P R A Y   F O R   T H E   P R E Y


       The Deterrent is a Conestoga class vessels, originally designed as a troop and logistic transports with a limited defensive capability.  Over 385 meters in length and massing some 78,000 metric tons, the Conestogas are designed to an 8-17-0 layout, an asymmetric configuration which offers the optimum cargo capacity within a compact and well-armored hull.

Variant Body WT Armor MV Move Mach Orbit SR
Conestoga 20 78,000 8 -8 - - 10 100
  Communication range:  Orbital, FTL
    Crew:  1 Navigator, 1 Engineer, Capsules for 90 crew, 2 000 more capable in Cargo
    Maneuverability:  +8 dodge of guided missiles.
  Additions:  Full stock.  Everything on the gear list.
  Evacuation:  8 EEVs, 200 space suits 80 Re-Entry Pods.
  Armament package:    10 Smart Guns, 100 Pulse Rifles 20 Flamethrowers, 200 Pistols, 30 Shotguns,
                                        up to 30 other weapons. May be replaced with higher TL weapons.
  Range:    Orbital:  Unlimited
                   FTL:  15
  FTL Speed:  0.74 ly/day
  Drop Slots:  4
  Craft Slots:  1
  Cargo Slots:  6
  Automatic Systems:  Base 11 skill.
  Hardpoints:  n/a  Weapons are fixed.
  Basic Armament:  8 XIM-28A missiles, 2 Particle Beams, 4 30 mm railgcannon turrets (each turret has two linked guns),
                                    6  infrared lasers on turrets, 60 orbital mines, 20 decoys, 2 maneuvering drones


1. Gravity Generator Control
2. Life Support Control
3. “NAM” Computer center – Senior Officers’ eyes-only.
4. Detention Brig – Three cells with solid core iron bars.
5. Elevator – 4 meters x 4 meters.
6. Basketball Court / Gymnasium – Includes weights and exercise equipment.
7. Cargo Hold 1 – Various Machinery
8. Cargo Hold 2 – Voyage Supplies
9. Main Cargo Hold – Empty save for loading equipment
10. Weapon’s Locker – All Ships weapons as listed in the manifest.
11.    Emergency Weapons Locker – 5 Pulse Rifles with extra clips.
12. Medical Bay – Also medical storage.
13. Latrines
14. VR Target Range – Gun Replicas that shoot light.  Five stalls.
15. Theatre – 30-person capacity.
16. Projection Room – Also storage for current films.
17. Showers – Separated into male and female shower rooms.
18. Main Air Lock – For station docking and mass egress of personnel.
19. Cargo Air Lock – Bottom loading dock from the launch bay.
20.  Access Air Hatch – Roof mounted air lock to the top of the ship.
21. Kitchen.
22. Fridge – Very large for meats and dairy.
23. Mess Hall.
24. Crew Quarters (Infantry)
25. Crew Quarters (NCO) – For squad commanders.
26. Command Quarters – For Ship Captain and Military Commander.
27. Personal Communication Center – Only unlocked when communication blackout    is lifted.  Five stalls.
28. Laundry.
29. Launch Bay and Drop Slots – Two dropships, Loading Air lock, and the APC.
30. Bridge – One flight seat, one navigator, one gunner and one computer terminal.
31. Officer Briefing Room – For NCO and OCC only.
32. Recycling Plant.
33. Coolant Tanks – 4 huge primary tanks.  100 portable tanks weigh 100lbs each.
34. Ship Supplies – for non-perishables.
35. Engineering – Not clean.  Filled with tables and tools.
36. Battery Room – Rows of 500 lbs battery packs.  50 portable 50lbs batteries
37. Hypersleep –  25 stalls.
38. Powerloader storage – Three machines.
39. Vehicle transfer hatch – Non air lock for loading vehicles.
40. Vehicle Storage – For APC.  May hold one additional buggy.
41. Dropships
42. Droplock
43. Crew Lockers – For when the crew leave Hypersleep.

Such a large vessel would take a great deal of work to clean and maintain. It would probably take several large NYC workplace maintenance crews or private cleaning services to handle a job of that size. Troop transports that can handle more than 2000 plus the crew often need additional care and maintenance.