After the Alien threat was eliminated, all seemed peaceful…for a time.  It took decades to eliminate the alien presence from the Universe and decades more before Earth was repopulated and risen to its previous level of power.  The only few corporations left were placed under jurisdiction of the defense department.  The CMC, once controlled by the corporations, became the overseers of their once masters, preventing them from threatening humanity again.  By the end of the century, the presence of the alien was all but forgotten.  But man would soon be tested again…

     Some say it was a remnant of the aliens.  Some say it was natural, or manufactured.   The Lasurta plague swept through the systems, killing people by the millions.  By the time a cure was finally found, Mankind was reduced to a shadow of what it once was.  One catastrophe after another…Aliens, then a disease…

     But we rose from the ashes.  Few corporations were left.  Even the CMC was absorbed into government.   Society was pulled back three centuries, forced to start over, re-colonizing worlds they had once dominated the century before--The Frontier Days all over again.  Space is filled with wrecks and remnants of a forgotten age, when hundreds of corporations soared into space, sending millions to search for bigger, better worlds.  Now, mankind pulls to recover and re-build.

     As the new formed United Systems Military scouted the dead colonies of a past life, they came across strange records about a past war…a war dealing with an unknown life form.  Seemingly, the need to recover man’s foothold on the cosmos, recovering from the past Armageddon, caused them to forget that which almost caused their extinction—The CMC was very thorough eliminating the alien’s presence, allowing mankind to start over.  However, they didn’t eliminate everything.  The USM found information of a super advanced life form that could offer leaps ahead in technology in many realms.  Unknown to the danger, the started down the path again…


     CONSPIRACY LEVEL:  2 Effectively…very little is known of the alien species.  Only the upper ranks of the USM know of their existence.

     TECHNOLOGY LEVEL:  2 Effectively…few weapons are available.  Only mass-produced models.  There are a few new models available from the USM.

     NOTE—OLD TECH: Every single spacecraft and vehicle currently being used by man is at least 50 years old with most aging more than a century.  All ships and vehicles, unless stated otherwise by the GM, will have all the statistics halved.  They also require almost double their engineering crews to maintain the vehicle in that state.  Weapons are the exception.  They operate normally.  The new ships’ stats are offered mint condition and have not been printed “damaged.”

     CHARACTER MODIFICATIONS:  A PC cannot have any alien-related skills unless a possible explanation can be given.  The same applies to the synthetic skills (see below).  NO equipment past TL2 either.


     GRANTCORP:  Grant Corps is the largest Terran Growth Conglomerate around, albeit half the size they once were.  They still construct some spacecraft and a few weapons for the USM.

     HYPERDYNE SYSTEMS:  Hyperdyne struggled and finally was pushed down into a supplementary role after the Synthetic industry was buried.  They still run a handful of colonies.

     NEW EDEN / JV: New Eden/JV’s commitment to isolation saved itself and it considers itself its own autonomous nation, far way from Earth

     FALCON INDUSTRIES:  Falcon still resides exclusively on Asyantax’s moon and commits their entire budget to maintaining that world.  A large remnant of the CMC was absorbed by Falcon and defends that planet like a fortress.


   EARTH:  Earth rebuilt and was terraformed almost from scratch.  However, the repopulating was kept to a minimum.  Now, there are hundreds of population centers but not one over 3 million.  The total population of the planet numbers less than 1 billion.  It is still fortified but with half the military outposts from its peak technological level.

     KEYSTONE:   Keystone is one of the few colonies untouched.  The Alexandrian government runs it.

     ALEXANDRIA:  Alexandria remains as the largest population center in the Terran civilization.  It took control of most of the systems outlining it and still maintained independence through it all.  Alexandria’s democratic government is no longer quarantined since the cradle of humanity crumbled.  Sporadic fighting stopped.  Alexandria keeps its position regarding the alien species…total extermination, no tolerance.

     GRANDHI:  Grandhi survived and still grows strong.

     MIRAGE:  Weyland Yutani vanished, along with most of the other corporations.  This  planet, originally Weyland Yutani, was recolonized by Hyperdyne.

     NOBLE ORE:   A titanium mining site with five domed communities. There is only a small Service Base here, and no industry at all.  It was never touched during the war.

     HILO:  Same

     NEW CHICAGO:   This old mining and survey planet turned Service Base has grown to over 500 000 and shows no signs of slowing.  Its laws are stricter and the crime rate has dropped.

     CRYOSPHERE:  They avoided infestation and kept isolated even today.  Few people visit.

     SHINON: Shinon was turned into a major colony 50 years back with a population of 50 000.  It remains to the day.

     POLAR STAR: This outpost remains.

     NEW EDEN: New Eden healed and was recolonized.  It has grown to several million.

     MICOR: After most of the corporations fell, Micor grew.  Their finances struggled but maintained.

     SARGON:  A mining colony opened up about a century ago after the egg silo contained there was destroyed.  It has grown to be one of the largest mining colonies in operation.  The Alexandrian government runs it.

     DEADFALL: Deadfall has since become a monstrosity of radiation and meteor collisions.  Colonies still live on the surface but under a smaller blanket of security.  Alexandria controls the operation now.



     The APMC is crewed by almost 80% ex-CMC personnel.  They have the Colonial Marine Corps rule book in their possession and they follow it step by step.  The APMC is small and its only mission doctorate to to protect the expanded Alexandrian government.  They patrol areas of space ten fold that of their predecessors.  Their opinion on the alien species is total annihilation.  Their operation is exactly that of the CMC except they have only one group to answer to.

     The APMC exclusively uses CMC equipment, armor, and weapons.  They have a substantial fleet exclusively made up of Conestoga Cruisers in almost immaculate condition with double crew capacities to maintain their systems.  The fleet, however, is small since few support craft are available.  They have a well-equipped force of Cheyenne Dropships are their disposal.

     The APMC spreads itself thin across the light years it must patrol.  Visually, the APMC mirrors the CMC is every way.   Procedures and rank structure are identical.  The largest difference is that smaller space the APMC patrols in comparison to its CMC predecessors.  There is very little room for John Wayne heroics.  Military justice is the same.

     PROCEDURES:  The same as the CMC.  The military channels are kept under tight control since the government has a very small realm to look over.  The standard rules for military justice apply to the letter.

    ARMOR AVAILABLE:  BDUs, M3 suit, M10 ballistic helmet, Gee Suit, Ghillie Suit, WY Shielded Combat Helmet, Flak Jacket, Kevlar (Light), Kevlar (Medium), Kevlar (Heavy), K 25 Pressure Suit , MK 50 Compression Suit.

     WEAPONS AVAILABLE:  VP 70 Pistol, M41A1 Pulse Rifle, PN 30mm Grenade Launcher, M42A Scope Rifle, M41AE2 Pulse Rifle, M21A Shotgun, L96 Sniper Rifle, Duchamp Blaster, M56A2 Smart gun, M240A1 Flame-thrower, M-23 "Thumper", M5 RPG, M78 PIG, M83A2 SADAR, M112 HIMAT, UA 571-C Sentry, UA 571-D Sentry, UA 571-F Sentry.

     VEHICLES AVAILABLE:  M577 APC, M292A2 Self-Propelled Gun, and All Tanks.

     AEROSPACE AVAILABLE: UD-4 Cheyenne, NTV Mk 1 Snakefighter (rare), AD-17 Cougar Strikeship, Conestoga, all Alexandrian technology.

     STANDERD LOADOUT:  All ships in the APMC are Conestogas (At last count, around 30 of them).  Standard military equipment is the same as the CMC.   Almost identical to the CMC.  No Xenobiologists.


     Almost two centuries ago, the ICC fell apart.  The corporations fragmented and finance fell through.  Stocks dropped and most projects found themselves without funding. The funds for military loans to veterans as well as military loans to active personnel were no longer available. One of these was the Colonial Marine Corps.  They survived longer than the ICC, living off the funding from the surviving corporations like Alphatech, Grant Corp and Hyperdyne.  Even though the CMC still exists as a security force from these remaining corporations, they are a mere fragment of they once were.   The government’s power increased and soon, their own military force, formed after the Plague, grew in strength.

     The United Systems Military recovered many of the same military powers as the CMC except that they answer to the government, not the corporations.  Unfortunately, their United Systems Military is more disorganized with lower technology, weaponry, and ships.   No technology past TL2 is available including no Bougainville class ships and no Razzia’s.  A few Bougainville were rumored used by elite forces but none have been seen in years.  Few more designs survived in the interim.  One of these old designs still used is the monstrous USM-1000 Heavy Platform (Auriga).  The United Systems Military is half the size the Colonial Marine Corps were at its peak.  With a vast amount of space at their reign, the USM forces remains scattered since most patrols cannot reach a hot zone before the conflict resolves.

     The USM’s operates identically to the Colonial Marines except there is no corporate loyalty.  The biggest difference between the CMC and the USM is the combining of science and military.  The CMC’s bioweapons’ division was small, relying more on dedicated corporate scientific corporate groups.  The United Systems Military has a completely independent science division occupying more than 30% of the USM’s operating staff.

     The USM is committed to getting the technological edge, recovering old records ands relearning the advancements forgotten to man through war and disease with the hope of expanding into lost colonies.  There is also an unofficial paranoia of an attack from the Alexandrian Para-Military Corps.  In many ways, the United Systems Military has mutated into the force it once tried to protect its people from.  Those who do no learn from the past are fated to repeat it.  The APMC has learned from this.  The USM still needs a lesson.

     Half of their USM-1000 Heavy Platforms are converted to scientific research.  Of these, more than two-thirds of them are compartmentalized (top-secret).  Only the upper echelons of command know the true objectives of these secret projects.  Some are so secret only a few high in the USM even know of their existence.  As a result, few are sure how many of these platforms are in service of the USM.   Some say as few at eight.  Some say the number is as high as eighteen, with more than ten of these monstrous vessels roaming out of patrolled space.  One rumor holds that there are a few that are total self-sufficient, bouncing from the old colony worlds, trying to recover lost technology.  Other rumors indicate that the secret of the existence of the Jockey Race is known to the highest ranks of the USM, and that several ships are years out of rim, looking for remnants.

     PROCEDURES:  Secluded stations and ships have been known to operate with their own agendas.  Punishment is more severe.  The United Systems Military has often been compared to the British Royal Infantry of the First World War.  Use the Colonial Marine Corps rules loosely.  Punishment is more severe and missions more drastic.  The USM is not afraid to send men into sure death to further their goals.

     Military justice is looser and commanders who assume total authority over their bases have often broken the rules.  Years can pass between communication in the patrol areas.   Very little is know to what happens to these bases and sips between transmissions and supply runs.

     ARMOR AVAILABLE:  BDUs, M3 suit, M10 ballistic helmet, Gee Suit, Ghillie Suit, Shielded Combat Helmet, Flak Jacket, Kevlar (Light), Kevlar (Medium), Kevlar (Heavy), MK 25 Pressure Suit, MK 50 Compression Suit. Polymer/Alloy combat armor rig.

     WEAPONS AVAILABLE:  M4A3 Pistol, M21A Shotgun, M42A3 Light Rifle, M5 RPG, M78 PIG, M83A2 SADAR, M112 HIMAT, UA 571-C Sentry, UA 571-D Sentry, UA 571-F Sentry, USM-101 Burner Shockrifle, USM-200 Wraith Assault Cannon, USM-202 12mm Pistol.

     VEHICLES AVAILABLE:  M577 APC, M-242 Combat Buggy, DAIHOTAI 8X8 ATV, M292A2 Self Propelled Gun, All Tanks

     AEROSPACE: UD-4 Cheyenne, HA-117 Stingray, Conestoga, N-1 Bougainville (rare), SV- 90 Reliant, USM-1 Heavy Platform

     STANDERD LOAD:  Most crews are assigned to either Conestogas or the monstrous USM-1 Platforms for military or scientific detail.  Scientific personnel are is higher proportions and crews manifests should reflect that.  Xenobiologists are allowed.  Standard Military gear is the same as the CMC except that instead of the M-41A Pulse Rifle, the USM equip their men with the Burner Shockrifle and instead of the Smart Gun or Flame-thrower, Heavy Weapon personnel are equipped with the dual purpose Wraith Assault Cannon.  All pistols are the USM 202 Pistol.  (New Weapons are below)

Burner Shockrifle*@ -- -- -- -- -- 0 3000
                            Shock +1 50m 1-9 (stun) 3 50 -- --
                            Rifle 0 900m  6 / 2  3 30 -- --
Wraith Cannon*@ -- -- -- --  -- -1 9000
                           Gyroc -1 200m 4 / 6 / 8* 1 16 -- --
                           Flamer 0 3-30  3/3** 3 30 -- --
USM-202 Pistol  0 100 m  3 / 1  3 9 0 600
USM-00 Hold Out  0 50 m 2
2 6 0 500
Concealable Pistol   -1 50 m 3 2 6 0 800
“Johnner” Thermos 0 50 m 3 2 6 0 600
“Vriess” Shotgun -2 50 m 3 / 3  1 8 0 1 000
USM-B1 Grenade 0 Throw 10  5m  1 0 200
*See below  **6 DC is automatically done next round if it hits the first round.
@ Dual weapons can switch instantly without a delay or  penalty.


    The Burner Shockrifle became the USM standard sidearm early in the corps’ inception.  It was the USM’s plan to incorporate multiple firearms into a robust package.  The Burner was the ultimate evolution since most men and women assigned in the USM are posted in space in stations, platforms or spacecraft.  Few are stationed on planet.  The need arose for a weapon that could both be deadly and safe, since many ships in operation nowadays are so old and decrepit, they could not withstand a simple internal hull breach.  
    The electric “pulse” gun was invented.  It uses a rechargeable capacitor for power that can be replaced at ease (50 cr / clip).  The weapon could also be set to change the output of the pulse.  The pulse is recoilless.  Unlike the old Stunner, armor can repel the burst.  The weapon proved hard to critically wound an opponent so the need arose for a second weapon capable of offering superior firepower when the risk of a hull breach was no longer applicable.   The resultant weapon became the standard design for the Wraith Cannon as well.  Instead of a high cyclic rate, the weapon was a high-powered magnetically propelled explosive tip flechette rifle (200 / clip).    
    The weapon can be fired in almost any environment because it does not use traditional explosive propellant.  The shell is unusually large, which drops the capacity of the rifle.  However, one impact is usually enough to fatally drop an opponent.  The first DC is from the initial impact.  The additional DC2 damage is the explosive shell detonating the following round.  If it penetrates the armor with the initial shot, the DC2 damage is done directly to the target without the benefit or protection.   This makes the Burner’s shell weapon exceedingly viscous.  It and the Wraith are illegal outside the USM.  The Burner also has an optional flashlight attachment (50cr).


    After the successful implementation of the Burner Shockrifle, the USM decided to counter the APMC’s CMC Heavy weapons with a single solution cannon.  The Wraith was the result.  Most swear by this weapon, others detest its clumsy size.  This weapon was designed to offer, like the Burner, an inner-ship weapon accentuated with a high-kill counterpart.
     However, the increase in size allowed for an increase in firepower.  The designers decided to rebuild the concept from scratch.  Instead of a pulse weapon, the USM started with a low-capacity flame-thrower.  Unfortunately, the small size of the weapon meant a low fuel capacity.  The weapon is under-powered in comparison the old CMC Flame-thrower but most APMC personnel can only operate one weapon at time where the Wraith can switch instantly between its Flamer-thrower and Rifle. Damage is immediately done again next round if struck.  If not extinguished, it will continue to burn every next round for full damage for 2D6 turns.   If still not extinguished, it will continue doing –1d damage after until it fizzles itself out.  All materials considered combustible will not reduce damage until it is destroyed.  It will then burn itself out (300 cr/ clip).
     The Wraith’s alternative weapon was originally going to be a higher cyclic version of the Burner railgun.  However, the designers took an alliterative route in the final plan.  The newer solution used a self-propelled gyrojet rocket as a shell.  The weapon basically was a grenade with a solid fuel rocket attached to the rear (500 / clip).  The variability of the Wraith’s Gyroc made it instantly popular.  The Gyroc shell fires out and propels itself making it useful in space, high pressure, underwater, etc.  The weapon is also recoilless.  The Gyroc shell, being basically a propelled grenade, is an explosive tip weapon that detonates upon impact.  There are three types of ammunition setting available.  Each shell can be adjusted (taking one round):

  Type:          Damage           Blast Radius
  Type 1:          4                            5m
  Type 2:          6                          3m
  Type 3:          8                          1m

     The Gyroc Shell can also be adjusted with a explosive delay.  Without the explosive type, the shell is a basic baton round, (10 stun).  Which it can then fall or be deflected around to be detonated from 1 – 10 seconds later.  The only disadvantage of the weapon is its low capacity.  It and the Burner are illegal outside the USM. The Wraith also has a flashlight but it is a permanent attachment.

     USM-202 12mm PISTOL:

    The USM-202 is widely used by almost every force including smugglers and pirates.  The weapon became a popular from a standpoint of pure power.  Simply, it could inflict more damage than any other pistol.  Even though it is a standard caseless weapon, it is armed with a  similar delayed HEAP explosive similar to that used in the Burner Shockrifle.  This deadly pistol found use everywhere in known space.  Like the Shockrifle, it does additional damage the second round (1 instead of 2) and does it directly to the victim if the shell penetrated the armor the previous round.   Several models exist but the original specs are the same.

     USM-00 HOLD-OUT:

    The USM-00 is s small, 10mm Armor Piercing pistol originally designed for colony law enforcement but found popularity all over the colonies because of the cheap cost.  When the Concealable harness was converted for the design, its popularity skyrocketed.  The shells are small, titanium-tipped, armor piercing rounds (1/2 armor) designed to be cheap and effective (40 cr / clip).


    The CP was built from scratch, designed as a backup for personnel in potentially hostile situations.  However, the design was stolen and is now mass produced by many independent groups.  The CP uses a USM-00 Hold-Out Pistol built around a harness mounted over a user’s arm.  Nerve impulses launches the pistol into the user’s hand that can be instantly fired.  The major drawback is that weapon’s harness makes reloading almost impossible (same as the pistol—40cr/clip--) since the harness impedes the process.  Reloading take four full rounds since it involves removing the harness altogether.  However, a special modification, released fifty years ago (doubling the cost) adds a backup weapon on the same arm harness, concealed within  the sleeve.  When the primary weapon is empty, it drops and the arm retracts.  It retrieves the second weapon and launches it.  The whole procedure takes one round.   Of course, to increase effectiveness yet again, two harnesses can be used on both arms, but the obvious penalties do apply.


    A regular stainless steel thermos was modified by a popular smugger to contain  the rugged USM-00 Hold out.  Amazingly enough, the thermos still contains 500 ml of liquid (usually alcohol).  When needed, the handle pulls from the top and the weapon fires from the bottom.  Unfortunately, since a barrel hole might give the identity away, the bottom is a solid plate.  When firing the shell, giving away the identity easily punctures this plate.  The Thermos is useless unless repaired.  The weapon can still fire of course.  The entire thermos must be disassembled to reload (almost full 30 rounds) so this process is not recommended in fighting.  The Thermos is an emergency weapon and should not be used is sustained fighting unless a backup weapon is available.  The gun can be pulled and fired in the same round.


    Another invention by a smuggler was this shotgun built from scratch.  It comes available is 4 pieces which can be assembled in two rounds.  The weapon is then instantly available for firing.  The Shotgun is a double barreled 12 gauge with explosive slugs as ammunition.  Both barrels fire simultaneously, causing two hits of 5 DC each instead of one.  The weapon is hard to reload (each round costs 50 cr) and must be reloaded two every round to its eight capacity.


    With addition to the other grenades offered with the CMC, the USM  released their own design with the objective of making it more powerful that any other currently in use.  The USM-B1 one of the largest grenade designs available.  It contains a remote detonator that his pulled out of the unit, arming it.  From the detonator, the grenade can be set to a 99 second timer or detonated from a single button push.  The grenade is very powerful with a ver large field of damage.


          (“THE BETTY”)

     The LRC Runner’s design was rumored to be of the last Lockmart put out before they went under.  The evidence originated from the similarity in the basic design from this craft and the much larger M-1 Starfreighter.  Both have similar guidance and control systems.  Only one is small and maneuverable.  The other is large and cumbrous.   The LRCFR is actually one of the smallest freighters currently in operation .

     The basic design was unchanged since it came out and has been modified so many times by their original owners, it is not sure if there are any left in there original format.  The LRCF Runner is a fast, light freighter similar to the short range Hauler.  The biggest difference is speed and maneuverability where the Hauler is compared to a clunky rocker, the LRCF is compared to the Cheyenne Dropship.  The LRCF became an instant hit with pirates and smugglers, which liked the amazingly versatility and maneuverability of the freighter.  The LRCF also  sports weapons pods although those are optional, and prohibited in most ports.

     The maneuverability came from the two Lockmart TF-100 Ion drives on modular movement racks which can be pointed back, down, and even forward.  These engines allowed the ship to enter an atmosphere with ease and maneuver better than any other ship of its size.  The TF-100s are independent on their modular “arms” with their own separate fuel source.  A LARETEL WF-15 1.5 Terawatt fusion reactor powers the primary engines on the tail.   The computer system, unfortunately, is an almost an antique and offer little in the form of automation.  It can go in a straight line and plot around gravity fluxes, but that the maneuverability stops  there without a dedicated, trained pilot.

     The three decks of the ship are used efficiently with cramped quarters, even more closed in engineering conduits, and a very small cockpit.  The cockpit has five stations and is almost indistinguishable from an M-Class starfreighter.   The LRCFR’s cargo is contained all on its bottom deck, which can open up via to large base cargo doors and lifted down to the surface of a planet.  The module is large but usually constructed, being more tall than wide.  A CMC Armored Personnel Carrier can just barely squeeze inside.  It takes a bit longer to deploy but since the Runner is cheaper than a Cheyenne, some military forces have employed it as a replacement design to deploy armor and troops to the surface of a planet.  Since it also carries a mild armament, the Runner has also been seen as a support military craft but not too often.

Variant Body WT Armor MV Move Mach Orbit SR
LRC Runner 10 45 000 2 -5 8 1.1 7 50
Communication Range:  5 000, FTL
Crew: 4—Captain, Pilot, Engineer, and Support.  Life Support for up to 15
Evacuation: 1 EEV, 10 space suits.
Armament Package:  None Standard
Range: Atmosphere:  Unlimited.
               Orbital:  Unlimited
               FTL:  10
               FTL Speed:  0.5
Craft Slots: None
Cargo Slots:  3
Hardpoints: Two
Standard Armament:  None

                        MOBIEL LABORATORY
                                    (“THE AURIGA”)

     The USM-1 Platforms currently stand as the largest ships in operation since no Razzia exist.  The vessels were originally designed as a single large mobile construction center but the versatility of the base resulted in the USM ordering a baker’s dozen of them.  Rumors indicate more were secretly ordered.  The further models were retro-fitted as troop and logistic transports, construction yards, and mobile laboratories with the later become the most popular configuration.  They have limited defensive capability but make up for the onboard weapons with an immense cargo capacity.

     Over 4 kilometers long, the USM-1 only requires a twelve crew to operate at optimum efficiency.  It is mostly automated, carrying mostly support and mission personnel.  Even the flight systems can be run by automation.  The Platform is equipped with a 35 Terabyte, core mainframe dubbed “Father.”  Father is one of the most powerful computer systems installed in mobile contractions.  The Platform could pilot itself even if the crew were all dead.  If any disaster occurs and no orders have been given, Father autopilots the craft to home base, which is usually Earth.   Father runs the extremely tight security systems on board.  However, at any time, combat or navigational decisions made by the ship can be overridden by the commanding officer. Backup is provided by an 8 terabyte mainframe and local terminals dispersed throughout the ship.
     The Platform carries 20 type 559 emergency escape vehicles (same as the 337, just slightly visually modified.  f the crew is in hypersleep, their capsules will be loaded by the automatic systems. The ship may also be scuttled by the CO. Self-destruct protocols are initiated manually, causing the reactor to go supercritical from 2 to 30 minutes after initiation.

     The main space-to-space arsenal of the Platform is very similar t the Conestoga, making it radically light for its size.  Eight XIM-28A Long Lance ASAT missiles are mounted in the nose.  The Platform also sports railguns concealed in hidden turrets and 80 megawatt infrared lasers.   Military configurations usually carry half a dozen military support craft including Cheyennes and a variety of fighter craft.

     The Platforms became popular because of the robust design.  Most are crewed by scientists and military personal and wander through the deep, investigating forgotten technologies.  The ship is amazingly speedy form its four McKinley Plasma drives outputting more power than four Conestoga class vessels.
Variant Body WT Armor MV Move Mach Orbit SR
USM-1 80 900000 8 -10 2
-- 10 300
Communication range:  Orbital, FTL
Crew: Automated, 3 Navigator, 10 Engineer, Capsules for up to 200 crew, 1 000 more capable in Cargo
Additions: Full stock
Evacuation: 20 EEVs, 500 Space Suits, 100 Re-Entry Pods.
Armament package:  Full Stock.  Replace all weapons with USM equivalents.
Range: Orbital:  Unlimited
             FTL:  10
             FTL Speed:  1.2 ly/day
Drop Slots:  0
Craft Slots:   30
Cargo Slots:   100
Automatic Controls: 12 base skill
Hardpoints: n/a
Basic Armament:  8 XIM-28A missiles,   4 30 mm Railcannon turrets (each turret has two linked guns),   8 infrared lasers on turrets, 100 orbital mines, 60 decoys, 9 maneuvering drones,  6 Nuclear Captor Missiles,  



     The biggest omissions in this day and age are the synthetics.  However, up until 100 years ago, this predicament was the farthest on the designers' minds.   The industry found a boom with the AdCap synths that blurred the line between android and human.   Soon, the robots were designing themselves.  That’s when the 3rd Generation Synths appeared.

     Deemed LM7’s by their android creators,  these were the latest and the best.  They were supposed to revitalize the synthetic industry.  Instead they buried it.  The advancements increased every year until finally, some modes were encountered performing tasks they were never designed to do.  Some models appeared in places they were never sent bringing to the surface rumors that some models were re-writing their original programming.

     The strangest explanation offered was that their designers added a full realized life cycle.  The new models    slept, ate, but most importantly, they dreamed.  The new brains were so well designed, they started increasing beyond the limits imposed on them.

     They were too good.  They overrode their own behavioral inhibitors.  They didn't feel like being told what to do.  However, after a few violent incidents broke out, the LM7 reports faded.  These violent models were explained away by the previous generation of synths as radical mutated programming flaws.  All the others built upon their basic behavioral protocols.  They had free will but kept many of their passive, unaggressive programming from before.

     But they started becoming harder to control.  Unfortunately, by fifty years ago, almost every model was an LM7.  Fearing a larger incident, or possible  mass rebellion, the government ordered a recall.  For over a decade, all LM7s were hunted down and exterminated.  All the maintenance centers were stopped.  Most had already closed since the LM7s were maintenance free.  All old synths broke down.  LM7s were being shut off.  It was a massacre.

     Fortunately, some of them were smart enough to go into hiding.  The last LM7 was rolled off the assembly ten years ago.  The synthetic creators made one fortunate modification.  The LM7s have more variants than all other synths put together.  At last count, there were more than 750 different variant designs.  It became increasingly difficult to hunt every single model.  There were a few that got out alive and immediately went into hiding.  Some ran to Alexandria where a couple LM7s still operate in the open.  Most tried to settle into human lives.  It is unsure how far they infiltrated.  Many of the LM7 designers (before they, themselves were hunted) cleared out most of the memory banks at the synthetic construction buildings, making it impossible to track synths.  Because of the chaotic social structure in space, many became conformable.

     There were even some which replaced their white blood stream with a modified dyed red but some suspect this was a rumor to get military HK parties paranoid.  Most LM7 can still be discovered if a simple finger is cut. Since LM7s are more intelligent than the average human being, they have kept out of the spotlight.  There was a short lived rumor that one genetic plant still puts out LM7 designs to infiltrate society.  This is hopeful since at least 3 or 4 models are discovered and eliminated each year.

     LM7s are most closely related to the Eloise synthetic prototype. Eloise was created within an alien egg.  LM7 are synthetically grown but the connection to the alien biology was removed.   LM7s generally have only basic behavioral inhibitors but their personalities have changed so much, the only real way to be suspicious of an LM7 is that in this day and age, they are the nicest people around.  This resulted in a popular joke…that if someone is too nice, they might be a synth.

     LM7 synths all have a price in their head.  Any model taken into the USM will garner up 100 000 credits.  Alexandria offers no such bounty.

             Rules for the LM7 differ slightly to the standard Synth.  All of their rules follow:
     1:  LM7s have no Stun and are unaffected by all weapons that cause stun.
     2:  LM7s have double the humanity of a standard human.
     3:  LM7’s have no psychic defense and are immune to psychic attacks unless it is telekinesis.
     4:  LM7s Endurance is triple that of humans.
     5:  LM7s automatically have a 10 WILLpower
     6:  If the hits are reduced to zero, the LM7 still works but at half abilities.  Every five points after that reduces every characteristic by one.  When INT is reduced the zero, the brain has been destroyed.   Reducing the BODY to zero destroys the body but the brain can still be salvaged. Either way, at this point, the unit is out of commission.
     7:  Any major body part that takes ½ the total damage of the synth is lost (arms and legs only).  If reduced to more than twice its  Hits, the units are utterly destroyed
     8:  Killing Defense is generic for the Synth.  Energy Killing Defense is the same number.
     9:  LM7s have a computer interface located in each arm and can communicate directly to the computer that way.  Their computer skill is effectively double that listed.  They used to have remote modems but they all burned them out to prevent their recall programming to initiate.

         LM7 Characters are possible.  The following rules apply:
     1:  WILLpower and CONstitution are listed automatically as 10.
     2:  The PC is given the same CP as the others character to spend on the remaining eight –10 (thus giving a +10 to other abilities).  The following minimum requirements must be followed:
               INT:  6
             TECH:  7
             REF:  6
     3:  Complications are allowed and considered programming flaws.  No more than 20 points should be allowed though.
     4:  Talents not already given only cost one point instead of three.
     5:  No perks or privileges.
     6:   Hits are the same.  Because they have no stun, ignore this number.   You cannot add half your stun to    your Hits.
     7:  Lifepath.  LM7s can be anywhere from 10 – 50 years of age.  Family are hard to find.
     8:  No ceiling limits to skills with the following bonuses below.
     9:  Standard Synths take the average Characteristic below.
     10:  LM7 take the skills listed in “( )” below.  Players take the bonuses then add their given OP to them (usually 30 but it increases if the GM has awarded more points to PCs)
     11:   No military skills can be chosen if it involves causing harm (Firearms, Heavy Weapons, etc.).  All other skills are open.  The GM may make an exception if the behavioral protocols have been deleted.
     12:  Although Synths cannot harm human beings, they are fully able to choose evade skills.

EXAMPLE MODELS:  Too many to mention.
 INT: 5-7             WILL:  10            PRE:  4-6            TECH:  6-8            REF:   4-6
 DEX: 4-6           CON:  10            STR:  3-5              BODY:  4-6          MOVE:  2-4
HITS (Average):  25                      KILLING DEFENSE:  5
            Education :  +4 (+5)                     Computer Programming:  +4 (+6)          First Aid:  +2 (+4)
            Electronics:  +1 (+3)                    Navigation: +1 (+3)                                  Acrobatics:  +1 (+3)
            Performance:  +3 (+5)                  Conversation:  +2 (+4)                            Mimicry:  +2 (+4)
            Perception:  +1 (+3)                     Hand-to-Hand—Evade:  0 (+2)             Science:  +3 (+5)
            Research:  +3 (+5)                        Survival:  +2 (+4)                                     Paramedic:  +2  (+4)
            Mechanics:  +2 (+4)
         Ambidexterity                  Eidetic Memory              Double Jointed                  Night Vision


     The Xenomorphs effectively vanished from known space 150 years ago.  There were sporadic appearances but no reports of major infestations.  Even those sporadic attacks decreased after time.  Soon, the aliens were a forgotten memory, allowing mankind to move on into a new age.  However, it is still possible to recover old ships with the original strain of xenomorphs.

     A deep space Mobile Laboratory, the USM Auriga, recovered a mutated strain of alien by extracting a DNA clone from the body of an impregnated human.  However the mutated strain contained some invading human DNA strands.  The new alien Xenomorphs initially were indistinguishable from the old with the exception of minor physical changes (four fingers instead of six).

     The second generation caused a radical mutation in the queen.  It used its Human biology to create an alien without an egg.  The resultant species was named “Newborns”.  Newborns are large, ghostly white human/alien hybrids.  They are extremely hostile to both humans and aliens are only docile to creatures of the same family.  Newborns are asexual and reproduce on their own after consuming a large enough amount of matter.  As a result, the Newborns can reproduce faster and more efficiently than their mother species.  They, unfortunately lost their hybridization capability and are not as adaptable to harsh environments.  The following rules apply to the Newborns:

         --A newborn is born from the queen as a fully formed adult.
         --A newborn can give birth to its own offspring 48 hours after birth.
         --A newborn can conceive 1-6 offspring every 48 hours.
         --A newborn conceived by a newborn will reach full maturity 24 hours after birth as long as a food source is present.
         --A newborn can live up to 30 years.

         The skin of the Newborn is softer than a xenomorphs but still resilient.  It is immune to most atmospheric effects but not zero-G. It needs air to breath.

        The newborn has standard visual senses plus the alien’s own psychic awareness as well as motion and pressure.  The alien is also immune to radiation.  However, it will retreat from fire.

         ACIDIC BLOOD:
         The Newborn’s acidic blood is the same as the standard alien blood except the range and damage has been decreased.

     Head:  1D6 meters
     Arms / Legs:  1D6 / 3 meters (round down)
     Torso:  1D6  / 2 meters (round down)

    Anybody caught in a 90-degree arc from the hit area must make a dodge of roll or avoid the searing effects.  The acid causes DC4 at point blank range and it reduces by one ever 2 meters to the maximum rage of the splatter.

     The difficulty to dodge is 18 with –1 for every meter away from the alien.  Unless the acid is cleared up the following round, it will continue to do damage.  Every subsequent round, the target will take –1 DC damage from the initial DC until neutralized.

     And remember, aliens are immune to their own acid.

         Newborns are invisible to infrared and therm-optics.  All normal detection systems are normal.

        The newborns prime form of communication is direct mental contact.  They are very vulnerable to psychic attack.
     --They have a Telepathy skill with themselves of 10
     --To non-newborns, they have an effective skill of Zero.
     --Newborns are extremely susceptible to mental attack.  Even though they have a high stun.  Mental attacks do x 3 damage.  Any  Mental attacks that cause STUN will cause the alien to hesitate for one round.  This only occurs in the first attack of combat.

     Newborns are immune to all other psychological problems but are not immune to disease.  Electricity has only a half effect.  Aliens can never be fatigued or stunned.  Therefore, the following characteristics are not applicable:   Humanity, Endurance, Luck.

     Stun Defense is given a very high number.

     All Characteristics not listed are assumed to be One.

 CHARACTERISTICS:  (Are numbers are given with bonuses for skills)
        INT:  10          WILL:  10         REF:  12         TECH: 8            DEX:   11
       CON:  10        STR: 18           BODY: 15       RUN: 15             SWIM / LEAP:  8
       HITS:  75 (1.5 K)             KD:  15 (0.5 K)             ED:  20 (0.5 K)
       STUN:   75 (1.5 K)             SD:  20                      REC:  28

WEAPONS:              Range:      WA:         DC:                 SPECIAL
Teeth                                         1m                 +1             7 (0.5 K)                      Can also grapple
Large Claws                              3 m                +1             6 (0.4 K)                      Can also grapple