It is unsure how old they are or where they originated from.  They appeared throughout recorded history.   We encountered them on occasion through the eons, forever being the prey to these hunters.   They stalked in shadows, killed in secret, and left with trophies of their victories.

         Now, as mankind spreads throughout the universe, these tribal creatures, seemingly unchanged over the centuries, have resurfaced.  They continued their search for symbols of their superiority.

         However, we were aware now.   No more would we assume their hunts were the acts of cultists, rabid animals, or devils.  They had a name…yautja.  They were alive; they were real, and they were looking for prey.

         This time, we were prepared…

         …but so were they…


     They came down from the sky in ships of ivory.
     Graceful and deadly, each carrying the obsession of the hunt.

       1 -- Radar blanketing.  Though not cloaked like the hunters, all Predator ships have radar shielding.  They cannot be  seen by any scanning system with the exception of gravity sensors only equipped on military vessels  Conestoga class an higher (Conestoga, Bougainville, Razzia)

       2 – Ghost Imager.  All ships can confuse missile targeting systems.   Missiles have a –4 penalty to hit.

       3 – Turbocharger.  All ships can boost their systems for three rounds.  This doubles speed and # of attacks.  This can  only be done once per hour.

       4 – Reflective coating.  All Lasers do half damage (does not apply to Plasma weapons).

       5 – Environment Protection.  Predator ships can travel in any environment including flying to almost to the  chronosphere of the sun and even underwater.

       6 – Remote Operation.  They can autopilot in an atmosphere and in orbit as well as between systems.  They cannot  fire automatically but can dodge an their own.  They can drop a Hunter on a planet then retreat into orbit and  wait for the signal to pick up.

       7 – Mass Destruct Sequence.  Similar to the self-destruct sequence, this is a major scramming of the reactor that  results in a major thermonuclear reaction.  The Hunter must arm this system by remote or directly on  the ship.  The explosion will destroy EVERYTHING within 1-km radius and will cause 20 K the next 100-m  dropping by 1 K every 100-M past that.

       8 – Self-Destruct.  If set by the Predator or if he/she dies, the ship automatically disintegrates.  Some form of chemical  reaction occurs which eats away at all components.  The ship does not explode, but simply vaporizes, leaving  no remains.

       9 – Targeting Analyzer.  Predator ships can scan enemy craft with extreme detail.  This involves specifying weapon  systems, life sensors—pretty much everything Star Trek vessels boast to have.


    The Standard Yautja Shuttle is a small, dropship-craft designed for a quick, atmospheric interception and insertion of a single hunter looking for honor.  They are short range craft and cannot travel outside of the system they are dropped in.  Shuttles drop almost exactly like Marine dropships with the exception that Shuttles offer very little in atmospheric maneuverability.  They have no visible power source.  The vehicle drops into the atmosphere and doesn’t even begin breaking thrusters until 2000 feet above sea level.  Predator drops occur twice as fast as Marine drops.

         The Shuttles are also significantly smaller, only holding air and food for one Hunter with enough extra capacity for a comfortable number of trophies.  The shuttle, after a completed mission, launches out of the atmosphere in less than two minutes.  Other than that, the shuttle is not much use.  The ship is very clunky with few armaments.   It lands and can then bury itself in the ground or launch into orbit, invisible to sensors, awaiting the order to self-destruct or retrieve its hopeful successful hunter.

         NOTE:  The Shuttle is that small craft that broke away from the larger vessel at the beginning of the 1st Film.

Variant Body WT Arm.  MV Move Mach Orbit SR
Shuttle 2 20 1 -3 20 2 11 20
Communication range: 3000
Crew: 1 Pilot, Life support for 6 personnel.
Maneuverability: +1 Dodge in space.
Additions: Medkit
Evacuation: None
Armament package:  What the Hunter/s carries with him
Range: Atmospheric:  Unlimited
                   Orbital:  100 AU
                    Cargo Slots:  0
Hardpoints:   1
Armament:  Usually one Plasma Cannon


     The Hunter Families move around the systems usually in these ships of varying size and design.  It is rumored that each group customs their own craft.  Over generations, the ships become more distinct from the original format.

     The Standard vessel is what the hunters usually employ but they don’t often land in hunting zones unless larger groups leave.  Members from all castes live inside the craft.  Lower decks for lower castes are damp, humid, and unkempt.  Fires are used for cooking and hunters sleep on floor.  Upper castes have their own quarters and get the best food.  Fights rage between the castes in an attempt to move up the ranks.  Those who have earned it rise up.  The most honored command the vessels to their new hunt.  If they don’t find one, they can also start one.

     These vessels are equipped with shuttle craft to drop Predators in a hunt but they also have a dozen egg-droppers.  These drones can travel up to a half a light year to enter a planet’s atmosphere.  There, they search out well-populated areas and then soft land and wait for curious investigators.  The drones then blossom to reveal from 6- 12 eggs, ready to strike.  The eggs are kept in isolation and cannot open accidentally unless removed from the pod.  The aliens can then spread and start their own hives.  The droppers follow the progression of the infestation.  When a large enough infestation occurs, the dropper transmits a homing beacon to its mothership, alerting of the sprouting hive.  The vessel can now arrive for the hunt.    The vessels themselves sometimes contain chained alien queens as a source of their eggs.

     Standard vessels have an effective unlimited range but must stop and charge its engines for one week after its range is used up.  It is unsure how long these vessels travel between service checks or even if they require service checks at all.  All evidence points that these vessels maintain themselves somehow.  Even the variety of weapons seems maintenance free.

     The bottom decks are slums.  Upper decks are command and upper castes.  The mid-decks form the core of operations.  Fights rage, trophies are displayed.  Weapons are fashioned.  Whole communities rise and fall in the decks of a Hunter Vessel.

Variant Body WT Arm.  MV  Move Mach Orbit SR
Man’daca 10 250 4 -5 15 2 20 500
Communication range:  10 000, FTL
Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner, Life support for up to 100 personnel.   Bunks for 30 passengers on the upper  decks.  Average crew is around 50.
Maneuverability: +2 dodge in space. +4 dodge of guided missiles.  (not including the automatic bonus above)
Additions: 12 Egg Drones
Evacuation: 4 Shuttles.
Range: Atmospheric:   Unlimited
             Orbital:  Unlimited
             FTL:  20
 FTL Speed:  0.7 ly/day
Cargo Slots:  2
Hardpoints: 8
Basic Armament: 4 Plasma Cannons
                                  3 Particle Beams
                                  1 Heavy Plasma Thrower



     The monstrous Hunter motherships are mobile bases which have been rumored to exist but which no human has ever seen.  They are totally independent craft where a variety of smaller vessels can dock, move around, interact, and fight.  These ships hardly ever move into direct fighting with any other force, but is rather used a mobile town where Hunters can dock with and gloat about their trophies.

     Like the other craft, they are totally invisible to all sensors, making it virtually impossible to find in the expanse of space unless you fly another Hunter vessel.  These vessels all have beacons to locate a nearby Atoll.  Space is big.  Really Big.  It is rumored that a handful of these bases are even located in Terran space but outside normal spacelanes.  Like Man’Dacas, the Atolls have slums and upper castes separated between decks, there is just a lot more of them.  Here, warriors can seek out mates, fight for honor, and acquire new devices and weapons.

     Atolls don’t often move but often drift when they need to between systems.  They hardly ever enter systems on fear of being located.  They never initiate hunts.  They let the smaller vessels do that.  Atolls only contain a handful of their own craft and operating crew but most that wander through the systems can have up to 500 people moving in and out at any time.  Some have large numbers of the homeless dishonored with no place to go.   They await until the moment they can gain the strength to return to the hunt or they wait for their death.

     Atolls don’t often have Egg-Drones but do usually have live queens on board to distribute the eggs to whoever needs them.  Even though sometimes-smaller vessels fight among themselves, no honor can be achieved from attacking an Atoll.

Variant Body WT Arm MV Move Mach Orbit SR
Jag’d’ja 25  95,000 10  -10  10
- 8 n/a
Communication range:  Orbital, FTL
Crew: 1 Navigator, 90 crew bunks, Life support for up to 1 000
Maneuverability: +6 dodge of guided missiles.  (not including the automatic bonus above)
Evacuation:  8 Shuttles, 2 Cast Vessels
Range:     Orbital:  Unlimited
                 FTL:  Unlimited
                 FTL Speed:  0.5 ly/day
Craft Slots:  8
Cargo Slots:  8
Hardpoints:  n/a  Weapons are fixed.
Basic Armament: 2 Plasma Cannons
                                  3 Particle Beams
                                  2 Heavy Plasma Thrower


     NOTE:  “HONOR” is described later as the cost required to acquire weapons.  The black market cost of this weaponry in human circles is the honor x 100 000 but are extremely, extremely rare.
Camouflage Device -- -- 0 Camouflage 10
Hunter Padding 10 2 0 -- 2
Hunter Armor 16 8 -- -1 4
Ceremonial Armor 20 15 -2   Acid Resistant 6
Hunter Mask  25 10 0 -- 1
Audio Waveform Analyzer -- -- 0 See below 1
Bio Helmet 35 15 Acid Resistant  4
Mediket -- -- 0 Medical Supplies 2
Laser Sight -- -- 0 +3 to Hit  2
   NOTE:  It is assumes all devices not armor can take 10 SPD before becoming inoperable, unless stated  otherwise.

     CAMOFLAGE DEVICE:  To hunt successfully, the perfect camouflage is needed.  Every Warrior is given these techniques. Perfectly mirrored with his surroundings, he becomes invisible.  This arm-mounted mechanism is the source of the unique capabilities of the hunter to render him virtually invisible.  It works by creating a strong field which bends light around the Hunter—only the distortion of the bend causes a slight visual apparition which can be spotted on a Competent Difficulty role (DV-18) if actively searching and a Incredible difficulty (DC-26) if not.  If spotted, the target is still hard to see.  No matter what conditions apply, there is always a –3 to hit anybody with active Camouflage.  If someone is firing blindly (having not seen the Hunter yet) there is an additional –5 penalty.  There is another –2 added to that if the Hunter is NOT moving.  Also, the terran behind also plays a factor.  Uniform terrain (Ship corridors, etc) offer an additional –1 but a “busy” terrain (forest, etc) offers an additional –2 penalty.  EG:  A marine trying to fire blindly at a hunter remaining perfectly still in a forest has a –12 to hit him {-3 + -2 + -2 + -5 = -12}.  The GM has to already slap a DV penalty depending on range, and the environment (usually between 14 and 18) and then +12 onto that.
ON  -3

     The device is usually mounted on the arm and can only sustain about 30 SPD before going offline.  At 10 SPD remaining, the unit fluctuates, going on and one, bringing the penalty down by –2.  Only mounted weapons are effected by the cloak.  This includes only concealed weapons like retracted claws and collapsed spears or other weapons kept hidden by packsacks and so forth.  Once extended or revealed, the weapon is visible.

     HUNTER PADDING:  This is basic armor given to new warriors trying to attain a position in the upper castes.  The padding is a basic mesh that doesn’t offer much more protection to the thick hide of the Hunters already.  Most are designed like armored jump suits meant for casual wear in the corridors of  their dark vessels.  This is the closest they get to flight suits.

     HUNTER ARMOR:  Hunter armor is the equivalent to the Marine M3 body armor, which offers protection where you need it the most.  The armor is light and maneuverable but it’s still vulnerable to heavy strikes.

     CEREMONIAL ARMOR:  Usually only reserved for the upper castes and the elders, Ceremonial Armor is only found on one hunter per combat team usually, always the leader.  He/She stands out from the group as a proud symbol of honor and leadership.  This interchanging plate armor is somewhat clunky, offering more dazzle than heavy-duty defense.  However, the ceramic plating is composed of a totally foreign compound which seem totally immune to the alien acid.  This makes the armor very efficient when fighting the hostile species.

     HUNTER’S MASK:   This is the basic Mask worn by lower caste warriors.  It does not offer the radical spectrum viewing seen from upper caste warrior helmets but only head protection and atmospheric support (gas filter to adjust atmosphere gases to a breathable buffer substance)

     AUDIO WAVEFROM ANALYZER:  A function of the bio-helmet that must be bought separately, the Waveform Analyzer reacts to changes in the audio environment. A flux in the displayed waveform indicates the presence of an enemy that may or may not be in a Warriors line of sight.  All Hunters with this get a +2 to initiative to strike first.  The Analyzer can also imitate previous words spoken to it in an effort to communicate with alien life forms.  There is a +2 to a Language skill.

     BIO HELMET:   This is a total upgrade of the helmet when a warrior has attained enough Honor.  The Helmet can filter through five settings:  Infrared, Ultraviolet, Thermal Imaging, Low-Light Amplification and Air Density Pressure (movement), It can also has switches for x-rays and Microwaves.  It has a built it Magnetometer and a Geiger Counter.  These offer almost unlimited viewing scale to see anything in almost any environment.  It also works with the Laser Sight to lock onto targets.  Bio Helmet in any one setting  adds +2 to Awareness.  It takes one phase to switch from the five settings.  If viewing through all settings, the bonus to awareness rises to +8.  There is also a +1 to hit any target (added onto the laser sight if that is being used).  The Helmet also offers more protection than the basic and is also acid resistant.

     MEDIKIT:   Predator medical technology is short on pain killers but highly effective.  A simple 5 round procedure can heal half his/her REC.  After that, an additional hour will recover a full REC.  Any more past that requires returning to the craft and gaining medical aid.  A First Aid roll is still reacquired.

     LASER SIGHT:  The Laser sight is an advanced tracking and aiming sight that works in conjunction with any weapon but is primarily designed with the Plasma Caster.  Using it, the Hunter gains a +3 to hit with any weapon being used.


Scattergun 3 0 2 000 5
6 60 6  1H
Naginata 5 +2 3 4 1 -- 8 AP, 2H, AR
Dart Gun 3 +1 1 000 3 1 30 2 * 1H
Net Gun 2 0 100 2 1 3 1 ENT
The Wrist Blade 2  +1 1 4 1 -- 2 AP, 1H
Acid Resistant Claws  2 +1 1 4 1 -- 3 AP, AR, 1H
The Combi Stick 4  +1 30+* 4 1 1 5 AP, 1H
The Smart Disk  2 +2 300 5 1 -- 7 AP, 1H, AR
Shoulder Plasma Caster 0 +1 2 000 7 3 60 7 *
Self-Destruct sequence 0 0 0 6k * 1 10 *
Side Blade 1 +1 1 1 1 -- 1 AP
2H -- 2 Handed  1H – 1 Handed  AP – Armor Piercing (half armor)
AR – Acid Resistant ENT – Entanglement * -- Special, see below

Scattergun 15 Naginata 1k
Dart Gun 10 Net Gun 10
The Wrist Blade 20 Acid Resistant Claws 40
The Combi Stick 30 Smart Disk  30
Shoulder Plasma Caster 20 Self Destruct sequence 20
Side Blade 15

    NOTE:  There are no ammo capacities for those weapons listed.  When out, a new weapon must be  purchased.

Plasma Cannon -1 40 000 3k 2 n/a 4m Any
Particle Beam -5 350 000 0* 1 n/a  40m Any
Heavy Plasma Thrower  -2 100 000 8k 1 n/a  0m  Any

     SCATTERGUN:   The Scattergun is a hand-held plasma gun that fires a net of energy out to a long range.  Any target two meters or closer to the hit target must also dodge or be hit as well, taking half DC.  The weapon is, unfortunately, very clumsy, taking up a hand which can be replaced by melee weapons.  Most prefer the shoulder mounted plasma caster.

     NAGINATA:  The Naginata is part weapon, part ceremonial trophy.  It is a beautifully, plated, and encrusted pole arm with double bladed ends.  Each end is a super sharp collection of knives causing devastating damage if struck upon a hapless victim.  The blades can flawlessly cut through almost ever substance and is totally immune to alien acid.  The Naginata also has a conducting field which allows it to be cloaked when in hand.  When the weapon strikes, however, it becomes visible.   The Naginata is an image of Honor and demands respect when brandished.

    DART GUN:   The Dart Gun is the closest Predator equivalent to a pistol.  It fires self propelled flachetes which inflict little damage but do come with a poisoned tip which inflicts an additional 4 DC if the subject is wounded directly (through armor).  The weapon is small and easily concealed.

     NET GUN:  The Net Gun is small and usually reserved for when a Hunter is planning to enter a major combat area and the temporary incapacitation of a subject is necessary.  The net gun is not a kind weapon.  The net usually pins an victim to the floor or a wall with razor sharp wire that viscously cuts into the flesh, making an escape a painful experience.  The net needs a blade to be cut and required more than 15 points of damage to break the wire.  Every round the victim is in the net causes an additional  2 DC.  If the person tries to struggle, the damage increases by 1.  This keeps up until the subject is released or is killed.  The net can also release on a trigger from the weapon.

     WRIST BLADES:  The Wrist-Blade is the weapon chosen for most yautja.  Twin blades, double edged, and sharp enough to tear through bone, these retractable blades are effective against large and small opponents. Using it shows the yuatja pride, because they must fight face-to-face.  They are the recommended first weapon because of their effectiveness and cheap cost.  Those who have fought for years, still empty this weapons, although most have upgraded to the…

     ACID RESISTANT CLAWS:  These are almost identical to normal Wrist blades.  In fact the housing is the same.  These new blades are only a inch longer, and are totally immune to all forms of damage including alien acid.  The blades are virtually indestructible.  The damage is only slightly more though.  Those who have fought for many battles usually have made this simple upgrade.

    THE COMBI STICK:   The Combi-Stick is self-powered, telescoping spear that is merely one meter at its shortest length. The Combi-stick extends by two meters at each end , making it a formidable weapon for close range attacks. Made of nearly unbreakable alloys, sharpened tips on either end produce electrical charges as it slices through any surface.   The range increases by double the STR of the thrower.

     THE SMART DISK:  The Smart Disk is thin and ultra light.  This internally powered airborne weapon is crafted of materials that produce the Combi-Stick, easily slicing through an opponent with its devastating razor edges. When thrown, it will leave the thrower’s grasp and do severe harm to anything living in its flight path.  The Elders decree that the concentration needed to retrieve a combat-standard disk is not present in minds of young yuatja, therefore disks are not given until proven they can use it wisely.   The disk will continue on its flight path and can make one turn for every WILL the thrower has, making another attack immediately after the last one.  If the blade strikes a limb and causes double the capacity the limb, the limb is severed.  One last round of its use must be used to bring the disk back to hand.  This takes one round where it can be thrown the next.  If the last attack is used in an attack, the disk will fall to the ground, awaiting pickup.  While the disk is airborne, the hunter can move about and even fight.

    SHOULDER PLASMA CASTER:  The Shoulder Cannon, the most powerful aid in a Warrior’s arsenal, is a mounted and lightweight weapon capable of firing multiple long-range energy bursts. The destructive power unleashed by these bursts is immense.  The weapon tracks with the head movement of the firer.  The weapon must be attached to a Hunter’s Mask or a Bio Helmet for this to work.  It can be used with the Laser Sight to increase the targeting capacity.

     SELF-DESTRUCT SEQEUNCE:  This weapon of last resort is used by warriors to keep the honor when they die.  After the arm-mounted device is set, there is a one-minute countdown until a micro-nuclear weapon is detonated.  It causes 6 K damage to everything 100 meters out and causes 1k less ever additional 50 meters.  The device becomes part of the armor suit and can be disabled.

     SIDE BLADE:  This is a standard 12-inch blade common with the lower castes.


         Perhaps one of the most pronounced differences between us and them is longevity, sometimes as long as 300 years.  This longevity suggests that sons live with their mothers for much longer then we would before leaving, for it takes longer for them to grow up and fend for themselves, and daughters stay with their mothers for the protected environment to raise their own children and maintain dominance over their clans territory. It seems reasonable that more females in a clan means they can control a larger area.

         Mothers during this time would teach their young to fight and survive and they hunt for and protect their own children.  They are also viciously and relentlessly protective.  Predators aren't big on theory, with them you learn by doing.  A female clan would thus be made of succeeding layers of generations; daughters, mothers, grandmothers etc. It would be easy to consider such a clan would be led by a single matriarch.

         Considering longevity once more, it takes a lot of energy to raise a child, and so individual females would probably only have a child every decade or two and would be very particular about who was to be the father, and perhaps choose favorites, but do not have permanent pair bonds. This leads to very high competition among males.

         Considering this difference, males live in packs of generally unrelated males and females live in clans of related females and their children.

         The nomadic nature of males suggests that they have no ‘home territory' of sorts, but that their home is what they carry with them. Their ships for example, are the territory that they carry with them.  Sons would be more interested in who their fathers were then daughters, for it may reflect their rank when they leave.   Since females rule over their territory and generally run internal affairs, Predators have a matriarchal society. Rarely is it ever needed to be enforced however, males do not involve themselves with female politics and females are uninterested in male socialization.

         Should the need to enforce this arise however, the male would not only be against a female physically larger then himself, but also her sisters, and their mothers and grandmothers etc. The brethren of this unfortunate male would offer no support, only their derision.

        A warrior who would dare such would not be wise, for an insulted and angry yautja female was
 not something even a not-too-wise male wanted to create. Assuming the warrior was armed and  expert, it might almost be an even match.  Yautja females were bigger then males.  Females of any species were usually smarter then the males.  There is always the threat of castration for males, not only does it eliminate his chances of continuing his line, but also any rank he may have had in male society. Such males would most likely kill themselves in such a situation. It seems reasonable that only females would ritually castrate, males giving each other the respect of killing their opponent instead.

         In this atmosphere of high competition for breeding rights among males, for it is the male who must attract the female, there are many males who never get the chance to breed. These frustrated males may turn on their subordinates.   But the males who do breed have proven themselves by hunting dangerous prey and gaining many impressive trophies. A second windfall of this accomplishment is the admiration of their clan brothers that they spend most of their time. Basically, males hunt for one reason, status.

         It is a gray area why females would hunt for trophies. Females DO hunt for trophies but it may be for somewhat different reasons then males.  Dominance may certainly be a factor yet it is doubtful if it is the only reason. Perhaps to show their ability to protect their territory, from enemy female clans. Perhaps to show ability in protecting their children, both their own and their sisters. Perhaps just for a laugh. But this is entirely speculation.
 To conclude, the role males play in their society, that is postulated, is keeping any outside race from interfering with the internal affairs of theirs. Basically, they intimidate other races into submission to protect their females breeding grounds, plus the fact it is very amusing to them.

         Males conquer. Females rule.

 The Predator species code of honor:
         1) Defeat equals death.
         2) An opponent has to be matched equally in the available weapons.
         3) The bugs are not opponents to be dealt honorably, buds are the rivals in a vicious war.
         4) Opponents virtually in situations of feebleness (or maybe pregnancy and other things) may be spared.


     UNBLOODED:  Young Yautja who are trained the skills necessary for their adult hunting. They will move to the next rank after their first hunt.

     YOUNG BLOODS:   Recently blooded Yautja. They are young and full of ambition and feel full of pride once they have collected the skull of their kill.

     BLOODED:  The only difference between the BLOODED and the YOUNG BLOODS is that the BLOODED have more experienced but still not classed high among the great hunters.

     WARRIORS:  Violent, respected, solo hunters with high Yautja technology. They travel the Universe to find honorable hunting.

     HONORED:  The Top Dogs. They have earned more kills than the average hunter and are skilled in all ways.

     ANCIENTS / ELDARS:  The greatest Yautja that have ever lived, they have survived a thousand hunts. They have hunted so much that they look for other means of sport.

     ARBITRATORS:  Yautja police that mainly consist of ANCIENTS who are bored with the Hunt.


     A ritual where a young Yautja goes on its first hunt. The difficulty of this hunt depends on your
standing amongst the community. Failure means death, while success means you are marked on your


    All Predators that make it to Young Blood have a mark burned into their foreheads to denote their position as successful Hunters.  This mark is the shape of a wide lightning bolt.  All who have this mark is recognized as a true Hunter.  The mark can only be given by Elders.  Ceremonies often occur but most of the time, this mark is awarded after the first hunt.


         Predators, of course, are much stronger and much larger than a human, so their Characteristics are different.  Please note that it would be very hard for a Predator to run properly in a marine group.  But many ideas are available:

     --A Predator in a Marine group in CL 5, 5.5, or 6 is possible.
     --A Predator group hunting aliens in CL 1-6.
     --A Predator group hunting marines CL 4 and on.
     --A Predator group in CL0 –SELF CONTAINED GAME -- (see below)

     The following steps should be taken to make a Predator character.

     --GMs discretion…be inventive.
     --Don’t roll for Family Status…go right to childhood events.  GMs discretion if he wants to evoke a 1-3 Family penalty if their is a bad childhood.
     --Enemies are common.
     --A romance may simply mean a mating.
     --Every time “Something Good” happens:  +1 Honor
     --The Membership roll (5) adds 1 to the Family attribute (max of 10)
     --The Windfall (6) roll adds +1 Honor
     --Every time “Something Bad happens:  -1 Honor

     --75 points allotted
     --There is a new Characteristic…

    FAMILY:  This is the same as the old “Money & Family” from Mekton 2 that determine the status of the lineage and the Hunter’s current status when starting character creation.  The Predator gets one HONOR for every point in FAMIILY.
          2 – Very Poor, 3 – Poor, 4 – L.Middle Class, 5-6 – Middle Class, 7 – Middle Class,
          8 – Upper M. Class, 9 – Wealthy / Low Noble,  10 – Wealthy / High Noble

         INT:  9  WILL:  8 PRE:  5  TECH:  8 REF:  11
         DEX:  10  CON:  11 STR:  13  BODY:  13 MOVE:  10
         FAMILY:  10
         --Predators get a thick skin armor equal to their BODY.


     --50 points allotted.   The GM can consider up to 60.
     --No Templates.  The following skills are available
     --Starting characters have a +5 ceiling to all their skills.  Unless they are Warriors (Family of 10), when the ceiling rises to 7.
Astrogation (INT) Ranged Weapons (REF)
Demolition / Disposal (TECH ) Paramedic (TECH)
Engineer:  Aerospace  (Predator Ships)  (TECH) Pilot:  Predator Ship (DEX)
Tactics (INT) Weaponsmith (TECH)
Acrobatics (DEX) Athletics (DEX)
Climbing (STR) Concealment (INT)
Contortionist (DEX) Cooking (INT)
Deduction (INT) Disguise (TECH)
Electronics (TECH) Expert (INT)
First Aid (TECH) Hand to Hand (REF)
Hand to Hand Evade (DEX) Languages (INT)
Leadership (PRE) Mechanics (TECH)
Melee Weapons (DEX) Melee Evade (DEX)
Mimicry (PRE) Navigation (INT)
Perception (INT) Ranged Evade (DEX)
Riding (DEX) Shadowing (INT)
Sleight of Hand (REF) Stealth (DEX)
Survival (INT) Surveillance (INT)
Tracking (INT) Zero-Gravity Maneuvering  (DEX)
     No restrictions.

     NONE WHATSOEVER (See below)

         Certain skills should be banned:

          Mental Attack
          Mental Defense:

        No one should have a skill above +1 at the beginning of their character.  This should be enforced by the GM.   Only one PC should have these skills and also consider not allowing it until later in the game.



     Honor is used both as a way to move up in the ranks and as a method of currency.  Of course, Predators don’t use money and the use of Honor is a very vague field.  Basically, Honor is bestowed to a character upon creation to spend on equipment and weapons.  To move up in the ranks and acquire more weapons, Honor must be achieved.  Honor can only be achieved by bringing back trophies to be shown off.  The Predator may give up trophies (and honor) in exchange for weapons and passage.  If the Hunter kills enough for fifty honor but only has ten Honor in trophies, that’s all she/he’s got.

     If Honor is kept and improved, they may reach a level where they can move up in the castes.  Moving up in the cast offer many perks listed in each caste.  However, to be accepted in a caste requires a Predator to fight someone of the upper rank and defeat them.  A Predator does not need to show off his Honor by walking with all the trophies under hand but rather show them off by visible markings, weapons, equipment, and followers.  When the character starts, the Honor of their family denotes where they start in the caste.   Even if a Predator has 0 honor after the creation of the character is complete, the Family standing keeps him/her in that caste.  Course, it takes longer to move up to the next caste.    The fastest way for a Hunter to move up is to win victories in hand to hand only…but most don’t survive this long.

   FAMILY:  The automatic assignment for starting Predators.  Those who start at this level get the awards from the  previous castes as well.
    HONOR:  The Honor reacquired to attempt to reach this Caste.
    MEMBERSHIP:  The equivalent Membership in the Yautja society
   AWARDS:  In the form of mates, friends, Perks, Privileges, and even weapons.

FAMILY:  1 - 3

FAMILY:  4 - 6
HONOR:   3
         --Acceptance by others.
         --Hunter Padding (Or trade in for extra honor)
         --+2 OP

FAMILY:  7 - 9
HONOR:  10
         --Wrist Blades (Or trade in for extra honor)
         -- +5 OP
         --Make a friend (Like a brother  in arms who will die for you and you the same)

HONOR:  30
         --Hunter Armor
         --One Shuttle
         --1 Bio Helmet (Or trade in for extra honor)
         --Acid Resistant Claws (Or trade in for honor)
         --+ 5 OP
         --Make a friends
         --“Love & War” Lifepath roll.  “Happy love Affair” results in +1 Honor and a 50% chance of a child.
            Either way, the mating is done.

FAMILY:  n/a
HONOR:  70
         --Ceremonial Armor (Or trade is for honor)
         --+5 OP
         --“Love & War” Lifepath roll.
         --Make a friend
         --Renown Level 3
         --Leadership skill +2
         --+ 1 family (max 10)

FAMILY:  n/a
HONOR:  100
         --One Standard Caste Vessel
         --+5 OP
         --“Love & War” Lifepath roll.  “Happy love Affair” results in +1 Honor and a 50% chance of a child.  Either way, the mating is done.
         --Make two friends (Like a brother / sister in   arms who will die for you and you   the same)
         --Renown level 6
         --Leadership skill +2
         --Family set to 10 (if not already)

FAMILY:   n/a
HONOR:     200
         -- +5 OP
         --“Love & War” Lifepath roll.  “Happy love Affair” results in +1   Honor and a 50% chance of a child.  Either way, the mating is done.
         --Renown level 9
         --Leadership skill +2
         --Family set to 10 (if not already)


     The following Trophies offer the following Honor
Unarmed Adults* 0 Unarmed Children -5*
Pregnant Females  -6* Lightly Armed Adult  1
Medium Armed Adult  2** Heavily / Assault Armed Adult  3**
Synthetic 2 Prestigious Adult  5
Slightly Dangerous Animal  1 Very Dangerous Animal 2
Alien Egg  0 Alien Facehugger  0
Alien Chestburster 0 Alien Drone 1
Alien Royal Guard  3 Alien Queen  10
Bug Man*** 2  Jockey Alien*** 10
Reaper*** 5 Unblooded Predator**** 0
Young Blooded Predator**** 1 Blooded Predator **** 2
Warrior Predators **** 3 Honored Predator**** 5
Ancient / Elder Predator**** 7 Arbitrator Predator**** 10
Defeat and survival@ -5 Betrayal (GM’s discretion) -1 to -10
Accepted Trophy (See below)  2 Crime (Murder, Theft, etc.) -5 to -20
Outcasted Predator  5 Revenge Killing 2 + Kill value

@  This is if the Predator is defeated and spared by his opponent.
*  Obviously, no trophies should be taken.  This is inflicted if the kill is discovered.
** A weapon or symbol must be recovered.  Otherwise, it is considered only 1
***  Another Plug In
**** Combat must be approved by the opponent.  If not…it is an automatic –2.  If this is a fight to move into a    caste, there is no honor awarded.


     A Predator at zero honor simply means he must prove himself in the new caste he finds himself in (or herself in rarer cases).  They may have weapons and armor but no trophies, having traded them off for newer trinkets.  When a predator finds dishonor and his caste discovers this, he must either face consequences or be outcasted.

     CONSEQUENCES:   When the Predator is placed in the negative, his weapons will be removed to off the balance.  He is never removed from his caste, but is considered a dishonored member of it.  Obviously, because of the high honor of honored and elders, the chances of them being dishonored in this nature is virtually impossible.  Usually only Warriors and under find this level of punishment.  Eventually, if the dishonor is so great, the warrior must give up all possessions.  If this eventually puts him back into the positive honor, he may still continue in the fight.

    If, however, he remains in the negative, he is considered less of a person.  These dishonored live without quarters in the slums of the ships, forced to live on whatever they can find.  Most here don’t believe they will ever be strong again.  Some try to fight for honor and challenge other Predators for their honor to be acknowledged again.  If they continue to loose, their dishonor grows deeper.  If their dishonor continues and drops below –10, this Predator is no longer allowed in the Caste.  They cannot be reduced to another caste…the Predator is forced to endure discomidation.  Stripped of his honor and banished, this Predator is left with his clothes and maybe a side blade on a planet to live the rest of his life without honor.  Some of these Predators continue the hunt in their own mind, some others kill themselves.  Others….adapt.

    These Predators are not outcastes, just discomidated and not acknowledged.  Outcastes are different. If a dishonored predator who freely accepted his punishment is needed again, there have been reports of an elder making a special case and letting a trained discomidated Predator on a hunt.   They usually have no major weapons and armor.  If they survive, they are accepted.  This is extremely rare.  A hunt occurs on a planet with a dishonored Predator and that Predator saves the life of the leader.  That Predator may be brought and accepted back.

     BAD BLOODS / OUTCASTS:  The criminals among the Yautja have committed crimes such as murder, dishonorable hunting and failure.  Strangely enough, Outcasted Predators can be recognized on sight by other Predators, like their face is placed on a bulletin board for all to see.   If discovered to have dishonored the caste, and the Predator flees rather than accept punishment, there can be no forgiveness.  The Predator flees with what he or she can carry--some of them already earned a ship or they might continue their dishonor by stealing one—never to return.  Outcasted Predators that leave this way are never accepted back.  Upon seeing them, honored predators are ordered to eliminate these dishonored fools.  Outcasted Predators don’t often hunt except for food.

    They travel, always alone, from place to place, aimless, without purpose.  Some are evil incarnate, hunting and slaying anything alive, even other Predators.  This is the unfortunate norm since most dishonor is had not by defeat, but by crimes against the caste.  There have been reports of a rare few predators that have been outcastes, only to exist as farmers on an abandoned distant world.  It doesn’t matter what life they have chosen.  Outcastes are outcastes and those who help them are as bad as they (-10 honor if an Predator helps an outcast and is discovered).


     Predators are, in many ways, isolationists, which do not accept others into their broods.  However, if a member of another species shows to have amazing honor, there have been known to have been reports of a mutual respect between species.  Most of the time, however, the Predator considers this an opponent and worthy trophy.  This is always the case with hunters in Honored castes or less because they are in the constant search for more honor and will find it anywhere.

    However Elders are more laid back, having earned enough honor for a permanent position, they consider honored fighters of other species as respected as their own kin.  Elders have often let warriors of other species live after they have proven themselves honored warriors.  This usually only occurs if the subject has killed a predator or fought alongside a predator in a fight.  There is also a common practice in these cases, to maintain honor by exchanging trophies by both sides.  This can offer equal or more honor than killing the opponent.  Currently, there has only been one story of a human living in a yautja community.  This came from her fighting alongside an elder predator in a hunt.   When he died, the human was accepted into the caste because of the obvious endorsement from a late elder.  She was given the Mark of Honor, and therefore, became accepted.


     As it is known, the Hunters have moved through space for centuries.  They have even been to Earth before mankind even attained space travel.  If a GM wants to run a campaign outside the alien setting, he can configure the game to CL 0.  This means all the technology from the core game is OUT.  Refer to the FUZION rules for technology appropriate to the year the GM sets the story in, whether it be in the jungles of Southeast Asia or the crime filled streets of LA.  Unlimited options become available from any time period and place.  The moment the GM sets the story in the alien setting, the alien core rules come into play but unless set that way, the core rules of ALIEN-FUZION are not even necessary.  As a result, this PLUG-IN can be a totally enclosed game system if the GM wishes it to be.  If he wants aliens however, the core rules will be needed.  Just imagine what a Predator-Hybrid would be like.  Enjoy the variety.


INT:  6      WILL:  6        PRE:  3         TECH: 4         REF: 10
DEX:  7      CON:  9         STR:  10         BODY:   10         MOVE: 5
FAMILY: 5         HONOR: 0
STUN: 50         SD:  18
HITS:  50         PD:  10
 Astrogation – 1 Ranged Weapons – 2  Melee Evade – 3
Demolition / Disposal – 2  Weaponsmith – 4  Navigation – 3
Acrobatics – 2  Athletics -- 2 Ranged Evade -- 3
Climbing – 3  Concealment – 3 Shadowing – 2
First Aid -- 3  Hand to Hand – 3 Stealth – 2
Hand to Hand Evade – 3  Melee Weapons -- 4 Survival -- 4
 Zero-Gravity Maneuvering  -- 1

Hunter Padding  Hunter Mask Mediket
Dart Gun   Wrist Blades  Side Blade

INT:  6          WILL: 6        PRE:  3         TECH: 4         REF: 10
DEX:  7          CON:  9         STR:  10         BODY: 10         MOVE: 5
FAMILY: 5         HONOR: 5
STUN: 50         SD:  18
HITS:  50         PD:  10
 Astrogation – 1  Ranged Weapons – 3 Demolition / Disposal – 2
Weaponsmith – 4 Acrobatics – 2 Athletics -- 4
Climbing – 3  Concealment – 3 First Aid -- 4
Hand to Hand – 4  Hand to Hand Evade – 4 Melee Weapons -- 4
 Melee Evade – 3 Navigation – 3 Ranged Evade -- 3
 Shadowing – 2 Stealth – 2 Survival -- 4
 Zero-Gravity Maneuvering  -- 1

 Hunter Padding  Hunter Mask  Mediket
Dart Gun Wrist Blades  Side Blade
INT:  6          WILL:  6         PRE:  3         TECH:  4         REF: 10
DEX:  7          CON:  9         STR:  10         BODY: 10         MOVE: 5
FAMILY:  5         HONOR:  12
STUN:  50         SD:  18
HITS:  50         PD:  10
Astrogation – 1 Ranged Weapons – 3  Demolition / Disposal – 2
Weaponsmith – 4  Acrobatics – 2  Athletics -- 4
Climbing – 3 Concealment – 4 First Aid -- 4
Hand to Hand – 5 Hand to Hand Evade – 5 Melee Weapons -- 4
Melee Evade – 4 Navigation – 3 Ranged Evade -- 4
Shadowing – 2  Stealth – 2 Survival -- 4
Zero-Gravity Maneuvering  -- 1

Hunter Padding 
Hunter Mask 
Dart Gun 
Wrist Blades 
Side Blade
Net Gun
INT:  6          WILL: 7        PRE:  3         TECH: 4         REF: 10
DEX: 8          CON: 9         STR: 11          BODY: 11         MOVE: 5
FAMILY:  5         HONOR:  35
STUN: 55         SD:  18
HITS:  55         PD:  11
Astrogation – 2 
Ranged Weapons – 4 
Demolition / Disposal – 3
 Weaponsmith – 5 
Acrobatics – 3 
Athletics -- 5
Zero-Gravity Maneuvering  -- 3 
Pilot:  Predator Ship – 3  Contortionist -- 2
Climbing – 4 
Concealment – 5 
First Aid -- 5
 Hand to Hand – 5 
Hand to Hand Evade – 5 
Melee Weapons -- 5
Electronics – 2 
Leadership –1 
Perception -- 2
Melee Evade – 5 
Navigation – 5 
Ranged Evade -- 5
 Shadowing – 5 
Stealth – 5 
Survival -- 5
Tracking -- 2
Hunter Armor 
Bio Helmet 
 Dart Gun 
Side Blade
Net Gun 
One Shuttle 
Plasma Caster
Acid Resistant Claws
Camouflage Device
INT:  7          WILL: 8        PRE:  5         TECH:   5         REF: 10
DEX:  8          CON:  10        STR:  12         BODY: 12         MOVE: 6
FAMILY: 5         HONOR:  80
STUN: 60         SD:  20
HITS:  60         PD:  12
Astrogation – 4 
Ranged Weapons – 5 
Demolition / Disposal – 5
Weaponsmith – 5 
Acrobatics – 5 
Athletics -- 6
Climbing – 6 
Concealment – 5 
First Aid -- 6
Hand to Hand – 6 
Hand to Hand Evade – 6 
Melee Weapons -- 6
Melee Evade – 6 
Navigation – 6 
Ranged Evade -- 7
 Shadowing – 7 
Stealth – 7 
Survival -- 7
Zero-Gravity Maneuvering  -- 4 
Pilot:  Predator Ship – 4 
Contortionist -- 3
Electronics – 4 
Leadership –3 
Perception -- 3
Tracking -- 4
Ceremonial Armor 
Bio Helmet 
 Dart Gun 
Acid Resistant Claws 
Side Blade
Net Gun 
One Shuttle 
Camouflage Device
Audio Waveform Analyzer
Plasma Caster
Self-Destruct Sequence 
Smart Disk 
Laser Sight
INT:  8          WILL: 9        PRE:  7         TECH: 6         REF: 11
DEX:  10          CON: 11        STR:  13         BODY: 12         MOVE: 6
FAMILY: 10         HONOR: 120
STUN: 60        SD:  20
HITS:  60         PD:  12
Astrogation – 6 
Ranged Weapons – 9 
Demolition / Disposal – 8
 Weaponsmith – 7 
Acrobatics – 7 
Athletics – 9
Electronics – 5 
Leadership – 9 
Perception – 5
Cooking – 4
Climbing – 9 
Concealment – 9 
First Aid – 8
 Hand to Hand – 9 
Hand to Hand Evade – 8 
Melee Weapons – 9
Tracking – 6 
Paramedic – 5 
Tactics – 5
Languages – 3
Melee Evade – 9 
Navigation – 7 
Ranged Evade – 9
 Shadowing – 8 
Stealth – 8 
Survival – 8
Zero-Gravity Maneuvering  -- 5 Pilot:  Predator Ship – 6 Contortionist – 4
Surveillance – 4
Camouflage Device 
Hunter Padding 
Hunter Armor 
Ceremonial Armor 
The Wrist Blade 
Acid Resistant Claws
Side Blade
 Hunter Mask 
Audio Waveform Analyzer
 Bio Helmet 
The Combi Stick 
The Smart Disk
One Standard Caste Vessel
Laser Sight 
Dart Gun
Net Gun 
Shoulder Plasma Caster
Self-Destruct sequence

INT:  9          WILL: 9        PRE:  9         TECH: 7         REF: 11
DEX: 10          CON: 11        STR:  13         BODY: 12         MOVE: 7
FAMILY: 10         HONOR: 250
STUN: 60         SD:  20
HITS: 60         PD:  12
Astrogation – 6 
Ranged Weapons – 9 
Demolition / Disposal – 8
Weaponsmith – 7 
Acrobatics – 8 
Athletics – 9
Climbing – 9 
Concealment – 9 
First Aid – 8
Hand to Hand – 9 
Hand to Hand Evade – 8 
Melee Weapons – 9
Navigation – 7 
Ranged Evade – 9 
Shadowing – 8 
Stealth – 8 
Survival – 8
Zero-Gravity Maneuvering  -- 7 Pilot:  Predator Ship – 8  Contortionist – 6
Electronics – 7 
Leadership – 10 
Perception – 7
Tracking – 8 
Paramedic – 7 
Tactics – 8
Cooking – 6 
Melee Evade – 9
Engineer:  Aerospace – 4  Deduction  -- 6 
Disguise – 4
Expert (Predator law) – 7 
Expert (alien worlds) – 5 
Mechanics -- 5
Mimicry – 6 
Riding – 4 
Sleight of Hand – 3
Languages – 7 
Surveillance – 6
Camouflage Device 
Hunter Padding 
Hunter Armor 
Ceremonial Armor 
Hunter Mask 
Audio Waveform Analyzer
Bio Helmet 
Laser Sight 
The Smart Disk 
Shoulder Plasma Caster
Dart Gun
Net Gun 
The Wrist Blade 
Acid Resistant Claws 
The Combi Stick
Self-Destruct sequence 
Side Blade 
One Standard Caste Vessel