The Xenomorphs were created by an ancient race (The Jockey Race) tens of thousands of years ago.  They were fighting among themselves in a brutal civil war.  Their technology was organic in nature and was so powerful, the death toll ran into the millions.  For decades, the war never saw twilight.  It seemed to go on forever…until one side got an idea.

     It was an experiment to create a biomechanical weapon.  It would adapt to its environment, be completely independent…and finally…it would be viscous.  This creature would be a living machine with the most grotesque combination of science and nature.  They created a species bent only of the art of killing.   The experiment was placed on a distant world (“Alien-Proteus”).  They designed the species with a hive structure to keep the infestation from running out of control.  The “ant” methodology was promoted.  The object: To keep the infestation under control by keeping the creatures close to their “queen.”

     The experiment was a success.  The creatures we know as Xenomorphs were created.  The standard infiltrator mission was as follows: An egg is deposited in a populace, it impregnates, and an alien bursts out of the host and soon finds more hosts which it can convert into eggs which will also hunt down hosts to impregnate.  The creature will kill anything threatening and convert the rest.  Soon, the populace is destroyed and the aliens are left alone on the world or spacecraft where the infestation was released.  It is assumed the Jockeys that created the Xenomorphs had a procedure to eliminate the new infection.

     The Jockeys were ready to unleash their creation on their enemy.   The Proteus planet was still under control.  The experiment seemed safe.  The mother species deposited many life forms to keep their hives intact.  These life forms seemed to reproduce in large numbers.  When needed, a transport would simply set down and pick up a queen, a drone, an army, or just a bunch of eggs as the mission profile specified.  The weapon proved useful and the war ended quickly.

     The Xenomorphs were designed to adapt to current situations but their basic morphology was not to change…it did.  Before the Jockeys could stop their “children”, they had evolved.  One small little change, something seemingly insignificant connected to the “ant” structure but not included in the alien design…Royal Jelly—the strange substance used to generate a queen.  When the Jockeys discovered infested worlds where there shouldn’t be, they got worried.

     Given the capability to create their own queens, the infestation could not be bottled.  It soon broke out of control.  The Jockeys found their experiment turning against them.  They tried to find a weapon to defeat their own creation but they were already demoralized from a past war.  They sent one last ship to pick up “evolved”    egg samples from the Proteus planet to study…it never came back.

     The Jockey race vanished.  After thousands of years, without transportation, the Xenomorphs quickly overran the planets they were on, then promptly died out.  They might be long lived, but after ten thousand years, even their lifespan ran out.  The eggs fossilized, the bodies disintegrated and the last legacy of the alien species vanished.  The ship from the proteus world crashed landed on a world far away from their Homeworld.

 "Acoustical beacon that repeats at intervals of twelve seconds" --Dallas

   LV-426 was the world where the lone Jockey ship crashed landed, across the galaxy from their Homeworld.  The Jockey onboard was killed when an alien egg he carried broke free and impregnated him.  Without a pilot, his ship set down on the hostile world.  The stasis fields in the cargo bay were damaged and all but one bay of eggs were unsealed.  They all soon died from exposure.  One bay remained sealed and waited--the last living legacy of a past experiment that failed.



     This Plug-In is not designed to be a self-sufficient plug-in but more like and expansion to the existing basic game.  Unlike the Alien Resurrection plug in that changes the setting and the Predator Plug In that offers a totally new setting, the Jockey Race Plug In ads a few new elements to an existing game.  These aliens are considered too unique to the setting for character generation.  There are rules for such an idea although it is not recommended.  These rules are very loose since there is extremely little information available and most that is contradicts.  There are no rules to run these aliens in their own timeline and setting.  All of these rules and descriptions are from a standpoint of running a game in a basic alien game in CL1-6.  Information from this race is compiled from the comics, the screenplays, and HR Giger’s original concepts.
     The CLs recommended are only for where these possibilities should occur.  Incurring them early could lessen game play.  All are blueprints for possible Gm design.  Thus, this entire plug-in should be for GMs eyes only.


    ACHERON – Jockey Ship Wreckage (CL1)

     The most interesting aspect of this world is obviously the strange ship that contains the Alien Eggs. At CL 2, with the atmosphere processor destroyed, Acheron became hostile again.  The Jockey Ship remains.  This is the only accessible artifact other than the aliens themselves from this enigmatic race.  The ship has withstood fierce storms, terraforming, and a major nuclear explosion and still remains as pristine as when it crashed.  The final word is “yes”, it crashed, some couple thousand years ago.  The Ship was transporting eggs from the Proteus world when an alien got loose and impregnated the pilot.  The pilot, sure to die, soft-landed the craft on the nearest world he could find and sent out a rudimentary warning beacon.

    The crash, although suffering only minor damage on the craft itself, damaged the stasis containers in the cargo bay, exposing the eggs to the harsh outside environment.  They are long lived but even after millennia, they succumbed to the elements.  One section remains in stasis and the alien eggs still reside in perfect containment.  The Pilot soon died and his offspring died soon after, quickly running out of nourishment.  The ship is non-functioning since its pilot died.  The reactor is dead.  It offers viable eggs as well as the ship’s Bio-Alloy and the unique pilot-ship interface of the Merge (see below).
"That transmission. Mother's deciphered part of it, it doesn't look like an SOS." --Ripley
 "What is it then?" --Ash
 "Well, It looks like a warning, I'm gonna go after them." --Ripley
 "What's the point? I mean by the time it takes to get there, they'll know if it's a warning or not, yes?” -Ash

    TIRGU-MIRES – The Observer (CL5)
    Tirgu-Mires is an old colony world kept off the starmaps on request of its inhabitants.  The world receives no supply runs and exports valuable uranium ore to Hyperdyne.  The colony has run successfully for four generations without outside contact.  In fact, the world would have probably fallen through the pages of history, generally ignored, if it wasn’t for the discovery there.  A scheduled series of core samples from an area off one of the main colony towns revealed a strange material when the drill couldn’t seem to penetrate past several hundred feet.  A Jockey Pilot resided there, quietly observing…”what” is the question.  It is entirely possible, that the observer was the last member of his species, recording the extinction of his race.  Perhaps he was recording the events of the civil war.  It is also possible, since this world was the closest of the Jockey’s to Earth, they were watching us.  It is unclear what the real answer was, but the pilot eventually died of old age, still merged in his chair that was is home.  The small outpost might also have been attacked by xenomorphs as well.  It seems that a very foreign computer system is present, chronicling the history of the Jockey Race.  When the colony discovered this treasure, they didn’t have much time to enjoy it.  Hyperdyne, finding its worlds vanish one by one, was desperate for answers.  When the core samples were relayed, the corporation sent a very sinister HK squad to investigate.  If they discovered what they feared, they were to eliminate all witnesses.  When Tirgu-Mires was charted at CL6 by the CMC, they found the colony destroyed and the Jockey base missing.
     LOCATION:  5 ly from Helix

     <uncharted planet> PRISM-177 – The Generator (CL4)

    Prism is a small gas planet.  Its seven moons are unremarkable.  It was surveyed once and considered unimportant.  The largest of these worlds has a thin atmosphere and 1/3 gravity.  The surface does contain one strange property.  It is a generator seemingly designed to magnetically attract particles from deep space and sends them down into a massive capacitor where it is stored.  It is closely described as a planet based ramjet—an old spacecraft concept where space particles are sent in through the front and rocketed out the back.  This design is similar.  The twin towers protruding from the surface form the cone of the field.  The field itself is harmless and has no harmful effects to spacecraft or people.  It is probably infested with aliens.  However, if the capacitor is harnessed, it can be an instant recharge for any ship there.  The energy supply there is limitless.
     LOCATION:  10 ly outside Acheron.

     <uncharted planet> CON-888 – The Structure (CL3)

     The Structure on CON-888 appears to be a ruin of a massive complex.  It is thought to be a remote outpost of the Jockey race from eons ago.  The base is virtually empty.  It is assumed this base was the last base wiped out by their creation.  All that remains is the shell.  Some fragments of their technology may remains inside.  This building is enormous and can even be seen from orbit.
    LOCATION:  15 ly outside Casper / Sinat

     <uncharted planet> PERI-120 – The Landscape (CL4)

     It is assumed that the Bio-Alloy was developed somewhere.  That planet is Peri-120.  The Bio-Alloy must have been developed here, initially as a virus since it seems to have overrun the small asteroid world.  The organic compound gains nourishment from sunlight and the material contains in the rock.  The compound attacks any refined material and pulls it into its mass.  This makes landings very dangerous.  The Compound absorbs material at a rate of 1K / hour.  The landscape, as a result of its organic surface, changes hourly.  Horizons rise and fall.  Some scapes wave across the surface like an ocean of living mass.  The Bio-Alloy here has no intelligence but rumors say this might be wrong.
     LOCATION:  15 ly outside Pandora

     <uncharted planet> HORI-001 – The Mutation
     It was a foolish thought to think the xenomorphs that caused the destruction of their species was the initial design.  HORI-001 was probably once a laboratory, but the entire base was destroyed.  Through the walls of the decrepit buildings live a hostile species known only as the Mutation (see later).  These creatures try to maintain their lives the best they can knowing they can never leave.  The world is gray and cloudy.  The Mutations live underground.  Wary the traveler that lands there.
     LOCATION:  5 ly off Gimeno

     <uncharted planet> ISO-567 – The Spaceport (CL5)
     The single most valuable artifact world besides Proteus is this seemingly barren hostile world.  Under the cover of lightening and wind is perhaps the only current operating spacecraft from the Jockey Race.  It is contained in a massive mountain / pyramid covered by a millennia of sedation.  The structure, about half the size of Mount Everest, is almost totally hollow.  Within the rock contains the Spacecraft.  It is thought the structure was a distant spaceport since the base seems to contain several stalls for spacecraft with one occupied.  The craft is sealed and almost impossible to learn without a pilot, which is absent.
     LOCATION:  20 ly off Marduk

     <uncharted planet > PROTEUS
     The Alien Homeworld, undiscovered until CL 4.  The Jockey Race terraformed this world to be a complete storehouse of the species.  The Atmosphere is covered by a highly corrosive shell filled with radioactive particles spewed from modified volcanoes in strategic areas.  The surface is somewhat breathable, with a larger amount of Nitrogen than Earth.  But the Ozone layer is filled with these particles, which seem to neutralize nuclear weapons, disrupt condensed energy, and cause havoc to virtually all flight systems.  As a result, no spacecraft can enter the atmosphere without suffering inoperable damage.  No weapons have been found to inflict enough damage to the surface to reduce the billions of aliens on planet.
     It is assumed the Jockey ships were capable of traversing this barrier.  The Snakefighters and Nemesis class ships as well as the Razzia dropship are also protected from these harmful effects but there are too rare to be of any use.  It would take the entire CMC fleet days to wipe out the globe.  At the end of CL6, they did exactly that.


     Merely 500 kilometers from the ice flows lie a group of featureless pyramids.  Each one towers more than twice the size of the great pyramid of Giza.  The six pyramids are all within line of sight with each other.  Rumford is one of many planets with Egg Silos deposited by the Jockey Race.   Eventually, an archeological team was killed but one impregnated, managed to escape to the colony.  The resultant mayhem eventually led to the colony’s destruction by CL5.  At CL6, the barren world was considered for repopulation.  The Egg Silos remain.  They are the largest deposits of alien eggs of all.  These silos are build underneath the pyramids since most silos are not pyramid-shaped.  Over 2000 eggs can be found in stasis here.

     The rumors that an egg silo is contained here is true.  It is a small silo, covered by centuries of continental flow.  The silo is perfectly preserved under the surface and contains 250 eggs.  The silo is impossible to spot from space and only a careful ground search can locate it.

     <uncharted planet> SAROS-600 (CL4)
     A methane and water planet contains an egg silo with a 200 capacity over 2 ½ miles below the surface.  The oceans are totally devoid of any known life.
     LOCATION:  20 ly off Panamar.

     <uncharted planet> INDRA-300 (CL4)
     This systems is totally devoid of any worthwhile planets.  It was hoped when mankind moved further into the cosmos, that we would move into this system to take full advantage of rich asteroid deposits contained within.  One of the larger erratic rocks holds a small silo.  All are dead except for one section still in stasis of 50.  The Silo is made up to be more of a space station, with corridors, airlocks, and quarters.
     LOCATION:  15 ly from Transept.
     <uncharted planet> TMA-651 (CL5)
     TMA-651 is one of the surveyed worlds on the short-list for colonization.  It seems a high candidate for terraforming.  However, the egg silo there might hamper that.  An unknown alien craft seems to crash-landed nearby,  No crew, no survivors.  Mutations seem to guard the structure.
     LOCATION:  10 ly from Chiten.
     <uncharted planet> TSIEN-343 (CL5)
     A warzone.  Tsien must had been one of the last colonies left standing in the civil war.  The entire world was laid waste by fighting.  When the xenomorphs arrived, they quickly dispatched the entire populace.  Somebody must have survived the war to that point since the planet was later totally irradiated by orbital bombardment.  However, some ruins still reside and the fragments of an alien-made hive still exist underneath.
     LOCATION:  10 ly from Barabazon


    The technical term for the Jockey Race were the Biomechanoids.  They were a synchronizing of man and machine which was the natural evolution of their growth rather than a side effect.  No one can truly be aware on how alien a non-terran intelligence can be.  As theorized throughout history, there is virtually nothing distinguishable between them and us.  Yes, they maybe have two arms and two legs with one mouth and two eyes but that’s where it ends.  Two arms and two legs makes sense as do two eyes.  Everything else is foreign.  They  are tall when standing (12 – 17 feet tall) with extremely strong arms and legs.  They have dead eyes--seeing and not seeing.  Very weak in comparison.  Their mouths are virtually useless to them as well.  Their bodies are Sepia colored although most are found jet black, like the technology surrounding them

     Their minds operate on a totally different level, utilizing powers never before even imagined.  The technology is so totally integrated into their lives.  Although they are themselves organic, they seem to have the capacity to merge with their devices.  In many ways, all their tools, whether a hammer or a massive spacecraft, became part of their body when they use their--their tools become extensions of their own mind. Surviving Biomechanoids exist but they have gone nomadic across the cosmos.  They keep to themselves and usually wait to die.  Some are actively searching for all remnants of their technology in order to eliminate it.  Some want to rebuild their race from the ground up.  All have either a morbid fear of a all out dying hatred for the xenomorphs they created.  They are also long lived.  It is quite possible the ones still roaming through the cosmos actually bore witness to their species’ own destruction.


     The rules for making characters can be discerned from the information below.  I don’t give direct guides since designing a Biomechanoid as a PC is very unfair to the rest of the group. Once again, ranges are given.
 "Alien lifeform. Looks like it's been dead a long time.  Fossilized...Looks like it's grown out of the chair... Bones are bend outward...Like it exploded from the inside..."  --Dallas
 "I wonder what happened to the rest of the crew...let's get the hell out of here!" --Lambert

     Shy.  Secretive.  Values no one and nothing.  Very selfish.  Isolationist.

     ORIGIN LIFEPATH (Superpower Plug-In):
     Mentalist AND a Gadgeteer specializing in technology and psionics.

    POWER SOURCE (Superpower Plug-In):
     Self-Created, Non-Human, Psionic power source.


 INT:  9-11         WILL:  7-10        PRE:  1-4        TECH: 10-11         REF: 6-9

 DEX: 5-8         CON: 9-11            STR:  10-15        BODY: 11-16        MOVE:  4-6


     --Phobia—Xenomorphs—They hate them with a passion but also fear them (Severe)

     --Obsessed—Destruction/Resurrection of their race (Severe)

     --Bad Eyes

Astrogation:  10 
Pilot:  Starship:  3-8
Hand to Hand:  2-5
Hand to Hand Evade:  2-5
Ranged Evade:  1-3
Zero-Gravity Maneuvering:  8-10
Engineer:  Biomechanics:  10 
Tactics:  2-6
Deduction:  4-6
Melee Weapons:  1-5
Perception:  8-10
Survival:  5-7
Heavy Weapons:  3-6
Xenobiology:  7-10
Athletics:  1-4
Melee Evade:  1-5
Navigation:  7-10
Tracking:  8-10

Acute Sense (Hearing)
Eidetic Memory
High Pain Threshold
Time Sense
Double Jointed 
 Blind Reaction
Direction Sense
Rapid Healing

      Energy Blast:  8d6 Stun damage
      Telekinesis:  STR=8
      Danger Sense:  Any Attack, Skill=15
      Knockback Resistance:  -20m to knockback
      Life Support:
                        --Can breathe underwater and in all gases as long as at least 5% oxygen and 5% methane is present.
                        --Doesn’t need to sleep, eat or extrete.
                        --Immune to zero-pressure / high pressure / radiation
                        --Immune to all known human diseases
                        --Immune to all forms of aging.
      High Range Radio Hearing
      Mental Awareness
      Spatial Awareness

     Mental Attack:  8d6 -- Same as Energy Blast above.
     Mental Illusions:  5DC, 4d6 Stun / 1d6 Kill
     Mind Control:   5DC
     Mind Link:  1 mind at a time
     Mind Scan:  7D6DC
     Telepathy:  8D6


     The Jockey Race developed their technology originally from refined metals like mankind, but found a newer developments in an alternative field.  The first was plastisteel compound found often in mankind present technology—the advancement of building materials with resilience and strength, to be flexible and tough at the same time.  The next advancement was the inclusion of memory metals—no matter how much physical damage the compound withstood, it could always return to the original shape it was designed for.  From there came materials that could modify themselves per the whims of whoever was controlling it.  After that came pure regeneration—to heal the damage dealt to it.  Over eons of evolution past our primitive level gave birth to the Bio-Alloy.  This usually sepia to black colored substance is extremely rigid and resilient and capable of maintaining its shape and regenerating from damage taken.

     The disadvantage of the substance is that it requires a minor circulatory system similar to a living organism for the bio-alloy to maintain its organic stability.   The aliens cannot seem to convert Jockey race materials.  Their hives can’t seem to stay attached and they cannot ingest the materials for nourishment or hive construction. Jockey Race Bio-Alloy seems almost totally immune to alien acid.  Acid is only half effective.  All Bio-Alloy is regenerative.  Any Bio-Alloy can regenerate 10% of its total damage ever day.  If the power system is damaged, this cannot occur, however.

     The Merge is the pinnacle of the Biomechanoid technology.  It allows the members of the race to integrate their minds and body with their tools.  Even though the variety of their technology is endless, I have included all the most common devices.  The GM is free to make up more.  These devices include weapons , spacecraft, and the four unique items listed below.

     The Transport Suit is a fully integrated Environment Suit capable of limited flight.  It fully encompasses the user with a large transparent cover and Bio-Alloy armor.  It has plug-ins for the energy source for the Light Cannon.  The user must remove the suit to enter any other merge.  The Suit supplies full life support and protection for when the Jockey leaves his/her vessel.  Like all other devises, the suits becomes an extension of the user.  Filaments move from the suit into the nervous system of the Biomechanoid, allowing perfect tactile contact from inside the suit.  Other abilities follow:
   PD:  20         EKD: 15         EV: 0
   FLIGHT:   15m/y         NON-COMBAT FLIGHT:  30 m/y
                    360 Degree Sensing
                    +2 STR
                    +2 CON


    The Chair merges with the Biomechanoid and allows him to synch in perfect harmony with the Jockey Carry-All.  While merged, the Jockey has total awareness of everything that occurs onboard the ship.  A merged Pilot can remain in the chair for centuries on end.  The pilot not only sees all inside and outside the craft but also can also hear, smell, and touch using the craft.  Refer to the ship for the statistics for it.  Besides piloting the craft, the additional bonuses apply:
     All the powers of the Pilot are available anywhere on board the ship.
     +3 CON
     +3 Pilot Skill
     Move = 0
     Dexterity = 0
     Spatial Awareness



    The Spider may only have four legs that don’t move, but the name still stuck.  It is a rarely found vehicle accessed by the Biomechanoids to move from place to place on planet.  The vehicle has eight spherical pods with don’t rotate but do supply the source of its motive power.  The spheres rise the craft above the ground and allows for all terrain travel.  They generate a gravity field that allows the craft to move effortlessly through any environment.  The Spider can hold only one Biomech at a time, merged with the ship, making the four appendages of the spider replacements for his own.  The rear legs are primarily used for propulsion, while the front offer the same with the addition of weaponry and articulators.

     The Articulators extend like tentacles from opening in the front and manipulate small objects.  They can then vanish from whence they came until needed.  Each arm can extend up to 20 feet and has a STR of 10 each.  The front appendages also contain the vehicles secondary armament in the from of two side-mounted, rapid-fire spore cannons.  The primary weapon is contained in the cockpit—a turret-mounted plasma cannon.  This massive energy cannon’s long range has been known to strike ships even in low orbit.

    NOTE:  Where did this pic come from…well, if you must know, this was HR Giger’s theorized schematic of the Batmobile from Batman Forever.

         LOADED WEIGHT:  25,255lbs

       MAIN BODY:          5 K                        3 K
       LEGS:                       2 K                        1 K

       MAX SPEED:  140
       VEHICLE HARDPOINTS:  1 Turret, 4 Side weapons
Plasma Cannon (1)
Spore Cannons (4)
56 000
4 000
10 (.5k) 
                    +3 CON
                    Move = 0
                    Dexterity = 0
                    Spatial Awareness

     Probably the scariest creation of the Biomechanoids was the Biocreator.  Basically designed originally as a cloning machine for the dying race, it eventually evolved into a last ditch effort in reproduction.  The Biocreator once was designed to merge with Biomechanoids but has since evolved to the point where it could merge with any organism of proportional size, including human, with minor modifications.  The Jockey Race is generally hermaphroditic, but not altogether androgynous.  The race requires two for reproduction but the decision on who carries and who inseminates is decided at copulation.  The gestation period is so long, and successful reproduction so rare among this extremely long lived race, that when they were numbering less and less, a quick and dirty solution was required.  The Biocreator merges with a Biomechanoid and copies his/her DNA into a new embryo.  The Biomechanoid is converted to a female and carries the embryo in an accelerated state.  A new Jockey can be born in a matter of days.  The DNA pattern of the Biomech can be stored in the creator so a new Biomechs can merge and carry the same embryo.  This occurred because of genetic degradation in cloning for more than a few generations.  However, the future generations couldn’t carry the original embryo so new hosts had to be found.  The end result, since the species became nomadic, was to resort to finding biological hosts to carry the new seed.  There are no bonuses for this device except for the end result.  Merged humans can be removed, but left to continue on its course will result in death.


Light Cannon -1 2 000 11 20 2 000  -1
Light Pistol 0 1 500 9 6 600 0

     The Light Cannon is a large weapon carried by the Jockey and connects itself to the outside power source of the transport suit.  It launches ultra-bright energy bursts that vaporize any substance on contact.  The Jockey is immune to the flash but most others aren’t.  Anything with eyes within 20m must make a CON roll and overcome a DV of 15 to avoid being blinded for 2d6 rounds.  While blinded, all DEX and REF skills are reduced by 4.  The weapon is only one handed despite its mass.  The Jockey can hold onto it with its strength.

     Like the heavier counterpart, the light pistol does have the capacity to blind an opponent but only for 1Dd6 rounds and at a DV 0f 10.  The weapon is smaller, but oddly shaped in comparison.  It fires from two receptors on a curved plate on the front of this stubby weapon.  It is one handed but less encumbered than the cannon.


     The Carry-All is the massive vessel the Biomechanoid’s use to transport great distances.  It is assumed there were once possibly hundreds of different designs the race used in the exploration and conquest of deep space.  The carry-all survived through the eons and became the vessel of choice for long distance / long term expeditions.  When the race went nomadic at the end of their war, the carry-all became the ship of choice.

     The Carry-All requires a single pilot in the center to operate and most consider any passengers a hindrance.  The ship operates from anti-gravity generators similar to the ones on the Spider ground transport.  The primary generators are on either side of two large appendages.  The port appendage contains the power generators with 5 exhaust nozzles pointing forward for the terraforming generator (see later).  The starboard appendage contains the ship’s flight dynamics,  primary armament, and sensor array.

 "I don't know...A cave! A- A cave of some sort, but well, I don't know, but it's like the goddamn tropics in here! --   Kane

   The central hub contains the cockpit and cargo ring.  The Cargo ring is a series of honeycombed compartments of amazing size that can carry a large assortment of supplies.  The cargo varies from people to ships to xenomorph eggs.  Stasis fields can drop, freezing the cargo in time.  Each module can open underneath and drop to planet safely via gravity generators at the foot of each module.  Above is the Jockey cockpit, where the pilot lived for most of his life.  It knew everything that occurred on board the ship.  The pilot also had access to the ship’s secondary weapon from that position.  Above the pilot was a large canopy, the only place where the pilot can see the stars with its own eyes.  The Canopy is opaque but only from the outside.  The turret cannon can fire directly through the canopy without damaging it.  The primary weapon is a massive Light cannon that can disrupt many large ship’s systems and destroy smaller ones.

     The ship is surprisingly small.  Most terran ships divert almost 70% of their space to systems.  The Carry-All only rations about 20% of their space to flight systems.  The rest is reserved for cargo and living space.  The craft from Port to Starboard, is less that 500 meters across.  The Cargo hub is 250 meters in diameter.

     The port appendage serves a variety of purposes but it does offer some strange abilities.  The Carry-All has the capability to alter its surrounding.  When landed, it can convert the terrain around it to match the biomechanical landscape of the Jockey Homeworld.  Given enough time, the entire planet could be adapted this way.  This includes first adapting the topsoil and the organic life and then converting the atmosphere, thickening and converting it to a high methane / chorine / oxygen buffer, very hazardous to most carbon-based life.

     If terraforming is accomplished from orbit, the atmosphere is adapted first, then organic life, and then the ground.  The ground is hardened and blackened, making it more compatible with the bio-alloy.  Simple forms and plant life are converted into the dark, hard material similar to the plant life on the Jockey Homeworld.  All major forms of life die from the atmosphere change.  This whole process can take years, taking the size of the planet into account.  This process can only be accomplished on worlds with already existing atmospheres with oxygen content.  The materials already have to be there, they just have to be re-combined.  This process is usually reserved for those Jockeys trying to repopulate their civilization.

Variant Body WT Arm MV Move Mach Orbit SR
Carry All 35 55,000  10 -5 10 2 15 n/a
Communication range:  Orbital, FTL
Crew: 1 Pilot, Life Support for 2 000 in Cargo
Maneuverability: +10 dodge of guided missiles.
Evacuation: 1 Spider
Armament package:    1 Transport suit with Light Cannon and Pistol
Bonuses: Invisible to all radar.
                    All ships have a –2 to hit this ship with energy weapons
Range:  Orbital:  Unlimited
                 FTL:  Unlimited
                 FTL Speed:  0.85 ly/day
               Cargo Slots:  10
Hardpoints: n/a  Weapons are fixed.
Turret Cannon
Main Gun
70 000
350 000
Same as Particle Beam

     The mutation either is the next stage of the xenomorph organism or a prototype design.  Evidence seem to point that is neither, a separate purpose organism designed for an ulterior motive.  It could be possible that the Biomechanoids have fashioned different organisms for every facet of their lives.  It is said that the ships and weapons are all mindless organisms, each designed to serve a different purpose and that the aliens we are aware of are just the different forms of a mindless organic machines, except these are bent on destruction.  The Mutation, as it was called, is an organism seemingly only found in ruins of the Jockey race leading evidence that they are sentries or guards for their long dead masters.  It seems obvious that these creatures were designed first and that the aliens we are aware came after, based on this successful design.

     It seems apparent that these mutants were never mutations but a totally redesigned organism.  They bare many similarities to the offensive creatures encountered in the Terran systems but are created from a totally different template.  Both are very violent to their opponents, both are large, black, armored, and single-minded in their purpose.  However, these creatures never rebelled against their masters because they were never programmed to be offensive.  They are totally designed from a defensive standpoint.  There is no hive structure, no central brain nor a desire for expansion.  It can still grow and heal by the absorption of outside materials whether organic or inorganic but cannot reproduce by the use of eggs or queens.

     The Prototype is larger, stronger, and more intelligent compared to an alien drone.  However, it has no desire to reproduce.  It is usually kept alone or sometimes paired up to defend a certain installation, craft, or person.  Once programmed, it can only be reprogrammed by someone who can access its biological programming.  This biological programming is done when the creature is created, usually in a large vat in a lab either on a planet or on a ship.  The creature is assembled from scratch and implanted with instructions on what to do.  It is a very difficult task to reprogram since it entails removing the creature’s brain and biologically reprogramming the synapses.  This is only capable by a Jockey using its biomechanical technology even though it is not impossible for a doctor with a masters in Synthetic engineering to crack it, if he could ever get the creature to stand still love enough to have its brain removed.  Even then it is no guarantee that the implantation would be successful.  The brain is located in a large skull-life formation, in the trunk.  Its head is a long-formed snake-like neck with an end formed with spear-like teeth.  It has long legs and arms that end in many fingers with long digits.

    The unit is also programmed only to allow a certain number of fellow mutations around it.  If the number is greater, the group will remove the straggler.  If under the limit, they are responsible for making up the difference. These creatures cannot necessarily reproduce, but can create, from the ground up, their own mutation be converting biological life and then reprogramming a brain on a copy of their own.  It takes more than 800 lbs. of bio-mass to create a mutation and the process can take more than 48 hours.  There has never been a report of a prototype breaking its programming since there is nothing below it.  In a one-on-one fight, an xenomorph is no match for its predecessor but the shear numbers of the aliens sway the odds since Mutations are never seen in more than packs of three or four.
 Their special abilities follow.

   GROWTH:  A prototype has no pre-designed lifespan and can exist as long as there are sufficient supplies to maintain its own biomechanical cells.

     BODY The skin is immune to all atmospheric effect including zero-G.  It does not use air as we know it.  It needs air to produce sound of course and also maintain temperature.

     SENSES:  The prototype uses motion and pressure senses to locate its enemy.   It can also use smell and hearing as well, but it has no form of visual senses.  It cannot be blinded in any way.  It is also immune to radiation, and all Gases.   Unlike other creatures, these prototypes will not retreat from fire .


   DETECTIONPrototypes are invisible to infrared and therm-optics.  They can remain perfectly still and immune to motion sensors unless they decide to move.  All normal detection systems are normal.

 --Prototypes can talk mentally with their Jockey masters and answer to their call easily.
 --Prototypes are immune to Mental Illusions and Mind Link.
 --Mind Control is possible but hard.

     OTHER ABILITIES:  Prototypes are immune to all other psychological problems as well as all known diseases.  Electricity has only a half effect.  They can never be fatigued or stunned.  Therefore, the following characteristics are not applicable:  Humanity, Endurance, and Luck.

     Stun Defense is given a very high number.
     All Characteristics not listed are assumed to be One.
INT: 8          WILL: 10    REF:  13         TECH:  7     DEX:   15
CON: 13     STR: 17         BODY:  17     RUN:  24     SWIM / LEAP:  8

HITS: 85 (1.7 K)          KD: 18 (0.2 K)          ED: 20 (0.5 K)
STUN: 120          SD: 30         REC: 30

1 m 
Can also grapple / armor piercing
Can also grapple