This is the last known transmission from Dr. Waidslaw Orona (CL5.5) on Earth before committing suicide, moments before his lab was overrun:

      “I-I've lost track of time since the Bio-National attack.  I’ve barricaded myself in my office to give me time to prepare this final report.  Evidently the alien queen is able to communicate in some subconscious fashion.  With other species, in human beings, these disseminations manifest themselves in the form of pattern nightmares.  The dreams were a lure.  At first we thought we’d be able to contain the spore.  Infestation seemed limited to a narrow geographical range.  And yet for every cluster we found, there were ten more just like it.  The aliens’ subconscious bait transcended class and political boundaries.  We found hives everywhere.  With each new discovery, our hope of destroying the creatures before they entered the civilian population faded.  However we still considered containment an option.  In studying the Bio-National files we learned their queen had gestated a number of weeks to prior maturation.  Using their experiment as a baseline, I assumed we still had time before any new queens would become viable.  I was wrong.



         Doctor Orona has PhD in many realms but he fancies himself a geneticist.  He took charge of the CMC’s Biological Management Control Division when the first evidence of the Xenomorphs appeared.   Past CL4, all Sanction hives needed to be approved by him and only him.  By CL4, he’d become the single most experienced scientist to the Aliens.  His teams’ research concentrated more on defending colonies to the infestations but this required several life specimens to be kept in study.  The end result was his popular “Theory of Alien Propagation” paper which was required reading to all CMC personnel past CL4.
        “Perhaps our worst mistake was underestimating the sheer instinctual cunning of the creatures.  We didn’t see the underlying pattern behind their evolutionary process—the way every facet of their existence was geared toward propagation.  The queens matured at whatever speed their survival dictated.  We had assumed the gestation period was time for the alien embryo to feed and grow, but it was more than that, it was an opportunity for the unknowing host to spread it’s spore to other sites.
      “There was a geometric perfection to the infestation.  Each queen would lay still more queens, and with every generation the spore became more entrenched, more…<WHUMP!!>  …Ahh At last.  The civilian authority was weak in the face of the devastation.  When the generals finally staged their coup, it seemed almost—welcome.  The Military created testing centers where physicians checked civilians for signs of the alien infection.  At first the tests were voluntarily.  Within days, that changed.  There were rumors the military was using the pretext of alien infection to eliminate political dissidents—the poor, the disaffected—As if such petty rivalries even mattered.

         He studied the effects on aliens when placed in adverse environments and also studied the aliens’ influence on humans.  His greatest fear was allowing what he learned to be exposed to those that would mutate his research.  However, by CL4, it was unavoidable.  Information leaked at the end of CL4 about Orona’s research.  They discovered Bio-National kept an alien under heavy guard…a queen.  When the  Salaje cult discovered this, they mobbed the facility and broke into the small Hive.  The resulting infestation started the Earth War.  When Orona and the CMC discovered the Alien presence on Earth, Orono proposed a drastic final measure.  Nicknamed “Orona’s Bombs”, these were devised to launch from sealed silos and float in orbit, seeking out alien hives, and the weapons would then speed down to the surface and airburst over the hive with a destructive yield of 40megatons.  When the project was finished, over 1000 missiles were constructed.  All would launch from a single location, controlled by Orona’s team.  The missiles never fired.  Orona’s bombs remain in their hangers, clumped at the CMC ground HQ in Nevada.
    NOTABLE SKILLS:  Xenobiology (+8), Paramedic (+9), Biology (+7), Tactics (+7)
       “Vital services—water, electricity—began to fail.  We’ve heard of infestation in Europe and Australia.  The seed is growing with remarkable speed.  From all this, I’ve come to understand something about humanity.  Man is an animal, driven by animal passions.  Civilization is a pathetic charade of manners, predicated by a tissue thin veil of lies.  In the future—if there is a future—historians may blame our failures on some external cause—the aliens.  Bio-National.  Fate.  I know the truth.  Those things didn’t destroy us.  We did.  <WUMP!!> 
     They—They’ll be here soon,.  The military has organized off world ships to evacuate ‘vital personnel’ to the other colonies—mainly their own precious hides.  I’ve chosen to remain behind.

         Massey is a family man-married for six years with a young son.  An MBA from Harvard, doctorate in law from Cornel—He could have had his pick of the big two companies.  Instead he enlisted in the marines.  Silver star for bravery during the oil war with a couple hundred confirmed kills.  He didn’t enlist out of patriotism.  He liked it.  He had more decorations than a Christmas tree.  Suddenly, he was court-martialed.  Seems he tried to kill his commanding officer for failing to order his squad to attack a civilian encampment.  Bio-National paid off the military tribunal and hired him immediately.  It’s rare when you find a man who loves his work.  No one really knows who he is but sometimes, his image become clear.  Apparently one of the communications people sent Massey some classified mail through an unclassified channel.  Unfortunately, Massey’s son accessed the material.  Very careless.  Information is sketchy at this point but Massey’s wife appears to have confronted him about the document.
       “We made the mistake of perceiving the aliens as sentient warriors.  I finally realized the truth.  They’re diseases.  A cancer.  My—My mother died of cancer.  Odd, how I’ve been thinking of her.  Years ago, following surgery, doctors would apply radiation to the affected area in hope of destroying all traces of the scourge.  It sounds so primitive, but there are times when the old ways are most effective.  I’ve times the detonation to coincide with the military’s escape.  They think they can destroy the creatures.  They think someday, they’ll be able to come back to their world.  There’s something pathetic about the struggle.  My only regret is that I won’t survive to see them proven wrong.
      “I take pride in my pragmatism—I realize this transmission is pointless.  I doubt if the long-range relay stations are even operational.  Still if anyone is actually seeing this—I Just—I <SKRUNCH!!>
      “Doesn’t really matter does it?  I’ve never actually fired one of these thing.  I feel rather…foolish.”  <BANG!!>
         Regulations are quite clear on procedure in cases like this, but you must admit it was an unusual situation.  He had been married for six years.  He took pains to make it look like a robbery gone bad.  The police didn’t suspect a thing.  Under the circumstances, Massey performed admirably.  He had a psyche profile done after and he registered within tolerable limits.  Make you wonder how it feels being a sociopath.  At CL3, he ran the Xenomorph division and committed himself to making sure Bio-National was the leader in Biological warfare.  He is a man to fear.
   NOTABLE SKILLS:  Handsome (+1), Combat Sense, Military Training

 The leader of the Salvaje cult.  Refer to Religion.

        General Spears was considered on the short list to the next Secretary General.  A man of honor and distinction.  Unfortunately, he is also a relic.  He commands his armies with an iron fist.  Spears was the first to promote a CMC Bioweapon’s division and started one of his own secret projects when the aliens appeared.  He kept his experiments quiet at first.  His secret agenda was to harness the aliens and control their behavior.  When the war broke out at CL5, Spears set up station off world, outside a local hive and ran his army into the underground, experimenting on the aliens trying to control their mannerisms.  His experiments obsessed him.  He was viscous with punishment to his men that harmed them.  Unfortunately, both Spears and his ideals were killed when he attempted to release trained aliens back on Earth to destroy their brothers.  Both he and his legacy vanished.
<Log on.
 <Eyes Only
 <Override Clearance A1A required
 <Major Eugene Powell, USCMC
 <In Light of recent events, I have opened a daily log to summarize my assessment of base commander Spear'’ fitness for duty.
 <I realize these notes could be constructed as mutinous—even traitorous—But it has fallen to me to keep some sort of record.
 <At 0900 hours I relieved Lt. Brinbridge and took over as Duty Officer in the main habitat.  I observed General Spears alone, near one of the containment vessels.  He seemed to be watching them

   NOTABLE SKILLS:  Obsessed with Aliens (10), Bad Temper (5), Tactics (+7), Leadership (+10)

          Eloise is the prototype in the line of second generation Synthetics.  She was the first, and her design was never duplicated.  Further synths were manufactured slightly differently (refer to Plug-In Alien Resurrection for details).  Eloise was grown, not built, using an alien queen’s own DNA.  In laymen’s terms, an alien egg is infected with a biological computer virus using leprosy spores as a medium.  It deleted and rewrote specific DNA chains according to its program, growing an android instead of an alien. Android morphology is heavily based on silicon polymers, so is the alien’s.  It wasn’t difficult to make the adjustments.  Eloise was an unexpected product of early attempt.  Mostly, she’s faster and stronger than normal.  She’s also begun developing her own emotional responses.  More importantly, now corporations can grow androids at a fraction of what it costs to construct them.
  <At 1023 hours, I overheard the General mutter something under his breath, he was smiling as he said it repeating himself several times.  Perfection.
 <The General’s behavior has been erratic for months.  I had come to believe Earth’s plagues had been destroyed by an all-out nuclear attack.  None of that was any concern to General Spears.
 <The General’s obsession with the alien has clouded his reason.  He answers to no authority but his own.  I have seen enough killing—It has to stop.  The General has his loyalists, but it’s only a matter of time before there is open rebellion.  And God help us when it starts.
 <Log Off.>

         Eloise has only basic behavioral inhibitors.  She is not bound by an inability to harm humans, she is only programmed with a basic morality of what is good and what is bad.  Eloise also has problems figuring her origin since she is part human and part alien.  As a result, Eloise cannot be harmed by any Alien, no matter what; she can perfectly assimilate into a hive.  She is also loyal to humans as well ,but would rather help humans passively by commanding aliens to not attack rather than kill hem directly.  However, she is capable of killing both human and alien if her morality of good and bad skewers her in one way.

         Eloise was designed at the Adullam Research facility and escaped with the survivors and a few aliens when the base was destroyed.  She is reported missing and a hunt is underway.  By CL6, she has yet to be taken into official custody.  There have been reports of run ins with her ship though by some CMC squads.  All reports have been compartmentalized.
   NOTABLE SKILLS:  All skills from an Adcap with an additional +1

         Ivy Derringer is the kind of person that is always under a spotlight, and even though sometimes, she serves a purpose, you continually pray for that spotlight to land on her.
     “You know what’s great about Ivy Derringer?  Its not that she’s the hottest lookin’ piece of stuff in the cosmos.  It’s not that she’s the richest woman in the world.  It’s not that her company, Skank, made 125 billion last year.  It’s that she’s sweet-talked all of us into spending one-third of our income on her products.  If you eat, drink, take drugs, you buy her products.  She shakes it and we come running.  Man I admire it so much!!”
                                                                                                                                      Darryl Zither, Barabazon

         Ivy was killed when a class 10 virus destroyed Celeste.  Her corporation fell soon after.
   NOTABLE SKILLS:  Beurocratics (+6), Persuasion (+9), Business (+8), Beautiful (+4), Seduction (+6)

    AVAILABLE AT: CL2, Moves into the field of Xenomorphs at CL4
         Stan Mayakovsy is considered one of the leading men in animal behavior in the ICC.  His book “Cyberantics” was a national bestseller and is considered required reading for scientists venturing in the field of xenobiology.  He moved from ants to aliens because of the obvious exposure his research would gather.  Secretly, he was also an addict to Royal Jelly and used his experiments to gather large samples for personal use.  The addiction stemmed from his cancer.  He figured that if an android ant could infiltrate an ant hive, why not scale up an have an android alien penetrate their society.  His Bio-National grant was indefinite and he and his Dolomite Cargo vessel sought out to test their prototype “Norbert” Synth in a suitable rogue Hive.
         However, upon finding one, (CL5) the Dolomite made contact with illegal bee-keeping activities.  Norbert failed in his infiltration.  When a rescue team arrived on the surface, they found that the doctor and his staff were killed.  His research was luckily saved.
   NOTABLE SKILLS:  Xenobiology (+9), Engineer: Synthetic (+9)

“When I look the Cosmos in the Eye, it blinks…”
                                                          Paul Church 

       Paul Church’s life and work is shrouded in mystery.  He runs the Innominata Space lab.  He experiments on aliens but also humans, although only he and a few of his inner circle know the later.  He is secretly working on metabiotics, self-replicating brain tissue, acquired infrasensory abilities, and the rumored “Time Serum”.  Paul Church is, by all classification, insane.  He survived two months inside a dying alien hive and learned about their culture from the inside.  He survived only because the aliens were suffering without a queen and were unable to produce a royal jelly event with a viable embryo.  No aliens were being born.  Church was impregnated but, after escaping, had it removed.  He stayed near the hive.  After it died, he waited for rescue, which took more than a month.  He was debriefed in length.  The company considered his experience most valuable.  As compensation for his ordeal in service for the government, he was granted a full biomechanical makeover.  He studied the aliens ever since.  Church believes that he is the most powerful human alive and considers himself a higher form of life.  His value for human life is, of course very low.  It is possible he is trying to make human race into his own image, some form of Hived mind similar to the aliens.  Because of his iron fist control of Innominata, when someone finally discovers his evil plan and puts an end to it, it may be too late.
   NOTABLE SKILLS:  Xenobiology (+10), Synthetics (+7), All Sciences (+7)

         Casper Nordling is the leading man in Biological warfare for Grant Corps.  His budget has been spent entirely to discovering a virus that can be injected into an Alien Hive to destroy it.  Grant Corps is attempting to beat Weyland Yutani’s similar experiments on Innominata (unknown to all of them, Paul Church couldn’t care less about this tech race).  Nordling is crooked.  He is not insane like Church…he’s just greedy.  His station has a fully created alien hive, under tight control.  He discovered he could make even more money on the side by selling excess eggs (which are supposed to be eliminated) to rival corporations and groups.  Bio-National purchases most of them.  And with his all-synthetic staff, he has total control.  It wasn’t until months later, did his operation fall down after his sanctioned hive lost control.
   NOTABLE SKILLS:  Xenobiology (+7), Lecherous (10),  Beurocratics (+6)

         Daniel Grant is the president of Grant Corp, one of the largest corporations in the ICC.   He is young, good looking, and rich—the world's most eligible bachelor.  His fingers ran deep in many fields of expertise, including alien research, but he does not support keeping the species alive for bio-weapon purposes.  Grant Corp supports sanctioned hives because of their large medicinal industry.  Neo-Pharm, their successful sub-industry, creates the wonder drug, Xeno-Zip and uses Alien Royal Jelly as a prime ingredient.  Synthetic formulas have failed so Grant Corps has sent expeditions to alien Hives to extract the substance.  On one mission,. Grant accompanied the team and reportedly came close to death.  After that, Grant Corp became a supported for the alien’s elimination even though they have a sanctioned hive at CL5.  At the end of CL6, Grant Corp was one of the few corporations still standing.  It was rumored that Grant Corp was the sole corporation that funded the CMC.
    NOTABLE SKILLS:  Business (+10), Beurocratics (+8), Handsome (+3),

        Dr. Ernst Kleist is another in a long line of scientists committed to studying the new alien race which have appeared over the ICC and like most of the others, is very crooked.  His experiments involve taming the aliens so no one would ever need to fear them again.  Like General Spears, he considered the aliens the most valuable force in the universe.  He also runs a sanctioned hive but the purposeful death of any alien is punished violently.  His research did develop the Neutralizer fields, which accomplished more or less exactly what he wanted, but Ernst wanted to go further…he wanted to control the species entirely.
     This involved created a new Alien leader to replace the queen with Synthetic programming, thus the entire Hive would be controlled by the replacement, and Kleist.  This experiment failed and when the CMC arrived to investigate the losses of their men, the Aliens escaped and the base was evacuated.  Kleist vanished, but appeared much later (CL6) as the leader of the bug men (See the Plug-In)
    NOTABLE SKILLS:  Xenobiology (+9), Bureaucratic (+6), Engineer:  Synthetics (+7)

    Gropius Lysnko died at CL5 after catching a bad case of morals.  He ran Weyland - Yutani's bioweapon's division for years, researching the aliens and their potential for profit.  Lysenko was a research biochemist that was privatly investigating the aliens because of their Royal Jelly.  He was convinced that by examining them, he could unravel mankind's own mental processes.  He worked for Neo-Pharm under GrantCorp initially, developing the famous Xeno-Zip.  He couldn't take Xeno-Zip with him when he left, but he did carry a lot of information.  He was picked up by Weyland - Yutani later.  Lysenko never agreed with their policy on the infestation of colonies for research.  He was researching the psychoactive properties of certain royal jelly derivitives when he stopped his research.  He also started experimenting on himself.  He vanished and was presumed dead.  His last notes indicated a breakthrough in separating his mind from his physical form but no proof was given.
    NOTABLE SKILLS:  Xenobiology (+8), Bureaucratic (+3), Paramedic (+6), Biology (+4)

         Herk Mondo is a legend in the CMC.  Carrying a cannon in one hand, a six pack in the other, Herk has swept through outposts and colonies, eliminating their alien infestations.  Herk Mondo is a self-proclaimed professional bug hunter. Stories are passed about him in boot camp—Stories about him taking on hives single-handedly.  Rumors pass that he is a total psycho.  He actually enjoys his work.  However he still does it for money (double Mercenary cost—see below).  However, he does have a soft spot for kids and women.  Herk flies around in a modified drop ship, which is not licensed.  The CMC frowns on his activities but turns a blind eye to them.  Corporations have unofficially put a bounty on his head.
   NOTABLE SKILLS:  All Military skills.


       PCs can option to be members of these groups….guidelines follow.    Every year, after the enlistment age in the Marines (18), The character has +3 points to any non-military skills until the chosen age.  They may purchase Military (“M”) skills at twice the cost.  If they leave the military, the GM can determine the way of discharge.  If it is honorable, the rank is maintained, otherwise, the PC has no connection to the CMC.  If they leave at the end of their character generation, they just left, otherwise, any additional points may be spent wherever.   Everything has prices except Starships…they should be assigned by the GM.
     Editor’s note:  Because of its complexity, I have decided not to include price lists and fees for Non-Military.  I leave it up to the GM to decide how to judge the costs of being an independent in this day and age.  The GM can invoke a fuel for starships (1000 / ly) and maintenance for vessels.  Since I assume most groups will be Marines, I decided not to work on it.  If you want it quick and dirty, the following is taken from the Pathfinder Game:

One Day Permit  500 Three Day Permit  500
Week Permit  1000 Permanent Port  10 000 
Security Detail  (per day)  100  Security (for Permanent Port)    10 000 
Service Tune-Up   1 000   Repair Hold-Up (per day) 300
Repair Estimate    1 000   Ship Repair  Various

         Ship repair can be done simply as (1 K = 10 000 repair cost).  Even a ship down to 0 K still has many systems intact…Even though a 6K tank may cost 2 million, $60 000 will only be needed to get a 0 K tank back on the field.  Time can also be simply made as (1 K = 7 days).  These numbers can all be adjusted by the GM of course.   To decrease cost, consider decreasing it by 1 000 for every TL the Group is at.  You can also reduce the repair time by one day per TL.  These are simple guides and are open to change by the GM.  A ship beyond – ½ their total Structure is wasted (Most of this info is repeated in the Cost of Living section)

         Beekeepers have the most hazardous duty around.  They venture out, looking for viable hives.  They don’t eliminate  them, but seek to extract the extremely valuable Royal Jelly.  They use suppressor technology to incapacitate the hives, then extremely depressive individuals with very low self-worth infiltrate the Hive to extract the Jelly.  For costs of Jelly and rules of selling, refer to the chapter on Medicine.
         Beekeepers generally move in cargo vessels and are crewed by ex-corporate engineers rather than military personnel.  Bee keeping is prohibited and proof of the activity may be punishable by extremely long jail term.
    SHIP:  M-Class Starfreighter, T-1 Hauler, Dolomite Hauler, ZCT Vessel, or SV-90 Freighter
    CREW:  At least six, average around eight to twelve.
    ADDITIONS:   Some form of Suppressor device.
                               Someone with Xenobiology skills.
                              At least three people with military training.
                              crewmembers are generally…mean.

         Mercenaries and soldiers of hire.  The name and their career history has been recorded throughout history in one form or another.  They are hired by corporations, colonies, governments—anyone with the money and the need for their services.  Most Mercs are ex Colonial Marines.   They travel in modified craft to the systems that needs them.  Some stick with specific corporations, others remain on distant colonies as permanent security.
         Mercs come in all shapes, sizes, and dispositions.  Some fight the system, some are greedier and more sinister then those who hire them.  The CMC does not endorse the hiring or Mercenaries for any activity but they have served alongside some better-known groups in hot-zones.
         All mercenaries work under Contract with corporations or Nations.  For game purposes, a Contract defines the term of service or the mission of the Mercenaries, how much they will be paid, and any special conditions or clauses that are needed.  The fine print of these contracts is not important, unless the GM decided to add that level of role-playing to the game.
         In general, a Corporation that hires Mercenaries will pay enough money to cover their normal equipment costs, salaries, and any medical aid necessary, and will provide transportation to and from the site of the job.  Money is deducted from the contract for any corporate property damaged or destroyed, and for special expenses.
         For purchasing a mercenary per mission, add up his CP + OP total and multiply by 100 per month.  Every member of the team increases the total cost of the unit by 100 per man.  If the team has a ship, the cost jacks up to cover the repair and maintenance costs.  The basic cost of a merc team with a ship increases by +1000 per K of the ship.
        The Corporation usually supplies an Officer to lead the mission, although this NPC will stay away from the battlefield if at all possible.  His or her duty is to direct the Mercenaries and keep track of what they do, not to take any risks.  The same can be said of any Auxiliaries supplies by the Corporation; these NPCs are available if the Mercenaries do not have their own.
         Mercenaries rarely have their own ships, so these are also supplied.  They do not enter combat situation and will usually abandon the Mercenaries on the ground rather than try to pick them up while they are under fire; if the dropship is damaged; the mercenaries must pay for the repairs.  For Mercenaries who do not have their own APC, this can also be supplied.  Since the characters will be driving it, they may do with as they wish, but again, any damage to it will be subtracted from their Contract’s value.  It is quite possible for a Mercenary Strike Team to end up owing money to its employer, a debt that is usually worked off by taking an additional Mission at a reduced Contract value.
         If unusual expenses can be reasonable expected, these are added to the contract
     SHIP:  M-Class Starfreighter, Dolomite, ZCT Transport, SV-90, Snakefighter, or Conestoga.  The last two are the GM’s discretion.  Should have ½ firepower.
    CREW:  Eight and up to fifty.
     ADDITIONS:  All members should have military training of some sort
                             (At least 3 points in “M” skills per character).

         Similar to Mercs, Smugglers transport all unofficial cargo from systems.  They often butt heads with Colonial Patrols, preventing the traffic of illegal materials.  Upon the introduction of the aliens (around CL3), smugglers found a new booming industry since almost every corporation would pay top dollar for ANY sample of the species from genetic samples to live eggs and even quarantined alien warriors.  A Queen is a rarity, but not impossible.  They sometimes transport Royal Jelly for Beekeepers not equipped to carry the cargo over long distances.  Some large smuggler operations run Beekeeper teams on the payroll.
         Smugglers and Civilian Transporters look the same and are both authorized to carry legal cargo but Smugglers usually have members in the military field.  Smuggling is prohibited in all areas of known space.  Civilian Transports are not recommended as characters since most don’t need military skills.  Life is usually boring.  The cost of smuggling usually depends on the situation.
     SHIP:  M-Class Starfreighter, T-1 Hauler, Dolomite Hauler, ZCT Vessel, WY Trader orSV-90 Freighter
      CREW:  Anywhere from five to twelve.
     ADDITIONS:  At least one member must have a military background.

         Retainers are similar to Mercenaries and are outside the standard military of the Corporation.  They are usually organized as Strike teams which handle specific Corporate needs  in exchange for financial contracts of carrying duration.  People in these units are similar to the normal military personnel that a Corporation might hire on Salary, but they differ ii that they are usually of outside origin and have a certain identify of their own.  The origin of a unit of Retainers might be the military or a destroyed Corporation or faction within a corporation, or it might be one of the colony worlds.  Former Colonials make up the bulk of Retainers, as there are may worlds that have more people than wealth, and “expert” soldiers.  They are trained and given basic equipment before being sent to a corporation, which then supports them with additional equipment, and gives them any special training or indoctrination needed.  The Retainers pays them and supports their families.  The main reason Retainers work in Strike teams is a simple one; Corporations do not trust them to be organized in any larger numbers.
         For Characters, life as a Corporate Retainer has several advantages.  The Corporation is available as a source of financial and military support, and usually pays well.  The Characters still have a degree of freedom, however, and can approach problems in their own way without so much interference  from the Corporation.  Additionally, if they get a better offer or see a special opportunity arrive, they can probably get out of their Contract and move on their careers.  One the other hand, Retainers can find themselves working for a Corporation which is less than honorable, or which is not too concerned with their welfare.
         The standard Contract lasts for one Year, although longer terms are very common.  When they have no pressing duties, they live and are paid like idle Colonial Marines; the pay scale is exactly the same.  If they receive a mission or go into combat for any reason, they receive combat pay for that month.
        The value of combat pay is usually the same as normal Mercenary salary of the Strike Team, as calculated above, although the contract value for especially dangerous missions would be increased and might well be two or three times this amount.  A large potion of the money is used for group overhead and military costs, including ammunition and so forth, and any remaining funds are split among the members of the unit for their personal use.  How the profits are shared is up to the members of the Strike Team, and does not have to follow standard salary guidelines; for example, the unit’s leader usually receives a larger share than the others, regardless of skills.
     SHIP:  Any type assigned from the Corporation
      CREW:  Anywhere from three to fifty.
     ADDITIONS: All members should have military training of some sort
                                     (At least 3 points in “M” skills per character).