A NOTE ON REVISIONS:  All Rules after the last date contain ALL the revsions.

OCTOBER 6th, 2002
Version 4 is now available which makes some sutble changes to the game damage tables and fire power rules...
The Revisions on this page have also been incorporated into the other chapters...

These new rules include:
    Aerospace Move:  Maneuvering speed.  Flight in a combat situation when the ship is dodging and weaving.  In km per turn.  Move is halved for spacecraft in an atmosphere (if possible).  Dedicated Aerospace do not half their move.  As a result, the Moves for ALL craft has been changed.

 THE ALIEN COLD WAR.  This Plug-In concentrates on the two rival governments, Alexandria and the UPP, their motives, military and technology.  It is downloadable as well.  Thanks to Jean Vouillon for his great artwork.

MARCH 29th. 2002
Version 3 is released today.  Some major rule changes have occured as well as more details for combat, damage modifiers, rapid fire, and a whole new class of PC.