! MMEEE KILLL!!! AARRRGGH!!!

Raines:  "I think we've overstayed our welcome."

Dias:  "If you're walking on eggs, don't hop."

Dias:  "That's bad sportsmanship. You can't just let the other guy win, can you?"

Raines:  "Bjorn, you're on your own. I'm getting a gun."

Raines:  "You know, we've had that kid in cryo for four months....don't you think some people are looking for him by now?"

Brown:  "Your mind is not a legal document!"

Dias:  "I'd explain it to you, but your brain would explode."

Dias:  "There cannot be a crisis today; my schedule is already full."

Williams:  "I saw this on a show once..."
  "How did they deal with it."
Williams:  "Well, they "beamed" out."
Penner:  "That doesn't exactly help US!"

Bradley:  "I have always considered you all a bunch of goddamned communists, anyway."

Fidler:  "I shoot the window and I dive through!!"
"Okay...bulletproof glass, the shots ricochet, as do you."

Dias:  "It was the weirdest thing...a moped with a rifle rack."

Williams:  "Well...I don't want to bore you."
Dias:  "Too late"

Williams:  "Sorry, I am being an asshole..."
Brown:  "Hear that?  ...   That's the sound of noooobody disagreeing with you..."

Dias:  “I cant believe you are shooting me with that piece of  Mail-Order shit!!”

Dias:  “You bastard!!.  You like killing in cold blood…Well I don't”
 <He hands the gun to another character>

Lansall:  "The next time I use a car door for cover, don't drive the car away!"

McKinnon:  "Don't make me turn on the child-locks people."

McKinnon:  "Hand fatality!"

McKinnon:  "Thanks...I'll remember that the next time I'm driving on  the surface of Jupiter."

Dias: “She's so pissed off, she only has her period when she  wants to.”

McKinnon:  "Suck corporate cock, drink Pepsi!"

McKinnon:  "I am just having dinner with Aunt Sapporo and Uncle Ichiban."

McKinnon:  “Excuse me while my brain absorbs this fact…okay,  done.”

McKinnon:  “I feel like my sphincter will open up and swallow my whole head.”

McKinnon:  " Ill have the headcase special, please.”

McKinnon:  “I'm going to sodomize you with a small condominium!”

McKinnon:  "This is your captain speaking.  I have turned on the  "You're fucked" light."

McKinnon:  "You guys can do what you want. I'm sleeping underneath the car."