The Xenomorphs were created by an ancient race (The Jockey Race) tens of thousands of years ago (Refer to their plug-in for their past).  They were fighting among themselves in a brutal civil war.  Their technology was organic in nature and was so powerful, the death toll ran into the millions.  For decades, the war never saw twilight.  It seemed to go on forever…until one side got an idea.

     It was an experiment to create a biomechanical weapon.  It would adapt to its environment, be completely independent….and finally…it would be viscous.  This creature would be a living machine with the most grotesque combination of science and nature.  They created a species bent only of the art of killing.   The experiment was placed on a distant world (“Alien-Proteus”).  They designed the species with a hive structure to keep the infestation from running out of control.  The “ant” methodology was promoted.  The object:  To keep the infestation under control by keeping the creatures close to their “queen.”

     The experiment was a success.  The creatures we know as Xenomorphs were created.  The standard infiltrator    mission was as follows:  An egg is deposited in a populace, it impregnates, and an alien bursts out of the host and soon find more host which it can convert into eggs which will also hunt down hosts to impregnate.  The creature will kill anything threatening and convert the rest.  Soon, the populace is destroyed and the aliens are left alone on the world or spacecraft where the infestation was released.  It is assumed the Jockeys that created the Xenomorphs had a procedure to eliminate the new infection.

     The Jockeys were ready to unleash their creation on their enemy.   The Proteus planet was still under control.  The experiment seemed safe.  The mother species deposited many life forms to keep their hives intact.  These life forms seemed to reproduce in large numbers.  When needed, a transport would simply set down and pick up a queen, a drone, an army, or just a bunch of eggs as the mission profile specified.  The weapon proved useful and the war ended quickly.

     But Pandora’s box was open.

    The Xenomorphs were designed to adapt to current situations but their basic morphology was not to change…it did.  Before the Jockeys could stop their “children”, they had evolved.  One small little change, something seemingly insignificant connected to the “ant” structure but not included in the alien design…Royal Jelly—the strange substance used to generate a queen.  When the Jockeys discovered infested worlds where there shouldn’t be, they got worried.

    Given the capability to create their own queens, the infestation could not be bottled.  It soon broke out of control.  The Jockeys found their experiment turning against them.  They tried to find a weapon to defeat their own creation but they were already demoralized from a past war.  They sent one last ship to pick up “evolved” egg samples from the Proteus planet to study…it never came back.

     The Jockey race vanished.  After thousands of years, without transportation, the Xenomorphs quickly overran the planets they were on, then promptly died out.  They might be long lived, but after ten thousand years, even their lifespan ran out.  The eggs fossilized, the bodies disintegrated and the last legacy of the alien species vanished.  The ship from the proteus world crashed landed on a world far away from their homeworld.

     Everything went quiet.

     The universe held its breath.


    LV-426 was the world were the lone Jockey ship crashed landed, across the galaxy from their homeworld.  The Jockey onboard was killed when an alien egg he carried broke free and impregnated him.  Without a pilot, his ship set down on the hostile world.  The stasis fields in the cargo bay were damaged and all but one bay of eggs were unsealed.  They all soon died from exposure.  One bay remained sealed and waited--the last living legacy of a past experiment that failed.
     It was several millennia later when the Nostromo set down on the planet to investigate the signal the Jockey ship had sent to keep people away.  57 years later, a colony was placed on that world which was overrun by the species.  The infestation was wiped out when the colony’s atmosphere processor went critical.  The Jockey ship survived, covered in a lethal dose of radiation.
     It is unsure how the species got off the world but all bets point towards a human cause.   It seemed the race finally died out when Ellen Ripley dove into a furnace on Fiorina 161.  The GM is totally open on how the Alien starts its path.  Refer to the story for details.  A salvage ship could pick up another alien wreck with alien specimens on board.  Someone might recover the Sulaco.  Someone might even smuggle some life specimens from the radioactive cover of Acheron.  Either way…they are out.


     The Aliens are alive.  They have a genetic structure.  They are born and can die.  They have a blood stream; they have a social structure.   They have teeth and can scream.  The Aliens have a cellular structure partly carbon and partly silicon based.  They have a very identifiable brain with sensory organs.  They have also shown reasoning.  The drones are surprisingly intelligent.  They gestate in a living host and come out in pain.  The aliens are alive.
     They are also a machine.  They don’t require food, as we know it.  They can eat but process it completely different, converting the materials directly into increasing its own size, or storing it for when it needs to create a hive.  The aliens, for a better part of the word, are walking batteries, as they run on the acid blood in their veins.  They also seem to have a programmed path.  One cannot go rogue under the direction of its queen.  They seem always under a fixed set of instructions given to them.   They don’t have a digestive system as we know it nor do they even have eyes.  Any ophthalmologist or Austin Lasik surgeon would be interested to learn how the Aliens can see or perceive their surroundings. Humans are so dependent on their eyes, especially in combat situations, they create new technologies like Lasik to perfect eyesight. They don’t grow as normal creatures do and they also don’t have a nervous system as we know it.  In many ways, the Aliens are machines.



    The aliens, upon bursting out, can devour ANYTHING to increase it own body mass.  It doesn’t need a kill to grow.  It can convert any refined material whether it be organic or not (metals or animals) and convert it into biomass it can use to grow.  With that in mind, the alien can achieve full growth in under 10 hours.  Using this scale, at each hour, use a percentage of an adult’s abilities for the newborn’s (5 hours—50%)  abilities.  This rule applies even if the alien is being adopted by the hive to another purpose.  A Queen’s stats can also be used because an alien turning into a queen will also achieve it full growth in ten hours.  The same also goes for the Royal Guard.

            --A queen, once born, will develop into full maturity in ten hours, with society’s help, can start creating its own eggs six hours after that.
            --A queen can give birth to an egg every 5 minutes.
            --A minimum of three drones can convert a regular egg into a queen or royal guard egg in six additional hours.
            --A rogue drone can convert a living host into a regular egg in 10 hours.
            --An alien can achieve maturity after bursting in ten hours.
            --The lifespan of an egg is 200 years.
            --The Drone’s lifespan is 25% of the average lifespan of the host.
            --The lifespan of a Royal Guard is 30 years.
            --The lifespan of  a queen is 100 years.
            --Eggs, once born, can release a facehugger instantly.

    The skin of the Xenomorph is rigid and extremely resilient.  It is immune to all atmospheric effect including zero-G.  The alien does not use air as we know it.  It needs air to produce sound of course, but is also uses air in its conversion process.   It also is used to maintain temperature.

    The alien uses motion and pressure senses to locate prey.   It can also use smell and hearing as well, but it has no form of visual senses.  It cannot be blinded in any way.  The alien is also immune to radiation, and all Gases.   However, because its senses are based on pressure and feeling, the creature is sensitive to very loud booms, as sensitive as humans.  However, the one thing the aliens will curdle to is heat.  Like most animals, the Alien will retreat from fire .

    The aliens blood is the life of the creature.  It is a highly corrosive form of molecular acid.  Unlike most creature the blood is under a massive pressure.  The creature does have what is known as a heart, however it does work a bit differently.  In comparison, the Alien has the blood pressure and the heart beat of a hummingbird.  FUZION rules have a hit location table on page 48 in the PDF rules.  A hit in the knees or arms produces little splash of the acid.   But a hit to the torso produces quite feedback of acidic blood.  The splash range is as follows:

    Head:  1D6 - 1 meters
    Arms / Legs:  1D6 - 3 meters
    Torso:  1D6 +1 meters

   Anybody caught in a 90-degree arc from the hit area must make a dodge of roll or avoid the searing effects.
 The acid causes DC7 at point blank range and it reduces by one ever 2 meters to the maximum rage of the splatter.
     The difficulty to dodge is 18 with –1 for every meter away from the alien.
     Unless the acid is cleared up the following round, it will continue to do damage.  Every subsequent round, the target will take –1 DC damage from the initial DC until neutralized.
     Remember that ALL targets must check for spray.  This includes vehicles, weapons, and walls.   Finally, the acid blood causes so much damage, 50% of all damage taken removes armor (round down).  To Kill structures, the continues effect of the acid means that ever 50 points of acidic damage removes 1 K.  This allows even a drone to eat through the armor of an APC.  Any vehicles or structures in the splatter path are hit automatically 1D6 times.

     In case you are wondering, aliens are immune to their own acid.

    All alien weapons are listed under their unique profiles.

    Aliens are invisible to infrared and therm-optics.  They can remain perfectly still and immune to motion sensors unless they decide to move.  All normal detection systems are normal.

    The Aliens prime form of communication is direct mental contact.  The Queen and the Guards control the Brood that way.  At TL6, the Beekeepers use this as a way of subduing the aliens.  If these abilities are readily explored, then the PCs should be able to develop defense and assault for their abilities.  Aliens are very vulnerable to psychic attack.  It is assumed that they were designed that way to answer the calls of their Jockey masters (which were heavy Psychics).  However, this couldn’t stop the aliens from wiping them out.  These skills use the Mental Powers plug-in:
     --All Aliens have a Telepathy skill with themselves of 10
     --To non-Aliens, they have an effective skill of Zero but if the Host has a skill of even +1, the skill is transferred to the Alien (see hybridization below)
    --Aliens are extremely susceptible to mental attack.  Even though they have a high stun.  Mental attacks do x 3 damage.  Any Mental attacks that cause STUN will cause the alien to hesitate for one round.  The Xenomorph is simply not armed to handle it.  This only occurs in the first attack of combat.
     --Aliens are immune to Mental Illusions and Mind Link.
     --Mind Control is possible but hard.
     --A Character can use his/her will to cause the Alien to hesitate like above without a mental attack skill.  The Character needs to beat a DV of 18 to do it.

    Aliens are immune to all other psychological problems as well as all known diseases.  Electricity has only a half effect.  Aliens can never be fatigued or stunned.  Therefore, the following characteristics are not applicable:  Humanity, Endurance, Luck.
     Stun Defense is given a very high number.
     All Characteristics not listed are assumed to be One.

INT: Intelligence plus any pluses for Int skills.  They are all the same to it has been added, basically awareness.
WILL:  All aliens have a Willpower of 10.  These are used only when utilizing the Alien Psychic abilities.
REF: This is Reflex plus any pluses for Ref skills.  They are al the same to it has been added.
TECH:  Aliens have no real tech ability.
DEX: This is Dexterity plus any pluses for Dex skills.  They are al the same to it has been added.
CON: Aliens have an amazing constitution.
STR: Strength.
BODY:  Really only used to determine the amount of damage an Alien can take.
RUN: The maximum move of the alien.
SWIM / LEAP:   Self-explanatory.
HITS: How many hits the Alien can take before dying.
KD (or PD):  The Alien’s armor
ED (or EKD):  The alien’s resistance to energy attacks.
STUN: How much stun an alien can take.  Generically very high.
SD: Stun Defense.
REC:  How much the Alien recovers per day.
WEAPONS: Weapons the alien has access to.


    No matter what, even if converted to a Queen, the egg is only used to create and hold the facehugger life form.  Any living organism that approaches within 3 meters will activate it.  If it is ignited, the Facehugger will try to escape.

HITS:  20 KD:  2  ED:  5
WEAPONS:  Launch Facehugger—see below.

    A facehugger is completely centered on one purpose:  Just impregnate the closest person.  It has a fast move and can leap amazing distances.  Its only direction is its face-grabbing leap.  If it misses, it will try again.   It can use its tail as a grapple which will increase its chances of a full head grapple by +2 next round.  If it hits, the victim must make a STR check and beat the Facehugger every round to avoid the alien’s grasp.  If that fails, the victim is considered out of commission.  Two consecutive successes are required to pry the Facehugger completely.

     1:  If the alien is cut of instantly, the victim must take a CON check and beat a DV of 15 or take DC4 Stun immediately.  Full acid splash damage must also be applied.  Every minute afterward, the stun damage increases by 1DC.  Also add 1DC of Killing Damage.  It is always unwise to cut the facehugger off after the first few minutes.
     2:  The embryo will be implanted in one hour.  The Facehugger can be safely removed without acid blood spilt if a surgical ward is present and a doctor is prepped.  After a single DV of  22, a live facehugger is removed from the host.  Every TL  reduces the difficulty by 1.
     3:  After the first hour, the embryo is in.  The same DV above is required to remove the Facehugger plus a simpler DV of 15 is required to remove the now dead embryo.
     4:  After six hours, the Facehugger falls off, the host is ready.  If it can’t find another host in ten minutes, it will die.  Placing it in stasis will prevent that from happening.  The Host will awaken an hour later, fully recovered, no symptoms until the time is right.

INT:  4          REF:  9          DEX:  9          CON:  10         STR:  10         BODY:  3
RUN:  18         SWIM / LEAP:  6

HITS:  15         KD:  1          ED:  20
STUN:  21         SD:  20

Tail          Range:  1m         WA:  +2          DC:  Grapple

     Get away, as soon as possible.  Use whatever food is nearby and grow.  The Chesburster is loyal to only two things:  Its hive and its specific host.  It bursts out of its host, which is usually hive in the Host  room or Breeding chamber, and moves on to grow off surrounding food, usually sometimes part of the hive but usually food given to it from other adults.  If on its own…it will flee and try to gain is strength as soon as possible.  As above the Chestburster stats are really only applicable for the first hour.  Then it becomes a newborn warrior.  At this stage, the alien does not have access to any of its weapons...except its teeth which are terrifying.
     1:  After six hours, the Chestburster  newborn has grafted itself inside the host.  After that, the alien can still be removed after an attempt to counter a DV of 26 is made.  The chestburster will emerge six hours later.  Every hour another check can be made.  Every failure results in a DC4 injury.
     2:  When the alien emerges, it does DC12 damage to its host with no KD defense.
     3:  There have been reports of Facehugger’s implanting two or more Newborns in the Host body.  If this is the case, there is a chance that one or both of the newborns may be killed.  The Body is not designed to carry two.  If there are two, the first has a  20% chance of dying and the second has a 30% chance.   If there are three, then the chances of all of them increase by 10% (3 embryos:  1=30%, 2=40% 3=50%; 5 embryos:  1=50%, 2=60%, 3=70%, 4=80%, 5=90%).  Every extra embryo requires one extra hour of maturation in the host for the entire group and one extra hour as Chestbursters before they can mature as adult warriors.
     4:  Several situations can delay a chestbursters appearance.
          --A queen takes twice as long—20 hours total.
          --The Chestburster remains still while the subject in cryo.  But it takes a lot longer to come out.  Whatever time is left when the host comes out of cryo is multiplied by 10.

INT:  4          REF:  10         DEX:  11         CON:  10         STR:  3          BODY:  5
RUN:  24         SWIM / LEAP:  8

HITS:  25         KD:  5            ED: 20
STUN:  35         SD:  20          REC:  13

Teeth           Range:  1m         WA:  +2          DC:  3


        Adults have a different agenda depending on the situation.  They must find new hosts for the queen above all.  If a threat has encroached upon the hive, the alien will defend and kill.  If no Hive is present, the Drone must create a brood of fellow drones by converting animals into eggs.  If a brood is large enough , then they try to create a hive.  Aliens only think for themselves when they are alone.
     1:  Hybridization, see below.  The stats below are for a standard human.
     2:  The Aliens can hide themselves in their own hive at +5 skill.  A player must be actively searching for aliens to spot one.  Aliens uses DEX, Players use Awareness.
     3:   Aliens never take things personally.  Only if their Queen or Host is threatened does the alien react in a violent manner.  When that happens, all of the aliens Characteristics increase by 1.
     4:  At least 3 drones, after forming a small hive, can convert a regular egg into a queen egg or royal guard egg in six additional hours by producing Royal Jelly.   The Facehugger looks normal but creates  the appropriate newborn.
     5:  A rogue drone can convert a living host into a regular egg in 10 hours.  This involves enclosing the subject and slowly converting the host into an egg.  Since one extra host is used up, the Queen route is always preferred.  (Note:  This process was shot for the first film but cut.  I have included it as an extra bite the creatures have)

INT:  6          WILL:  10         REF:  10         TECH:  3         DEX:  11
CON:  10         STR:  10         BODY:  10         RUN:  24         SWIM / LEAP:  8

HITS:  50 (1 K)*         KD:  11        ED:  20
STUN:  70                   SD:   20        REC:  20

    *A 1 K weapons will kill a drone.

WEAPONS:             Range:              WA:              DC:              SPECIAL
Attack Tongue             1 m                  +2                  6           Armor Piercing (halves KD)
Teeth                            1m                   +1                  4           Can also grapple
Claws                            1 m                  +1                  4           Can also grapple
Acid Spit                       12 m                 -2                  5           Continues burn (see above)
Tail                                2 m                  -3                  n/a         Grapple

     The Queen’s chosen few.  Royal Guards are created much the same way as Queens except they are raised in the presence of a queen.  This, somehow, prevents their growth into a new Queen.   The Queen will almost always have 3 guards near her.  For ever 20 Drones in the hive, add 1D drones.  Their loyalty is to their queen.  These and the queens are the only aliens without host loyalty.  Like the Queen, the host organism is meaningless and hybridization rules do not apply.  Royal Guards always come out the same way.  They will always attack to kill.  Host gathering is for drones.  They protect the queen at all cost.  If the queen is directly threatened, they will attack at +1 to all their abilities like drones.  If the queen is hurt, they got into a frenzy at an additional +1.  Royal Guards are never found more than 50 feet away from the queen and will not pursue opponents past that but can direct drones to do otherwise.  All instruction to the Guard are given directly by the Queen. She can override ALL of the Guard instructions.  If she wants a Royal Guard to go half way across the planet to pick up a flower, it will.  Royal Guards are more intelligent than Drones.  They are also stronger, faster, and larger.   Guards can think independently even in presence of a hive or even a queen.  They will sometimes control the drones when the queen is not present.  If the queen is killed, the guards are responsible for creating a new one.
     1:  The Royal Guard can hide themselves in their own hive at +7 skill.  A player must be actively searching for aliens to spot one.  Aliens use DEX,  Players use Awareness.
     2: If their Queen is threatened, the Guard will react in a violent manner.  When that happens, all of the aliens Characteristics increase by 1.  If the Queen is hurt, add an additional +1

INT:  8              WILL:  10             REF:  13             TECH:  6             DEX:   15
CON:  10             STR: 13              BODY:  15             RUN:  24             SWIM / LEAP:  8

HITS:  75 (1.5 K)             KD:  15 (0.2 K)             ED:  20 (0.5 K)
STUN:  105             SD:  20              REC:  25

WEAPONS:             Range:              WA:              DC:             SPECIAL
Attack Tongue         1 m                      +2                  7 (0.5 K)     Armor Piercing (halves KD)
Teeth                        1m                       +1                  5                  Can also grapple
Claws                        1 m                      +1                  5                  Can also grapple
Acid Spit                   12 m                     -2                  6                  Continues burn (see above)
Tail                            2 m                      -3                  n/a                Grapple
Tail Spear                 2 m                      -3                  6                   None

     Queens do have personalities.  They do get angry.  Their loyalty is to their Hive.  Any threat to any part of their hive is taken personality.  The Queen is generically evil but its heart is with its children.  The more helpless the child, the more angry it gets her.  All her Characteristics can increase by one if this happens.  Generically, the queen never moves and directs her guards and drones as per her will.  Once removed from her egg sac, she is a monster in every sense of the word.  They have four arms, an extra long attack tongue, and very long tail.  Queens are usually only stationary, connected to her egg sack, producing an egg every five minutes.  When her hive becomes too large, she may elect to spread her genes with a new brood to a new hive.  After the newborn is born from its host, the queen would then send an army of her drones with the newborn to a new location to start a new hive.  A queen never gives up her guards.  They are betroved to only her.  A queen, once detached from her egg sac, can actually carry up to six eggs on her back.  This is necessary if the hive is threatened and the populace must relocate.

    1:  Queen have two attacks every round because of their limbs.

INT:  13              WILL:  10             REF:  14             TECH:  8             DEX:   12
CON:  13             STR:  18             BODY:  30             RUN:  24             SWIM / LEAP:  8

HITS:  150 (3 K)             KD:  30 (0.5 K)             ED:  26 (0.5 K)
STUN:   210             SD:  26              REC:  33

WEAPONS:             Range:              WA:              DC:                SPECIAL
Attack Tongue             2 m                  +2                  13 (1 K)      Armor Piercing (halves KD)
Teeth                            1m                   +1                  9 (0.5 K)     Can also grapple
Large Claws                 3 m                  +1                  8 (0.4 K)     Can also grapple
Small Claws                  1 m                  0                    6                  Can also grapple
Acid Spit                       12 m                 -2                  9 (0.5 K)     Continues burn (see above)
Tail                                2 m                  -3                  n/a               Grapple
Tail Spear                     2 m                  -3                  10 (0.6 K)     None

    HYBRIDIZATION (Optional)

     Alien Adults have one amazing capability:  They seem to adopt the abilities of their host.  A Royal Jelly event seems to override these inherited qualities.  These inherited qualities are usually basic characteristics but as observations showed, these qualities continued into a deeper realm.  The aliens seem to gather skills from their host as well.  For those rules, a basic alien without host DNA is given.  This is not an alien, just the stats of the alien without any host abilities, this creature is NOT possible.

INT:  2            WILL:  10         REF:  6         TECH:  0         DEX:  7
CON:  6            STR:  4              BODY:  6

SWIM / LEAP:  4             RUN:  SWIM x 3

HITS:  BODY x 5  **              KD:   BODY x2 **             ED:  CON x 2
STUN:   BODY x 7                SD:   CON x 2              REC:  STR + CON

*:  WILL is always 10.
**:  Ever 50 hits is 1 K

WEAPONS:             Range:              WA:              DC:              SPECIAL
Attack Tongue         1 m                      +2                  6           Armor Piercing (halves KD)
Teeth                        1m                       +1                  4           Can also grapple
Claws                        1 m                      +1                  4           Can also grapple
Acid Spit                   12 m                     -2                  5           Continues burn (see above)
Tail                            2 m                      -3                  n/a         Grapple

     If a fully rolled character (PC or NPC) is implanted, the following rules apply, allowing for some very interesting game play.

    1—PRIMARY CHARACTERISTICS:  For every Primary Characteristic, +1 for every point.  An average human has characteristics of 4…making a regular alien. The only exception is PREsense, which is used below.  (EG:  A character with a STR of 8 adds 8 to the alien template making the drone have a STR of 12, higher than the regular adult.

    NOTE:  If the Characters PRE is below 4, this hybridization stops.  However, if PRE is above, more if the original host moves to its newborn.  The Character will often have to make a “HOST PRESENSE” roll.  When asked, roll a D10.  Rolling the original Characters PRE - 4 number or less is a success (A PRE of 8 has a HOST PRESENSE of 4).  For simplicity HOST PRESENSE is referred to as “HP”, after hybridization is done, this number proves very useful (see below)

    2—SKILLS:  Every character’s skill is translated over.
     The skill in the adult =  Original Skill Value - 5 + (PRE –5)
     (eg:  A Character with a Hacking skill of 7 and a PRE of 7 will give its newborn a Hacking skill of 4 [7 – 5 + 2] )
 All skills the alien inherits below 1 are gone.

    2—COMPLICATIONS:   Infrequent, Mild, Or Minor Complications are gone.  A HP roll is required for all other complications with the following modifiers to the rolls:

        Frequently:  0                       Strong Intensity:  0
        Constantly:  -1                      Severe Intensity:  -1
                                                         Extreme Intensity:  -2
        Major Importance:  0
        Extreme Importance:  -1

     If successful, the complication is inherited.   (A psychopathic alien….hmmm.)  One level is reduced however.  (eg:  Constantly is reduced to Frequently, Extreme Intensity is reduced to Severe Intensity, etc.).  Of course, role playing will have to be major and final word must be the GMs.  It doesn’t make sense for Aliens to be “Honest” since they don’t talk.  Social Complications are meaningless.  However, some complications can be real interesting such as “Responsibilities” and  “Personality Traits.”

    3—TALENTS:  Make an HP test for ever Talent to see if it is inherited.  For every extra 3 OP the Character spent (above the initial 3) = -1 to the HP roll.  Some, obviously, cannot be transferred (Beautiful would be a notable example).  GM’s discretion.

   4—THE SOUL:  Whenever this adult Alien with any HP ability comes into contact with anything familiar to the old host, Make an HP roll with any modifiers the GM decides which is necessary (a loved one can give –3 bonus to the roll for example).  This is called the Trigger Bonus.  If successful, the Alien gets confused.  At the very least, it hesitates.  When that happens, roll 2D6 and add your HP + The Trigger Bonus given before. (like the +3 loved one).  With exception of the last two entries, the Alien will always respond normally when not in contact with the Trigger.

    NOTE:  This table is for the trigger being a loved one or a friend.  If the Trigger is something displeasing, like an enemy (that damn corporation guy that sold you to the aliens), then -3 automatically to the roll.  If the roll is above 7, ignore the description.  The Alien will just attack the target violently in a rampage of hate.  Add +2 to all abilities and the alien will not think of anything else.  The Hive be damned.  It will kill that trigger and even a 50% chance it will kill the alien that bursts from the host if that trigger gets impregnated.

 ROLL               EFFECT
    3:                          The Alien continues as normal.  No effect.  Hesitation stops.
    4-6:                      The Alien hesitates for 2D6 Combat rounds, giving the other a chance to escape.
                                            It will then come around.
    7-9:                      The Alien is confused and hesitates for up to 2D6 minutes and might even be curious of
                                            the trigger….but after that, will come around back to its roots.
    10-11:                  The Alien will run away.  It is experiencing emotions it was not designed to handle.
                                            It will run away from any group where the Trigger is present.
                                            But will react normally to everyone and everything else.
    12-13:                  The Alien’s loyalties are torn.  It remembers the trigger but that is all.
                                            It will not allow the Trigger to come to harm. And will kill anything except another
                                            alien to keep it that way.  All other Alien attributes apply.
                                            Another Alien can attempt to gain control of this alien by Rolling
                                            WILL + D10 (or 3D6 depending on what the GM decides).
                                            The DC depends on the alien type (Drone:  DC=18, Royal Guard: DC=15, Queen: DC=13).
                                            This roll must be made ever minute or ever time the trigger appears again.
    14-16:                    The Alien has full recall.  The Alien IS the host for all intensive purposes as long as the
                                            Trigger is present.  Another Alien can attempt to gain control of this alien by
                                            Rolling WILL + D10 (or 3D6 depending on what the GM decides).   The DC depends
                                            on the alien type (Drone:  DC=20, Royal Guard: DC=18, Queen:  DC=15).
                                            This roll must be made ever minute or ever time the Trigger appears again.
                                            The personality of the Alien when it is uncontrolled is very GM dependant.
                                            Usually, these aliens react exactly as the host would when the memory trigger is
                                            close by.  The Host personality is in influence.  When away from the trigger,
                                            the Alien must roll its HP+ The Trigger Bonus to keep control or become an alien
                                            again.  The moment the trigger appears, it immediately goes back to the Hosts control
                                            (no roll necessary).
    17+                       (Optional)  The soul or mind of the Host seems to have moved into the Alien.  All
                                            memories are recalled.  All skills and complications go to the host’s original value.
                                            Characteristics remain the Aliens.   The alien is now a rogue even when in a hive.
                                            No aliens can gain control.  When this happens, the Guards or the Queen usually
                                            orders its destruction.  This alien will even respond to the original Host’s name.
                                            This alien will never be the same again.

   FINAL NOTES:  Any alien that becomes a threat to its own Hive is often ordered destroyed by order of the Royal Guards or the Queen.  The Gm can simply create a base character however he/she likes and create any type of alien he/she wants.  Enjoy the attack.

     Animals don’t have personalities to speak of (people will argue otherwise).   Their PREsense is considered too low to have skills that can be passed down.  The GM can make exceptions of course.  The GM determines the final abilities.  The great advantage of Animal hybrids are the unique characteristics for each animal.  Of course, I cannot write down every animal here, these are just generic bonuses.  The GM can use his imagination to do whatever he likes in the final design.


INT:  1              REF:  10             TECH:  0             DEX:  10              CON:  4
STR:  1            BODY: 2             SWIM / LEAP:  10 / 20
                +8 Climbing
                Runs on all fours.
                +10 m Leap.
                +3 Awareness
                Exceptional hostile.  Not very useful to the hive because it prefers killing hosts.

INT:  1              REF:  8              TECH:  0             DEX:  9               CON:  5
STR:  2            BODY: 3             SWIM / LEAP:  12 / 16
                +5 Climbing
                Runs on all fours
                +4 Leap
                +5 Awareness
                Exceptional hostile.  Not very useful to the have because it prefers killing hosts.

INT:  1                  REF:  4              TECH:  0             DEX:  5               CON:  8
STR:  5                 BODY: 5             SWIM / LEAP:  3
                25% larger.
                More docile.  Automatic 1 round hesitation.

    LARGE REPTILE (Gator, Croc)
INT:  1              REF:  3              TECH:  0             DEX:  3               CON:  6
STR:  8            BODY: 6             SWIM / LEAP:  2
MODIFICATIONS:  +1 DC to all Damage except Acid.
   +5 ED and KD
   +1m to Tail.

INT:  2  REF:  3  TECH:  0 DEX:  4   CON:  8  STR:  10
BODY:  10 SWIM / LEAP:   12 / 6
MODIFICATIONS:     +25% larger
                                                    +1 DC to all attacks except acid.
                                                    +6 Swim.

INT:  3              REF:  5              TECH:  1             DEX:  6               CON:  4
STR:  3            BODY: 4             SWIM / LEAP:  24 / 8
    +16 Swim
    More docile.  Automatic 1 round hesitation.

INT:  1              REF:  4              TECH:  0             DEX:  5               CON:  4
STR:  4            BODY: 4             SWIM / LEAP:   4 / 8
    Small, Black Antlers (WA= 0, DC= 5)

INT:  2              REF:  4              TECH:  0             DEX:  5               CON:  6
STR:  5            BODY: 5             SWIM / LEAP:   5
            Runs on all fours.
            Extra long arms and legs (+1 to all hits with claws)

INT:  1              REF:  6              TECH:  0             DEX:  6               CON:  4
STR:  4            BODY:  4             SWIM / LEAP:  4
        Small Leathery Wings.  Can’t really fly but can glide at Move=30 for every twenty feet.
        Extended Wing-assisted leap.  Extended Leap = 24

INT:  1              REF:  4              TECH:  0                 DEX:  6               CON:  4
STR:  3            BODY: 3             SWIM / LEAP:  24 / 4
        +20 Swim (webbed hands and feet)
        +5 m range with Acid Spit.

INT:  1              REF:  6              TECH:  0             DEX:  9               CON:  6
STR:  4            BODY:  4             SWIM / LEAP:  5 / 24
        +19 Leap.
        Extra long legs.

     --The Parachute-like flying membrane as seen in the flying Monkey (similar to the wings in the Bird Hybrid)
     --Sharp quills like the ones seen on Porcupines (WA=-3, DC=4, Armor Piercing)
     --Larger claws (extend damage as needed)
     --Extra long attack tongue (up to three extra meters)
     --Poison.  A wounded character must make CON (DV=13-25) check to resist 1-14 DC damage (GM decides).
     --Camouflage.  The Alien can change its colors to match its surrounding.  The Alien has a +5 to hide (uses DEX).  A character must make an awareness and beat the Aliens number to spot it.  Ina Hive, this bonus increased to +10, making it virtually impossible.
     --Double REC.  The Alien can even regenerate whole limbs back.
     --Up to +8 Awareness because of enhanced senses.
     --Like the Frilled Lizard, the Alien can have a ruff of skin it can deploy to purely scare people.


     We all know how the Aliens operate when they are rogue, but the Hive works differently.  In addition to the rules for Hives already mentioned, there are some unique features of the Hive itself.

    When not gathering hosts, moving eggs, or taking care of newborns, Drones spend their time increasing the size of the Hive.  For each one Drone, the Hive can expand one meter into a new location in one day. Usually, only about 20 Drones are dedicated to this duty.  Others venture out of the hive, in search for new hosts.  Hives are created using the aliens own acidic acid, their saliva, and any compounds that they use.  This includes empty eggs, dead drones, dead bodies, refined metals, organic materials but NEVER host bodies

    As stated, for ever 20 drones, there are 1D6 Royal Guards.  There are a minimum of two in a 20 member hive.  The Hive can reach almost any size but three square kilometers is the recorded top.  There are larger ones on the Proteus world.  The average Drone population ceiling is around  150 – 200 with small ones as little as 6.  Once this ceiling is reached, the Queen usually sends around 6-10 Drones with a Queen newborn to find a new hive.

    The first room created in a Hive is the Breeding Chamber.  This is where the Queen is located, hoisted above with her egg sac.  The eggs are all stored here until being moved on to their hosts.  The Royal guard never deviate more than 50 feet from this location.  This room is generally the largest of all the rooms.  No hosts are stored here and no one except The Royal Guards are allowed to remain after the room is created.  Drones come and go but can’t stay.  If the Hive is threatened, they all come running, as the Queen sends out a psychic scream that calls them.

    Outside, surrounding the Breeding chamber , is a network of smaller rooms which are where all the hosts are stored.  It is often for smaller hives to keep the Host chamber and the Breeding chamber in the same room.  Larger hives immediately move their hosts to the new locations.  The strange aspect of Aliens is that the Hosts are never destroyed.  Even when the Hive expands, the Hosts are simply moved to the new locations.  Drones that leave the Hive permanently don’t carry their hosts with them (a final goodbye).  Hosts of dead aliens are buried under new bodies but all the hosts to living Aliens are on the surface.  The Hosts are never used for building purposes, nor are they ever used as food.  What gives?
    Aliens are never seen devouring their own host.  Even if there is no other food available, the Aliens never turn to their Hosts.  This is because the Aliens are very genetic dependant.  They seem to have a very strong psychic power (see below) which can recognize genetic familiarity.  That’s why they are loyal to their hive because they all share the common Xenomorphic alien code.  But, above that, Aliens seem to have a genetic loyalty to their hosts…their specific hosts.  To use a religious comparison, each Alien has its personal crucifix in a church.  The Host Room can often be described as a grotesque Alien cathedral, which each host representing  the crucified life form that gave its life to create a new one.
      “Occasionally, a soldier would rest from its labors long enough to gaze upon its own host, now graying and putrid in its station in the wall.  The soldier face could betray no emotional what fond memories did it hold for the soft one who had been its womb?  Once fair and warm and freely giving of is fluids, now tattered and cold and desiccated, melting into the bony resins of the cocoon.
      “For a moment, there was no directive in its action as it lifted its bony talon to the dried face, its ouch oddly loving.  Blackened, glistening claws tenderly traced the features of this once vital and nurturing husk.  The opposed thumbs traced the sightless brow, searching the empty sockets for answers.  Then the call of the hive reasserted itself, and the soldier returned to her needs.”

     If the host is threatened, the Alien will go into a frenzy and do anything except endanger the Hive to kill who threatened its host.  All of its abilities are at +1 when attacking.  It is unclear what would happen of the Host survived the birth and encountered the live Alien.

    Aliens are totally camouflaged in their Hive.  They can hide perfectly still an not set off any sensors.  If the Hive is entered, then the Aliens will all hide and wait until the intruders get in close, then they are attacks.  The aliens can form walls and columns in their concealment.  They can attack almost instantly.  They will have a +5 initiative and whether they win or loose will have a +3 to hit on their first target.


    Large hives literally become a maze of mismatched corridors, pits, and crawlspaces.  Not surprisingly enough, Aliens can easily find their way around.  Unless someone has a direction sense or a map or if someone in the group knows how to navigate, getting lost in a hive can be easy.

    Drones from other Hives are not welcome and might be destroyed if they trespass.  Generically, they leave each other alone.  If they end up competing for hosts, fighting may ensue, but invasion of rival hives don’t often take place.  There is only one real exception (see below).

    Aliens have already mutated once and turned against their masters.  Could it happen again?  There are reports of such mutations:

     At CL3, a Spacecraft with a possible alien infection was brought into Anchorpoint Station.  The infestation was wiped out before any specimens could be extracted.  Apparently, a radical idea was allowed to flourish.  The scientific team there had gathered the Alien DNA coding and tried to extract the most unique chain in the set:  The Hybridization gene.  This is the set of instruction that cause a genetic splicing of human and Alien DNA and making a new life form.  However, something went wrong.
    The Chain turned into an airborne virus.  This virus, once in the blood stream, started adapting each cell to a biomechanical pattern.  After a set time had passed, and every cell had been adapted the chain would reform into an alien life form.  A normal Human would be eviscerated and a full grown alien would emerge from the shell…every cell being used to create a new life form.  This dangerous mutation spread.  No eggs would be used.  No Chestbursters.  Instead the host would just be infected.  This infection eventually became airborne, released by the queen and carried along.  Drones would simply carry hosts within the infected areas.  The Drones themselves carried the disease and a single bite or scratch would infect a new body.  They apparently could cough up an airborne cloud like they could spit up the acid.  This mutation could still hybridize but couldn’t create a hive.  This dangerous virus stopped at Anchorpoint but a large chunk of the populace was wiped out.  After the lifespan of the virus died out and the station was cleared, it was repopulated.  The Rodina station n UPP was reported completely lost from the same virus brought by the same ship, which passed through their space before going to Anchorpoint.  No other reports of this virus were reported.

    SPECIAL RULES: (The DV of all CON checks is 18)
    1:  Anyone wounded by one of these Aliens must make a CON roll or be infected.
    2:  Anyone who breathes in the virus (which is visible as greenish smoke in its intensity) must make a CON roll or be infected.
    3:  Normal gas masks will screen out the organism.
    4:  The virus is airborne as well as being transmitted through blood and touch.  All should avoid direct contact with an alien or be forced to roll CON.
    5:  A blood sample taken any time after the first hour of infection will reveal the virus.
    6:  Killing the host anytime will destroy the alien virus inside.
    7:  Everybody unprotected within 1m of a bursting alien must avoid the expulsion of gases.  During the virus’s bombardment of the host, the host is totally normal.  No symptoms.
    8:  The Hosts do not release the virus until the Alien is emerged.
    9:  A heavy assault of anti-virus medicine applied in the first hour could ward off the infection.
    10:  The Host will die in 6-12 hours and a full grown alien will emerge, ready for the fight.  The vision is of the alien bursting from the human skin, which is the only area not effected. It is assumed because of camouflage.
    11:  Aliens are the same except none of them have an acid spit.  It is replaced by a virus cough with the same range.  The effect, however, is viral infection.
    12:  The Aliens do not Hive so do not get the +5 Hiding bonus.  They also do not have Host loyalty.  Royal Jelly events operate differently.  An infected human can be processed to be turned into a Queen.  Queens can create Guards the same way.  Queens do not come fully grown and must grow from an adult alien to an adult queen.
    13:  Aliens are more uncontrollable since they have no hive or host duties.  They are much more aggressive this way.  Spread the infection, which is their job.
    14:  No one ever found a cure for the infection.
    15:  There were reports of infected humans giving birth to multiple newborns and even Facehuggers.  Queens were reported giving birth to eggs that only released the virus.  All of these reports seem to be side effects from past genetic knowledge and seem not to be part of this new genus but rather a mutation of this breed that pops up once and a while like double jointed humans.
    HUH?!:  This mutation was the basis of Williams Gibson’s Alien 3 script.

    Another species of Xenomorph was discovered on a distant world.  For all intensive purposes, they look the same, except instead of being black, they are red..  It is unclear how they were created.  Some figure this is a natural rival species meant to keep the aliens in check on their homeworld.  Others think this is a genetic fluke that resulted after thousands of years of evolution.  A popular theory is that the rival Jockeys created this species and it was this species that wiped out the side that created the black ones.   Even still, the Blacks outnumber the Red 10 –1 across the cosmos when they are introduced at CL4.   Their infestation is substantially less because the gestation period for Red are twice as long as Blacks.  Red Aliens are also much more uncontrolled and much more aggressive.  They seem to indulge in killing more than the expansion of the Hive.  This flaw seems to point to the genetic fluke theory
    1:  Red Aliens have a +1 to all their characteristics because they are always so aggressive.  But their Intelligence suffers.  INT is –2 (not effected by the +1).  If you get them really angry, their abilities increase another +1
    2:  Impregnation takes longer for reasons unclear.  It is assumed this is the reason of the Red Alien’s aggressive nature but the connection is unclear.  Impregnation take a full day after the Facehugger.  Falls off.
    3:  Red Aliens and Blacks are volatile to each other and will attack each other in favor of any other threat.  Whole armies fight it out on the Proteus planet.


    At CL4, the Bracken’s World infestation is one of the strangest.  It is unclear which species hosted this breed of alien, but they must have been dangerous.  The Queen for this infestation is assumed to be living under the kelp beds.  Royal Guards have never been encountered.  The Drones are the size of small queens and have no legs.  They are see-going creatures that are low in numbers, but are lethal the same.  They are blue colored and lack the attack tongue.  Their tails are identical to lobsters.  Their carapace is similar to a Queen’s but these warrior lack all their other features.  The Bracken Aliens are hideous monstrosities that attack and drag down victims and use them to host.  It is assumed the underwater Hive there has Oxygen.


INT:  6              WILL:  10
REF:  10            TECH:  3
DEX:   13         CON:  10
STR:  18             BODY:  20
RUN:  10
SWIM / LEAP:  24 / 10

HITS:  100 (2 K)
KD:  40 (0.8 K)
ED:  20 (0.3 K)
STUN:   140
SD:  26
REC:  28

WEAPONS: Range:  WA:  DC:
Teeth  1m  +1  9 (0.5 K) Can also grapple
Large Claws 3 m  +1  8 (0.4 K) Can also grapple
Acid Spit 12 m  -2  9 (0.5 K) Continues burn (see above)

NOTE: The GM can create any new breeds he wants.  These rules are really just guides.