In recent years increasing numbers of synthetics humans have been deployed with Colonial Marine line units.  Though the Geneva Convention prohibits the equipping of androids with weapons or uninhibited combat abilities, the Colonial marine corps regards them as an invaluable resource, supporting front line units as multi-role team-members and mobile database.  Marine androids are always employed in a non-combat role, usually as drivers, pilots, medics and scientific advisors to combat units at platoon level and above.  Though they are an artificial intelligence in the broad sense, legally androids are classified as a Corps' property.  It can be ordered to perform hazardous tasks in place of humans.  However, their utility and not-inconsiderable unit cost is an incentive to any Marine field commander who wishes to treat a synthetic as expendable.

     The modern synthetic is a highly complex machine: stronger, faster and better coordinated than an average human.  The basic chassis is a carbon fiber skeleton with latchment point for the artificial musculature.  The muscles are vat grown silicon colloids powered either by pumped micro-hydraulics or electrical stimulation.  Power for the android is supplies by a 25kw fuel cell with a life of approximately 400 days between refueling.  At TL5, this was replaced with a more powerful Micro-Nuclear reactor with a 20 year lifespan.  As in a human, the skeletal structure is inherently unstable and is effectively suspended by the musculature.  No limb-locking, join motorization or gyrostabalization is present as in other anthropomorphic frames such as powerloaders.  Instead, the muscles must work actively to keep the chassis standing upright while active feedback systems control its stability.  Though muscles can withstand considerable wear and tear, the lack of a self-repair facility means that they eventually lose their strength and become increasingly elastic over time.  It is recommended that the muscle system be overhauled on a regular basis and individual elements replaced every two years.  At TL5, when Synths are equipped with nano-repair facilities, these overhauls were no longer necessary.  Muscle layout and operation, as with certain other internal function, are homologous with those of the human body.  Military synthetics are designed to be virtually indistinguishable in appearance from a human.

     Although a synthetic’s cosmetic appearance would seem to be a superfluous feature, especially in a military model, practical experience has shown that it is a necessary component to maintaining combat unit efficiency and integrity.  Most human soldiers are psychologically unable to interrelate with an inhuman-looking android; as a result, the physical appearance and simulated behavior patterns of synthetic units are designed to particular specifications.  Most synthetics in Colonial Marine service appear as mature, average males or females around 20 to 40 years of age.  Their personalities, idiosyncrasies aside, can best be described as passive or non-threatening.  Some studies published in recent years have suggested that androids have an important role to play within small infantry units, both as an impassive neutral party, and as a maternal/paternal influence in nurturing and sustaining the group dynamic at optimum efficiency.

     The synthetic’s mind is an integrated Carbon 60 processor with a processing speed of 1015 floating point operations per second.  Memory capacity includes 1 terabyte of fast cash buffer RAM and 1.2 Terabyte of non-volatile memory.  The system is architectured around a very powerful heuristic logic driver, making decisions based upon imported sensory data, information drawn from experience and he android’s vast inbuilt databases.  Intuitive functions are derived from a suite of nested contextual and semantic programs linked by self-mapping loops of tangled hierarchies.  However, an android’s ability to understand and process abstract concepts and symbologies, though powerful, is limited.  A synthetic mind and personality is essentially a construct, and there is no true self-awareness as such, though this may not be all apparent to an untrained observer interesting with a unit.  Androids display synthesized emotion, superficially register self-awareness and, most importantly of all, have the ability to reason conceptualize and offer opinion.  However, these capabilities do not infer human-like consciousness, even though for all other intents and purposes synthetics are artificial intelligence.  At TL5, with the release of the Advanced Capability Synth, these lines were blurred even more.  Refer to the Alien: Resurrection Plug-In for information on their evolution past this.

     Synthetics have proven themselves invaluable in Colonial Marine service across known space. Their chief advantage to unit commanders is their ability to impart knowledge and experience outside of the training of most combat specialists.  In combat arenas and environments where an ever-greater degree of specialized (usually scientific) information needs to be made available to a unit commander, a synthetic is the ideal vehicle for storing and relaying that information.  In addition, they have the capacity to perform many non-combat tasks, freeing manpower that would otherwise be unavailable for actual combat.

     Despite their advantage in speed and strength over human and their imperviousness pain, synthetics are not especially tough.  Indeed by comparison they are somewhat fragile.  Though the graphite composite skeletal structure of an android is study, the electronics and fluid musculature are extremely vulnerable to hydrostatic shock and explosive effects from small arms fire.  A direct fire to the central processor or fuel cell will result in immediate deactivation of a unit, though in most cases a partially destroyed android can continue to function, albeit handicapped.  In hostile environments, synthetics require a similar breathable atmosphere, corrosive atmospheres will melt them, extreme pressure will squash them flat and hard vacuum will explode them.  Even prolonged exposure to low atmospheric pressure can cause baratrauma and embolism in the unit due to the high proportion of fluid colloids used in the manufacture of its musculature and skin.


     Watch carefully as the synthetics continue in their development, their personalities increase in variety.  The models become more orientated to specific duties.  They also start to become independent.  By TL3, they gain very pronounced personalities.  Their specific dispositions depend on each model.  Their statistics are an average for that type.  One aspect is that identical models don’t necessarily need to look alike nor do they have the same skills or abilities.
     Synthetics all follow the same rules.
    1: Unless picking a combat synth from TL4, Synths cannot by action, harm, or by not acting, allow to be harmed, a human being.  They have mild emotional responses but no major emotional personality quirks.
     2:  Synths have no Stun and are unaffected by all weapons that cause stun.
     3:  Synths have no luck.
    4:  Synths have no humanity and are unaffected by what they see.
    5:  Synths have no psychic defense and are immune of psychic attacks unless it is telekinesis.
    6:  Synth’s Endurance is triple that of humans.
     7:  Synths pre-TL5 have no recovery.  They cannot heal themselves until TL5.  They must repair    themselves directly.
     8: Synths have no WILLpower and succeed at all will checks.
     9:  If the hits are reduced to zero, the Synth still works but at half abilities.  Every five points after that reduces every characteristic by one.  When INT is reduced the zero, the brain has been destroyed.  Reducing the BODY to zero destroys the body but the brain can still be salvaged. Either way, at this point, the unit is out of commission.
    10:  Any major body part that takes ½ the total damage of the synth is lost (arms and legs only).  If reduced to more than twice its Hits, the units is utterly destroyed
     11:  Killing Defense is generic for the Synth.  Energy Killing Defense is the same number.

 Synthetic are broken up into two categories.


     Mass produced synths are constructed in the thousands for use in every field of use.  They change with each model released but have many similarities.    Their Characteristics are given in ranges and only skills are listed with additional points the GM can spend to configure the robot.  Only general purpose Synths can be characters.
 Synthetics below are labeled as general or special and there are special rules for each.  For General, a basic model is offered with possible paths available.  General Synths can be short, tall, fat, thin, but the common models are listed below.  If designed for character use, the following rules must apply as well as the ones above:
    1:  The Player picks a template that MUST be a General Purpose, no Special Synths.  The Player MUST follow the guidelines given to that synth.
    2:  Configure his or her characteristics as long as the total is the same given to the other characters.  The models here are listed using 45 points for average (but it increases if the GM has awarded more points to PCs).  Synths only have seven Characteristics.  See above.
     3:  NO complications
     4:  Talents not already given only cost one point instead of three.
     5:  No perks or privileges.
     6:   Hits are the same.  Because they have no stun, ignore this number.   You cannot add half your stun to your Hits.
    7:  Lifepath.  A Synthetic can be anywhere from 1-6 years of age.  Past that is a rarity.  Their immediate family are synthetics of the same model type.
     8:  No ceiling limits to skills.
     9:  No Constitution.
     10:  Standard Synths take the average Characteristic below.
     11:  Standard Synths take the skills listed in “( )”.  Players take the bonuses then add their given OP to them (usually 30 but it increases if the GM has awarded more points to PCs)
     12:  Unless a combat Synth, no military skills can be chosen if it involves causing harm (Firearms, Heavy Weapons, etc.).  All other skills are open.
     13:  Although Synths cannot harm human beings, they are fully able to choose evade skills.
     14:  Synths can develop as naturally as humans can as long as it stays within the parameters of their model.

   COST:  $55 000
   EXAMPLE MODEL NAMES:  “Ash”, “Andy”, “Lizzy”, “Doyle”, “Sylvie”
   AVERAGE AGE:  30-40
        INT:  7-9         PRE:  1-3         TECH:  7-9         REF:   5-7         DEX:  5-7         STR:  6 – 8
        MOVE: 2-4      BODY:  5-7
   HITS  (Average):  30             KILLING DEFENSE:  5
   RECOVERY (TL5):  15
             Business:  +1 (+3)           Computer Programming:  +1 (+3)       Education :  +4 (+6)
             Hacking:  +2 (+4)             Science:  +3 (+5)                                   Research:  +2 (+4)
             Paramedic:  +4  (+6)         First Aid:  +3 (+5)                                 Engineer--Synthetic:  +1 (+3)
             Xenobiology:  +3 (+5)     Electronics:  +1 (+3)                             Expert—Corporation:  +5 (+7)
            Bugging:  0 (+2)                Concealment: 0 (+2)                             Perception:  0 (+2)
             Ambidexterity                    Common Sense
             Eidetic Memory                  Lightening Calculator
             Time Sense                         Speed Reader
     These Synths are constructed by almost ever corporation so their exact stats vary like snowflakes.   Corporations build all synths but these designs are used by  the group’s own staff.  These were the first designs ever made in this field.  Initial designs were unstable and twitchy.  At TL1, almost all older models have either been recalled or refitted with newer operating systems.  All current models, like all Synthetics, are bound by their behavioral inhibitors.  Rumors indicate that some corporations privately modify their in-store models to break these rules.   It is known that this procedure is impossible but that is just the official statement.  The only reports of rogue Synths have all been of corporate models.  These designs also seem to have been hardwired with a loyalty directive from their home corporation to always think of the common good of the Corp before itself and even others.

   COST:  $65 000
   EXAMPLE MODELS:  “Bishop”, “Dawn”, “Crowe”, “Brook”, “Costas”
   AVERAGE AGE:  30-40
        INT:  6-8      PRE:  1-3     TECH:  7-9      REF:  5-7      DEX:  6-8     STR:  5-7      MOVE:  3-5     BODY:  5-7
   HITS (Average):  30             KILLING DEFENSE:  8
   RECOVERY (TL5):  15
            Education :  +4 (+6)                 Computer Programming:  +3 (+5)             Science:  +3 (+5)
            Research:  +1 (+3)                    Paramedic:  +1 (+3)                                    Pilot—Dropship:  +2 (+2)
            First Aid:  +4 (+6)                     Engineer--Synthetic:  +1 (+3)                  Electronics:  +2 (+4)
            Astrogation:  +1 (+3)               Driving—APC:  +2 (+4)                           Driving—Buggy:  +1 (+3)
            Navigation: +1 (+3)                  Engineer—Aerospace:  0 (+2)                Engineer—Armor:  +1 (+3)
            Pilot—Starship:  0 (+2)            Engineer—Starship:  +1 (+2)                  Pilot—Powerloader:  +1 (+2)
                Ambidexterity                  Common Sense                   Eidetic Memory                  Lightening Calculator
                Time Sense                       Speed Reader               Double Jointed
    CMC Synthetics are known throughout the ICC as being the most reliable.  These are constructed by a variety of corporations but then are sent on with blank memories to be programmed in.  Marine Synths are used primarily by The Colonial Marines but these designs have been spotted as general staff on stations, support on mining colonies, and as support in corporate affairs, making these designs the second most common variant.  In fact, the only real way to identify a Military Synth is by the crowd it hangs with.
     CMC totally prohibits the re-programming of any Synth.  Any Synth breaking the coveted unbreakable rule of not harming a human is to be eliminated on sight by Marine Forces.  In fact, Marine Synths aren’t even used for passive defensive purposes.  They pilot transports but not often military assault vehicles.  They are used mainly in support stance as general purpose synths with training in medical and engineering skills.  Both the Marine and corporate models are renown for being very boring.  People skills were not considered a priority.

                SUPPORT SYNTHETIC
   COST:  $100 000
   EXAMPLE MODELS:  “Judith” , “Claire”, “Shana”, “Morgan”, “Virgil”
   AVERAGE AGE:  19-25
         INT:  4-6      PRE:  5-7     TECH:  6-8      REF:  4-6      DEX:  4-6     STR:  3-5      BODY:  4-6     MOVE:  2-4
   HITS (Average):  25             KILLING DEFENSE:  5
   RECOVERY (TL5):  10
            Education :  +3 (+4)                Computer Programming:  +1 (+2)                 Science:  +2 (+3)
            Research:  +1 (+2)                   First Aid:  +2 (+4)                                           Engineer--Synthetic:  +1 (+3)
            Electronics:  +1 (+3)                Navigation: +1 (+3)                                        Pilot—Powerloader:  +1 (+1)
            Acrobatics:  +1 (+3)               Performance:  +5 (+7)                                     Conversation:  +2 (+4)
            Seduction:  +4 (+5)                 Wardrobe & Style:  +6 (+7)                           Persuasion: +5 (+7)
            Mimicry:  +2 (+4)                     Perception:  +1 (+3)                                        Hand-to-Hand—Evade:  0 (+2)
           High Society:  0 (+1)
             Ambidexterity                          Eidetic Memory                       Beautiful (Level 3)*
             Double Jointed                        Night Vision
             *Bonuses to Persuasion, Performance, Wardrobe&Style have been added to “Skills.”
     As the personality matrixes of Synths became more advanced, outer-veil colonies, mining outposts, as well as deep space scout, escort, and towing vehicles requested robots with better socializing skills.  However, as the requests rolled in from the rim colonies, the demands moved beyond just socializing into heavy interaction, and then, finally…sex.  This synthetic is really called the Advanced Capability Synthetic, but often, then not, the designs have only been used from a perspective of Sex.  Like many taboos in human history, no one refers to AdCaps in that way even though even the corporation privately admits it.  The evidence is apparent.  From a visual perspective already, the Synthetics are exceptional more attractive and with skills that allow them to utilize that.  The models are also the youngest available on the market.  Most models are between 19 – 25 years of age, (bordering on the illegal), but some have been heard to be constructed even younger but these are kept tightly under wraps for obvious reasons.  Very few are made older although some models ACTUALLY designed to be used for hosting or negotiating purposes have been constructed up to 35 years of age.
     Sex Synths have one of the most advanced brains on the market, so their behavioral inhibitors are the most constricting.  All Synthetics have sexual programming but synths designed for such purposes handle the situations better.  Sex Synths are often programmed for a variety of purposes even when they are sent for sexual purposes.  AdCaps are never used for hazardous duty since their cost is exceptionally high.  They are often used in the sciences, medical, and support positions.  All are extremely sociable and almost impossible to identify as a Synth unless they are wounded.  They have programming to not intentionally hide their identifies.
    NOTE:  Fans of Philip K. Dick warn that automatons made to resemble humans in almost every way including their feelings will eventually and ultimately rebel.  Corporations have made the utmost effort to keep the behavior of AdCaps in check but unconfirmed reports do reveal some of these synths have vanished from time to time.

   COST:  $35 000
   EXAMPLE MODELS:  “Rod”, “Skank”, “Gutterboy, “Hardware”
   AVERAGE AGE:  20-30
        INT:  2-4      PRE:  4-6     TECH:  4-6      REF:  6-8      DEX:  5-7     STR:  4-6      MOVE:  2-5     BODY:  2-4
   HITS:  15      KILLING DEFENSE: 1
   RECOVERY (TL5):  0
            Education :  +1 (+1)                Computer Programming:  +1 (+2)              Research:  +1 (+2)
            First Aid:  +1 (+3)                   Engineer--Synthetic:  +1 (+3)                     Electronics:  +1 (+3)
           Acrobatics:  +1 (+3)                Performance:  +5 (+7)                                  Conversation:  +1 (+3)
           Wardrobe&Style:  +4 (+7)     Persuasion: +3 (+6)                                     Mimicry:  +4 (+6)
            Perception:  +1 (+3)               Play Instrument:  +5 (+8)
            Ambidexterity                          Beautiful (Level 1)                                   Double Jointed
             Perfect Pitch
     Entertainer models are not really precursors to the AdCaps even though their skills seem to indicate that.  Rockers are used primarily for entertaining purposes and not for socializing.  Even though they are programmed to be more sociable, they are often frozen when presented with surprising conditions (Remember “Mudds Women” on the Original Star Trek?).  As their evolution continued, their designers started considering the synths themselves much as art as the music they played.  Synsound makes most Rockers.  They could recreate any human voice ever recorded and with Android technology, could do more.  Elvis lived and so did Caruso, whose android duplicate sang every week at the New Met opera house.  People attended but not as many at Presley Hall, where mutadroid rock groups thrashed until the fans got bored.  Instead of retiring at 25, they were re-engineered to be more outrageous, shocking, and ever new.
    NOTE:  Rockers are not recommended because of their decreased skill and limited use.

   COST:  $90 000
   EXAMPLE MODELS:  “Payne”, “Floyd”, “Orson”, “Paxton”
   AVERAGE AGE:  35-45
        INT: 8-10      PRE:  1      TECH:  8-10      REF:  5-7      DEX:  5-7     STR:  4-6      MOVE:  3-5     BODY:  5-7
   HITS:  30                             KILLING DEFENSE:  3
   RECOVERY (TL5):  20
         STANDERD (Both Models)
                 Education :  +4 (+6)                          Engineer--Synthetic:  +4 (+6)               Electronics:  +2 (+3)
                 Computer Programming:  +1 (+3)
                 Science:  +3 (+5)                               Research:  +3 (+5)                              Survival:  +2 (+4)
                 Paramedic:  +5  (+7)                          First Aid:  +5 (+7)                              Xenobiology:  +1 (+6)
                 Forensic Medicine:  0 (+3)              Criminology:  0 (+3)                           Professional Doctor: 0 (+3)
                 Engineer—Armor:  +4 (+6)             Weaponsmith:  +3 (+5)                     Engineer—Starship:  +3 (+6)
                 Engineer—Aerospace:  +4 (+6)     Mechanics:  +3 (+6)                           Pilot—Powerloader:  +2 (+5)
                Driving—APC:  0 (+3)                      Driving—Buggy:  (+3)                     Pilot—Dropship:  (+2)
             Ambidexterity                       Eidetic Memory                      Lightening Calculator
             Time Sense                           Speed Reader                          Acute Touch
     From the opposite side of the AdCaps are the Medical and Tech Synths.  They have almost zero social skills even though they still have a personality.  It just concentrates primarily on its skills, whether medical or engineering.  Techs primarily work with their tools and machines and often never even talk to anything made of flesh and blood.  Med-Synths are profound for having very poor bedside manners but you were in good hands when  you had them

   COST:  $75 000
   EXAMPLE MODELS:  “Bueller”, “Powell”, “Easley”, “Blake”
   AVERAGE AGE:  25-35
             INT:  3-5      PRE:  4-7     TECH:  3-5      REF:  6-8      DEX:  6-8     STR:  4-6      MOVE:  4-6     BODY:   4-6
   HITS:  30                 KILLING DEFENSE:  5
   RECOVERY (TL5):  15
            Autofire Weapons:  +4 (+5)                     Driving--APC:  +1 (+3)             Heavy Weapons:  +2 (+4)
            Demotion / Disposal:  +2 (+4)                  Gunnery:  +1 (+3)                      Pilot—Dropship:  +2 (+4)
            Athletics:  +2 (+4)                                      Hand to Hand:  +2 (+4)            Hand to Hand Evade:  +2 (+4)
            Firearms:  +3 (+5)                                       Ranged Evade:  +2 (+4)            Mechanics:  +2 (+4)
            Survival:  +1 (+3)                                       Tracking:  +1 (+2)                      Weaponsmith:  +1 (+3)
            First Aid:  +2 (+4)
                                        CMC Synths are not trained in Marine HTH
             Ambidexterity                           Common Sense                           Eidetic Memory
            Double Jointed                           Night Vision                               Light Sleeper
            Beautiful / Handsome (Optional at a 3 OP cost)
     Combat models are very unique and very controversial.  They still are not programmed to directly hurt human beings even though they are allowed to passively subdue them.  They are, however, totally ready to extinguish animal life but specifically, hostile alien life forms.   The problem with them was that there were designed to completely intermingle with their squadrons.  This resulted in many problems and a few initial designs becoming ostracized by their squads.  There were interaction problems; humans just didn’t like them.
     As a result, the Corps loosened their behavioral skills a bit.  They were allowed to have a larger palette of emotions.  Some were even implanted with fake pasts, and were enlisted in the Corps so they would be accepted early.  They are cost effective and expendable.  The programmers were almost too clever .  The androids developed sensitivities; there were questions about their emotional stability—and how they would react to the truth.  Those who knew, played along with the deception.
     Players who play Combat Synths know who they are.  A GM may, suddenly tell a PC he is a combat synth, if his / her skills fall into the categories above.  That means all their past friends and family were implanted.

     Special purpose synths cannot be made as characters because the designers only created  them for one purpose.  Game play would be quite boring when those requirements do not apply. These are Synths designed for specific jobs and when those jobs are done, the unit is useless until needed again.  Their abilities are fixed.

    TECH LEVEL:  4
    COST:   nil / Prototype model
         INT:  3   PRE:  1   TECH: 3      REF:   8     DEX:  8       STR:  11     MOVE:  10        BODY: 10
   HITS:  50             KILLING DEFENSE:  22
             Autofire Weapons:  +3              Engineer—Synthetic:  +3              Athletics:  +3
             Contortionists:  +2                      Infiltrate Hive:  +3                          Hand-to-Hand:  +4
             Hand-to-Hand Evade:  +3          Ranged Evade:  +2                          Shadowing:  +3
             Acute Smell                    Ambidexterity                   Blind Reaction
             +3 Combat Sense           Direction Sense                Double Jointed
             Night Vision *                Beserker (Will activate Alien Behavioral Protocols if
             Nutra Gel (see below)                                       threatened,  Synth Protocols overridden.
                                                                                          Will attack what threatened it until
                                                                                           commanded to by access code)
                         *:  Although blind, the aliens enhanced senses give this ability.
   ARMAMENT:              Range        WA             DC             ROF             NOTES
    Attack Tongue              1 m             +2                  6                  1                 Armor Piercing (halves KD)
    Teeth                               1m              +1                 4                   1                 Can also grapple
    Claws                               1 m             +1                  4                   1               Can also grapple
    Tail                                   2 m             -3                 n/a                 1               Grapple
    Cold Plasma Laser         500              0                     8                 30             300 Shots, must be assembled, 3r to ready.
                                (The XL1 does not have Acid for blood)

     The XL1 Norbet prototype was designed by Stan Mayakofsky to study the Alien in its own environment.  BioNational funded the project but was the brain child of Mayakosky, who always was interested in the hive structure of many Earth insects.   Norbet was a flawed prototype, unfortunately.  Its primary problem was its difficult task of infiltrating hives.  There was a strong chance the model would not be accepted into the Hive the XL1 infiltrated.
     The other flaw was its Alien Behavioral Protocols.  They were placed in their own directory.  When threatened or provoked, the XL1 would shut down its standard Synth protocols and would act like a xenomoprh until it heard the override command to revert back to its original programming.  When these alien protocols are in place, the Synth will kill or harm anything threatening.
     Its Synth personality is a Class 1 basic with very little social skills.   Its jaw and mouth is not capable of forming words so a special voice box was wired into its skull.  The creature’s voice is mechanical and inhuman but the Synth doesn’t even need to open its mouth to talk.
     The Prototype is indistinguishable to a xenomoprh except it does not have the acidic blood pumping through its veins.  All of the other weapons are the same including the sharp claws and attack tongue.  The unit infiltrates the Hive by adapting its pheromone signature to the Hive it is adapting.  This mechanism is very effective but Mayakosky hadn’t realized the Hive has a dominant psychic signature which a synth is incapable of generating.  Sometimes, Hives can be forgiving.
     Along with its basic armament, Mayakosky installed strange energy devices over the Synths body.  When removed from the body (a section under its arm, a section from the back, etc) and combined, it forms a very unique and crude Cold Plasma Laser only operable by the Alien Synth unit.  When asked why the Synth would need a Cold Plasma Laser, Mayakosky simple answered, “I’d want one.”
     Norbert’s skin is actually DNA patterned exactly like a real Alien, being immune to the acidity of their blood.  If wounded, the acid may infiltrate the innards.  If wounded, every acid splash has a %30 percent chance of causing 4DC damage directly to the Synth (no armor)

   COST:  $1 450 000
         INT:  5       PRE:  3      TECH:  5      REF:  8      DEX:  8      STR:  11      MOVE:  10       BODY:  10
   HITS:  50             KILLING DEFENSE:  22
   RECOVERY:  15
            Autofire Weapons:  +4                  Engineer—Synthetic:  +4                 Athletics:  +4
            Contortionists:  +3                          Infiltrate Hive:  +5                             Hand-to-Hand:  +4
            Hand-to-Hand Evade:  +3              Ranged Evade:  +2                            Shadowing:  +3
            Xenobiology:  +3                            Education :  +4                                   Computer Programming:  +3
            Science:  +3                                      Research:  +1 (+3)                              Paramedic:  +1
            Pilot—Dropship:  +2                      First Aid:  +4                                       Electronics:  +2
            Driving—APC:  +2                         Driving—Buggy:  +1                         Navigation: +1
            Engineer—Aerospace:  +2            Engineer—Armor:  +2                       Pilot—Starship:  +2
            Engineer—Starship:  +2                Firearms: +3
             Acute Smell                       Acute Hearing                     Ambidexterity            Blind Reaction
            +3 Combat Sense               Direction Sense                   Double Jointed               Common Sense
            Eidetic Memory                Lightening Calculator         Night Vision*                 Time Sense
            Nutra-Gel (see below)
                                     *:  Although blind, the aliens enhanced senses give this ability.
   ARMAMENT:              Range             WA             DC             ROF             NOTES
    Attack Tongue              1 m                 +2                 6                  1                     Armor Piercing (halves KD)
    Teeth                               1m                  +1                4                   1                     Can also grapple
    Claws                               1 m                 +1                4                   1                     Can also grapple
    Tail                                   2 m                 -3                 n/a               1                     Grapple
                                         (The XL2 does not have Acid for blood)
     “Jeri” is the common name given to the Production model of the Mayakosky prototype.  Very few exist considering the extreme production cost of the model.  Jeri looks identical to the Norbet model considering they are both Xenomorphic Synthetics.  However, the similarities end there.  Both can infiltrate Hives,  but Jeri can simulate a psychic pulse that confuses Aliens into believing the Synth is part of their Hive.  Jeri, However, was designed to monitor Hives already controlled by mankind.  There are sanctioned Corporation hives that are usually monitored and controlled.  Jeri is kept inside to monitor behavior and track irregularities.   He is often paired off with a “Dean” Assault Synth in case control is lost and the hive must be eliminated.
     Jeri’s radical differences come from inside.  The removal of the Cold Plasma laser gave additional room for the personality matrix.  The Alien Behavioral protocols have been merged with its standard Synth protocols with a enhanced system capable of discerning situational awareness.  The Synth, therefore, is ALWAYS bound by its Synthetic Behavioral Inhibitors and cannot harm a human being.  These rules cannot be overridden and the Synth will break from its Alien behavior if a human is in danger unlike the Norbet Synth that would remain in Alien form unless ordered out of it.
     Jeri’s personality is very advanced, actually a slightly modified form of the ADCAP brain seen in General Support and Sex Synths.  Jeri’s voice box was modified to be more pleasing than robotic even though it still does not need to open its mouth to talk.   Jeri is also trained in standard CMC Support Synth Skills, making Jeri an amazing replacement to standard CMC Synths assigned to marine teams required to enter  hostile bug-infested territories.  Jeri has almost all the abilities from a Bishop, Dawn, or Crowe Synth.  This can sometimes cause problems.
     Jeri is a amazing fighter but even though he has the programming of a field medic, is not often given the advantage to use them.  His fingers, seemingly clumsy for detailed work, are extremely articulate.  The additional thumb improves his abilities even more.  Jeri can even handle weaponry.  Even though Jeri is very personable, very few people can accept working alongside one.  In the case of Norbert, which was locked and offline until needed, Jeri has a standard Synth lifespan, given the freedom to move freely with no shut down override.  Jeri understands his position and is eager to please.  Because of his advanced personality, Jeris’ have been known to have their feelings hurt if they are secluded from the group.  Because of their appearance, it is commonplace.
     XL2s refer to the XL1 with distinction and think Mayakofsky as their Father.  Jeri has only been given one name since they are way too expensive to be used in pairs.  Jeri was designed and built by Grant Corp and is equipped with their Nutra-Gel compound, making him immune to the alien’s acid blood, even if wounded.
     SPECIAL NOTE:  A GM may allow Jeri to be modified for Player use.  Exercise EXTREME caution.

   COST:  $1 350 000
             INT:  1       PRE:  1      TECH:  2      REF:  7      DEX:  7      STR:  15      BODY:  See Below     MOVE:  5
                 Autofire Weapons:  +6                      Athletics:  +2                           Hand-to-Hand:  +4
                 Hand-to-Hand Evade:  +4                  Ranged Evade:  +2                 Heavy Weapons:  +5
                Gunnery:  +4
                    Ambidexterity                                   Blind Reaction                           +3 Combat Sense
                    Direction Sense                                Night Vision                               Time Sense
                    Nutra-Gel (see below)
    LOCATIONS:                      STRUCTURE:                      ARMOR:
        MAIN BODY:                            2K                                        1K
        ARMS (2):                              1K (50 SDP)                       0.5K (25 SDP)
        LEGS (2):                                 1K (50 SDP)                       0.5K (25 SDP)
    ARMAMENT:               WA        RANGE         DC         ROF         SHOTS     NOTES
        Plasma Rifle                0             1000               8             30              1000
        Plasma Cannon          -2            2000              2k            ½               40
        Grenade Launcher     -1            50                  9              1                 30             3 m BR
        Flamethrower              0             3-50              6/6**       3                 120
                             **6 DC is automatically done next round if it hits the first round.
     Dean was a successor to the Beserker models once the aliens started appearing in larger numbers.  Beserkers were powerful but unreliable.   The Assault Synth was the solution.  It is a 3 ton titanium skeleton with a Synthetic interior.  Dean’s brain is extremely basic, being programmed only with standard Behavioral Inhibitors and command protocols of who to shoot and who not to.  Dean is not allowed to fire on humans but models have been known to be reprogrammed.  They are designed to combat aliens.  Even though it has more than four inches of armor, it is still coated with Grant Corp’s NeutraGel along its outer skin.
     Dean is large but is light and small in comparison to the Berserker he replaces.  He is not often used in the front line, but rather kept at sanctioned hives and as battlemovers for large multi-vessel combat squads.  Dean is armed with a Plasma Rifle of obscene concussive force with thermite grenades and flame throwers as backups.  Like the Norbet unit, Dean is often kept shut down until needed.  He has no social skills.  Dean is a rarity and not often seen.  They were never produced in large numbers.

    TECH LEVEL:  5
   COST:   $950 000
   AGE:  35
            INT:  3       PRE:  1      TECH:  7     REF:   7   DEX:  8       STR:  12     MOVE:  6     BODY:  15
   HITS:  75 (1.5K)                     KILLING DEFENSE:  30 (0.5k)
   RECOVERY:  20
                 Pilot—Dropship:  +2                 Driving—APC: +4                              Driving—Buggy:  +3
                 Navigation: +3                           Autofire Weapons:  +4                      Demolition / Disposal:  +7
                 Weaponsmith:  +3                     Heavy Weapons:  +5                         Gunnery:  +3
                 Smart Gunner:  +3                      Tactics:  +3                                          Athletics:  +3
                 Climbing:  +2                              Firearms:  +5                                         Hand-to-Hand:  +5
                 Hand-to-Hand Evade:  +4        Melee Weapons:  +4                          Melee Evade:  +3
                 Security Systems:  +7               Zero-G-Maneuvering:  +3
                    Ambidexterity                  Eidetic Memory                       Lightening Calculator
                    Time Sense                      Speed Reader                           Double Jointed
                    Blind Reaction                 Combat Sense (+4)                  Direction Sense
                    Night Vision                      Nutra-Gel (see below)
     Liston was created as a possible replacement for the CMC General Support Synth in hostile environments.  It would be able to operate and use firepower but also still look normal, unlike the very intimidating and huge Dean Assault Synth.  Unlike Dean, which is built on a need-to-have-him basis, Liston is rolled of a modified assembly similar to all mass produced Synths, but he is still the single most expensive one rolled off.  As a result, some corporations that operate him install a new protocol that prevents the Liston from being used foolishly or as a sacrifice measure that many Synths are delegated to.
     “Due to my substantial dollar value, I am not allowed to be used in potentially hostile operations unless certain specific thresholds have been reached.”
     Base Compound counteractive (Nutra-Gel) to Xenomorphic Acid are exuded from modified sweat glands, making Liston a great alien fighter.  He is strong and capable of using all Marine weaponry.  He can also pilot all known military craft and disarm almost every type of explosive.  The most extreme difference between Liston and other Synths is that his behavioral inhibitors can be overridden by the commanding officer to harm or kill anyone ordered.  This design modification has been kept under tight wraps and as a result, Liston is only used on the rim or in extreme hostile situations.
     Liston is an obvious synth, being over ten feet tall.  This was purposeful for intimidation purposes since his design protocols made him to be mostly used as a form of passive defense.  Their personalities are very simple and usually only quote guidelines and directives.  When not active, Liston, still operating, usually just stays close to the commanding officer, always with its arms crossed.

    Synthetics, Robots, Artificial People, Androids—They go by many names in many genres.  One exists in another FUZION game.  So, if you wish to implement the Boomer rules from Bubblegum Crisis, you are more than welcome to even though you may have to modify the abilities slightly.